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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 27, 2016 4:00am-4:10am EST

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making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, the oregon standoff turning deadly. shots ringing out between authorities and the group occupying federal land. the group's leader arrested. the breaking details coming in. trump's boycott. refusing to take part in the next gop debate over his feud with fox news. the other candidates reacting overnight. survival story. days after the blizzard, a woman is found in snow covered car alive. and no one likes the doctor's visit. the viral video of a dog taking
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morning. breaking news in that weeks long oregon oregon. >> deadly confrontation between militia members and the fbi happening during a traffic stop refuge. >> the group's leader was in custody and their spokesman killed in the gun fire. a week's long standoff turning deadly. >> well, i've heard a couple of people were shot and one person >> reporter: investigators moving in taking down militia members who occupied federal land in oregon since the beginning of the year. group members driving to a meeting when police pulled their vehicle over. then a violent confrontation, shots ringing out, the group's spokesman robert lavoie finicum killed.
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among them, ammon bundy tell, his wife saying they were cooperating with police. >> when they got out of the vehicle they told them to get down on the ground with their hands on their head which they did and they just unloaded on him and just shot him. >> they have released little information about the confrontation including who irfooed first. townspeople people growing frustrated with the occupation hoping this is the end of the standoff. >> i'm glad to see an end to this. >> a local hospital on lockdown as a follower injured in the shoot-out got treatment there. reports say that injured person is ryan bundy, ammon's brother. much more on "good morning america." america.". our other big story, donald trump shaking up the campaign saying he's not going to take part in tomorrow's debate. >> the network issued a statement nothinging him for his ongoing attacks on moderator megyn kelly.
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pathetic attempt to build up ratings and without him fox will have no ratings. >> but trump is pulling away from the pack, a new abc news/"washington post" poll shows the billionaire in the lead nationally among republicans with 37%. politico experts say those poll numbers are strong enough trump debate. with less than a week until the iowa caucuses donald trump stunning the political world refusing to take part in the final debate before votes are cast. thursday's republican debate hosted by fox news. >> i won't be doing the debate. i'm going to have something else in iowa. we'll do something where we raise money for the veterans and wounded warriors. >> his absence will leave the main debate stage without a big ratings draw and front-runner. >> let's see how much money fox will make on the debate without me. >> continuing to blast one of the debate moderators on social media. >> megyn kelly is really biased
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>> senator ted cruz reacting to the news implying he is scared d d of kelly and offered a challenge. >> i would like to invite donald right now to engage on in a one-on-one debate with me. >> bernie sanders appearing to be closing in on hillary clinton in iowa. so confident he took a detour to neighboring minnesota drawing thousands at rallies in st. paul and duluth. >> what a turnout. wow. >> but clinton ahead by double digits in national polls emphasizing her experience. >> i do want you to know that i'm not just shouting slogans, i'm not just engaging in rhetoric. i've thought this through. i have a plan. >> and back to the debate controversy, last night fox news channel said trump is still welcome to take part in the debate but he will not be allowed to dictate the moderator moderators or the questions. >> a u.s. citizen is in custody accused of plotting to kill 30
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masonic temple. sammy mohamed hamza planned to storm it in walk with a machine gun. the 23-year-old was hot on surveillance tape describing in detail his mission saying annihilate everyone when we go into a room we will be killing everyone. >> to the west coast. new this morning a monroe is anhunt is under way. in the gunfire broke out near downtown inside a well known homeless camp. it was very targeted and they are searching for two persons of interest. in cleveland the police union is wowing to fight after six police officers were fired over a controversial shooting which left two unarmed people dead. officers fired a total of 137 shots during the incident. this was back in 2012. both occupants of this car were killed. a union spokesman blasted the decision to fire the officers calling it politically motivated and insane.
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information on those california escapees has grown to $200,000. they were awaiting trial for violent crimes one being compared to hannibal lecter. investigators believe the three dangerous inmates may still be in the region due to their local ties to vietnamese gangs. so-called affluenza teen texas. his mexican attorney says couch has decided to drop his appeal against deportation. couch and his mother fled to mexico after a video surfaced appearing to show couch at a party where people were drinking. that could be a violation of his probation for his drunk driving accident that left four people dead. washington, d.c. is getting back to normal. time lapsed video showing the national mall being buried by the blizzard. this morning the federal government finally re-opens with a three-hour delay. the city's schools are re-opening today but most in northern virginia will not.
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getting back to normal. so far less than three dozen flights canceled today compared to more than 700 yesterday and some 13,000 since the blizzard started. now it's florida's turn. as you can see here on the weather radar, heavy rain and gusty storms moving into the sunshine state this morning. there's a risk of flooding in central and southern florida. and there may also be some thunderstorms, as well. well, still ahead, is it the end of the atm cards? the big banks soon allowing withdrawals with your phone. >> plus, survival story. a woman pulled from her snow covered car days after the blizzard. and concerns growing over the zika virus causing birth defects. president obama holding a meeting and one country asking people not to have babies for
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