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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  January 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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medical marijuana will once again be up for a vote this year and how the issue has become one local woman's battle
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>> i will do anything for my son, anything. nothing is going to stop me. one bay area mother say this is an issue much larger than politics. >> it failed two years ago, but deny voters are gearing up. >> one mother telling us it could save her son's life. >> we actually spoke to this mother outside of her home in the rain, because she says she didn't want to disturb her son.
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they will win now that is on the ballot again. >>reporter: she share this video she took last night of her son refusing medicine. >> when he said to me that it doesn't make them feel good and he doesn't want to take it, i will stop seizures by myself. >>reporter: family, his willpower just isn't enough. at the age of eight he was diagnosed with a rare disease. now a teenager he has little quality of life. we follow his story for the past two years. in 2014 he was taken to california for two weeks to legally consume cannabis and miraculously his disease stopped. on prescribed medicines, she says that brandon has upwards of eight seizures per day.
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the ballot, she is as energized as ever to help her son. >> we will do everything in our power to ensure it passes this time around. we will not stop educating the people on why this needs to be brought to our stay. >>reporter: she actually hopes they will not have to wait until november to have people vote. we are in hillsboro county tonight. hillsborough deputies searching for this young girl she was last seen this afternoon getting off of her school bus. deputies believe she may be with her biological mother. if you have any information you can go to our facebook page or call the hillsborough county sheriff's office. a cleanup underway in
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warned you about just last night. authority saying it is a miracle no one died. the tornado warnings going out just before 9 am. a father and son shooting this video in the middle of the storm as they scramble to take refuge under an overpass. >> i saw the trees not like a toothpick. >> i am still shaken up. >> tonight, the florida highway patrol telling us the wind lifted his car and took it over the divider and drop it into the northbound lanes. amazingly, the woman inside the storm report has come in and we are looking at an ef one tornado. in other words this was weaker than the last
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still, note the tallies. the tornado was on the ground for about six minutes traveling just under 2 1/2 miles. tomorrow morning we will see more rain across the area. the severe threat nonexistent for our area throughout most of the day. the rain will be an issue right off through the morning and be changes arrived and we will talk about that coming up. breaking news in the casey anthony case. we are just learning the woman
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deputies telling us that she stole a cancer patient's credit card and ran out hundreds of dollars in charges. gonzales became a central figure in the case when anthony claimed that she kidnapped her daughter, kaylee. a judge eventually decided there was no evidence to support the claim. a grand jury just indicting a former marion county sheriff's deputy. he was charged with excessive force and violating civil rights. he now faces a maximum of 10 years in jail. a scare on an american airlines flight, the aircraft turned back after a flight attendant collapses. other passengers and crew suddenly start to feel pain. tonight american airlines telling us to passengers aboard released.
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atlanta earlier today. right now officials telling us jacob field is alerted talking to family. investigators telling of the the chase. the bullet hit the trooper in the abdomen below his bulletproof as. tonight, the florida highway patrol telling us which fine. dash cam video showing to trooper stopping a dodge charger in orange county. the suspect driving at night with no lights on. demand cooperation and runs back to the car and takes off. a trooper extract a short distance, but is not seriously hurt. tonight, sarasota county commissioners are wrapping up a daylong hearing on animal sales, voting to outlaw the sales of cats and dogs in any retail business. we abide in sarasota county
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>>reporter: the county commissioners and people in this community have been going back and forth on this issue since 2012. in fact, this public hearing lasted 11 hours. the ordinance did past next reviews. after years of research and discussion, the sarasota county commissioners approved an ordinance. the new ordinance impacts to store. >> at this point, it doesn't coming from, they just cannot sell them. ordinance will help protect against puppy mills. >> today was a huge milestone, community we can come together. >>reporter: dallas hayes, a home breeder says she is still against the ordinance.
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that discusses home or hobby breeders in its limitation. donna thompson says the have amended the definition of home- based breeders, the more discussions will happen in the future. part of that includes whether they need to be given additional safeguards. >> we will not be able to breed correctly to have healthy puppies. it is going to impact the breeding program in the gene pool is going to be smaller. so, you are going to have big issues on this.>>reporter: these pet stores have a year to comply with regulation. palmetto police still investigating an online threat they brought extra security to a middle school. word of a shooting threat started to circulate late tuesday night, a message warning student someone
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the school district contacted palmetto police who quickly discovered the same threat was being set to other schools. officials telling us most parents sit there children to school. a hernando county man is jailed in charge with a beautiful -- brutal home invasion. he is said to have broke into her home and attacked her and her daughter with a hammer. deputy saying they caught the man a short distance from the house.
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invasion, robbery, and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. investigators retracing the steps after a car crash victim pulls a gun and kills himself. exclusive video of the crash shows the man in a black truck, turning in front of a car. the crash binning and flipping his truck. rescuers rushing to get them to the hospital and found hydrocodone pills of his car. they are telling us there was no reason to believe that he was armed when they took him to the hospital and say it is not their job to check for guns. >> we do not patdown people, that will be a surgeon that is not something we are trained to do. that is not something we are expected to do or we expect our personnel to do. >> officials say patting people down could even be a liability. the protocol is to get an officer to check for god that they see something suspicious. still ahead, chilling video of men trained to shoot and kill american soldiers.
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car. straightahead see how the chase
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new video tonight shows first look at evidence presented against the group convicted wanted to take on the us military in afghanistan. group is seen practicing at gun ranges in 2012. the man planning to travel to afghanistan to commit jihadist. one of the men communicating with one of his accomplices they ascribe. -- via skype. got into a car heading to
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undercover fbi agent. bernardino shooting was planning his own attack around the time, but it never happened. authorities say he may have of these men. tonight, an investigation able to still the troopers as she be the canine inside. trooper stopping benjamin hinton on sunday night when car. as you see in the dash cam video, he was placed in handcuffs in the front passenger seat with his seatbelts the law. mystery, officials say he somehow got out of his handcuffs and stole the suv with the canine officer still the video showing him crashing through a fence. investigators found the vehicle just a short time later with the canine unharmed. u.s. customs and border
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dollars worth of counterfeit hoverboards, 16,000. >> typically the batteries do not meet safety standards in the chargers. in some instances, the charges do not have a shut off, so when the unit is plugged in the charger will continue to send a charge to the battery and possibly overcharge and cause an explosion.>> officials say the confiscated hoverboards are worth more than $6 million. they have only process one third of the shipments. the friday auction of the highly criticized mostly motel has now been called off, giving dozens of families call it home some relief, at least for now. we spoke with one dad who says
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future of his current home. >> right now i am not in a financial situation to get a place, that is why i am here. >>reporter: by the looks of it he won't have to worry about the mostly hotel shutting down anytime soon. a recent bankruptcy filing has halted the auction that threatened to put many of the streets. >> there are a lot of families out here and people trying to better themselves. >>reporter: the city and surrounding neighbors have motel, allegations of drug use, sales, and prostitution has plagued the motel.>> to have would come into our family service initiative. >>reporter: if and when the mostly is sold, those families
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be forgotten. officials expect the current bankruptcy filing to move to the core slowly reaching a decision at its earliest by the end of february. scientists say they have successfully converted a breast milk protein and to an artificial virus that can kill bacteria on contact. it is the same protein that provides antimicrobial protection to infants. officials believe it will help in the fight against drug resistance and possibly treat a variety of diseases. if you are hoping the rain was over, it is not. over the last two or three months we have been talking about all the severe weather possibilities.
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you get a chance. it is a great tool to keep you and your family safe. just one of those additional tools along with watching us here on abc action news to make sure you have everything you need as we get through this very long winter. usually this is the time of the year that everyone flocks to visit us. not so much this go a round with an el nio year a lot of rain and cooler than normal temperatures, but that is going to change. we are going to get a break that i think you're going to love. until we get there, we still have to deal with this. partly cloudy skies, at least
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the rain started last night overnight tonight futercast continues to bring some rain in, but not a ton of it. let me stress right now, i do not think any of this will be severe. i think we will only see maybe one or two thunderstorms. we have already had an inch or two of rain and we will probably get another inch. it probably will add up and brain often off. by late tomorrow afternoon look what happens, we get some drier air, but it is not going to be nearly as blustery as last week. most of friday will be sunny, all of saturday and sunday will be sunday and looking good.
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this is still additional rain for tomorrow. there will be a few spots that are going to get an inch or so of rain, but i do not expect any of it to be severe. it is going to be kind of cool and cloudy just like it was today. temperatures this time of day will be about 70 degrees. we will be lucky to hit the upper 60s. i do think there is a slight weather for tomorrow for the southern tip of the state, it for voters -- boaters we have had some choppy weather. east winds at 5 to 10. still, that is going to be an
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top. bearish or upcoming ties, your sunrise and sunset. a look at florida's most accurate seven-day forecast, rain chances the first half of tomorrow about 60%. by tomorrow evening the rain will be over. look at the early part of next week, that is more like it, back to around 80 degrees on tuesday. on the big weekend locally, the weather should be picture- perfect, sunny, cool, not nearly as windy as last week.>> the lightning were looking for some momentum and tonight they got it. we have the update next in
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hello, folks, it was quite a night for the bolts. all the lightning were able to do in the scoring column tonight came
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the game. that one to nothing lead held up thanks to vassey. so, now that the lightning are at the break they can take a breather for a week and then it is back to fighting for the playoff spot as they open up with the chore. >>reporter: just in the last five weeks the bolts are finally healthy and starting to win consistently. >> we had lots of injuries at the beginning of the season, that we turned it around. >> that reset us, we have to
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we had all these new kids,. struggles to the drama around you asked john cooper the drama off of the ice is not affected his team. >> we are bound together in that locker room and we cannot let that outside south affect how we play a game. >> we know what is going on, the locker room. >> if that trend stays the same you can expect another playoff run come spring.>> college hoops, tonight the usf women rolled over houston 73 to 49. from the world of tennis, the ept says it will investigate the anticorruption unit. that announcement coming in the
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melbourne. >> all of us believe that with everything in the news and the been thrown our sport, the last thing anyone wants is another itself. that is why we have taken this very bold step two commission a completely independent review. there is no deadline, it will take us as long as needed. it will cost what it cost and the results will be made public and will be published. the most important point is that we have recommendation. >> and now we wait.
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tomorrow morning it will be a cloudy and rainy start. >> and we are not having snow. continuing coverage of our top
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