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tv   The Now Tampa Bay  ABC  January 28, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> here is the information that we have on the amber alert. point. her name is gigi and she took the kids. she is only supposed to have supervised visits. here is what we're learning so far. more than 1100 shares on our facebook page alone. you can go there and share it with your friends as well. they might be in a gray 2009 nissan altima. of the state. the cops are taking this very seriously because the mother
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right out of the house claims she would kill herself and the children if she didn't get custody back. gigi alricht took them. the grandparents had custody because the state took them away from the mother in august. she was only allowed supervised visits, as was the father who is from india. kids. the state was going to take the state away from the grandparents which is why police believe that gigi took the children. >> there was talk about removing the children from the to care of for them. we're concerned that's what children. >> gigi was last spotted in north florida. police have no idea where she
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family somewhere else or possibly in this area. again, we're told she might be in a 2009 gray nissan altima with the florida tag gpp -- that's cppz14. and new information into the news room this afternoon. a sad update to a story we have this morning. a farnell middle school student has died after being hit by a car. the 12-year-old was running through his apartment complex parking lot trying to catch the school bus when he was hit by a car. he died at the hospital just a short time ago. police are still investigating this one. no word if the driver in the case will be charged. also right now, day two of tornadoes touching down in south florida. what ivan has been calling the el nino type year. >> absolutely. you don't get six tornadoes which is what we have had so far and counting during the month of january when we're supposed to be quiet. >> crazy.
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we're looking at damage from downed trees from earlier this morning. as laura was mentioning, this was perhaps another tornado touching down. they had a warning issued for portions of palm beach county. they have to survey the damage and then they can tell us what type of damage we're talking about. certainly not as strong as people heard coming through. >> holy crap. >> yeah. that is incredible stuff there. you can see the tree limbs going down there. he is a viewer in palm beach as the storms were rolling through there was a woman as well who was pushed out of her church take a listen to that. >> i got up to go to the door and halfway to the door, i
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so i opened the door for ryan and that's when it hit. we almost got sucked out the door. >> you can see the palm trees behind her ripped apart. we don't have confirmation if they were straight line winds. it has been pouring there so they may have to wait until tomorrow so we know what kind of damage we're talking about as far as that scale. radar though for us, it is pouring out there right now. we continue to see not severe weather but just talking to denis and we would not be surprised if they issue a flash flood warning for hillsborough county as a result of the heavy rain. what will save us i think is the movement. this thing is moving to the south and east. if this was moving any slower, we would definitely have more significant issues with the flooding. let's take you outside and show what you is going on right now. it will be a mess of a commute because of the rainfall rates. visibility is lowered. in fact, under a mile.
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of hours. the rain even later this evening and tonight. heavy though. heavy rape. when you start to see the yellows and oranges, that is heavy rainfall rates. two to three inches an hour potentially with the storms as they roll through. we're not picking up much lightning. we're talking about plain old rain. it will be so heavy that it will be causing issues. you see this plume of moisture. we still have to get through that later this evening. that will take time before we clear things out. we will have the timing and how much additional rainfall we can expect. i'll see you in a few minutes. medical marijuana will be back on the ballot in november. it failed two years ago. but soon voters across florida will have another go at it. morgan and morgan just held a press conference to explain
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time around. >> last time there was language that our opponents called loopholes. we have taken those loopholes and eliminated those loopholes. last time when we went on the ballot, we went off year election. this year will be a presidential year. last time for all practical purposes people didn't show up to vote in miami and ft. lauderdale. today there will be record votes. >> morgan also bringing up the opposition that he got from polk county sheriff judd and fight that again this year. we reached out to sheriff judd today and he told us he's not time around. afternoon. police are looking for a man her porch. this is a sketch of him. you see it right there. you can share it from our facebook page right now. just search the new tampa bay. this happened at hillsborough tuesday morning. at her house by a friend.
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walked up and started talking to her and touched her. he pushed her away and he grabbed her and threw her to the ground and tried to take her clothes off. off. happening anywhere else but are talking to sex offenders in the area and want everyone to be on the lookout for the man there. breaking details in the case of a 16-year-old girl shot during a home invasion in holiday this morning. in the last hour we heard that that girl is in a coma. house trying to protect her from the bad guys. he fired a shotgun and hit her in the shoulder. the suspects are three men, likely armed. neighbors are terrified, as you can imagine. so scared they don't want their names to be used because this is eerily similar to an incident on the same street months ago. >> it's the exact same mo.
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into the same house, same thing. last time they beat up the kids living in there. shot. >> deputies are now searching the area with patrols and k-9s all morning for the robbers but were not able to find them. this afternoon we learned that four people in the house were homeowner. she is now charged with drug well, right now taking a live look from iowa where the clintons are campaigning on the left. you see bill clinton there. democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton is also campaigning. the last push before the iowa caucuses. east of newton in mount vernon, iowa, that's bill clinton. that's a live feed we're getting in. the iowa caucuses now just four days away. we're going to take a look at this map right here. it's telling of the story i'm about to give you.
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trafficking cases reported right here in florida just last year. that's why our state looks completely red compared to many states you see in the country. 364 in 2014. so it's definitely going up. the national human trafficking resource center saying the numbers are disturbing but there is a ray of hope as more survivors are reaching out, coming out, trying to get help on hotlines. with the calls, thousands of potential victims are being identified and can get help before it's too late. the hotline number i'm talking about you can see at the bottom of your screen. coming up next on the new tampa bay, a lower cost university here in florida. now the target of a government lawsuit for overstating its claims on how far their degree will actually take you. before we go, remembering the 7 crew members in the challenger space disaster.
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ceremonies on our website live. nasa paying tribute on the 30th anniversary of the challenger rocket exploding 73 seconds after launch in 1986. mechanical failure ruled the
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>> now, this ad is followed by actively seeking employment had careers in their field within six months of graduation. but the new lawsuit the ftc has filed against devry auses them of misleading students counting people working in the fields when they really weren't. with that the ftc saying the claims that devry graduates had 15% higher incomes after graduation than other colleges, that's deceptive. they looked up actual incomes. devry is also responding to that lawsuit saying the
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it says the complaint has examples that exaggeration the allegations but do not prove them. with all of that information, the ftc is saying 30,000 to 50,000 students may have been impacted by the advertising. if you're one of them, you could get your money back depending how the lawsuit goes. barbie has long been known for her style and thinner than the average woman. that is changing. our partners over at newsy are showing us how. >> reporter: the makers of barbie are responding to cries of the iconic dolls to show more diversity. the 2016 dolls come in four body types. in addition to the original body type. in 2015 the company revealed a
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different skin tones and flat feet. >> it's important for barbies to look different. you know, like the real people in the world. >> reporter: barbie is contentious and opinions have varied. the new version will be more reflective of girls today. the evolution was inspired by softness in sales and feedback from moms, particularly millennial moms who said barbie was a poor role model d d an unrealistic body type. not all clothes will fit all dolls but the move represents progress, not perfection. they will debut in stores in spring 2016. for newsy, i'm samantha crook. >> well, right now we want to take a live look outside at one of our fdot cameras. this is 275 at ashley. you can barely tell that's what it is. there's on looker delays. not sure if that's an accident or not. but i guarantee that has to do
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it has been all day. overcast skies. now it's pouring. right in the middle of the beginning of rush hour. let's take you back outside and show you the weather cam for another perspective here. you can see a lot of wet cameras and a lot of wet roads as well. heavy rain. visibility and produce ponding the good news, this is moving rapidly to the south and east. another half hour and we should improve at least with the rainfall rates here. not with the rain. the rain will continue as we head through later tonight. just not as intense. this the 24-hour rainfall. again, pokes of one to two to three inches. i want to show you the three- hour accumulation. that is significant as well.
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an inch in some spots. as we widen out the view, you here. through right now. come. i think we're still raining as we head through later this here is futurecast. as we put this into motion and see a pocket of drier weather later this evening. then more filling in as we head through later this evening. what is happen is the low pressure and the front are coming through. look at the winds shifting to the north and west. drier air. it won't get here until late tonight and into the overnight. that's when we clear out. it will stop raining and we will get cooler temperatures in here. by the morning, lows in the mid to upper 40s and 50s down to the south and highs in the afternoon into the 60s. we're actually going to get cooler than than before we
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weekend when i see you in a few minutes. >> thanks, ivan. i'm going to tell you how we could soon save a lot of money when it comes to our cable and how to get involved speaking of saving money, which stores tend to take coupons even after they expire? and before we go, the story i just love today, the new gerber baby has been announced. is esla. she and her family are from michigan. she was picked from 170,000 entries for the gerber baby search. look how cute. her image will be used on instagram and facebook and all of the ads. she won't reduce the iconic gerber baby who, by the way, is from tampa.
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>> right now, the government is trying to help you cut the cost of your cable bill. it's now proposing letting you swap your cable box for a tablet or a smart tv instead. you would still have to pay for your cable but not the box which you're forced to rent for more than $200 a year usually. the government says if you look at every one who has cable, that is $20 billion. as you might expect the cable industry is against this one. they say government mandates could undermine the tv market. the fcc is expected to vote on a proposal next month. if approved, you will have a chance to give your opinion on that one. and while we're on the subject of trying to save money. have you ever had that coupon and then it just expires because you forgot about it? i'm willing to bet plenty of you watching, it has happened to you. online deal site rather be
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coupons you can actually use after the expiration date. bed bath and beyond isn't strict with its 20% off coupons. even if it doesn't work, the cashier will typically key it in for you. wal-mart will except your coupons a few days after they expire and use kohls cash ask burger king coupons past their expiration dates. we usually associate adha did children but doctors are now treating this in adults who never realized that it could happen well beyond childhood. jeremy was in her 30s when she realized she was having trouble taking care of herself and her family. she got on medicine for depression and anxiety but learned it was only symptoms of a larger condition. after a series of tests, she
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>> i think a major misconception about adults with adhd is that it's shameful or should be hidden. you need to get the diagnosis ask talk about it. no matter how old you are, there are things that you can do to lead a relatively normal life. >> that's why many doctors check for adhd in their patients that plain of difficulty of concentrating. there are an estimated 40 million adults in the u.s. right now, nearly 20% of the population who are living with anxiety or depression. doctors are estimating about 8 million adults are living with adhd. well, anything called the broken skull challenge can'ting for the weak, right? check out how these guys and gals have to roll on this new reality tv show with former wwe
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now there's a navy veteran from lakeland getting his shot at the prize money and the title. santiago was a part of the first crews that got to afghanistan just after 9/11. after serving in the navy for four years he moved back to florida and worked as a firefighter and a personal trainer. doing this physical challenge on reality tv was something that he wanted to conquer. you would think the hardest part of the show would be the physical demand, right? but he says the hardest part was not being able to talk to anybody. >> i was just in a van with a bunch of guys. didn't know if they would be on my show. we were in like an office for -- you know, doing physicals and all of that. and, you know, we couldn't talk to anybody. so we're in this small room with a bunch of big guys, sizing people up. it was kind of awkward. >> santiago will be featured on this sunday's episode. coming up on the new tampa bay we're down in sarasota on a
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goes into effect and what happened in another part of the state when they tried to fight it. more video coming out. our january tornadoes now a second day in the row. ivan and denis are watching that. and our weather right now. heavy rain in our area. and what we're in for next.
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>> we are continuing to follow breaking news right now out of the new tampa bay. an amber alert issued for two children. we have been showing you this since the beginning of the newscast. 5-year-old doriane and her brother fed rick. the grandparents have custody but they were taken by their mother. her name is gigi woodward. they may be in a gray 2009 nissan ultimate believed to be headed north oust the state. police are taking this seriously because this mama cued of taking her kids right out of the house apparently said at one time she planned to kill herself and her children if she could not get custody back from her parents. again, she took them about 4:00 this morning from the home. the grandparents had custody of the kids.
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been losing it soon to the state. we're told it's because she wasn't mentally fit to take care of them. and so that's why the grandparents had them. we will continue to follow that story. we have the pictures on our facebook page. here is the weather alert we're talking about. that is dale mabry at the underpass at 275. uh, ivan. >> yeah. >> i hate it for the people out there. >> the wipers will be on fast for the next half hour or so. it is raining and raining heavily in a lot of areas. the timing couldn't be worse. doppler indicates heavy pockets of rainfall. almost all of hillsborough county and pinellas seeing moderate to heavy rainfall here. further to the north, same idea. hernando, pasco getting in on the heavy rainfall as well. there you see the issue with visibility as we begin to get into problems there getting under a mile in some areas.
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we talked about that sea fog further to the south, if you're watching us from sarasota, it is pouring there as well. rain. i'll put this into motion so rapidly. the heavy rain it will not stay on top of you for long. move off to the east. and we have more where that came from here. we will have a little bit of a lull say between 7:00 and 9:00 and then another band of showers. that will be the end of this. and then getting into clearing as we head through the overnight hours. this is, again, day two of very heavy rainfall for us and also significant weather across south florida where this morning it was a little further to the north. same idea, though. tornado warning issued for parts of palm beach county, including delray beach and beach with another el nino situation. we have now had six tornadoes so far in january across the state. just incredible stuff. something that we usually certainly don't see.
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this has been an issue that we have been tracking over the last several months and now coming to fruition, denis. >> he is exactly right. we were talking about this a couple minutes ago. we often see water spouts in the summertime. they're usually small. they stay offshore. they're not categorized as ef1 or 2s. they are ef-0s. relatively small. this is the sixth time as ivan said this month that we have seen a significant tornado across florida. in fact it all boils down to and this really should not be any surprise. we have been touting this since the middle of last summer. this pattern, which limits our tropical activity, there's the good side of el nino, very often keeps hurricanes active in the pacific. not just california getting the rain. it focuses in on our area with the active sub tropical jet.
4:26 pm
it can create rotations and sheer and it often enhances our tornado threat. we have video of that tornado that ivan talked about. this is actually a trucker driving down the road as the tornado yesterday in coconut creek as an ef-1 -- look at that. just literally driving right into the heart of that storm. you don't see that too often in florida. usually that'sed kind of video that we talk about up north. so one way to help keep and you your family safe and in my mind the best way is the storm shield app. available for apple and android. it gives you instant notification no matter where you are or when. not just a weather radio but all the way down to your zip code to keep you and your family safe. because we have a couple months
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el nino season wraps up. this woman stole a tortoise was arrested. thankfully it was taken back to the store. he is just fine. still no word on why perry stole the turtle in the first place. well, we could see less pet store thefts similar to that down in sarasota with a new ban just passed, preventing them from selling dogs and cats. the new tampa bay's christie post shows us the impact the decision is making on the community. >> reporter: buying that doggy in the window is quickly becoming a thing of the past. >> i certainly hope so. >> reporter: jennifer is the founding of vintage paws sanctuary. >> we got her from animal services. >> reporter: she regularly gets dogs that were bought in pet stores and end up in shelters. >> we call the micro chip company. they can tell that you say it was registered to a pet store. but oftentimes becausor dogs
4:28 pm
>> reporter: she believes a new ordinance bans stores from selling dogs and cats will reduce the number of homeless animals. >> long-term there will be a slowdown effect. if we can slow down the overpopulation and the overbreeding. >> reporter: right now pet stores in sarasota county have one year to comply. >> they just got here today. as you can see they're happy. >> reporter: until then, pet landowner brad parker will keep selling. >> there's a huge supply and demand. everybody loves pets. >> reporter: but with pet sales 80% of his business, he worries once he stops, so will his store. >> by asking us to stop selling them, the county could actually be asking us to go out of business. >> reporter: 40 other florida counties have a similar ordinance. and small business has suffered. in palm beach county, a pet store sued the government for violating their rights to do business. but lost and shut down. hummel doesn't want to see that
4:29 pm
and not shopping will only protect the consumer. >> there will be a rescue for that breed. why would you spend thousands of dollars at a pet store getting a dog that often times is sick? >> reporter: for the now, i'm christie post. >> christie, thank you. ahead, why the hillsborough school district feels the need to get involved in cut down on the number of gasparilla arrests. and how you can pay lesson saturday if you plan to call uber.
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>> we are just a couple days away from the gasparilla pirate invasion. hillsborough schools and mayor
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>> hello, this is school superintendent jeff aikens with the mayor call withing an important message for students law enforcement will visiting schools to talk about appropriate bee heavy-handed o'er at gasparilla. >> listen to the officers when they visit the school. we want you to enjoy the day's trouble. >> the hope is that parents will talk to their kids about making responsible choices during the parade. we looked into some recent during gasparilla. they aren't high. last year of 16 misdemeanor arrests only one was under aged drinking offense. captain morgan is giving away $20,000 free roads with uber during the weekend. here is how to enter. go to the menu in the app and type promotions. type pirate responsibility. app and enter to win. a thousand winners will get an
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there will likely be a surge price because of the number of people wanting to take uber. all right. what you can do today with old devices around to prevent your information from getting stolen tomorrow.
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>> the zika virus is spreading and the level of alarm is high. the frightening words from the world health association today. they will hold an emergency meeting coming up. there is no treatment or vaccine for the virus. the biggest concern is the children. it has been linked to thousands latin america. the virus is in 23 countries right now. and experts are warning it could become a global pandemic with 4 million cases thissaer. >> this virus has been on the move for some time. a lot of people have been areas. but it will continue to move
4:34 pm
you're about to see from the cdc, this shows where the zika is considered active right now. the united states is not highlighted yet. we know there are about 20 cases reported so far in the country. of all the people that have gotten sick got the virus from somewhere outside of the united states. let's take a look at florida right now talking about about the virus. in hillsborough county one reported case so far. miami-dade have had two reported cases. this is something that they're not that alarmed with just yet. but the warning from the cdc and the world health organization is alarming to say the least. just how serious is this concern for us though? the now's andy choi is asking the questions we need to know. >> it's a new infection. we don't know a lot about it. >> reporter: the university of colorado hospitals are focused
4:35 pm
about the mosquito-borne illness now on the move. >> the virus is in central america, the caribbean, the caribbean islands. >> reporter: the vast majority of people are asymptomatic. >> reporter: meaning most people will not show any symptoms. if you do, they include fever, headaches, body aches, a rash, and redness in the eyes. the type of mosquito that transmits the virus is not common in the u.s. and doctors americans with zika were infected while traveling outside of the country. >> right now americans need to be thinking more about their travel-related plans. your risk for infection is definitely related to travel to these areas. >> reporter: if you are traveling to those areas, doctors say the key is prevention. >> that is wearing long sleeved shirts and pants. wearing insect repellant when going outdoors.
4:36 pm
and air-conditioning while indoors to keep mosquitoes outside. >> reporter: while the world keeps an eye on the virus, doctors say for the majority of the americans, the virus will be contained if prevention is top of mind. for the now, i'm andy choi. >> thank you, andy. one of the biggest unknowns remains the possible birth defects. that link is still evolving and it's unclear what long-term impact there could be. that's why there's a travel warning to pregnant women just in case. breaking news that we have been following throughout the newscast. 5-year-old and 4-year-old frederick have been found. they were taken away from their grandparents house this morning. they were found with their mother who was not supposed to have them. she is only has scheduled visits with them. they were found in madison, florida. just south of the florida-
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information on the story coming up on abc action news at 5:00. right now, let's take a live look outside. you are looking at our live drive cam. it looks like he is pulled over to the side. i don't blame him as wet as the roads are. that's what he wanted to show us. >> there's a problem here. >> my goodness. okay. now i see why he is pulled over to the side of the road. that ponding. we talked about this around 12:00, 1:00 in the afternoonment especially in the south tampa area, it has been ponding. >> at this point it is ponding in a lot of locations because the rain is expansive here. no severe storms. we're talking about pockets of very heavy rainfall. now. visibility okay from that tower cam there. i tell you what, it's low enough for the port of tampa still closed to ships. that's how bad the fog is. we had it yesterday and it continues today. it won't clear until tomorrow.
4:38 pm
let's take a tour of the radar and show you where it's raining heavily. at this point downtown tampa getting a break as far as the heavy rainfall. north of 4, right north of i-4 we're talking about pockets of heavy rain continuing here. including upwards of an inch to two inches an hour. that's the type of rainfall we're talking about. all of this moving off to the south and east by the way. further down to the south, heavy rainfall across manatee and into sarasota as well. again, all of this headed off to the east and more where it came from here. we're going to get a bit of a lull into the next couple of hours. then we're back into pockets of more moderate rainfall. not as heavy the second round as we're talking about right now. what is occurring across the area. see the little pocket there? this is going to be light rain. this computer model forecast depicting dry here. i think we will be in a pocket of light rain, not just as heavy. back by the time of 8:00, another band of moderate
4:39 pm
again, not severe. not looking for lightning. just some heavy rain rolling through across the area. northwesterly winds continue taking over as we head through tonight. that is important because that will clear things out and dry things out. more importantly and temperature will drop a little bit more than we have seen over the last several nights. in fact falling back generally into the 40s. at the airport, 50 degrees with showers and then clearing and full sunshine tomorrow. we will do that with the northwest winds and temperatures into the low 60s. the big weekend has arrived. we're looking for temperatures in the upper 60s. look at the warming trend heading into sunday and monday. temperatures into the low to middle 70s. but a little cool to start gasparilla. let's head over here and talk about exactly what will be happening over the day. again, 40s in the morning. parade 2:00 to 5:30. it's not going to rain. we're looking at mostly sunny skies. it will be nice. we will be behind the front.
4:40 pm
cool, temperatures into the mid and upper 60s. but with the sunshine, it will feel fantastic pushing 70 degrees. week. denis will talk about the florida style. heroin overdose deaths are down drastically in sarasota county since july. the sheriff's office says that by no means the problem is going away. the now lauren rozyla is outside of the sheriff's office with the efforts that they're trying to save lives. lauren. >> reporter: deputies at the sheriff's office says it's as simple as picking up the phone and calling 911. it was those actions that helped a deputy save a life at the brink of death. sarasota deputy jimmy adams recently responded to a 911 call. a person was suffering an overdose and was near death.
4:41 pm
>> reporter: through quick thinking. >> to inject, please block end on the outer thigh. >> reporter: he opened the airways. >> five, four, three, two, one. injection complete. >> reporter: sheriffs deputies says that adams saved that person's life. so did the person who called 911. >> we can't help if they're not notified. if someone is not calling 911, we're not able to utilize something like that. >> reporter: heroin overdose deaths are down from 24 a month in july to 4 in january. they say people shouldn't be afraid to call on a drug overdose because florida law protects people from low level overdose. >> we really do work as a team. >> reporter: first step of sarasota runs a drug program and says it's critical of loved ones of addicts always call 911. >> here are your options, i don't. and maybe they're dead.
4:42 pm
at me but they're alive to be mad at me. >> reporter: he knows they're in a tough spot. >> they're watching a loved one sense. >> reporter: but it's more important, he says, to save a loved one's life. and most recently deputies have been reaching out to people in the community who have overdosed but lived and handing them out different resources in treatment. they believe that is help contributing to the drop of heroin overdose deaths. laura. >> lauren, what are officials saying about people who think they have a family member or a friend who is on drugs but they're not really sure? what are the signs to be looking for to call 911 in time? >> reporter: well, you know, the biggest sign is a potential overdose. what to look for is what doctors call the death snore. and that means like maybe you will come home and you will see someone snoring and rattling. when you go to stir them, they don't wake.
4:43 pm
indicator that you need to call 911. also the injections that we showed you in the story are available by prescription so they can have them at home in the case of an overdose. it can save lives. back to you. >> thank you, lauren. right now a warning if you became click bait to this meme generator. have you seen it in friend's feeds. the meme gains access to your private information to create a stick figure of you. it poses a serious threat to your computer because in some cases clicks like that could contain viruses that damage your computer use your facebook profile against you or attempt to steal banking and credit card information. today just so happens to be national data privacy day. wendy ryan is here with us to give us more information about how our phones, our computers, all of that wendy, and how to protect ourselves. >> yeah. a lot of things to consider here.
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to do to your phone is use the factory reset or hard reset button that. will clear all of the information from your phone's memory. so next remove your sim card or sd card. even after your wipe your phone, it could keep important information about you that you don't want to get out. it doesn't hurt to go back and double search your histories and messages to make sure that everything got deleted that you wanted to. for your computer, the process is a little different here. first, save any files that you want to keep to an external hard drive or usb drive. then you need to wipe your computer's hard drive to get rid of that information permanently. you can get programs to do this both online and in stores that sell computers. we have a link to two free programs recommended by microsoft on our website. another option is taking out the hard drive and physically destroying it with a hammer. after you have wiped your
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lot of places that you can recycle or donate it. we have a link to some of the options on our website. head over to >> thank you, wendy. your chance to win tickets to the daytona 500 prize pack includes four tickets. take a close look how this works. you have to do this on a computer. you cannot do it on your smart phone. go to my facebook page the now tampa bay and click on the top of the screen. the trivia question. you put in your right answer here is today's question. how old was trevor bain when he won daytona? since you're watching i'm going to give you the right answer. head to facebook and put in win. how about this story, a kitten burned in need of a new here.
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mcnamara in a way they rescued each other. >> worst injuries were on the head and on the ears. >> reporter: a kitten found near an apartment laundry room with burns all over its body and no apparent owner. >> it got inside one of the dryers. that's where the burns occurred. >> reporter: the dumb friends league nursed her back to health. then the search began for a new home. >> immediately i had this heart thing and i thought that poor babe. >> doug: gloria saw these pictures on the news and felt were kindred spirits. i've had plastic surgery a couple times on it. >> reporter: what she remembers most is a broken heart. >> i was very much in love at that time. and i had just left my boyfriend behind because of the military transfer. and all i could think of is he's never going to want me now. i kind of thought my life was over as far as being a pretty girl. >> reporter: 50 years later,
4:47 pm
reconnected and got married. this was their wedding day. >> we finally had our happily ever after. then in october he got bronchitis and it turned out to be stage 4 cancer and he was gone by the end of december. >> reporter: gloria left lonely and looking. >> there you are. come here princess. >> reporter: for a companion. >> i guess i was thinking that the kitty needed to be rescued and i needed a new focus, a new rescue, i have all of this love and no place to put it now. >> reporter: she named the cass rose bud because of her burned ears but it's fitting for this reblossoming for both of them. >> just having the kitty in the house, it's a joyful thing. >> reporter: for the now, i'm anne mcnamara. live from the station taking action for you. this is abc action news. >> i hope he don't come and try to get me.
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