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tv   Action News Weekend Edition at 7AM  ABC  January 30, 2016 7:00am-7:59am EST

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coming up, a pasco county deputy is accused of shooting a handcuffed person and the sheriff says he tried to hide the truth.
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the private sale of guns on its site but falls short of removing firearms sales completely. >> and we are going to gasparilla today, hanging out with the pirate crew this morning. >> reporter: that's right, we are here at the tampa yacht club, where it is pirate central this morning. we'll have live interviews with the crew members you talked about, coming up. >> we are all ready for gasparilla. >> we belong in that tent. >> yeah, we do. if this is your first time to gasparilla, beads are a must. >> just like these. >> get them all along the parade route. they will throw them out. the closer you get to downtown where the parade ends, the less supply.
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they will not have a cool bow tie like the one bill logan is wearing this morning. >> he's got the awesome gasparilla getup today. we are heading out there live in a little bit and you can see already the activity beginning along the channel, a boat there making its way along the davis islands shores as we are starting to see the light of day. we are seeing clouds coming in from the west as well, streaming across from the pacific, across mexico and these won't bring us any rain today but they will give us cloudy skies from time to time. let's check the temperatures out. right now 49 in fish hawk, 48 in lutz, tampa 52 degrees. pinellas county, check that side of the water, 49 in east lake and palm harbor, clearwater 48 and largo, 51 in
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pasco county, looks like 47 in hudson, getting ready to start off the kumquat festival in dade city, 44 degrees there. looking through the day today, it's looking pretty good. we'll some high clouds around but the forecast looks all right. brisk start, about 50 degrees, 59 by 10:00 and are you ready for some beads? 69 degrees along the parade route through bay shore and into downtown. more details on the weather weekend and look ahead to maybe 80s by midweek, coming up in less than 15 minutes. back to you. well, you either love it or avoid it like the plague. >> it's gasparilla, tampa's super bowl of events. the piratefest and parade is
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buccaneers invade on the gasparilla. then at 2:00, a parade into downtown tampa where there will be a huge after party at channelside. >> and law enforcement is on high alert after the november terror attacks in paris. there will be multiple dui check points and police ready for arrests today. police will crack down the hardest on open container violations, so keep your drinking in the clearly marked wet zones along the parade route. also no drones. faa banned the use of drones over large events like gasparilla. there will be surveillance cameras and bomb-sniffing dogs. >> and there are six lots and garages in downtown. at ybor you can park in a garage and take the streetcar to the parade. use the selmon expressway connector to get in and out of the area and we have all the details listed at
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>> as you snap all those gasparilla pictures, share them with us. i'm going to share a few of my own. download the new abc action news app and click on menu at the top left, then scroll down to share. you can send us pictures or video directly from your phone. now to breaking news overnight, tampa police are hunting for carjackers. a woman was parked at central and kirby when three men pointed a gun and stole her car. black ford focus. alert. 11-year-old destiny gray has been found. she went missing in orlando yesterday. a woman was found dead in a florida motel but also in that motel room, two monkeys. this was the scene friday at a budget inn in north port.
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situation. i think, you know, you have to pass away here. our goal is to figure out did she do it on her own hands or did somebody do it for her. >> detectives haven't said how the woman died but police questioned a man overnight. deputies in central florida are looking for four gunmen who tied up and terrorized a family say the four suspects busted their way into a home in st. cloud, tying up the mother and daughter, robbed them, then boyfriend. family. neighborhood. but we get outsiders coming in here and you know, you just don't know. >> detectives say the family was targeted. they don't believe anybody else in the neighborhood is in danger.
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the sheriff fired deputy timothy vernon after he was arrested in the shooting of an unarmed handcuffed man during a traffic stop. last month dylan holmes was shot in the stomach and arm but survived. vernon told them that the man attacked him and was able to grab his weapon. surveillance captured the audio but not the incident. >> it's the words that came out of his mouth, which were, i meant to shoot the man. it wasn't an accident, and i intentionally pulled that trigger. >> the sheriff said with all the witness testimony and evidence, they determined vernon lied. a wayne woman is found to have tampered with evidence in a case. terry august died and his coworker is behind bars charged
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morgan is in jail on $270,000 bond. police have finally made an arrest after an accident that nearly killed a 5-year-old girl. police say regina shelton was high on meth when she hit the 5- year-old, who is still recovering at home. she tried to grief drive away but someone grabbed the keys from her. she is in jail on $30,000 bond. breaking overnight, five people are dead following an avalanche in canada. officials say two groups of snowmobilers were riding in the northern rockies when mountain snow gave way. search teams rescued six survivors. new this morning, facebook says it will ban users from coordinating the private sales of guns.
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users cannot buy and sell guns on facebook but many people connect there and sometime make arrangements to buy, sell or trade guns. this will not apply to licensed gun dealers. this morning a sick manatee is in the care of fwc after they rescued it from a river in hillsborough county. rescuers from the clearwater aquarium and lowry park zoo caught the manatee yesterday morning. it tried finding warmth near the river oaks water treatment plant but got sick and stuck without food. rescues like this are common during the winter in florida when manatees are flocking to warmer water. still ahead, gasparilla coverage continues. >> we are giving you an early look at the crew now. we are live at the tampa yacht club this morning. >> reporter: you can see we have everything going on,
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have live interviews, coming up. >> and we are also going to take you out to the beach. if you want to avoid some of that gasparilla nuttiness, we have the forecast along the shore. we have high clouds looking for a high about 68 degrees, everyone warmer tomorrow with more sunshine and high of 73. what's the boating going to be like for the invasion? we'll take a look at that
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this year floridians will vote on medical marijuana for people who are sick. in 2014, the measure fell just
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million of his own money into a pro marijuana group called united for care. >> last time there was language that our opponents called a loophole. this is not, let's go have fun. when you have cancer, you're not having fun. >> traditionally the higher voter turnout during a presidential election could help the measure pass. ads for vote yes 2 are expected to ramp up. 23 states legalized medical marijuana and 16 states including florida legalized ingredients such as charlotte's web. alaska, oregon, colorado and the district of columbia legalized the personal use of marijuana. you're now one step closer to avoiding jail time for marijuana possession in st. pete. the city council committee moved forward this week on a possible citation program. the committee is asking the
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they will look at that again in march before going in front of the council. if passed, it would give police the option of giving someone a ticket instead of arresting them. bill, a lot of people may have outdoor plans today. >> this is pretty much the most important weather weekend of the year. >> of the year. >> and you're doing well. >> so far so good. last weekend we had the bitter cold come through. the weekend before, we had all the storms. looks like we got that out of the way and we are looking live pictures showing everything that's going to be headed down that major artery through there. that's your channel and that will be chock full of boats following this one, the jose the convention center. today it's moved and pirates yacht club.
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of folks joining it on what will be a very invasion-worthy weather weekend. sunshine and waves staying down, seas almost calm as we work through what's going to be a nice day. outside right now, 52 degrees. we have partly cloudy conditions in tampa. humidity 93% with the dew point at 50. clear in st. petersburg, 55 degrees and 48 in clearwater. clear skies as the sun crackings over the horizon. 37 in tallahassee and pensacola. these are really act as chilly as we're seeing across much of 47 in st. louis, kansas city chillier in charlotte.
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it's heating up, super bowl week for them. high pressure is sitting over top the carolinas and north georgia, where it's anchored. we'll see a little bit of an easterly flow bringing us mild air in at the surface. but the clouds will continue to pull in from the west, moving across quickly. that will give us a mix of sun and clouds today but no real rain expected. florida's most accurate day planner for pirate festivities, around invasion time, should be clear sailing about 63 degrees: by the time the parade kicks off at 2:00, we'll see tons of sun, temperatures in the upper 60s, and after everything clears out, sun goes down and folks go, now what? it will be a bit cloudy, 60 degrees. should be a nice evening out and about. if you're not there for the
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festival, opening about 9:00. should be 52 degrees for the tart start, then sweet breezes an mild this afternoon. should be about 70 for the high. as they close things down at 5:00, looking at about 68 degrees. 58 on the water, not the best for swimming. boating should be fantastic today. variable winds act 5 knots, light chop on the inland waterways. high tide happening about 5:30 this morning, low tide about invasion time at 11:30. sun is upright as we speak and setting at 6:09. the seven-day forecast, check it out, the warmth continuing tomorrow into monday. looking for about 77 degrees monday, then 80 on tuesday with clouds and showers wednesday and thursday. the most important thing is the weekend, looking great with high clouds today, partly sunny.
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tomorrow, and a fast-moving front coming through wednesday into thursday. that will drop the temperatures by next weekend, but gasparilla is looking good. i see plenty of beads in the forecast for today. back to tampa's biggest party day of the year with a live look. pirates invade south tampa and people celebrate with beer and beads. >> oh! >> nice catch. >> i can't believe i got that. my first one of the day. it's gasparilla, right? >> and jacqueline is hanging out with the pirates this morning at the tampa yacht club. tips for anyone heading out today? >> reporter: that's right. we definitely want you to bring the hand sanitizer and bring the sun block, and stock up on cash at the atm. you'll probably need that to get drinks.
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and joining me live is one of the pirates from ye mystic crew. i see you already have your makeup on. >> yes, ma'am. we were in line early, some pirates trying to look a little better. some of these guys it's difficult. >> reporter: this is the first time where my interviewee is wearing more makeup than i am. >> i'm not surprised. i know it sounds awkward to say that. >> reporter: this is like the >> that's right. we have been doing events all yearlong leading up to this. 700, 800 pirates. around 11:30 we'll jump on the city. >> do you have enough makeup for the 700 pirates? >> i don't even know where they store it but it takes a lot. >> how long were you in makeup this morning? >> about 15 minutes. some of the guys will be in the
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>> where do you go from here? a lot of people drinking. >> adult beverages are being served. we also have breakfast, get the good base for the rest of the day. hang out, take pictures and have a good time before we jump on the ship. >> thanks for talking with us. have a fun day and have a safe someday. >> you too. >> reporter: here at the tampa yacht club, more interviews coming up. >> the beer is already flowing. >> i want one of those fake scars. that was awesome. coming up, plenty of new jobs. ahead, how local entrepreneurs are bringing big opportunities to people who need it most. >> plus a restaurant boom in the bay area means job openings
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hundreds of jobs will soon be up for grabs, more than 40 restaurants slated to open this spring in the bay area. >> taking a look at why and who is hiring. >> the improving economy, revamped river walk and new st. pete pier have restaurant owners cashing in.
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looking to fill positions from servers to cooks. >> pay rate is pretty high. and let's face it, it's more of an art and a skill at the same time. >> we are helping those of you looking to land a job. go to and we have posted a full list of who's hiring. there's a plan in pinellas right now to pump millions of dollars into the poorest neighborhoods in south st. pete. >> the funds will be spent on infrastructure and job training programs. ten programs will receive part of the initial half million- dollar tax fund. one program is work force development. and a program aims to get people back to work. >> it's been wonderful. it changes the whole direction of people's lives. >> i learned a lot. i learned a lot and helped me stabilize myself.
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redevelop the south side of the city is something they admit has been long underserved. new developments in the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. >> why the state department is refusing to release dozens of messages she sent as head of the agency. >> and o.j.
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welcome back to abc action news this morning. the gasparilla pirate invasion is just hours away. police are ramping up security throughout downtown tampa this morning. there is a command center behind the publix on bay shore. police will be using it to keep a close watch on cameras set up along the parade route. police want to remind you about wet zones, the areas where drinking is allowed. if you try drinking in the neighborhoods, you could get a ticket or arrested. police will also be looking for drone, underage drinking and drunk drivers in both cars and boats. there are six garages in downtown tampa but you can avoid the traffic by parking in
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streetcar to channelside. drivers are urged to use the i- 4 connector in and out of downtown tampa. we have the complete traffic rundown at >> if you can't get to the invasion before the parade, we'll stream it live online. just download and open the free abc action news app to see it. the invasion heads toward the convention center at 11:30 and the parade is at 2:00 along bay shore boulevard. bill, looking like a great day for gasparilla today. not too hot or too cold. >> it's just right, as goldilocks would say. we have some clouds streaming across here on the satellite and radar. you can at see them from the beautiful live shot. thanks matt, for a look at the calm before the storm, i guess you could say.
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the world's longest sidewalk. i tell you, that's a gorgeous picture. thanks for showing us that. and we have those clouds kind of streaming in. not going to bring us any rain but they will bring just a little bit of cloud block. so it's not going to be bright and sunny all day but we'll see plenty of sunshine out there. 39 currently in inverness, with kind of a brisk start. 44 in zephyrhills, 52 in tampa right now. as we go through the day, we'll take that brisk start and warm up to about 65 by noontime. it will be great to kick the parade off about 2:00, and we can are you ready for the high of about 69? more details on the weekend
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spectacular, and right into the workweek as well. now ashley back to you. thank you. now to new video showing a teen being rescued from a frozen pond. you can see a colorado police officer using a branch to get the boy out of the water and save his life. that relief is quickly followed by heartbreak. rescuers learned it was too late for two of that boy's friends. that officer tried to rescue all three. the manhunt continues for two escaped inmates in california after a third fugitive turned himself in. take a look at the man in the authorities say he walked into a mechanic shop yesterday, telling workers to call police because he was ready to go back behind bars. he faces attempted murder well. a woman who worked as a teacher in the jail formed a relationship with one of the fugitives and helped them break out.
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it will not release 22 of hillary clinton's e-mails because they include top secret information. those e-mails were not marked classified when they were sent. clinton addressed it in iowa yesterday. >> the facts are that i never e- mailed anything marked classified. it wasn't marked classified. and i just think at the end of the day, everybody's going to know that i asked to have these made public. >> the state department is also holding 13 e-mails between clinton and president barack obama. thousands of pages of e-mails have been made public over the last eight months. president obama outlined a new rule to require companies to report data by salary information with the equal
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would help aid investigations on employers who unlawfully shortchange workers. the doctor who inspired the movie concussion says he believes o.j. simpson is suffering from a brain disease related to his years on the field. he discovered the concussion- related disease cte and says he would bet his medical license that o.j. has it. he says the telltale signs include explosive, impullive behavior, impaired judgment, criminal behavior and mood disorders. 90 k-9 units will be on duty for the super bowl and police have been training for a month for possible incidents. the fbi set up a joint operations center to monitor threats. 80 fbi bomb techs will also be on duty. one of the two pope mobiles
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the other will be on display at the philadelphia auto show starting today. proceeds from the auction benefit missionings of the arch diocese of philadelphia. turning to a consumer alert, nissan is recalling thousands of altimas for a third time. that's because a latch problem could let the hood fly open while you're driving. this covers nearly 850,000 altimas from 2013 to 2015. paint can flake off the latch, exposing bare metal and can rust over time. we have more at the family of a young girl facing a terrifying walk to school turns to abc action news for help. pinellas county schools wants her to walk several blocks alone down this street where she says she's been approached twice by homeless people. many are in this park every single day. her aunt has been working for
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stop moved away from this area with no luck. >> i have to do everything i can to make sure that she's safe. and walking past this park is not going to be safe for her. >> for. >> after a call from abc action news, she has a meeting with transportation officials next week. the school officials say the route is safe to walk. they say they have to consider the needs of everyone. crews in oregon are trying to deal with this massive sinkhole. it's destroyed a highway. crews say they don't know how big it is, but it's at least 60 feet deep. the hole opened after a period of constant rainfall. a german teen is in trouble after this video. the 18-year-old sneaks past security and climbs to the top of a great pyramid in egypt.
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no doubt a great view, but those who are caught can face up to three years in prison in egypt. he says he was in the police station for about an hour and was released. he says the next stop on his tour look china. you have heard about cats getting stuck in trees. but in westminster, colorado, firefighters had to rescue not only the cat but the owner. he used a ladder and climbed up the tree to get his cat, but the ladder fell. firefighters saved the day and they are doing just fine. smartphone apps can make life easier and now they could make you money. >> we'll run down the three apps out there offering to pay you for using them. >> reporter: we are here at the tampa yacht club and i snuck inside the makeup room. this is where all the gasparilla pirates are getting their scars and hair done.
7:32 am
this morning we are learning more about technology that could earn you money for losing weight. >> 88% of americans already ruined their resolution to lose weight.
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apps out there promising to help keep you on track and get paid. one is called postmates, a service where you can walk, bike or drive your car. >> it's and independent contractor type of situation. so you set your own hours, decide how much you want to work, and they give you 80% of the delivery fee. >> we have all the details at social media helps us to connect with tons of people. as you know, those friends you have on facebook may not really be your friends. >> true. now why you may not like what researchers found. >> found. >> i have 663 friends. >> reporter: those are facebook friends and even she admits friend is a stretch for some.
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>> i have about 2700. so maybe about a thousand might be real friends. >> reporter: good guess, but a thousand is a little steep. according to a new study looking at how many friends are real friends? >> i would like to think they're my real friends. maybe they aren't. i don't know. >> reporter: out of the average users' 150 friends, just five would be considered true friends. five. that's barely enough friends to hang out on one couch. >> that tends to be a much smaller group of people who are there for you. >> reporter: psychoprofessor friends are like resources, unless you make the effort to connect. >> lots of people you could call by name and say hi to. having friends on facebook is
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devoting too much time to facebook at the expension of your real life relationships. >> we should call amy. >> reporter: brings us back to my friends, friends i haven't seen in years. >> we have been facebook friends since 2011. >> coming up on our five-year anniversary. >> 2007. it's been nine years. it's been nine years. >> you were in my wedding. >> such a bad friend. i'm so sorry. sorry for being such a bad friend. >> me too. >> reporter: it may take years for some of us to figure it out, but real friends need more than a digital thumbs up. olympic swimmer michael phelps is likely getting likes on facebook for this stunt. the 18-time gold medalist took part in arizona state's curtain
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use to get to posing players to miss 3-point shottings. the shot is a miss, then the curtain closes and reopens showing phelps in the gold speedo. thompson misses his second free throw and goes onto win the game. >> is that legal, the curtain of distraction? >> that's what they do. >> i guess that's home court advantage. you know, he grew up just a stone's throw from where i did. >> did you ever see him in a gold speedo? >> not like that, no. i think it was the bling that threw me off more than the wash board abs. >> we're getting distracted over here. check this out, video from the spanish paraglider who became the first paraglider to fly amid the northern lights. this happened over norway
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you can see the flight made for some pretty incredible footage. that is an adventure. the hardest part, according to the flyer, was that it was so cold. the air this time of year about 30 degrees, and the higher up you go the colder it gets. >> so beautiful, though. >> another neat shot high above the river gate tower in downtown tampa, looking down toward the channel. you can see boats making their way in. what a beautiful, clear day. you can see all the way over to the power plant at the top of the screen. that's pretty much ground zero for what is going on today. and it's going to be a great day, because we've got really nice conditions. i want to show you where all the clouds are coming from. all the way across mexico,
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across our region. that's going to continue today. we're not going to get any rain out of these clouds but they will get in the way of the sun and provide a little bit of that blanket for warmth. it's not warm right now at inverness, 39 degrees there, 45 in lakeland, 42 in brooksville, and 49 for clearwater, 55 in st. petersburg right along the water, 52 in tampa and brandon 46 degrees. it's 37 in tallahassee and jacksonville. we are not seeing weather that's a lot colder than that everyone across the northern plains. billings at 37, 31 in minneapolis, so there's no bitter cold right now. there's a little warmth through the middle of the country, 47 in st. louis, 53 in new orleans. and temperatures will stay warm, looking for a high about 40 in minneapolis today, 65 for st. louis an atlanta, 49 for
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not balmy but not bitter cold, and that snow will melt a little bit. snow across the rockies into the cascades, then rain along the pacific northwest coastline. we'll be influenced by this dome of high pressure which is pretty much centered right over north georgia and the carolinas. it's going to help bring us mild weather. again, we'll see that continued push of clouds from the west. that will give us some sun breaks and a few clouds around for the most part, things are going to be looking great for the pirate invasion today. 11:30, things get underway as the convention center. the pirates will make their way on shore to bay shore. bay shore and bay to bay, 2:00. over into downtown,
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much consistent, 69 degrees or so throughout the parade route. should be a nice day to catch some beads. this is important, we'll have hundreds of craft out there joining with the gasparilla, so it should be a good day for boating with a light chop and smooth waters inland, seas averaging 1 to 2 feet offshore. should be around 60 degrees along the channel, high tide at 5:35 and the low tide happens about invasion time. by the time the sun set, we have plenty of festivities going on with a nice day today, even warmer tomorrow. 77 for a high monday, 80 by tuesday, and then we get another front through. wednesday into thursday, things will cool off and we are only
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all this morning we have been showing you some must-haves to survive gasparilla. we are posting all the tips on facebook right now. and jacqueline is already out there early, hanging with the veterans of the big event, the ye mystic crew of the gasparilla, live at the tampa yacht club. >> reporter: if you want to be like a true pirate, what you're going to need to do, get the striped shirt, maybe some hoop earrings. and wear comfortable shoes as well. then again, if you're the king, you can do whatever you want. this is james, the 102nd gasparilla king. it's good to be king because you can wear something else? >> i get to wear a much more comfortable outfit.
7:42 am
>> that's tough with all the pirates around here. >> reporter: your comrades are in the tent getting makeup done. you're not? >> no. i get to sit next to the queen. you can't have makeup on next to the queen. >> reporter: keep it natural, rugged, handsome. so you're riding on the float next to the queen. >> with all the maids. >> reporter: how did you get this honor? >> it was an honor bestowed -- the crew elected me king this year. so i get to be king for a year. >> reporter: king for a year. >> it's great to be king. everybody's really nice to you and you can get in front of the wait. >> reporter: you've got a big throwing. how are you going to keep up? a long time.
7:43 am
>> reporter: is there a technique? >> it's not all in the wrist. it's pacing. you have to pace yourself. >> reporter: you don't want to run out of beads either. >> that's correct. but the royal float won't run out. we get resupplied. >> reporter: have you been practicing? >> last weekend we had the children's parade and practiced very hard there. >> reporter: i think you'll have a sore arm after this afternoon. best of luck and please enjoy your time as king. it's been my honor. >> thank you. >> back to you. >> looks like a lot of fun out there. that all starts at 11:30, and the parade is at 2:00. how is your bead-throwing arm? >> i'll catch. we all know i can do that. >> coming up, we'll run down events happening in the bay area this weekend. >> plus history coming to life. where the kids can move like the dinosaurs and learn at the
7:44 am
happening this weekend, a huge event in dade city. it's the annual kumquat festival. more than 40,000 people come to this event every year, described as an old florida
7:45 am
the citrus industry, running 9:00 to 5:00 today downtown dade city. another big festival in polk county, lakeland's pigfest. you can imagine it's all about that barbecue. it's free to get in but you have to buy pig bucks to get to eat. opens at 10:00 and runs to 5:00 at tigertown stadium. >> throwdown by the bay tonight has little big town and chris stapleton. we checked and tickets are still up for grabs. it starts at 7:30. you could also head to st. pete for the tampa bay home show. it's at the trop. you'll find more than 500 exhibits and ideas for home improvement projects. parking and admission are free. it's open 10:00 to 7:00 today and 10:00 to 5:00 tomorrow. >> make dinosaurs come to life with the exhibit opening today
7:46 am
it's all included with general admission. here's what's coming up on good morning america. >> good morning, everyone. coming up today, the countdown to iowa is on. everyone is out on the trail scrambling for votes until the last second. our team is live in iowa this morning following all the presidential hopefuls. also breaking overnight, the incredible surveillance video showing the surrender of one of the three escaped inmates in california. police say they are zeroing in on the other two fugitives while details emerge act the teacher accused of helping them escape. and the nfl released a new report showing a shocking up tick in the number of diagnosed concussions, all as super bowl 50 is just one week away. so what's the reason for the dramatic increase? that's coming up on gma. see you soon. >> we'll have the increase in beads flying through the air
7:47 am
gasparilla 2016, looking for a high today about 69 degrees, even warmer tomorrow and really warm into the workweek before another front comes through on tuesday and wednesday. if you're in town visiting for gasparilla, enjoy today. and enjoy the forthcoming 72 hours as you recover. >> absolutely perfect weather for gasparilla today. looking forward to it. >> we're back in an hour.
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