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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  January 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. now, at 6:00, in a search happening right now from community members who feel their neighborhood is in jeopardy. >> it may be over but it left its mark on tampa. the inspiration that got volunteers out to clean up tons of trash. >> good evening and thank you for joining us. right now, a group of
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their opinion.>> a series of toll express lanes along i-275. abc action news is live in tampa heights to explain why many are so worried about this project.>> reporter: it is definitely a concern. more than 60 people were good reason. this is just one of 100 or so the heart of the city that could be forced to be torn down lanes. it is among the reasons this group of citizens are trying to stop the project from moving forward. the project is designed to create extra lanes on the major interstate highways, separated from the main driving lanes. you pay to use them based on traffic volume. you pay more if there is more traffic volume
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do much to reduce the overall problems of traffic jams and will actually cut off historic neighborhoods and businesses. >> to have a program like this point stood upon us now by dot after all of the effort and investment people have put into this community, we it is really it -- it is really a kick in the face. >> group meeting hoping to have a very large presence coming up at tuesday's metropolitan organizational meeting and a stop rally coming up next week right here to try to further their efforts in stopping this in its tracks. we will have more at 11. abc action news . developing right now, two teenagers escaped from a correctional facility and a reward is being offered for their capture. detectives are searching for 18- year-old anthony and 17-year- old anthony cook. the. -- they took off this morning
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allowed outside but a staff member noticed a hole cut in the chain-link fence. after a headcount, deputies realized the two of them had vanished. both are serving time for grand theft auto. last seen wearing green shirts and blue pants. crime stoppers is offering $3000. if you see either of them, call the number on your screen. 1-800-873-tips. now, the most accurate weather team in florida. abc action weather. happy sunday, everybody. a little bit on the cloudy and a nice day as we got our temperature up to 73 degrees despite the cloud cover. there were some breaks in the overcast but not much and we did see an overall great day -- gray day. 70 degrees in tampa.
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overnight tonight, we will not be those temperatures much. taken a look at futurecast. by 8:00, 66. by 10:00, 64 degrees. tomorrow morning at 61 and wait until you see were those temperatures go monday and tuesday. it is going to feel like spring again. we will take a look at that coming up in just about 12 minutes with your exclusive action weather forecast. hello to mountains of trash. the party is always fun but someone obviously has to clean it up.>> cameron went along for the massive undertaking. >> reporter: like the aftermath of an epic battle -- >> what remains of gasparella 2016 now covers the streets of bay shore. yards, even the trees. jim from the florida aquarium is helping to lead the cleanup.
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>> i picking up all of the trash or as much as we can from a major event so that it does not go into the bay and impact the malie knife.>> -- marine life. >> 200 people rollout to put on the vests and make sure that thousands of plastic beads, bottles and nearly 950 cigarette butts won't be there tomorrow. >> the efforts last year with 143 volunteers resulted in another 1.3 tons of trash and debris collected here >> reporter: the city collected another eight times but when you have people who care this much, tampa bay will always be worth invading. abc action news .
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just comment with a picture to this thread and we could feature it as our photo of the week tonight at 11. right now, tampa police are searching for a driver who hit a pedestrian and then, drove off. the car struck a victim around 11 o'clock last night on heinz avenue north of hillsboro avenue. the pedestrian was rust to the hospital -- rushed to the hospital. investigators have not released names. in pinellas county, deputies have arrested a suspected wrong way driver who they say hit and killed a motorcyclist. they charged kenneth capital with dui manslaughter. he is said to have drove his truck -- driven his truck the wrong way and hit a motorcycle head-on. john sorenson, the biker, was flown to a hospital where he died. he was not wearing a helmet at the time of the crash. tragedy at the university of florida. a student dies after falling six stories from it -- and apartment complex. he was found on the ground overnight and was taken to the
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that surveillance video shows the student leaving an elevator and falling over a waist high class barrier. counselors are talking to students living on the same floor. still ahead on action news at 6, squeezing in the final rallies and attacks before the iowa caucus -- and getting candid about their success. seeking justice for a florida toddler who was murdered. the big incentive tonight to
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in democracy 2016 july, a final, mad dash in iowa. >> both candidates -- both parties are crisscrossing the
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caucuses. >> reporter: the day before the iowa showdown, it is an all-out push. >> hillary clinton is not qualified to be president of the united states. >> final poll shows donald trump leading, five points ahead of ted cruz. >> donald trump can do practically anything and they will still vote for him. they will still caucus for him. >> did you ever imagine that on the eve of the iowa caucuses, q would be leading pretty big and every state. >> the truth is, no, i didn't. >> all of the candidates are making the rounds on the talk shows. and hillary clinton addressed the state department's recent
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emails sent from her private server contained top-secret information. >> there is no classified market information on those emails sent or received by me. >> ernie sanders telling crowds it all comes down to voter turnout. >> we're going to win this thing and pull off one of the great a little upsets in recent history. >> and the candidates are pulling out all the stops lasting the airwaves and marco rubio is airing a half hour tv special. des moines, iowa. a big fundraising milestone for a florida congressman boycotting fundraising. announcing today his campaign has brought in more than $1 million. this comes two weeks after the republicans swore off of raising funds, personally. he is facing a competitive library election in august hoping to earn a senate seat now held by marco rubio. still to come, a mysterious cause behind it disruption and what the plane had to do, next. >> later, us up trying to
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done since 2014 and contingent in the pro bowl for the bucs.
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happening now, a massive search for who is responsible for the drive-by shooting death of a toddler. the mayor is devoting $1 million for officer overtime to find the shooter. mclendon died friday. the drive-by has been linked to gang violence and the little boy was not the intended target. he was sitting in the car when shots were fired into it and into a nearby house. four people died in the drive- by shootings over the last week in jacksonville and overall, mclendon is the 13th person murdered in the city so far this year. there is a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest in the child's death. mysterious symptoms reported. the airline is still trying to figure out the cause. flight 904 was diverted and everyone on board was evacuated
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it was heading to rio de janeiro -- from rio de janeiro and all flyers switched to other planes. now, the most accurate weather team in florida. abc action weather. what a great day to be outside. even if you were cleaning. >> yes and thankfully, a lot of people responded. we do have a lot of folks that like to take the time and help good. a little more clouds out there today but i think we will clear weather as we work toward monday. here is a live look from the rivergate tower cam. and what was basically groundzero. this morning, on our early- morning broadcast, we showed a cool time lapse of all of the invasion yesterday and it was
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the folks for a great shot. i want to stand right here on the boardwalk. heading out to the peer and safety harbor as we take a look at the headlines. kind of cloudy but mild today. we're going to get more sunshine tomorrow and it looks like we're going to be warming up even more monday and tuesday in advance of a cold front work we had 73 today. our normal for this time of year is about 71. the overnight low was 53. and that was dead on. no rainfall and it stayed nice and dry. despite the cloud cover. we are at 70 right now. 71 for ruskin. brandon and arcadia. 65 in st. petersburg.
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68 in pensacola and warm weather throughout the southeast. 69 in birmingham. 55 in st. louis. nashville at 68. 60 in charlotte as a bubble of warm air has kind of pushed up out of texas ahead of this cold front. this is the cold front that is going to come swinging into our area by late on wednesday and into thursday. it will help change the weather. until then, we can still see the clouds and maybe a 20% chance of showers upon the nature coast to start the day later in the afternoon. but all in all, it is a good-looking forecast with temperatures rising once again. they are not going to rise much tonight work they will not move much temperature wise. 8:00, 62 degrees as we kick back the covers and get ready for another work week. the first week of february. but we're going to have great weather right into groundhog day. hosting the shadows here. the south wind is shifting to
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1 to 2 feet seas and high tide just before 9 o'clock in the morning. the sun will be up at 7:18 tomorrow. there is a slim chance of showers on monday. tuesday, groundhog day, looks like a high of 80. no punxsutawney phil signs around here. as it exits friday, >> down in the 60s but it looks at this point like our weekend is clearing out nice. the nhl all-star game got underway about an hour ago and this year's format is different from the past made up of three on three tournament. pretty impressive. each team is made up of each division. so far, team atlantic just be the metropolitan king three, four to advance.
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and saved 11 shots. of course, we will recap the entire game coming up tonight at 11. as for last night, helping east beat the west in the skills competition. anticipating in his sixth shot attempt across the ice. the second hardest shot at 10 sixth shot attempt across the ice. the second hardest shot at 103.1 miles an hour -- the second hardest shot at 103.1 miles an hour. >> just getting to be around all of these guys and seeing them really embrace it. having fun. it was a good first day. a big win for team east. >> our first time just trying to blend in out there and get a chance to beat some of the guys so it was pretty cool to be out here. is pretty neat. >> more all-star festivities. this time, on the gridiron. the pro bowl kicks off tonight at seven.
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in hawaii but this year, we had two interesting match ups. we talked about it last night at 11 but with the draft earlier this week, winston and both corey worse -- and the corey were selected on opposite teams . but don't worry about it, they will take it easy on each other. >> he's not going to pull out. he's been after me for a little while. >> we are getting ready. >> interesting note with winston , the first time a rookie quarterback played in the all- five bucs, the most pro-bowlers seven were chosen in the pro bowl in 03 and 08 . >> usf together. a winning streak earlier in the week but could usf make a three state today -- straight today? it is safe to say they need to
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. they are overdue. the second half boils down seven. in traffic. motor up. counted. usf down five. holding the lead to 12 and ruben guerrero, yes. he gets the board on the score. usf down 10. 37-47 but the owls never let up. a step back and triple. 14 minutes left and bond. jail and bond inside with a hook shot. it goes. temple goes on to win 70-63. the bulls fall to five and 17 on the year. >> courtney williams and company down in dallas taking on smu. maria jefferson with a three point play deal passed away. two of her game-high 19. the bulls win 66-48. stay tuned.
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lookout at a beautiful scene in the university of tampa. a great-looking campus. they are just growing by leaps and bounds and so too are our temperatures. how is that for a nice weather segment. we will be up to 77 degrees tomorrow as we take a look at the action weather seven day forecast. 80 on tuesday. we have a front falling through cooling us off by the weekend but it looks like we are going to get more sun tomorrow and that is why we get the warmth from. we will check that out. keep updating on my facebook and twitter page. >> and take a look at the temperature on tuesday. 80 degrees. >> groundhog day.
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choosing nbc action news. >> we will see you back here
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