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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  February 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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hernando beach 63. so we're off to a really nice start to the day. we have not checked out polk county this morning. here are your temperatures in lakeland 64. polk city 63. winter haven also 63. same in bartow. as we move through the day we're going to have a mix of sun and clouds, quite a few clouds at times especially in the first part of the day. but we're still going to warm up to 76 degrees. granted, you may see that brief shower but nothing to cause you any problems. the question is, are there any non-weather related issues for the morning commute? janelle? we do have a situation out there, we just got word of a fatal crash. first let's look here outside at i-275 and 22nd avenue north. traffic up to speed here. no crashes or breakdowns in the pinellas county area that we can tell you about. again we have this fatal crash that we just found out about in polk county. highway 27 and doneee road. right now highway 27 closed in
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again this is a fatal crash, we're working to find out more details but in the meantime make sure you follow me on twitter for the latest on the crash in polk county. we also have this situation in hillsborough. gravel spilled on the roadway on busch boulevard. two westbound lanes blocked now, this is just east of 56th street. traffic indicators still in the green, no delay here but you may want to leave yourself a few extra minutes if your morning drive takes you through that area. your drive on the veterans looking pretty good now. all in the green. 6:01. let's begin with democracy 2016. after months of campaigning and debating voters will finally begin to narrow down the field of candidates for president. >> iowa is the first major test for the candidates. voters will head to the polls there tonight. candidates on both sides of the aisle are bringing out the big guns. hillary clinton and donald
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him on the campaign trail. in a final push for votes. as for texas senator ted cruz conservative pundit glenn beck joined him on stage in iowa touting his his ability to unite americans. >> we're not here for ted cruz. we're here for the constitution of the united states of america. first thing i intend to do is rescind every single illegal and unconstitutional executive action taken by this president. >> there is also controversy surrounding cruz' campaign this morning. it's all because of a mail they're went out to iowa voters -- mailer that went out to iowa voters hours before the caucus. showing voters in violation, it says "voter violation" in bold letters. each lists the name of a homeowner and their neighbors along with a grade for how often they voted. election officials are slamming that mailer calling it misleading saying there's no
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who has the best chance of winning iowa? a new "des moines register" poll shows republican donald trump has a five-point lead over ted cruz. the democratic race is tighter. the polls shows hillary clinton and bernie sanders in a virtual tie with clinton holding a narrow 3-point lead over the vermont senator. once the caucus starts at 7:00 central time it could take hours to figure out a winner. here's how it works, iowans meet in school gyms, schools, libraries, other places, registered republicans vote in a secret written ballot and democrats declare who he they want to vote for publicly and vote. votes get tallied around midnight. we'll be up all night watching the results. tune in tomorrow morning and we'll let you know who won and who lost. right now 6:03. palmetto investigationors want to hear from you if you know something about the latest murder there. yesterday officers say they found 21-year-old colin mahony dead in a vacant home.
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shot on 12th street west and whoever shot him took off running. anyone who calls in a tip that leads in an arrest in the murder case could be eligible for a cash reward, the number is 1-866-634-tips. look at these two teens here. still on the run after escaping from a juvenile correctional facility. there is a reward for anyone that can help catch them. corey dierdorff joins us now from the detention center on east columbus drive in tampa. how did these teens manage to escape? >> reporter: good morning. those two teens escaping from that g4s lockdown facility behind me yesterday. this morning they still remain on the run. like we showed you look at the screen, that is the pair that detectives are looking for. that is 18-year-old anthony bays of georgia. and 17-year-old anthony cook from st. petersburg. sunday morning the pair took off from the falkenburg academy in tampa. here's the latest from the
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office of exactly what happened. the teens were allowed outside time in a fenced in area of the property. and a staff member noticed a hole in the chain link fence. then they performed a head count to make sure there were no escapees. the head count came up short and deputies realized they vanished. cook and bays were last seen in green shirts and blue pants and both were serving time for grand theft auto. crime stoppers offering a $3,000 we ward for any information leading to their arrest. corey dierdorff, abc action news. 6:05. we could hear from the polk county school district as soon as today about a scandal involving a top administrator. last week abc action news learned employees accused associate superintendent greg rivers of being verbally abusive. made them afraid to go to work in case he turned physically violent. an investigation did find he acted inappropriately and the superintendent wrote a formal reprimand letter but it was never signed and may not even have ever been delivered. rivers filed a complaint of his
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a few weeks ago. it's not clear what that was about. people in historic tampa neighborhoods are once again voicing concern about a proposed highway project that would cut drive timings for commuters. as we reported the tampa bay expressway project would create extra lanes on the tampa major interstates. to use them you have to pay based on traffic volume. over the weekend opponents say the lanes wouldn't do much to help reduce problems with traffic jams and will cut off newly revitalized neighborhoods like tampa heights. >> to have a program like this foisted upon us now by fdot after all this effort and all the investment that people put into this community is really a kick in the face. >> the stop tbx group is hoping to have a large presence at a meeting tomorrow to talk about this project. communities in tampa bay and beyond are preparing to observe the 40th anniversary of black history month. to mark the start of february google posted this image on it
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writer frederick douglass. throughout the month he and others will be honored. in st. petersburg. this morning when the mayor raises the dr. carter gmed woodson african-american museum that is 8:30. two college students accused of killing a 13-year- from over. the tragic details that we're as authorities keep searching to find out why this happened. >> fireball lighting up a sky had stargazers scratching their heads over the weekend. what was behind this mysterious
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6:10 on this monday morning. new now -- the world health organization is holding an emergency meeting in switzerland today, they are desperate to find ways to stop the mosquito-borne zika virus from spreading. the virus is spread by mosquitos and linked to birth defects that causes babies to be born with be a normally small heads and -- abnormally small heads and incomplete brain development. it's now spread to 25 countries territories after first appearing in the western hames fire last may.
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a woman killed as she drove by. firefighters responded to calls of a tree that crushed four vehicles in san diego yesterday. three of the cars were found. >> the same storm system also knocked down power lines, blew away rooftops. forecasters calling for clear skies in the region today. >> by this time tomorrow parts of colorado could see up to a foot of snow. major system began to move through last night and caused crashes along some of the major roadways. fortunately the storm is bringing out some of the best in people though. some good samaritans stopping to help this woman with a baby whose car spun out overnight. 6:11. meteorologist shay ryan, our local forecast, you're smiling >> yeah. i think the kids will be smiling too because they probably won't even need a today. i mean we're off to class this morning with temperatures in the mid-60s. in the mid-50s.
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layer there but by lunchtime up to 72 degrees. when the kids are heading home mid to upper 70s. slight chance for a brief shower but nothing that should be problematic today. the next frontal system is going to bring a round of rain and storms with it. more on that coming up in florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. 6:12. still ahead -- dangerous suspects on the run after leading a police officer on a chase. the other crimes this trio may
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6:15. new video. a lot of wishes granted thanks a fireball streaking across the dozens of people from washington to ohio reported seeing that bright meteor saturday night. witnesses say it appeared to disintegrate or explode before the american meteor society says it was probably just a bright meteor, one man caught it on his dash cam while driving in virginia. the video he posted on youtube is almost 100,000 views. let's look at the temperatures out there now. we've had quite a bit of cloud cover overnight. you know what happens when you get that cloud cover? it acts like a blanket keeping a little bit of that relative warmth in from the day ahead -- or day behind. so 59 degrees now in inverness.
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tampa coming in at 66 degrees, lake wales at 62. we're going to warm up pretty quickly today with the southerly flow. we're building in the warmth and the moisture and we've seen a few showers rolling across our southern counties, even across tampa bay overnight but nothing that is very heavy and we'll continue to have a chance for a shower or two throughout the day. but, it would be rather light and short-lived. so the warm-up, i think what is everyone is going to notice most today, and some sunshine, a little more of it, through the afternoon than what we'll start off the day with. temperatures this morning should be in the low 50s. we should be ending the day in the low 70s. instead mid to upper 70s today. 10% chance of a brief shower, not a rain event really today, even through wednesday we're on the dry side. this frontal boundary will be slow to approach but boy, it will pack a punch of heavy rain and some thunderstorms as it rolls through on thursday. at this point it locks like the rain will begin later in the afternoon on thursday and then
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morning before tapering off and allowing that cooler air to settle in for the weekends. so we'll be back in the 60s from friday on through sunday. 7-day forecast. now let's have a check on the traffic, janelle? fhp reporting a crash on i- 4 westbound around macintosh. i checked several cameras, not really seeing anything out there, traffic looks pretty normal, up to speed, no delays from the crash that may be already off to the side. we're following a fatal crash in polk county, in the hamilton area. this crash is at us27 just south of crump road. we have two on the map here. looks like they may have changed the locations of this fatal crash but either way we're told u.s. 27 is closed now in both directions. i'll double check to make sure exactly where this crash is and what your alternates are. make sure you keep it here, you can also follow me on twitter @tampa baytraffic.
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we are at the howard frankland bridge. no crashes or breakdowns to tell but here. let's check the drive times to see exactly how long it will take to get across all three bridges this morning. all right, that graphic already passed but let's check the majors. 6:18. movie buffs are trying to figure out who will take home the top prizes at the cad mow awards at the end of this month. academy awards. >> and if the screen actors guild are any indication -- leonardo di caprio picked up another award this weekend and so did brie larson for "room." experts say they will likely win the top acting awards at the oscars.
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the sag award for outstanding cast. half the time the movie cast that wins that award goes on to win besticture at the academy awards -- best picture at the academy awards, we'll see. a multibillion dollar deal that would be a real ace in the hole for tampa. what needs to happen now to brick thousands of new jobs to the hard rock casino. first, samsung sets a date to unveil its new smartphone. here's your business news. in today's "tech bytes" -- samsung building its buzz over its new galaxy s7 smartphone. >> new teaser short on details, what we do know, it will be released on february 21st. >> we don't know the name, galaxy s7 isn't confirmed. rumors suggest variable touch input and fast charging. google fiber expanding phone service. the service allows users to use a single phone number for all their mobile devices.
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line, google fiber is testing with select participants around the country. >> twitter is officially kicking off elections season. >> users who tweet hashtag ivoteed or i icaucused will see a emoji with a blue and red checkmark.
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good monday morning. this is the view from the rivergate tower tampa camera in tampa. shay says expect a hot one today. the highs near the mid to upper 70s on this first day of february. we turn now to a develop story in virginia. where two virginia tech students are under arrest now for the murder of a 13-year-old girl. >> what makes the case even more tragic, we've learned that the victim nicole loveiel was an organ transplant survivor. police charged 19-year-old natalie keepers with helping to get rid of the body after the murder. >> and officers arrested fellow student david eisenhower charging him with abducting and killing lovell. her body was found three days after she disappeared. >> very saddened. i can't imagine, i have three daughters, i couldn't imagine. >> we saw officers going by. we knew something had to be bad
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saw. >> we expect to find out today when both those teens will be in court for the first time. 6:25. now that three dangerous escaped inmates are back behind bars in california investigators are trying to figure out how the many were able to break out of that -- men were able to break out of that maximum security prison in the first place. over the weekend authorities captured two of the men in san francisco after someone spotted a van that looked like the one the fugitives stole. a third inmate turned himself in friday. the three had been on the run since january 22nd when the men cut through a wall and crawled through plumbing tunnels and used bed sheets to repel from the roof of the jail. if you're planning on picking up the kids from school and taking them to an after- school practice outside it is going to be warm. 76 degrees. i can't say that you'll be perfectly dry but any chances for rain today are going to be very small and any rain that
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short-lived. so most of us nice and dry, quite a few clouds with some sunshine in the mix. those temperatures are mild, even at 6:00 tonight. 72 degrees and the warm-up gets even more intense tomorrow. i'll show you more on that and what we can expect with the next cold front rolling on through later on this week coming up in florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. i was going, what, 35 miles an hour down miller, you passed me like i was standing still. >> this has to be a first. a woman takes a florida police officer to task for bad behavior on the road. the message that she's hoping to send to everybody who sees her video that is now going viral. >> once all the fun is over, massive gasparilla mess left behind. we're going to tell you about the team of volunteers on a mission to clean up your city. plus how many people had a little too much fun at the parade. >> i'm janelle martinez in the
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live here at i-275 and busch, so far so good, still just five minutes from here into downtown tampa. we're following a fatal crash in polk county, more on that
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6:30 -- a crime spree, a chase and crash that left an officer hurt. the trail of mayhem three dangerous suspects left in their wake and what we're learning about the men still on the run >> with hours to go until iowans head to the polls we break down who has the most to lose on this crucial voting day. thank you for joining us on this monday morning, 1st day of february. >> if you're driving to work and you're going along bayshore
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notice it's pristine once again. bravo tampa bay beautiful. all the volunteers worked really hard yesterday to clean up bayshore after gasparilla. >> 200 people crawled out of bed early yesterday morning to make sure the streets were cleaned up. they picked up thousands of plastic beads, lots of bottles, a thousand cigarettes butts. >> and surprising arrests made during the festivities. first let's update the abc action news weather forecast with shay >> it looks great to start monday morning. we're nice and dry across tampa bay. rivergate tower tampa camera confirming that. we have had a few brief showers overnight and temperatures very warm for this time of morning. 62 sarasota know. lakeland 63. inverness 59. brooksville 64. in and around tampa bay check this out, 63 in st. pete. tampa at 66. so where are we headed? to the mid to upper 70s today.
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time of year. we'll have quite a bit of cloud cover at times, a little more sunshine in the mix through the afternoon and yes, there's that slight chance for a brief shower today. it shouldn't be too problematic for you, hopefully not at all but we'll have higher chances for rain and some cooler temperatures behind our next cold front coming up in florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. i'll time it out for you. how's the roads now? >> we're still following this fatal crash in polk county, a single-vehicle crash, fhp still on scene. it happened at u.s. 27 just south of crump road, highway 27 closed now in both directions. your alternate center street here. just keep in mind we are seeing a little bit of a delay in the northbound lanes on center street so either way you're going to want to leave yourself extra time if your morning drive takes you through this area. we also have a crash over in pasco county, shady oaks road paul buckman highway.
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no word of injuries but we have roadblock there in the intersection so leave yourself extra time there. let's look outside. this is i-75 right at the selmon expressway. up to speed. no crashes or breakdowns. it will take just seven minutes selmon. on the veterans, still in pretty good shape. time is 6:32. oh, ok, we're going to check in with action air 1 at hillsborough and 275. traffic starting to pick up a little bit outside but no crashes or breakdowns on 275. all the way back from the apex to i-4, back to you. back to this too. east tampa neighborhood on high
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for three dangerous carjackers following a pursuit that landed an officer in the hospital. abc action news reporter rodney donegan live at the scene of the crash. that officer lucky to be alive now? >> reporter: he is. we're at the corner of talafero and lake in east tampa. this is basically the remnants of the crash. you can see how the impact of where that officer hit, pretty serious crash here. you can see the tire marks of where he jumped the curb and something we noticed this morning, underground wires. he actually hit this and pulled this out of the ground. this shows how massive and powerful this crash was. the truly scary part about this, he was only feet away from this local church. thankfully no one was outside at the time. so no one else was hurt but this could have been a lot worse. investigators tell us the stolen car was actually used in three other robberies. let's check out a bit of video we shot following that crash. investigators tell us that the
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suspects in that stolen car, he gave chase through this east tampa neighborhood and eventually lost control of his cruiser here and crashed into this utility pole. detectives tell us the suspects also crashed that stolen vehicle as well but they were able to get away and thankfully no one else was hurt. back here live now police stress that these men are dangerous and they stress this could have been a lot worse. somebody honestly could have been killed. we have been speaking to a number of people in this community already this morning and their thoughts obviously with that police officer thankful he is expected to recover and expected to be ok. the investigation will continue this morning, officers and detectives will be out here canvassing this neighborhood trying to find out any information they can about the suspects. we'll bring you information as soon as we get it. live from east tampa, rodney donegan, abc action news. 6:34. abc action news is going to be in court this morning, we're watching to see if there's any
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child abuse case. carrollcare carol o'connell is set to go to trial. her boyfriend pleaded guilty in the case and is expected to testify against o'connell. investigators say the child had bite marks, bruises, possibly a broken arm when he died in 2010. they say the abuse was inflicted for no other purpose than to quote "injure and cause pain." new effort to keep bay area roads safe for bikers and walkers. largo police want to prevent deadly crashes like this one along u.s. 19. a florida department of transportation grant will be used to target parts of the city where they see the most warnings. they will hand out warnings to drivers that break rules of the road. drivers must always yield to walkers and bicyclists.
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as for bikes make sure you have a white light on the front of the bike and of course pedestrians must walk facing traffic so you can see the cars that are coming your way. 6. 35. first steps rebuilding a palm harbor church since it was destroyed by a fire in 2014. this is from saints rafael, nicholas and irene greek orthodox church this. is what the new building should look like once the construction is finished. this is a year and-a-half after an electrical fire sparked at the church destroying nearly everything except for the relics of the saints who gave the church its name. this morning church leaders will break ground on a new site along riverview road and we'll see 200 -- will seat 200 people at a cost of $1.4 million to build. crews are still investigating how this fire overnight. it took crews about a half-hour to put out the fire in the detached garage on hines road close to i-4, no one was hurt. governor rick scott today
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how a renewed gambling deal could bring jobs and a lot of money to the bay area. the governor signed an agreement with the seminole tribe expanding an expired compact, gives the tribe exclusive rights to card games like black jack at its casinos including tampa's hard rock casino. governor scot says this would create 4,800 new jobs and thousands more in construction to improve the casinos. the governor is holding a meeting today to talk about the agreement. the deal is now awaiting approval from the state senate. shay, we'll have a this monday? >> it's a really warm start to the day for this time of year, in the mid-60s in tampa. you could encounter a brief shower today but i don't think anything that is going to create slick spots on the roads because anything that develops will sob brief and so light. upper 70s. a good amount of cloud cover
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pretty decent way to start off february and the workweek. we'll have even warmer temperatures ahead of our next cold front coming up in florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. i'll time it out. how are the roads now? action air 1 flying over i- 75 and the selmon expressway. you can see traffic starting to pick up out there but no crashes or breakdowns to slow you down. i just checked drive times. in the apollo beach area heading to i-4 it's going to take you 15 minutes to make that drive. more coming up in a few minutes. also still ahead -- a florida community in mourning for a toddler caught in the crossfire of a shooting. we'll tell but a mayor's rare move to try to track down the
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6:41. starting today lake hamilton in polk county has a new top cop. michael teague starts the day as new police chief. he will be sworn in at a council meeting set for tomorrow. the former hamilton police chief resigned following a state attorney's report that highlighted mishandled cases. it's 6:41. it was not an easy job but the clean-up is now complete along bayshore boulevard after another successful gasparilla. action air 1 flew over the parade to give you an idea of
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>> a million people lined the parade route. tampa police are expected to tell us how many people were arrested at gasparilla later today. but according to the early count 21 people were charged with misdemeanors and two with felonies. the charges include marijuana possession, boating under the influence, even striking a strike police horse. still ahead, a florida woman takes a police officer to task for something we all know we shouldn't do. the reason she says he needs to
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good morning. heads up in polk county. we have complete blockage at u.s. 27 just south of crump road due to a fatal crash, highway patrol still on scene trying to figure out exactly what happened. we know one person was killed your alternate, use center street to the east here to get around that. we'll keep you updated here and on twitter @tampabaytraffic. sunshine skyway bridge, no trouble here. just nine minutes to get from toll booth to toll booth. and through the westshore area,
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congestion but not bad. >> we do start to see slowdowns about this time. i'll let you know if we see any more congestion on i-275. action air 1 flying over i-4 at macintosh road looking east. look at the cars trying to get into the tampa area. i did just check drive times all the way back from lakeland to tampa, it's taking about 25 minutes right no the roads are dry now. we've had a few brief showers overnight but look at the rivergate tower tampa camera, gorgeous sunrise out there. we've had quite a bit of cloud cover overnight. that has helped to keep our temperatures a bit more mild than what they would be otherwise. we're starting with most of the temperatures in the 60s this morning. in citrus county we have some mid to upper 50s though. so you may want that extra layer or some long sleeves as you head out the door. but later on this afternoon
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we get the highs in the mid-to upper 70s. ened we are going to see this warming trend kicking even further into gear tomorrow with a high of 80 in tampa. we're much above the average of 71, we should be starting the day around 53 but again we'll be starting about 10 degrees above average. then on wednesday things start to change, the clouds get a little thicker ahead of the next front. we start to see the rain building in on thursday afternoon. that will continue overnight and into early friday morning. then once we dry out that cooler air moves in through the afternoon on friday. leaving us with temperatures that are once again in the 60s, so below average for this time of year. that continues right into the weekend with really low chances for rain. so really thursday afternoon and evening that is going to be our wettest period of the week. still timing out the intensity of the storms as they move in and we'll have more on that as
6:36 am
democracy 2016 -- race for the white house finally is now in the hands of the voters. 16 major republican candidates entered the race last year but not all of them could make it to today's iowa caucuses. five candidates, scott walker, rick perry, george pataki, bobby jindzal and lindsay gray a.m. all dropped out, did lindsey graham all dropped out. that leaves 11 major gop candidates left and we expect to it thin even further today. chris christie, carly fiorina, rand paul, john kasich, could withdraw if voters are not kind to them and donors stop donating jeb bush's campaign also appears to be in trouble. some faces will be missing from the state's primary. no undercard debate saturday, to be included gop candidates must either claim the top spots in iowa or polls.
6:37 am
here at 8:00. new this morning, isis now claiming responsibility for triple bombing that killed at least 50 people in syria. the bombings happened near the capital city of damascus. terrorists set off a car bomb at a bus stop and two suicide bombers set off more explosives as rescuers rushed to the scene. the attack comes as representatives from the syrian government and main opposition are in switzerland for talks aimed at ending the country's civil war. boka haram extremists killed more than 80 people in nigeria over the weekend. the shooting, burning and explosions from three suicide bombers continued for nearly four hours. survivors say all of the victims were burned to death. nigeria's six-year islamic uprising killed 20,000 people and driven 2.5 million from their homes. word overnight of the shooting death of a young black man in california is putting an entire police department under the microscope now.
6:38 am
will investigate san francisco police two months after the shooting death of mario woods sparked racial testimonysions in the city there -- tensions. only one of the five officers involved in the shooting is white but authorities say several officers exchanged racist and homophobic text messages. the mayor of jacksonville is now devoting a million dollars to cover overtime for the jacksonville sheriff's office to help stop a rash of gun violence. 13 people now have been killed in jacksonville so far this year. the latest victim, a 22-month- old shot in a drive-by shooting friday night. investigators think that shooting was gang related. now city leaders say enough is enough. >> this is not black thing or a white thing. this is not a south side thing or a north side thing. this is not an east side thing. our sheriff said it as well, this is about jacksonville. >> there's now a $20,000 reward for information on an arrest on the gunman that killed that toddler. the sheriff also plans to knock on doors to urge people to
6:39 am
this morning the university of florida campus is mourning a student who accidentally fell morning. gainesville police say surveillance video shows chance wolfe from westin, in south florida leaving an elevator on the sixth floor of the social 28 apartments around 2:00 a.m. he walked down a hallway and then fell over a waist-high glass partition on a balcony overlooking a court yard. officers don't suspect foul play. trending this morning, on facebook, video of what has to stop. this video you're seeing here, is a florida woman that pulled over a police officer. views now. it's getting a lot of reaction. one person wrote "who does she think she is"? claudia castillo claims she followed the miami-dade police officer as he topped speeds of 100 miles per hour. she says that she honked at him, trying to get his attention.
6:40 am
that's when she confronted him. >> i pushed 80 to try and catch up with you and you were still -- i was still -- eating your dust, you were leaving me behind, i was going 80 miles per hour. i just wanted to know what is the emergency? >> i don't know how fast i was going. but i can tell you this, i'm on the way to work now. >> mm-hmm. >> i don't believe i was speeding. but like i say you're entitled to your opinion. >> claudia says the officer was nice about it and says that he apologized and even offered to slow down when he's on the road again. claudia says she's posted that video because she says officers need to set an example and she hopes that they will learn from that officer's mistake. bucs fans celebrating great showings by five tampa bay players last night in the pro bowl. jab jameis winston threw for two touchdowns. the time score 49-27, great job
6:41 am
your morning sprint now. >> we begin with democracy 2016. decision day in iowa. candidates hoping to win the nation's first caucus. the race is tight on both sides and with about a third of voters still wavering in their support there's a lot at stake. donald trump still in the lead on the republican side. but hillary clinton and bernie sanders are in a virtual tie on the democratic side. we'll be monitoring the iowa caucus results overnight and tell how won tomorrow morning. -- tell you who won tomorrow morning. a pair of teens escaped from a local juvenile detention facility. >> corey dierdorff explains who you need to be on the lookout for. >> reporter: good morning. the two teens escaping from the g4s facility in tampa. detectives this morning are asking for your help. that's the pair that have been on the run, that is 18-year-old anthony bays of georgia and 17- year-old anthony cook of st. petersburg. they took off sunday morning
6:42 am
they were allowed outside time in fansed in area when a -- fenced in area when a staff member noticed a hole cut in the chain link fence. both were serving time for grand theft auto. if you have information call crime stoppers. a police officer is recovering in the hospital after a high speed chase and crash. this ended near the corner of north talafiero avenue and eastlake where the officer crashed into a utility pole. we're told the suspects carjacked a woman friday night and then used the vehicle in three other robberies over the weekend. the officer luckily is expected to make a full recovery. palmetto police say they found 21-year-old colin mahony's body in an empty house. he seems to have been shot. crime stoppers is offering a
6:43 am
help solve the case. call crime stoppers. a man accused of a drink driving crash will go before a judge this afternoon. police say kenneth cabral was driving the wrong way down county road 1 and hit a motorcyclist, who was not wearing a helmet and died. he was charged with dui manslaughter. we're keeping an eye on the howard frankland bridge to check your drive across. i just checked the drive time, nine minutes to get across the howard frankland, less than 10 across the other two bridges. not too bad. toll roads, 28 minutes now from 54 to 275 on the veterans. seven minutes on the selmon from i-75 into downtown. and five from dale mabry to channelside. the average speeds now on 275 and 75, in the 40s now heading into the downtown tampa area,
6:44 am
let's check the drive with the action air 1 flying over i-75 and fletcher. fhp reporting a crash in the southbound lanes but no roadblock. traffic looks pretty normal so if there is a crash there we can't see it, it's already been moved off to the side. good weather for the morning drive this morning. our temperatures are pretty warm, 65 in tampa. 63 lakeland. 61 crystal river. we are headed to highs in the mid to upper 70s. we will have a good. a cloud cover, sunshine in the mix and a slight chance for a brief shower today, tomorrow and into wednesday. our next cold front approaches on thursday, giving us a good round of rain and cooler air moves in behind it. it will continue through the weekend. tonight the home of "winter" the dolphin is going to host the worldwide premiere of the new tv series "rescue clearwater," filmed on location at the clearwater marine aquarium, takes you behind the scene of the aquarium's rescue
6:45 am
inspiration at work with kids and wounded soldiers. "good morning, america" is next. >> keep up to date with us on the air, on other mobile app, facebook and twitter.
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