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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  February 3, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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there will be severe weather threat with it as we get a little closer. abc action newstion starts next. zika warning. it can now pass human-to-human. coming up, how health officials are now preparing to combat this virus. >> ripped apart in mid-air. the investigation now underway into what tore a hole in a commercial airplane. good morning, thank you for joining us on this wednesday, i'm dan shaffer. >> good morning. i'm deiah riley. this morning we start with breaking news in pasco county. >> deputies tell us someone shot these people overnight in dade city. the sheriff's office reports 10:30 last night three hispanic men showed up at a local hospital with gunshot wounds. we're two told victims are in critical condition, a third man's wounds not as serious. it took a while but detectives determined the shooting
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rights now it appears the shooting could be drug related. no suspects are in custody. a family of three looking for a new place to live after a fire. it started before midnight at a home just west of north 50th street. they all got out safely. sadly their pet wasn't as fortunate. a neighbor tells us the family dog ran out of the house during the fire, then ran back inside where the dog died. the cause of the fire is now under investigation. here's shay with a look at the forecast on this wednesday morning. still warm today? >> it is warm. today's going to be the end of this very warm trend that we've had the last few days. we're starting off at 71 in tampa. clearwater 70. valrico 69. spring hill 68. sebring now 69 degrees. sarasota is at 70. so we are going to be warm and dry to start the day. those warm breezes are helping to keep us fog-free this morning. and it will also help to pump
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through the day. topping out again in the low 80s. now we'll be mostly dry. i'll show you where we have a slight chance of a shower later on today coming up in florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. dan? let's look at traffic. no problems here at 54th avenue and i-275 in st. pete. we'll check the roads again in 15 minutes. there's a new risk from the zika virus spreading rapidly around the world. >> doctors in texas now say it can be transmitted during sex. doctors in dallas say a patient was infected after having sex with someone who returned from venezuela where zika is a circulating. and the number of travel related cases is increasing. there are now total zika cases in the state. >> this morning the hillsborough county commission will discuss how local officials are preparing to
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abc action news reporter michael paluska explains the risk of this virus and what it poses to people in the bay area. >> reporter: showing no symptoms, infected person would obviously never know they are the host a hungry mosquito is waiting for. >> it's one of these viruses that can be quite tricky to study. >> reporter: dr. stephanie romero, assistant professor at usf for maternal field medicine. she said with no symptoms you would never request a blood test to find out if you were bitten by an infected mosquito after traveling to an infected area. that creates a big problem at home for women who are pregnant or planning to pregnant. >> my big question is, as far as being able to council my patients, is it more important if someone becomes infected during a certain time of pregnancy? for example, if you're past the first trimester can you say you're free or is it more important later in pregnancy? >> reporter: this type of mosquito bias during the day so pregnant women should wear long sleevers, avoid mosquito
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insect repellent safe to use during pregnancy according to doctors. the risk to pregnant women has skyrocketed to a global concern after several countries claimed a number of birth defects after the mother contracted the virus. michael paluska, abc action news. >> the world health organization estimates three million to four million americans will be infected with the virus this year. we have more on there's good news in the fight to stop the spread of the virus. the largest vaccine maker says it's working on a having seen, telling reporters it's launching a research and development effort. last week the u.s. government announced it's working on a possible vaccine. researchers warn the possible vaccine could take more than a decade.
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set to vote on its open carry bill today. yesterday lawmakers approved a number of amendments to the bill including one to allow state lawmakers to carry guns on the floor of the legislature. the bill could have trouble passing the state senate though. the senate judiciary chairman indicated he may not allow this bill to come to a vote. two bay area men facing serious charges, both accused of courting underaged girls on- line, helping them run from home and persuading them to have sex. 23-year-old mason davis reportedly picked up a 15-year- old from her home and took her to his mother's home to have sex. deputies say it happened at least five times. in an unrelated case, 21-year- old jesse laramie junior faces similar charges. after having sex he dropped her off so she could catch her bus. he says he's not to blame. >> you think i should have to register as a sex offender
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year-old girl that lied to me and wanted to have sex? do you honestly think i should? be a sex offender the rest of my life? >> despite insisting he's the victim it's not his first sex arrest. deputies say he was out on bond for a similar crime involving a different underaged girl he met on line while he was having sex with the other girl. this shows an identity theft suspect spending one victim's money. >> detectives think this guy is a pro, going on shopping sprees. marisela burgos explains this guy could try to create fraudulent tax returns with your information. >> reporter: these two men claim to be the same person. >> my name is christian navarro. >> only one is the real christian navarro. >> this is my doppelganger. >> reporter: he lived in polk county, only has two credit cards. so who is this guy?
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>> he has more hair than me. >> reporter: he's been shopping at christian navarro buying items at different stores. >>923.80 of cheeky panties, hip hugger panties. and more. >> reporter: the real one says the fake one opened nine credit cards under his name. >> a walmart mastercard, victoria's secret, target, macy's. >> reporter: because there were so many he organized everything in a credit fraud bin and contacted deputies. >> knowing someone else is creating credit accounts in my name with all my personal information is disconcerting, makes me feel a bit as vulnerable. >> reporter: it's not the only person it's happened to. >> he makes a living off of stealing others' identity. so we want to get him off the streets. >> reporter: since mid-december detectives believe this man posed as several people in central florida including apopka, using phony credit cards and spending $10,000. >> he just wants to spend it as soon as possible.
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them, return nome for cash or he'll take that property he's got and sell it. >> christian caught it early. >> 10% off best buy. i'm your best customer. >> reporter: authorities want to stop him before he pretends he's you. marisela burgos, abc action news. >> one thing you can do is shred documents, official financial documents if you recognize that mysterious shopper call your local sheriff's office. bill cosby and his attorneys are expected to return to court today, trying to get a judge to toss out the criminal charges against him. yesterday a former district attorney confirmed he made an oral agreement with cosby more than a decade ago not to charge him with sexual assault if cosby testified under oath in a civil lawsuit. the current da maintains that deal isn't binding because it was not written down. detroit area police officer is facing 13 months in jail for beating a driver during a traffic stop.
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video, former officer william melendez stopped floyd dent a year ago after his car rolled through a stop sign. melendez pulling him from his car and punching dent 16 times in the head. a developing story in africa now -- disturbing pictures show a large hole that opened up in a side of a plane while flying at 10,000 feet. that hole you see there is slightly smaller than one of the jet's doors. what exactly caused a hole is still unknown this morning but some reports say a bomb exploded on board minutes after liftoff, while other witnesses say the fuselage simply failed. the airline confirms only two passengers on board were injured but somali authorities report a passenger was blown or either ejected out of that hole. the pilot made an emergency landing at the mogadishu airport. caught on camera, twin engine cessna makes a dramatic
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a problem with the plane's landing gear, so the pilot decided it was safer to land on the runway used by sea planes. that cessna though, not a sea plane, sunk afterwards and is being salvaged. talk about a gorgeous day to head to clearwater beach. mix of sun and clouds, water temperature 63 degrees, high today near 80. looking gorgeous for one final day but i'll show you what is ahead in the next couple of days along with our next cold front. just how far those temperatures will fall coming up in a few minutes. jump for her life, coming up. the terrifying leap a 9-year- old made that saved her from this inferno. >> the tampa bay lightning have a big game tonight at amalie
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pasco county officials are hoping beer can turn down a blighted area. three partners plan to renovate an aging building on u.s. 41 and turn it into a brewery. >> cameron polom shows us the project site in land o' lakes. >> reporter: it may not look like much now but you have to start somewhere. >> a beer garden here. >> reporter: more mark, pete and joe, that somewhere was in their garage where what was more like a hobby --
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>> reporter: now has the county tapping them as the first step of many towards revitalizing the route along u.s. 41. >> we're hoping that with us doing this, the rest will kind of follow at the bar and go, probably from about right here. >> officials say they are not only pleased with the trio's choice of location but also their choice to renovate an aging building, a choice they hope future business owners will make as well. >> a lot of people have kids and families and it's easier for them to come down the street rather than go to tampa. >> a theory at that both mark. >> we'll start with five different types of beer. >> reporter: in the county. >> brew house basically. needs some work still. >> reporter: are counting on. in pasco county, cameron polom, abc action news. parts of four states under blizzard warnings, conditions so bad in southwestern minnesota plows were ordered off i-90 because drivers
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in the south, mississippi and alabama hit by tornadoes. one damaged a federal prison and several homes. fortunately only minor injuries were reported. that severe weather heading our way. >> we do have a chance for rain but it looks like our chance for severe weather is very, very low. as this next front moves through. it is what happens over the weekend where we could be more likely to see severe storms. i'll time that out in a moment. we are starting out with warm temperatures, a nice mix of sun and clouds through the day and rain unlikely today. we still have that southerly-to- southeasterly flow so that is pumping in the warmth and moisture ahead of this next front, but this front does weaken considerably as it continues to move east. so this round of rain that we'll see moving in tomorrow looks like it's going to be just some showers with a few garden variety isolated thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon and evening.
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morning nice and dry, temperatures are very warm for this time of year. right now we are at the average high for tampa for today. in fact most of the area temperatures are at or above the average high for this time of year. we should be starting off the day in the low to mid-50s. we're going to end the day near 80, much like yesterday. there's a slight chance for an inland shower this afternoon but most areas are going to be completely dry until tomorrow. the first half of the day we'll have a chance for aify showers, a much better -- a few showers, a much better chance for widespread heavier downpours in the afternoon and evening. we'll be dry by the friday morning commute. then saturday and sunday, this is where things get a bit murky, the models haven't been consistent at all. so it's a bit difficult to time this down perfectly for you but right now as of this morning it looked like our best chance for rain will begin saturday afternoon and this is where we have a fast-moving area of low pressure, should be out of the
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could bring a round -- could, bring a round of severe storms. we'll continue to update you as we get closer. back to you. let's look at the morning commute. 4:47. this is i-275 at 22nd avenue north. traffic is moving smoothly now. janelle is watching the traffic cameras, she'll let you know what the other bay area roads look like coming up at the top at 5:00. toyota is recalling hundreds of thousands of trucks and suv's because the vehicle's side curtain shield airbag bonded to the roof can inflate without a crash. several models are effected. it also effects lexus lx470 and gx470 models made between 2003 and 2006. the automaker says bad programming in the computer that controls the airbag is to blame for this.
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affected owners will be informed by mail. the team sent home ryan murphy after police questioned him during a prostitution sting last night at a san jose motel. officers didn't arrest murphy but cited his brother and a suspected prostitute. tampa bay lightning return to the ice tonight following the nhl all-star break. tom korun explains what is ahead for the bulls. >> reporter: good morning. you know this is pretty close to being a super bowl week for the tampa bay lightning. they have two games coming up this week that are really nothing short of must victories. the first tonight against the red wings. penguins at home on friday night. both these teams are right there with the lightning in the playoff hunt so it's back to trying to get another win streak here and hopefully take advantage of these games at home through the middle of this month. >> there's still room for improvement. we realize that in here.
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tighter and tougher as you inch towards trying to clinch a playoff spot. you have tobe ready for it, i feel we will. >> with these next two games, that includes friday's home game against the penguins. bowlings and red wings are in a tie with 58 points. boston is sitting in the first sport with 58 points. if pittsburgh is one back with the new jersey devils. so hey, back-to-back wins at home this week would be huge before the bolts head out of town for a two-game road trip to ottawa and montreal. hand it to the women's usf basketball team. they've endured injuries. alicia jenkins, and they are still holding firm in the top 25 in the country. impressive. the coach jose fernandez knows it. >> a lot of people can't sustain when you lose your second leading scorer and
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glue guy that can work with any positions. shows the quality of the kids in our program. >> reporter: enjoy your day. 4:51. coming up at 5:00, a local place to eat on valentine's day, making the list for best romantic restaurants. >> and making money from stormy
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good morning. look at the visibilities this morning. much better than yesterday at this time for sure. i don't think you'll have any problems driving across the area due to fog this morning. we have wind speeds that have been picking up overnight and that has helped to limit the chance for fog to form this morning. so again, looking pretty good as you head out. dry with good visibility and warm temperatures in the upper 60s to near 70 already. i'll show you just how warm we'll get and how quickly those temperatures will fall coming up in florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. today you have a chance to meet celebrity chef paula deen. & noble in carolwood tonight from 6:00 to 8:00 to sign her new cookbook "paula deen cuts the fat."
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remove invasive burmese pythons from the everglades is even more successful than the previous hunt and there's still to come on eyewitness news 12 more days to go. they caught 14 more snakes than during the 2013 competition. that challenge runs through february 14th. the powerful el nino-caused storms have created many problems. >> but also brought much needed rain. in california, water levels are rising. in folsom lake in northern california they've risen 44 feet over the past month. local shop owners welcome the increase that they say helps business. >> last year was like selling christmas trees in july in the boat business. so this year i'm hoping with a full lake it will change everything. >> california officials are hoping for more rain, say the state's reservoirs still have plenty of storage space remaining.
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trump made he now blames for his loss monday night in iowa. >> the white house official now under investigation for sending
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