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tv   Action News at 9AM  ABC  February 4, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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a heart pounding investigatio , what we learned of the shooting that left a deputy hurt >> a health emergency declared in florida, what you need to know of the zika virus and how to keep your family safe. >> what is being done to lindsay logue with the live report. good morning and thank you for joining u i am dan shaffer. >> i am deiah riley.
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counties in florida are under a health emergency under hillsboro county because of the zika virus. >> governor scott is giving us an update on a plan to stop that throughout the state. >> outside the health department of what you need to know about this virus, corey. >> reporter: good morning dan, a lot of preparations behind me. we have got that 1:30 briefing coming in from governor scott. everyday we are learning more of thisvirus. here is what we know so far. there are nineconfirmed traveling related cases here in florida. >> it transmitted in san francisco tee bites but in one but in texas it was transmitted
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partner with the sexual trans mated portion of it may have the virus or not. >> make sure you dump out free standing water. if you arepregnant, make sure you wear long pants and shirts and bug spray, make sure you don't contract the diana costarakis. disease. we arehoping learn what the state of florida is doing today to take on this. >> count on to make sure you have the latest on air and online. meanwhile, world health officials are accusing brazil holding back information of the zika virus. >> they need data if the virus number of babies born with small heads. >> brazil claims the problem involves a law that barred researchers from sharing
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where female athletes can travel to brazil for a safe olympics. >> some are calling the game to be cancelled. >> the people organizing the global event are reassuring athletes that the area will be safe in time of the game. austria telling athletes who go to wear long sleeves. >> new zealand says they'll support anyone female athletes if they decide to stay home. take a look at our radar right now. we are rain freeof all of our major roads and bridges. s not going to last all that much longer. we have rain showers offshore, itwill take a couple of hours before they build in. i dothink citrus and hernando counties along the coastline we'll start to see a chance for a few showers over the next hour and a half or so and it will start build in further to the south and east throughout the following hours.
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this afternoon though, expect some heavy downpours and thunderstorms in the mix. possibly some gusty winds but not a lot of difference in temperatures through the day. we top out in the mid-70sand once the rain settles in, temperatures level out and it even starts to fall. >> i will have more on lower temperatures ahead booipd those front coming up in in the seven- day forecast. janelle, how are things looking ton road >> a lot of volume there. >> yes, a lot of delays and it is getting better. eastbound into the plant city and lakeland and an over turned truck was blocking two lanes of traffic. let'scheck your drive time. you can see how long it is takingto get into that area. down there at the bottom, 43 minutes from i-75 to county line road. well >> seeing drive time of about an hour. some improvements. if you are heading out the door right now, no need for a detour. things should clear up by the time you get there. >> a new crash here, at tampa
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front of the stadium there. >> aaron just tweeted me and said this crash involved five cars and two southbound lanes are blocked right now. you want toleave yourself extra time there. this looks like a seriouscrash causing some delays still there. >> the average speed right now if you are trying to decide whether to take 275 from the west loop chapel area. 75 islooking a lot better right now about 55 miles per hour compares to 34 on 275. deiah. >> thank you, janelle. we are following a developing storyright now in marion county. a county deputy there is reerringcovering after a shooting. deputies reported to the kangaroo gasstation. when deputies got there, a man put a gun to his head. he turned tp gun on them and that's when they opened fire. thesuspect was injured. the deputy suffer a gunshot wound to hisleg but is expected
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four years south st. pete has been an area that the city has long neglected but that appears to be changing >> the city council approved the plan to redevelop of south side neighborhoods and business corridors. >> it will give $10, 000 different program to rehab homes and growing businesses. >> the plan is just the beginning. st. pete is hoping to createa 30 years and $70 million plans of fun of revitalizing the project. flipping the switch to kickoff the 2016 florida state fair. >> [ cheering ] the official flip of the switch, lighting of the mid way turning on 2016 of the florida state fair. >> gates are opened in less than an hour. >> we have been showcasing the best of the best this year of
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fried food. >> anchor lindsay logue is live right now at the entertainment hall with something else that's new this year, good morning. lindsay. >> reporter: for the first time, you will see a robotic competition that's happening next weekend, saturday and sunday and monday. i got some friends here to show us their creations a little bit about what the robotic team does here in the bay area. the trinity dragon, i got oliv ia and zane, tell me about your design here. >> our design is a lift and it grabs this skwishgs it. >> zane, you are going to show us a little bit? >> he's driving around and with his lift up so he can dump it when his lift goes all the way
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>> reporter: oh my goodness. >> they calm up with this all by themselves. if you guysthought it was cool, check out what the high schoolers are up to today. abby, thank you for being with us today, youwill tell us about your design and team. >> 6000 robotic clubs in the world. >> yes, >> in the world >> reporter: okay, show me what you got >> it is two launchers and it has a double fly wheel. wheythey are doing now is shooting them as fast as they can into a net. they have one minute to do so. >> and tell me your design, you guys built this from scratch. >> yes, we started in april right after the world championship last year. >> reporter: you guys design everything on paper and build and tweak. >> yes we have everything in our notebook and we went through a lot of different designs. >> reporter: wow, this is awesome. they'll be competinghere for the first time in and the rot
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is right here. >> stick around with us. we have so much from the fair andincluding people's choice award burgers. >> abc action news, live at the fair, lindsay logue. we turn to democracy 2016, donald trump is pointing fingers at ted cruz accusing the senator using dirty tricks to steal the iowa caucuses. >> cruz e-mailed the press report that carson will be taking time off after iowa and was planning a big announcement next week. he apologized to carson. >> he insulted bar i don't know by doing what he did to ben carson. that was a disgrace. >> i would note that the new story of our team passed on was true and accurate. >> instead, ben did go to florida or south carolina. >> cnn denies that it publish
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inl vision into what happened. >> hillary clinton and bernie sand tryers try to differentiate themselves. some people call me a-rod rate and i proudly, say that i am a moderate. i love moderate but you cannot bae moderate and a progressive. they are different. >> i am a progressive who gets results and i will be a progressive president who gets results. it is hard to seeany of his proposals could ever be achievable. >> i don't want to over promise. we have had too much ofthat. >> clinton and sanders will go head to head in a televised debat tonight in new hampshire. we'll fact check some ofthe comments there in the morning. a woman got a real scared
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anaconda in her backyard >> he was letting her dog outside when she noticed this snake. she got help from a neighbor putting that giant snake into a container until animal service arrives. no one owns that snake, it does not have a microchip. theycan gro up to 15 feet long. 9:11, still ahead in the age of social media of the way people fall in love. how a couple got instant married after only chatting online. mcdonald's is switching up its happy meal games and hoping to help kids learn what your child will get in a place of a shine any plastic toys. we are dry right now. grab the umbrellas, there are rain on the way, i will time it
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if the american troop level is cut, there will be too few people to train for afghan security forces. if we cut troops to 5500 as president obama proposed, it could impaired the gain made in 2002. >> at least $64 billion building up to pay for afghan campbell says the atkin won't be ables won't be able to sustain their forces until 2024. a scary situation over night of the netflix famous documentary "making murder". >> somebody calling in they're going to get quote, justice for
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>> killer steven avery, well. officers evacuated the surrounding neighborhood as a precaution. the bomb squad and canine unit searched thearea. authorities did not find any devices. police in arizona say prank sisters prankste --the gas level wrs high and the building need to evacuate. >> prang sisters the call was illegal because it resulted in legal damage and they are looking for suspect. low income family in missouri are first in the nation to get free or low cost internet >> they have google fiber and super fast internet. >> that promise to provide internet to low income families to 27 different families >> those areas are chosen in
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make the most use. a police officer is going viral right now. thepanhandle animal welfare society posted the picture on the facebook page when the officer first met the dog. when heheard ability the puppy's story, he had to take them in. >> montgomery is hoping that his story will inspire others to take in animals from their local animal shelters. you know, as parents we are looking for ways to get our kids read a little bit more >> here ace suggestion, head out for some fast food. >> chick-fil-a has been doing this for a long time. >> mcdonald's is offering a free book instead of a toy. >> the books are small enough to fit inside the happy meal and spanish languages as well, four different books are being offered and three of them are
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is a classic padding ton bear book. >> the california man is suing mcdonald's over what he said is fake cheese in the company's mess real la mozzarella sticks. >> poor mcdonald's that just cannot catch a break right new. with their popular new menu item, mozzarella cheese stick. . last week, social media went viral showing empty cheese sticks. in some cases, the cheese filling meltedout and leaving a hollo bread stick. now, the stick doesnot even contained real cheese. >> the cheese is actually 3% starch and federal rules limit cheese ingredients so that if
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it real cheese >> the suit con teshss are wrong. they use real cheese andplan to defend the lawsuit. >> who would thought a simple cheese stick could cause such a controversy >> i am john matters, abc action news. i want to get a look at our forecast for this thursday. a little bit warmer out there today. rain is coming downlater on this afternoon. >> exactly. >> opening day at the fair. it is not a watch out and we still have some time. i don't know that area of hillsborocounty will see any rain. it will be a little afternoon while we start to see it building into hillsboro county. take a look right now at tighten doppler radar and you can see we are nice and dry out there. the rain is stilwelloff to the northwest so it will take a little time before it builds in. i think within the next hour,
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hernando county and continuing to press into pinellas county around noon. by the way, i have this posted on my facebook page so you can check it there if you want to check for your specific neighborhood. keep in mind this is a guide, it is not the rule. it is showing a little bit of rain here around ana maria island. >> the moisture is starting to build. by noon, we'll see afew scattered showers and it gets heavier and more widespread throughout the afternoon. that's where we start to get that fair, the state fairgrounds is getting a lot wetter. >> you probably want to bring an umbrella or a poncho or something like that or just have a backup plan and head in doors at the fair for a little bit until the rain passes. >> and then, it starts drying out after that. >> and cooling down by the way, our temperatures started off on the warm side near 70s. we top out 75.
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in, temperatures will start to lefl off or even fall. >> over night, we are in the 40s. 64 degrees is the hightomorrow. we remain in the 60s way into next week. we gotanother front over the weekend and another one on tuesday. >> the good news for the weekend plans and i will tell you more about this in details. it is not going to be a washout either day >> this is florida's most accurate forecast, deiah, back to you. >> thanks, shay >> we often do it. we reach for the bag of chips or cookies when we stress out. >> what are the top american on? >> we'll break it down next. >> good morning, we are just three hours away from the award ceremony in st. pete >> the big question is who'll be named the nonprofit of the year. >> we spotlight the final
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a couple that lives on opposite side of the country and met online had a spontaneous wedding seconds after meeting for the first time. erika harris lives in california andvan lives in new york.
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interest of poetry. they exchange vows last friday. >> i know i am never leaving her side. >> harrison van spent last weekend on a honey moon, they still need to make their marriage legal. well, there is really no debate, comfort food is just wonderful whether it is stress or depress, everybody has a favorite go to dish that seems to help make everything better. the top comfort foods that we all turn to in the time of need. this all thanks to a survey of nearly 2500 adults that was conducted by the harris polls. >> number one on the list is your favorite, pizza. >> 67% turns to pizza when you
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>> number two is chocolate. number three is ice cream. chips can be addictive and rounding up to the five is mexican food. >> they're made with almond milk and no dairy. experthaves been working on the formula for almost two years. ben and jerry's is labeling it non frozen dairy dessert. >> come up and away with us here on abc action news. i amlindsay logue, we are live
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tour now at 9 clo k. >> and there we go. >> it can cause you a lot of money. ahead from my angie'slist
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the fair is in town. get ready for sweet funnel cakes and burgers and bacon. i am lindsay logue, cooking up something special just for you, next. >> the major bust netting all of these stolen properties. >> tax troubles now at 9:30. the problem you may encounter this morning if you try to file your returns with the irs.
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joining u i am dan shaffer. >> i am deiah riley. >> we'll get to today's top stories in a minute. let'scheck in with shay, she's tracking some rain moving in the bay area >> do you have any plans this afternoon? >> actually yeah. >> you have to worg around the rain a little bit. >> the main sail beach end is showing you things turning a little bit close to the coastline. it is not fantastic outthere at the moment. it is dry. take a look at ana mariaisland here is still dry. >> but, a little bit faster here in our northern counties around citrus and hernando, it will take some time. but itis on the way. it is going to get widespread through theafternoon and into the early evening. that does mean ifyou are driving around town, 3:00 or 5:00 or 6 clong, it is :00, it is going to be wet out there. temperatures is veryinteresting today. we started off on the warm side
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couple of hours, we'll start to see temperatures levelling off as that rain start to settle in and even coming down before unset. enjoy these low 70s and 75 in temple terrance. much cooler temperatures is on the way, i will have more on that in the seven-day forecast, deiah and dan. >> it is 9:32. all morning we are your florida state fairguides station. 112th state fair is opened this year. >> this year is promising to be bigger and better before. >> new events and rides and food offerings. it is on trackto be a record breaking year. lindsay logue, you have beenton rides and you checked out the livestock and now you are digging into some brek fast. >> reporter: hey dan, if it includes, bacon, it is
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>> we have been checking out the sweets and the fundamental cakes and the battered cup cakes . we have only seen photos of this, this is the bad boy right here, the people's choice award at the state fair. >> my friend has been so awesome hanging out with us. he'sgoing to tell us about this burger >> it is made with fresh bacon, we lay it on the table and make a roll of ground chuck burger and put season in it and ranch dressing and barbecue sauce and roll it up in a logand roll it into bacon and put it nice and tight and put it in your new smoker and smoke it for three hours and bring it out and slice it and build a burger, bacon in every bite. >> everything you describe, that's just the bacon. >> no, that's the beef and everything. >> i won't even ask you the calorie count. >> do you know anything about this one?
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up. >> this is the red neck burger, its got red burger meet and fried blown any. >> i see some cheese and you guessed it, bacon is on this burger. >> the gate to the fair opens in less than one hour. >> prices vard from $90 $9 to $13. we are live at the fair andi am about to dig into this right away. >> lindsay logue, abc action news. >> into the news room right now, a bradenton man killing couple for revenge was just indicted on grand mur charges murder charges. >> detectives found their bodies hours apart last month. >> finland was stabbed more
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an informanttold them that cummings wanted to get back from them for stealing $800 from them >> a third person may also be involved. electronics and jewelry and purses. >> all those things stolen and worth of $200, 000. >> investigators are working return them to their rightful owners after a burglary spree. they are accused of burglarizing 30 homes in a matter of weeks. >> they clearly changed their targets beforehand >> they're selecting their target carefully and trying to get the most out of each location. >> the burglars happened in five different counties. the irs is expecting more problems today for people trying to file their tax returns. the agency stopaccepting tax returns yesterday because of computer glitches.
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system and "whereis my refund service". >> 90% of taxpayers will receive remonday funds within three weeks. the national stock market rose today as oil prices bounce back at slightly 26 points. >> 16, 365. >> students can soon ride the bus for free. >> the school district partnered to give students free and all you need is a school id. >> the idea is kids have the opportunity to participate in after school activities without having to worried about having to be picked up. >> the program starts march 1st and runs through june 10th. the school district has already work ong plans to exing on
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9:36 right now. today is angie's list, report of a water softener , coming p es with a load of benefits. >> it is expensive and it can be expensive and potassium chloride is a better choice. >> more information on our angie's list on our website on with b will be. you will love this, >> barry manilou is bringing his one last time to the arena tonight and you and a friend have a chance to go for free, all you have to do is donate and new or gently used musical instrument. you will get two tickets for the concert >> those donated instruments will go to mcclain middle school.
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>> still ahead this morning, rumors are swirling around apple's iphones again of what we know about the new iphone 5 s3 and why it will appeal to a larger group of audience. >> check with the coaches for sure, we are going to have a good round of showers and storms that move through later this afternoon and into the evening. it is the cooler airtomorrow that's definitely going to catch your attention.
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achlt strong line of thunderstorms continue to move across the eastern united states. >> a driver shot the video that you are watching right there of the fundamental clouds catching down. u.s. armyis reporting the tornado damaged vehicles and knocked down trees and took out power lines. now, luckily there are no reports of any injuries. >> the same storm system dumping heavy rains. tennesseeand mississippi and alabama and florida is taking it hard. >> number of drivers near atlanta and nashville trapped in their car. >> she desperately hung on a
9:33 am
could rescue her. >> wondering if that storm system is headed our way. >> it is, that's the rain that's headed our way this afternoon. it is going to put a pack of a much less of a punch in our area >> you can see the water is getting rougher and the beach is not looking quite fantastic right now at the main sail beach end. winds will pick up as well as those showers and some heavier storms moving on through later on today. weare rain free and started off today with a little bit of sunshine out there. not a bad start throughout the day. the rain is getting closer and closer as we speak and rindz winds are coming from the south so we are still pumping in the warmth and the humidity. certainly, those temperatures are warm this morning. again, mostly dry as we continue through the morning and then it is going to get pretty wet through the afternoon with a fie isolated storm in a few
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>> there is a chance that you could get some minor heavy flooding. i think it is not going to be anything that's a major issue or a widespread. after the rain ends tonight,we clear out over night and that cool air arrives waking up to temperatures in the 40s. let's go ahead and take ak loo a look at the week's rain chances. right now, i have seen alittle consistency in the models of the last 24 hours. feeling confident that the rain chances are going to be highest in the afternoon and evening on saturday. it won'tbe terribly widespread or heavy. we are looking at 30%coverage and it comes to an tend early sunday morning so we'll see more sunshine through the amp. most of ourdaytime hours are pretty dry through the weekend, just want to keep an eye out on saturday afternoon for those showers that may develop. otherwise, our next chance for raincomes on tuesday with a fast moving front. rain chancesare low with that one.
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withthat cooler air so that keeps our temperature in the 60s and all the way into next week. >> middle of next week. that's florida's most accurate seven-day forecast, you can find me on facebook and twitter. >> back to you guys. breaking news just into our news room. a st.petersburg city hall is evacuated due to a suspicious bag left in the council meeting room. bomb detection dogsbrought into sweep the area, we'll monitor the situation and bring you updates on air and online as soon as we get them. >> if you don't like the feel of the larger iphone 6 and 6 plus, apple is coming out with a smaller iphone. >> apple will unveil the s3 on march 15. >> it is similar to the iphone 5. it features an improved camera and processers. the 5 s3 will cost $416 model for the 16 gig model.
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model and the eye watch. >> the votes have been casted and counted. >> now, we have to do is wait for the announcement, it starts at noon today. you will meet the final no, ma'amminee for nonprofit of the
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the award later today will be in the home turf. thegreat exploration children's museum is on the short list of finalist for the nonprofit of the year. >> the museum is designed for kids ten years old and younger. it is located next to sunken garden on fourth street.
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ceo and leo is the director of the museum. congratulations. >> what do you think is the most krifr program that collect the eyes o f judges? >> one of the prom that is capture programs that capture our follow loss phi. >> play is not one of those things. >> we generated a program calls great connection for children with special needs in their family. >> we leave that all families and children have the ability to play. not only can they do it but they really should. great connection is a once a month program. it is low costand risk and it is an introks to our museum. >> a lot of the parns say when they have children with special need, the parents afraid that they might get hurt so the parents sometimes the one that inhibit their play time and you are creating a safe
9:39 am
and dad worry as well. >> exactly, we are parents and we understand that fear. >> and it is been really we served about 1000children over the last year. >> wonderful. >> the real success for us is we are seeing increase of participation with children in special needs with all of our >> our programs like parents night out and all parents need a break. and our school camps our exploration pre-school,we are seeing a lot of increase of par icipation. >> this is one of many that you have. >> there are so many others, how did you all find out that you are a finalist for the nonprofit of the year? >> well, we are nominated for the category "be more rich". we were excited about that and keep reading down and we saw
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are going what is this is? nonprofit of the year. >> we were very excited and honored and humbled. >> what us d it mean for a nonprofit to be a final for the nonprofit of the year? >> it is so exciting. >> it is very exciting. i think more is humbling. we are just so honored to be organizations who are nominated. and, for greatexplorations, it means that we can continue to spread our mission to stimulate learning through contraceptivety and exploration but also to highlight the importance of play among children and their families. >> thank you very much for coming in. >> good luck. if you at home would like to learn more of great exploration, visit them in st. pete. >> you can visit them online at
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coming up today at 4:00. tampa has been raeng ranked ranked the number four place in the country to get married. the how to win for less and where and when you can get that's all coming up today at 4:00 the rain is on the way. before it builds in. see a few showers. let lets up later this evening. it will become widespread and cooling down. look at the difference in temperatures. today, we top out in the mid-
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southeast of tampa bay. south of i-4, basically. tomorrow, a ten degrees drop in the afternoon but almost a 20 degrees or 20 to 25 degrees drop tomorrow morning. westart nauf the 40s. off in the 40s. we'll have a couple chances for rainand one over the weekend and late saturday and early sunday and another on tuesday. but it does not look like it willbe quite widespread. it is ian forcing cold air into thearea of our next two cold fronts metliving on through. moving on through >> this morning, a texas boy is becoming famous online >> he has no idea that he's really a big deal. >> this is tyler young, meet his best friend, the duck beaker. they constantly bonded and now their popularity is soaring online
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video was the first one that goes viral. every bath time is hysterical as the first one that she posted >> he's cracking up. >> i think we posted that on our facebook page >> quacking up. >> look at how he try to jump in the tub. >> also, just in the news room. st. pete city hall istelling us everything is back to normal now. they locatedand removed the suspicious bag that was left in the room there. everything is back to northerly mall. >> continuous coverage on
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