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tv   Action News at 5AM  ABC  February 10, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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the winners stand in the presidential election after the new hampshire primary but what about those who didn't top the polls? will they carry on or throw in the towel? we're exploring what is next. >> your safety is on the line as another 840,000 cars are added to the recall list. we'll tell you which makes and models could have faulty takata airbags inside. >> children taken advantage of as they play and learn detectives are asking victims to come forward after a third molested. good morning, thank you for joining us on abc action news on this wednesday. >> we start with traffic and weather together. ivan says not as windy today. >> traffic and weather together. other end. no, absolutely, still breezy, not as windy, as we check in on 53 tampa. 51 clearwater. 53 st. pete. temperatures today. it's still going to be cool so
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up yet. that is coming though. we'll talk about that in the next few minutes. we're looking at chilly temperatures. in fact citrus county still checking into the mid-30s. you are the usual cool spot and today's no exception. 50 in new port richey, clearwater again low 50s. yesterday at this time we were gusting at 30, to 40 mile-per- hour wind gusts. sustained winds from 5 to 15 miles per hour now and as we head through later today it will still be breezy but i'm thinking 20 mile-per-hour winds. not like yesterday. by the evening commute we should be in the low 50s. let's walk over to the traffic center. how's the traffic? into nothing to slow you down but a high wind advisory on the sunshine skyway. corey dierdorff is behind the wheel of our live drive cam on the courtney campbell. are you feeling any of the winds out there? >> reporter: i got to tell you, what a difference a day makes. there's some light winds but
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yesterday. i'm able to stay in the lane just fine but be aware if you're driving one of the higher profile vehicles there are light winds but the courtney campbell causeway directions. everybody up to speed, 65 miles an hour with six minutes to cross. fhp reported a high wind advisory for the sunshine skyway. across. yesterday the winds were a lot higher and we had a truck flip on its side so no joke, definitely want to be careful if you're heading to one of the bridges this morning. check of the toll roads, in the green, 18 minutes on the veterans expressway from 54 down to 275. six minutes on the selmon from i-75 into downtown. and just five minutes to get from dale mabry to channelside on the selmon expressway. 5:02. we got word of breaking news -- pinellas county deputies are still looking for the people they say crashed a stolen car
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our crew sent us this video, from mlk street north and safety harbor. that crash happened around 1:30 this morning. you can see it took out part of the chimney. the car looks like it's lodged into the side of the house. we're told there were three people involved in this crash. lindsay logue is heading to safety harbor now, we'll go live to her as soon as she gets there. 5:03. donald trump and bernie sanders waking up victorious after yesterday's new hampshire primary. it was a record turnout at the polls despite the weather. on the republican side donald trump took 34% of the vote, john kasich came in second with 16%, ted cruz third. just over 11.5% and jeb bush finishing fourth, close to cruz with 11.21%. with his primary lead trump is supporters. >> i am going to be the
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god ever created! remember that. don't believe those phony numbers when you hear 4.9 and 5% unemployment. >> despite his poor showing rubio still has the third most gop delegates. trump leads with 17 delegates. from iowa and new hampshire followed by ted cruz with 10. still a long way to go in this race. 1,237 delegates are needed to win the republican nomination for president. on the democratic side bernie sanders is the clear winner. >> i will serve notice to the political and economic establishment of this country that the american people will not continue to accept a corrupt campaign finance system that is undermining american democracy! >> despite the win sanders
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delegates by a wide margin, 394- 42, because the democrats have hundreds of superdelegates who already pledged their support for the former secretary of state. what about those who didn't place in the polls and aren't doing as well? at this point it appears those trailing candidates are now just looking to survive. chris christie announcing overnight he's taking a "deep breath" while the rest of the pack heads to nevada and south carolina christie is going back to new jersey to re-assess his campaign after disappointing finish last night. ben carson skipped his primary party in new hampshire, went straight to south carolina. political analysts expect jeb bush to do well in south carolina after his fourth-place finish but marco rubio also has support there. rubio last night said he blames his fifth place finish in new hampshire on a poor debate performance. it's likely both republican and democratic candidates will -- contest rather will extend into the spring.
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you that plan to vote in the florida primary. the deadline to register is next tuesday. make sure you download our mobile app for updates on democracy 2016. 5:06. nearly 850,000 vehicles have just been added to the list of recalls due to faulty and dangerous takata airbags. daimler says the cars could have defective driver's side airbags. this includes 2005 to 2014 model years. and 2007 to 2014 sprinter and freightliner vance. so far no injuries have been reported but we have the exact makes and models on, click on the recall story on the front page. in hillsborough county boundary changes could uproot hundreds of students at one public school and some parents understandsly are not happy about that. >> we already made that decision. we did! >> raised voices, angry faces because of a proposal to clear
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stepmothers elementary school -- stowers elementary school. the district wanted parent feedback as they continue to tweak the proposal. you can see there's a big divide about what to do. >> the way that they are doing it is like take it or leave it, it's not fair. i think we should come to some kind of compromise. >> an official proposal could be presented to the school board in march. the boundary changes wouldn't go into effect until the 2017/2018 school year. new developments in the hunt for a gunman, six people continue to recover hit by a barrage of bullets at a strip club. tampa police now say the man you see here was in club rain this weekend when the shooting went down and he's a person of interest. officers aren't saying he's the shooter, they just want to interview him. two people were killed after that shootout, about 2:00 saturday morning. if you know who that is call tampa police. a third victim comes forward accusing a tie quan do instructor of molestation. andrew kim was arrested last
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inappropriately touching two young girls at os tae kwan do. the latest victim claims kim molested her in the school's van. other victims are urged to speak up. four sailors are recovering after a frightening water rescue in clearwater. this is one of the sailboats they were on that faced gale- force winds and waves. rough seas 2ku6r7d sailors from four boats off clearwater beach, racing in a regatta so the coast guard cast already standing -- was already standing by. they were all checked and released. strong winds also caused trouble on land forcing detours around this tree. road. down. the tree also knocked out power lines but this morning electricity is back on and the road is now clear. it was pretty windy today? >> it's calming down, i don't think the winds are going to be
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trees at this point. for sailors look better. we still have a small craft advisory for choppy seas but we are doing better. winds from 10 to 15, i think the highest gusts we'll probably see today from 15 to 20 miles an hour so a big difference. as far as temperatures we have morning cloud, 48. by the time we get to noon, able to take the lunch outside if you can brave 56 degrees. the key will be less wind, still a bit breezy but less wind, then back to the upper 50s which is well below normal. we're going to get to normal, i'll let you know when we hit 70 degrees, in the 7-day forecast coming up still ahead, what you're not checking for at the pump that could middle eastern the difference between another stop at the gas station and your personal information being stolen. >> two things u.s. officials are most concerned about when it comes to your security. we break down the top threats
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welcome back. 5:13 now. we're learning the top threats the u.s. is nationing and they won't totally surprise you. we covered them both. u.s. leaders laying out the threats at a committee hearing. homeground terrorism was the major one. the defender of intel against agency says isis will probably attempt additional attacks in europe as well as direct attacks in the u.s. this year. the director of national intelligence warned attacks like we saw in chattanooga and
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others to replicate the mass killings. those random attacks usually come with little or no warning making them harder to detect. and officials say north korea expanded their nuclear facility. that could mean activity there in the next few weeks or months. we brought you the breaking news this weekend when north korea apparently had a successful long range rocket launch. a month before that north korea claimed they carried out a nuclear test. hundredtion is taking action for you -- abc action news is taking action for you everyday with coverage that protects the security of you and your family. count us on to keep you updated to any related stories as they happen as well as washington efforts to control them. brupsing a city could be the -- bankrupting a city could be the price of reform. this is after the deadly 2014 police shooting of michael brown but not every proposal from the department of justice was accepted.
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council meeting. officials say it would cost alone. the government must approve the final agreement. the court-martial of army on hold. the judge in the case is awaiting a appeals court to decide if classified evidence should be shared with bergdahl's defense team. he's accused of deserting his 2009. captured by the taliban, later released in a prisoner swap. prison. let's check with ivan for a look at the forecast on this wednesday. another chilly morning but is it as cold as yesterday? >> it's not but it's going to go the other way. so we're just going to back and basically. is what is going to happen. 36 crystal river, chilly but the winds not as strong as yesterday so the wind chill not as bad. 48 in ruskin. bradenton 54 and temperatures
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across polk county, sebring 50 across polk county, sebring 50 degrees. by lunchtime we warm up a little but notice this, upper 50s by 4:00. 48 at 8:00 a.m. but 8:00 p.m. already back to the temperatures which means we have an entire night to go so we're looking at much cooler temperatures tonight with clear skies and calmer winds. titan doppler quiet now. morning clouds will give way to plenty of sunshine this afternoon. you don't have do worry about rain today but upper 50s. well below normal for this time of year. then yes, tonight will be chilly because we're going to lose the wind, we're going to lose the clouds, that will allow the heat to escape. mid and upper 30s. no wind chill but we don't need it. it will be cold enough without it. that is the case as we head through tomorrow. nice recovery by the afternoon, 6762, we'll jump a -- 62. we'll jump a good 20 degrees in some cases. and then 70 degrees friday. upper 60s to near 70 by saturday afternoon and the
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valentine's day sunday, 64. by then another front moves. in it will be a dry cold front here so we don't have to worry about rainfall but it does cool us off a little. then we go back the other direction with upper 60s, next rain chance really coming up tuesday, 30% with showers. let's check the roads with janelle. >> good morning. corey dierdorff behind the wheel of our live drive cam. he's on the veterans expressway, you can tell with the cones on the side. he says traffic is pretty light, just 7 minutes from waters to 275. behind me you can see i-75 at 301 if you're heading in the brandon area you have a smooth ride ahead. fhp is reporting some debris in the roadway a little further south in ruskin in the southbound lanes. so just be aware and stay alert if you're driving on i-75 southbound. let's check the drive times northbound. opposite direction. 28 minutes from 275 all the way up to i-4, 15 minutes from big
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from gibsonton drive to i-4. your drive across the bridges this morning looking great, all three under 10 minutes. back to you. 5:18. right now police in kissimmee are checking every single gas pump after skimming devices were found in the area. this morning officials say they found some pumps were tampered with. here's what investigators say you need to look for when pumping gas. pumps with blue stickers. that means the pumps can only be open with a pass code. all other pumps can be opened with a generic key found on- line which makes them susceptible to skimmers. clearwater police issued a warning for the elderly. scammers are calling offering seniors free cancer screenings but in the process they are number. it's an id theft concern especially during tax time. >> there's no way to know but it's tax season so it's a good from somebody. >> police are asking us this
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give out any personal information to someone who calls you. she was. she had the broken glass, i didn't. >> a man walks into his own home and found a strange woman threatening him. coming up, what he did next before the intruder had a chance to hurt him. if you're looking for a job, now is the time to freshen up your resume and head to an all new information today shows the odds are in your favor. to hear the words you're hired. >> first at 5:19, gas prices could be soon dropping below a dollar a gallon. here are the details. >> reporter: good morning. topping "america's money" -- plunging prices at the pump. >> drivers in nine midwest states could see prices dip below a dollar a gallon next week. >> 90% of us pay about $2 a gallon. >> if you've had enough of squeezing into your seat on a plane a member of congress feels your pain. >> tomorrow legislation
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agree to a minimum seat size. the bill says shrinking seats are a matter of health and safety not to mention comfort. flying onward and upward to the great white way. our parent company disney announced "frozen" is heading 2018. no word yet on who will be cast in the lead roles. >> "frozen" earned nearly $1.3 billion at the box office. >> that's a reason disney just won't let it go. >> that's america americas.
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a california man gets an unwelcome surprise in his own home. frank perkins walked to his guest house on his property yesterday afternoon and found a woman that he had never seen before sitting on his couch. he said he was scared the intruder may come after him with glass she got after breaking a jar of pennies in his home. didn't. she said she would hurt me. unless i got out. i said no, you have to go. >> frank says he backed away slowly and called police. when they came she was gone. frank says he thinks the woman was on drugs. one thing he says he won't do again is leave his door unlocked. all new this morning -- the number of job openings here this morning. that means it's a good time for you to apply. the labor department says there were 5.6 million unfilled jobs
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that is just shy of the all- time record set in july of last year. trouble is many u.s. workers don't have the skills to fill the jobs. many are trades requiring special training such as truck drivers, electricians or plumbers. experts also say some employers are simply asking for too much like requiring a college degree for entry level positions. 5:25. coming up -- a family's dog killed by another dog when it's dropped off at a doggie day care. the investigations revealing a major problem with that business that means it gets shut down today. >> i'm lindsay logue, just getting to the scene of breaking news in safety harbor where the driver of a stolen vehicle crashed into the side of this house. i just talked to the homeowner. that is coming up on the news at 5:30. >> good morning. if you're heading out the door and heading to 275 through tampa you're in great shape. no crashes or breakdowns there. coming up, we're going to check the drive times starting all
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at 5:30 -- breaking news from safety harbor. where a stolen car crashed into a house. the search is on for the driver that two other people who ran away.
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