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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  February 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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. >> we begin with the weather alert. >> we are tracking frost and freezing weather that will greet you when you wake up. >> a lot of folks will be scraping first thing in the morning . we've a freeze warning in effect for citrus county were temperatures are expected to drop down low 32 degrees. so you definitely want to cover your plants in those areas even outside the coldest spots everyone else is under frost advisory except for penelope county. we still expect temperatures to stay slightly above freezing but you'll be doing scraping and there will be frost covering a good portion of our viewing area and that is about 7:00 to 8:00 tomorrow morning. we are already at 32 degrees and citrus county. low 50s along the beach.
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temperatures in the low 30s mid 30s in our northern counties. an update coming up in a couple of moments. i hope that person rots in hell because with a took from me i can't get back. >> a desperate daughter says she lost everything. >> deputies searching for simple wooden puzzle box. >> it's not expensive but one daughter is willing to give almost anything to get it back. >> here is the window someone shattered to break into this home. you can see where the detectives a dusted for fingerprints and stanley hopes that will identify the person who stole something irreplaceable. >> there is a four by eight antique wooden box just like this one that is missing. getting it back means more than you will note to jennifer seeley. >> it has a scottie dog's
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>> the puzzle box arrested in a special spot in the kitchen. >> it watched over her which is cooking in the kitchen. >> she temporarily kept her father's ashes in it. >> i've done nothing but cry about it since i realized it was gone. that's all i have left of my dad . i don't even have that now. >> sometime after 10:00 a.m. before 2:00 p.m. on tuesday a crook went through the window and into the home that person stole the wooden box some cash jewelry and games. >> it scares the heck out of me to know i didn't invite somebody into my home and they were in here. >> the sheriff's detectives are investigating the burglary. >> i think the people that do this don't realize what really matters to a family. >> that's being reunited with something so special to them. >> i hope that person rots in
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i can't get back. >> i want to show you again a picture of what that antique box looks like. go to our facebook page we have put this image on a fair share it if you have seen this wooden box or if you know who broke into this home call the sheriff's detectives. last august some neighbors were fighting office high water you see their flash flooding willing streets and running homes. tonight people in one neighborhood are hearing how much of a cost to fix the street will be and why the county can't pay for everything. lives tonight in holiday with details. >> reporter: in -- those floodwaters caused a lot of problems. stop this is a sampling for what -- from what this entire neighborhood looks like . it's filled with potholes residents are angry because of not only do they have to pay for this but they don't want to
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want to pay for drainage issues first. >> it is all now being politically drawn out into a big mess. >> frustrations boil over in a pascoe county workshop. >> patrick home and he says if he's paying for it any with the county needs to fix the flooding problems before the roads. >> i'm tired of the political jargon and not doing common sense and the right thing. >> a residents shared these photos of their neighborhood during the flooding in august he told us off-camera any significant rainfall causes similar issues. >> to fix the drainage we have yet to come up in this county with the funding source. >> district three commissioner says they picked the neighborhood with the roast -- the worst roads caused by flooding.
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they can do. >> where is the money going to come to fix the's oldest warm water systems. >> to fix the roads homeowners will pay roughly $272 next year on the property tax that doesn't include the $2 million estimate to fix the drainage issues. >> they will turn around and pave the road and we will be sitting here looking at them underwater. >> it will be a year or more before there is a permanent fix in place but county officials tell me they will take temporary easements to drain any water that pulls here during heavy flood water. residents here are skeptical to say the least. we are tracking new developments with the zika virus tonight's -- doctors in sacramento confirm a new case of the zika in california. stop the u.s. totaled out 66 cases. florida leading all the kate -- cases with 16.
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women in areas dealing with the virus to protect themselves from mosquito bites. >> it's an indoor biter it bites all through the day including at dawn and dusk. it hides in the closets and under tables and places that are hard to get to. it's a larva or eggs can be drought resistant and can persist for some time. >> and no link has been confirmed the scientist believe there may be a link between the virus and a birth defect where children are born with abnormally small heads. a new development and democracy 2016 tonight to republican candidates dropping out of the race. former executive carly. stop rena spending her campaign telling supporters she will continue to fight against the status quote. and chris christie drops out after meeting with staff late this afternoon.
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new hampshire primary. front runner donald trump in south carolina calling his victory in new hampshire part of a movement. trumpet getting twice the votes of his nearest competitor ohio governor john kasich. meanwhile marco rubio still talking about last night's apology. >> our disappointment tonight is not on you. it's on may. it's on may. >> rubio limning his poor showing in new hampshire on a bad performance in that the final debate before last night's election. tonight rubio promising to return to new hampshire to win the general election telling abc news he's going after donald trump. >> my campaign has been largely about avoiding those into republican fights. >> will you go after donald trump. >> we will talk about policy differences. he is now clearly the front runner of the republican nomination. >> south carolina is going to be
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florida candidates rubio and a former florida governor jeb bush says rubio aid. bernie sanders winning a major victory against clinton. he's in new york tonight campaigning in harlem. his campaign raised more than $5 million in the last 24 hours. clinton also in new york tonight meeting with staffers saying she has a lot of work to do to attract young voters. a citrus county teacher sitting at home on unpaid leave . the school district investigating claims she threw a party for students. the teacher accused of offering them drugs alcohol and -- and the sex tips. her own daughter and 40 other citrus high school students were reportedly there. >> she actually talk about having a party in class. >> she just talked about having a ugly sweater party but i knew because of the high school party. it's hard to say that there's
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>> the sheriff's office says they forded the case to the state attorney. we tried to reach all of -- out to her but no one answered when we visited her home. hillsborough county teenager in jail deputies telling us sims had alluded gone on a school bus. a -- a loaded gun on a school bus. a witness says they saw him alluded the gun that stash a behind the seed then a student texted a relative who called police. students got off safely and found a loaded handgun and a blast -- a black ski mask. >> it's unclear whether he had intentions of bringing it to school or hiding it for after school. >> detectives say sims has a history of arrest for burglary grand theft and drugs. the see the gun was stolen
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this month. orange county -- earlier today deputies responded to a call at a panera bread restaurant. the first one shot inside the restaurant the other shot what chasing down the suspect . other deputies then shot and killed evans. no one else in the restaurant was hurt. a shoplifting suspect dies at a walmart surveillance cameras catch him leaving with a cart full of dvds . police telling us he did not pay for those. later detained by six store employees and suddenly he stopped breathing. tonight walmart suspending those workers and a medical examiner now performing an autopsy to learn how he died. a tax refund warning. a tax preparer now facing identity theft charges after scamming a client. the man cashed in on one of his clients returns luckily the irs
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refund went into an unauthorized account. a liberty tax says the issued a few -- a full refund and are working to make sure he's not allowed to pay her taxes again. a fighting video burglars caught on camera hitting an entire neighborhood . what they took the young victim and why he wants it back. a new warning for airlines and passengers tonight video that the faa wants you to see. a new explosion injure from an item commonly carol -- carried in the cargo hold. at that point the nurse started to mention the procedure that have been performed on him . >> a mother sharing her outrage tonight her emotional reaction when doctors admit they performed surgery on the wrong
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this new video raising fears tonight. stop two young burglars going through a an entire neighborhood checking doors . it's what
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hard to make an arrest. >> it was behind here we had a hidden we figured no one would take it because we had the camera right here. >> thieves will be feels no matter how many cameras are around. but in this case these two young men were caught on it nearly a dozen trying to get into vehicles and for one unfortunate autistic young boy. >> i really want it back. >> stealing 7-year-old new bike. >> i got for christmas. >> tell them what kind of bike it is. >> tony hawk. >> it happened around three in the morning tuesday in the port richie. the two arrive on one by to quickly make their way for a second. but they weren't finished not even close. a . checking door after door finally finding a white pickup the thief climbed right in. it's a site that put to the entire neighborhood on edge. >> they came to my door without me even knowing it.
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and the right outside our door. jiggling handles then they will break windows. someone will come forward return allen's bike and stop these two thieves before they can do any more harm. this cruise ship a docking in new jersey tonight after encountering hurricane force winds on sunday . 4500 passengers need to go home tonight after their caribbean vacation was canceled. the ship hitting a huge storm sunday as it was heading toward port canaveral. on board. post -- inspectors are on board inspecting the ship. the faa says a fires like the one you see here happen. stop these explosions start with a lithium ion battery common in computers and tablets and hover boards . the faa testing them and showing shipment ignites.
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control the fire on aircraft. >> we cannot continue to lose these airplanes due to fires that are uncontained and it can quickly bring an airplane down. >> 2740 sevens have already crashed in the package of batteries could be responsible. an update in ferguson mazor the justice department filing a federal lawsuit against the city. this after the city council rejects a deal that would have made changes to its police department. it all start with the investigation after officer darren was in a shot michael brown in 2014 . the department of justice claimed the department violated federal civil rights laws. the city had no comment. >> a medical mix up in tennessee a newborn take in for routine checkup ends up getting surgery. jennifer melton says after she gave birth to her son hospital staff took the baby for physical the nurse comes back explain the surgery that was done. it's called caught under
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with the children having trouble nursing. >> at that point i began to cry hysterically. >> essentially they took our child who was 100% healthy and just took them out of the nursery and his mouth. >> the hospital not commenting tonight the family's lawyer says the doctor did apologize but get this. there also build the procedure. >> in taiwan today workers see a small white dog. the dog named lily or happy in english immediately wrapped in blankets and rushed to a vet for a checkup . his owner is hospitalized with injuries. so for now this 7-year-old multis is staying with relatives relatives. it will be a cold weather tonight.
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tomorrow. >> it's pointless to tell people cover the plants now because it's too cold to go outside now. >> make sure you bring your animals and. >> were talking about a freeze in our northern counties if you're looking outside we aren't saying is the wind shaking. the wind is coming down and that is good news and bad news. we won't have to deal the wind chill tomorrow but when the wind goes calm and you get very cold temperatures and there there's a much better chance you will be seeing frost. and i think that will be the case for most everybody tomorrow except for along the coastline be much west of i-70 five in hillsboro county most everybody else is going to be a very cold start and then a slow warm-up over the next couple of afternoons . temperatures right now were already down to freezing in citrus county and pretty much around freezing in fernando as well and yet still low to mid 40s. pascoe county mid- 40s hillsboro as well. wind is coming down
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goes calm much better chance for frost to develop i think 3:00 a.m. or 4:00 a.m. right on through sunrise tomorrow so as we've been saying set the alarm a little bit early check out i've been first thing in the morning and plan on doing some scraping. you know we will see windshields that's a florida and the date on it on social media. we're not accustomed to seeing it maybe three or four times a year and that's it. stop upper 40s low 50s clear skies and calm wind now at the airport. satellite picture the wind that is out there draining in from the north that we have a dry air out there and this is what we call relational cooling . the skies are clear wind goes calm that sets of the atmosphere for the perfect scenario for frost or freezes and there's dry air with water vapor on top of us. so every things coming together usually what happens is after in our area we freeze one night and typically we start to warm up nicely . and that's exactly what will happen thursday friday and i even think into balanced diet -- valentine's day weekend as well.
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cold weather tomorrow morning with lots of sunshine check this out. thursday night friday morning right on through friday evening hardly any cloud cover at all . so it will be beautiful the afternoon's beginning to warm into the 60s and maybe even 70 degrees by friday and into your weekend. in the low to mid 60s across most of the area may be a few upper of those things were even though the morning will be chilly that son will feel great in the afternoon. with hardly cloud in the sky. friday morning not nearly as cold. stop so this a freeze and frost situation is a one-day deal . by friday were back in the 40s it won't be balmy but at least we won't have to worry about covering our plans for temperatures in the 40s and then even warmer as i said by the weekend. for the voters here is something nice and good boating conditions.
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still choppy out there but i think the wind will come down as will the waves later on in the day look at the water temperature 56 degrees. that is pretty cold for for liberty and's. it normally doesn't get that cold even in the middle of the winter. sunrise at seven 11:00. thursday we go 61 downtown it will be a really nice day. sixty-one on thursday 70 on friday 68 on saturday the week front comes through and made a drop of much at all valentine's day looks like a great day sunny pleasant rain chances return by early next week. ten days until pitchers and catchers report how to the raise planan to make it into the postseason this time around.
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the goose egg cost them one spot tonight and maybe another one tomorrow. the votes tonight have the second spot in the atlantic division.
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another goal in the third the red wings now moved to points ahead of the lightning tonight with a three to one when and boston can move ahead in the polls with a win tomorrow. putting the lightning back down to the wild-card spot. they need to take advantage of this for game homes been coming up. i do have a concern only because we have seen this before. we saw in 2014 and 2015 before the trade deadline. the month of february has been pedestrian at best. they went four and seven and one in the 12 games leading up to the deadline in 2014. sixty-five and one last season with a basically hosting. this month they are two and two. and i think all this stems from a trade time distraction . players are wondering if there staying or going. this year of 500 hockey in february won't cut it. the big guns need to show up every night folks.
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you can't get comfortable at any time. there is no panic mode for us. >> we have a good group will be fine. >> as for the raise their thinking on a flexible roster to carry them deep into october the season not to mention there are a few new faces. john is able has an update. >> it's almost that time. the sound of baseball and the smell of fresh cut the grass is less than two weeks away but for ten raise they got a head start with a workout this morning. >> for being the new guy coming in here and meet some guys and develop some kind of relationship with them. >> on worrying about is what i have to do now until the end is what i'll do. that i enjoyed getting out early in meeting these guys. >> getting ready for camp is like showing up to the first day of school where you know most of her classmates but there is a
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>> kevin cash will have to figure out during spring training how to manage his overcrowded outfield with five to seven players fighting for three positions including newly acquired outfielders. >> it's no secret we like to play the match ups and we also like to keep it as versatile as possible with the right left right left in the acquisitions will allow us to do that and make it easier. >> the trade still could occur during the spring to fill up a spot in the rotation. stop but either way dickerson may find himself coming off the bench or even starting. >> i'm going to play every day and hopefully i get the opportunity. >> i have to learn how to play the -- positions to get the line up. for me this is something i'm very accustomed to. >> the raise pitchers and catchers open up camp on the 21st. stop the first full squad workout on friday the 26th.
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bundle everyone up in the morning. temperatures starting out around freezing. stop then back to the 60s late in the day. >> still giving in and a. have a good night.
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