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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  February 11, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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what would have happened if he went undetect detected. >> the zika virus had people afraid to travel but that means more discounts for you, tell you how you can save up to $1000 when you plan your next vacation. >> home at last, passengers feeling the tossing and turning from the cruise ship what you see behind reporter there that misses a major storm warning. we are here of what one
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>> not seeing any happy faces. >> we are waking up to chilly weather. >> we are talking about a weather alert here and the freeze warning that continues here. >> temperatures right at 39 degrees. >> and fout for a little frost out there. >> we are still dropping temperatures, i don't think we'll see a couple of upper 20s here. here is thedeal. danger coast, citrus hernando county underthe freeze warning at 9 a.m.. >> they have been at freezing. right along thecoast, we don't have a worry here with the water influence there. >> the moderating of temperatures, a little further to the east and then head to the eastern manatee, that's when we'll have temperatures in the mid-30s. >> that'll be continuing over
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>> you work your a way inland- -very chilly and no question about it. by this afternoon, we'll warm things up and by lunchtime without the wind, 59 is going to feel mighty nice comparing to what things are right now. >> temperatures will get into the lower 60s and we are not done there and we'll begin to warm things up over the next few days, first, we'll have to get through this morning and a lot of folks are using their seat warmers on high, no question about it. freezing stuff out there literally. >> yeah, mine has three levels it was on all three. the winds have really died down from yesterday or the day before when we have those dry winds. now,back to normal and up top speed, six minute to get across the howard franklin, here is a looifr look behind me.
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incidents to tell you about here. let's check your drive timeonto 275 starting all the way back at the apex. 14minutes to get up to i-4. if you are in thedowntown area trying to get in the howard franklin, it is going to take you just five minutes. yourdrive time on the veterans is looking great. all inthe green right now and 17 minutes at 54 down to 275. >> deiah. >> thank you. >> janelle. >> in to the news room this morning, we now know a hillsboro teenager is facing a judge for bringing a gun on board. abc action news reporter rodney done dunigan is liv right now . >> reporter: you mention that quick thinking student, yesterday when all of this
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seven students on this bus along with the bus driver. students noticing him loading a gunabout four seats back from a driver. a series oftext message to a relative alerting them what's going on. >> police stopped the bus and cleared it and not only discovered that gun but bullets and also a ski mask. >> it is uncleared whether he from school or after the bus or grabbing it backing the hiding spot. >> 18 years old jim mark markinson he was sent here because of issues. >> police there will be looking into that crime as well.
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8:30 thismorning. we'll follow this throughout the morningand we'll have more for you online and on air at 9 a.m.. >> reporting live, rodney dunigan, abc action news. >> 4500 passengers are back this morning. >> they returned torp its new jersey port last night. a week's long cruise to the caribbean cutshort after that ship ran into rough seas and mass sifr wind a day into their voyage. >> 17 hours, it is like a roller coaster and you cannot get off of and you were not strapped. >> four people suffering minor
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give passengers full refund and a 50% off from that cruise. the zika virus had a lot of people holding off on traveling right now. >> official haves not issued any travel restrictions but people are taking it on themselves to keep out of area where this virus is happening. travel. an increaseof people trying to push vacation days back to later in the year. take a look at what it means for you. >> aaa says you can get $500 credit. >> $1000 vacation off to austria and new zealand and north central and south america. >> as the virus spreads, we are all at risk.
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the tips to keep you safe and we'll revul it oen eal it on our website. florida has the most in any states of 16 cases. >> you will need to be cautious inside according to the cdc chief. >> it is an in door biter. it bites all through theday including at dawn and dust. it hospitalized in closets and under tables and places that's hard to get to. >> its larvaes and eggs and its eggs can dedrought persistent sometimes. scott black has sent a letter to all potential olympians
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worries over the week. >> if the olympic are being held now, she would not grow. tensions on the korean peninsula after north korea's secret lawn.. >> the north is responding this morning vowing to immediately deport all of south korea on the case of. >> increasing sanctions against north korea. this morning, we are learning the gunman who shot and killed two maryland deputies was as wanted man in central florida for assaulting a police officer. >> authorities say 67 years old david evans opened fire inside a panera bread yesterday. >> no one else insi that restaurant was hurt. >> we do not know why he began
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surveillance video showing shoplifting suspect before he whined up dead at a walmart. >> 64 years old kenneth leaving with a cart full of dvds. police say he did not pay for them. he was detained by store's employee and suddenly stop breathing. now, the medical examiner is performingan autopsy to find out how he died. in pinellas county, we are taking action with your tax money with a tax refund of identity theft charges. 46 years old henry swinton cashed in on somebody's return. his refund went to an unauthorized account.
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shows thieves making their way through a port richie neighborhood breaking into cars and stealing a special need boy's bike. >> they quickly make their way to allen buckner's front porch. >> the autism boy got a new bike for christmas but it was stolen. the suspect checking front windows. >> they're at our front door without them knowing. we are sleeping in the house and they're outside our door. >> it starts with the handles but sooner or later they'll be breaking windows. >> one of the hottest bay area neighborhoods to live in right now is in downtown tampa. >> if you try to find an apartment there, you know it is difficult to find a vacant rental >> however, that's all changing.
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ground today for the downtown building. thatbuilding is being built two blocks north on north hamilton street >> an eight story garage and precool. , pretty cool. >> there is the video of the new building that's coming up right now. >> a lot of folks are going to see rentals with that building. i am going to check now with ivan. >> temperatures freeze warning continues and we'll have a detail and a warm upcoming up in a few minutes. >> still to come, a woman found dead months after she went missing. the public place authorities discovered her body and had
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nearly three months of this woman disappeared in california, her body was found in her car in a parking lot. >> lauren moss was found counter. her car had dark tinted windows and afront shades covering the front and that made it difficult toll see inside. police are not releaseda cause of death yet.
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a man convicted of killing senator robert kennedy. >> during a parole hearing yesterday, he said nearly 50 years he does not remember >> he's serving a life in sentence. >> he was killed at an in 1968. a california homeless man could be getting an enormous payday. it is all because he helped getting two violent escaped inmates behind doors. >> mathew chapman deserves more than $100, 000 spotted the three inmated that escape inmates escaped from the california jail last month where they spent a week on the run.
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listed for parts of tampa here. >> for the rest of us here, we are looking at frost advisories continuing through 9 a.m.. the frostwarning up in the the coast. >> there we are in the low 30s across the north. abig range of temperatures at mid-30s. closer to thecoast, temperatures in the 40s and low 50s. we dohave better news as we head into today and upcoming weekend of our seven-day forecast. 62 for us today. lunchtime, temperatures are right around 60s today. less winds so we don't have to worry about it. >> that's what we have going here. >> 70 degrees by the time we get going. by the way,on sunday, of course, better not forget that. >> valentine's day, if you have
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purchases, do so immediately. >> temperatures as we hit into the day and upper 60s. looking good there for valentine's day. the next shot of rain is coming in through the erm part of next week. >> beginning monday, it is a frontal boundary that'll head through as well >> keep in mind that we'll get back into some showers, we do that with temperatures in the low 70s and upper 60s with freezing conditions behind the front. let's check in with traffic conditions nowissues on the roads? ithink the big story is winds and the freezing temperatures. >> yeah, it is cold out there. that's not affectingtraffic and it is not a lot of wind out there right now. nothing is out there to slow you down. buckleup, we'll take a virtual drive if you will up i-4 from
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taking alook at a malfunction junction, it is functioning just fine right now. all in the green right hereand there is a live look of what it looks like right there. >> six minutes to get from here down to the franklin bridge. good morning, if you are in the area,trying to decide 275 or 75 at this time of the morning, both is looking great and pushing 70s. >> 68 is the average speed on i- 75. >> if anything happens up there to slow you down, i will let you know about it right here and on twitter at tampa bay traffic. >> dan. >> thanks janelle. >> the march steps off tonight at 6:00 outside the hillsboro sheriff's office, they want to sheriff to change policies from arresting women from misdemeanor marijuana possession. >> they want children to get a civil citation.
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this was likely to happen and now we know the u.s. department of justice is now suing the city of ferguson missouri because that city won't adopt its recommendations to aprover its policing procedures. >> it could bankrupt the city. loretta lynch has announced the lawsuit against the city saying police arresting people without cause and used unreasonable force to generate city's revenue. the residents of ferguson has suffered their constitutional rights, the rights guaranteed for all americans and they have waited decades for justice and they should not be force to wait longer. >> ferguson combam a national became a the mass shooting of the death of michael brown and
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nurses take a healthy newborn baby for a routine check up. jennifer milton says after he gave birth,hospital staff took her son for a physical and the nurse came back explaining the surgery that was done. >> they cut underneath's the baby the baby's tongue so that baby can nurse better. >> at that point, i began to cry. the tennesseehospital is not commenting right now. the family'sattorney say the doctor did apologize but also billed the couple for the procedure. ticket prices are only climbing at theme parks. we'll show you the fun will
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we are back in with our official live model. temperatures right at 39 in wesley chapel and some of us are in the low 30s across the north and following through the spines there and right along the water, the water is saving you as far as temperatures in the 40s.
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north inland and low 40s. we don't have a wind out there. pickup hour, later this afternoon, sunny and cool and pleasant and certainly compares to where we are now in the mid- 60s. i will have your forecast some coming up. 5:55. be prepared to cough you have a lip bit more dough the next time you head to universal studio. >> parking past went unto $155. you need that to visit the harry potter's park in one day. >> the cost of the yearly past is still the same >> if you have not made plans for valentine's day yet, here is as surprise you can surprise your sweetheart >> he's performing a valentine's concert tonight,
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the magic of the holiday >> there are still tickets available. >> at 5:00. >> if you ever felt cramps on the airline right now, >> the move that can happen today to give you extra leg room. >> free at last. >> back on dry land, thousands of passengers talked about the angry seas opening up for the first time of what they call
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right now at 6:00, bundle up before you send the kids out for school. most of the areas are in afrost advisory. we don't gt as many boots and
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like to take advantage of it. this is the warmest things i i own at this point >> layers is the key today. not just because it iscold this morning but because it is actually going to be mild this afternoon, you will want to be able to peel off the layers. we have sunshine coming uphere sdr temperatures by this afternoon in the mid-60s is going to feel warm compare to where we are. the frost advisories continue for inland counties and away from the coast and in fact no longer including any part of pinellas but the rest of it is under a frost advisory until 9 a.m.. >> there you can see the contrast right along the coast. >> it is still cold. >> we have sent our lindsay logue out on the field, she's
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i know you are sensitive to the
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