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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  February 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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to determine where. at this point, it is unclear if it is even safe for the family to be in this home tonight. you can sighpretty much is a mess out here and the entire community is pretty shocked by this. again, the driver has been identified 37 years old ramos. >> again, thankfully no one was hurt in all of this t. we'll be out here throughout the morning gathering as much information as we can and we'll bring it to you as soon as we get it. >> we are live on abc action news. >> we are off to a busy start this frida morning. >> we are also monitoring breaking development on the zika virus. >> before we get to that, avan is joining us checking some
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>> this is downtown, the clouds are above the service. vidz blt in downtown is not too bad right now. >> full visibility at the last report. >> we have areas of patchy fog and polk county and eastern hillsboro as well and down to the south. that's then you work your way a little bit further to the south and then at 10:00. >> just an indication of how patchy this fog is. wherewe have developed the fog it is very dense >> temperatures this morning, certainly not as cold as we had yesterday. >> 40s and 50s replacing it. >> look at this, lunchtime 67 and by the time we get to the evening commute, temperatures at 70 degrees. >> the morning commute is turning out to be a little bit of a nightmare this morning. are following. there areareas where we are not
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>> first one here is behind the scene of our live drive cam. and pinellas court two northbound lanes are blockedat u.s. 19, north of gandy. a serious crash, you maytwoont wantwant to avoid the area. >> corey is at the scene, we'll have more details coming up. 275, this is the exit to get you to downtown and ashley. >> a major crash here blocking all the lanes here. >> i take it further back, you can see what is happening. that's the exit ramp that just past there. >> they are turning all those stuck on that exit ramp and we'll have to turn it around to continue on southbound. thisis quite a situation out here and i am definitely going to keep my eyes on this and i
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turning now to democracy 2016. two-minutes after6:00. the fight for florida begins tonight. more than amonths before, voters are going to the polls here. >> if you are plan to go, here are a few things you need to keep in mind. you need to be able to print off your tickets and everybody will be skeened, the door early. >> now, if you cannot be there, you don't want to fight the crowd or traveng. we'll stream trump's speech live on our mobile app so make sure you download that. >> bernie sanders and hillary clinton are looking ahead to go
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half of voters could be african- americans. >> the kind of criticism that we heard from sanders from our president, i expect for republicans, i do not expect from someone running for the democratic nomination to succeed president obama. >> that's a low blow. >> one of us ran against barack obama. i was not thatcandidate >> clinton mentioned president obama's name 21 times throughout the debate. we'll fact checking the candidates to see how they fair against the truth meter. polk county is looking at a man's computer.
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torsion of two young girls. >> this man lucas bales met fwo girls two girls on the app kik. >> he called himself da dui. daddy. >> he threatened the girl that he would post pictures online and. he also wants her to give the name and address. now, we have warned you about this kik app before. others have used it and been accused of yuszing using it and meet and greet with children. >> have age appropriate conversations. come to you for anything .
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dozens of child porn charges will be in court today >> authorities kept looking into the matter and just rearrested him on 34 more counts. >> the photos on his computer shows local children. sad new development after a five months old is found dead in a south florida freezer. his mother is chargedin the death of that boy. >> deputies learned of what happened. according to documents, marcus ortiz told depps deputy, she's been bathingher son hugo when he slipped from her hands and died. minutes after six, after 6:00.
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weknow it is hard to see, we got the hood over his head there. keep kwaching. watching. >> they say he then smash and made off wit cash. >> look for this video to show up on your facebook page. >> once you see it. take a second and share it so we can get out the words on this guy. authorities say martin left a threatening voice mail at the followed those paris terrorist . he plans to plea guilty today. he faces up to 20 years in prison. a trip in florida ends with a woman in hospital claiming he
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reasons sh could be this could
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ten minutes after 6:00 on this friday morning a. california mother reunited with her son after thieves stole her car with a baby boy asleep inside.
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and checked in at the hotel. >> luckily she called the police and police found the little boy. >> here is something cool for you. this summer, we'llget a virtual look inside apollo 11. the first spacelight that landed humans on the moon. >> washington dcsocial security has takend images. >> people are not allowed to climb inside it. >> officials planning to build 3 d models for visitors. images will be applied in july. >> it is pretty cool. >> we are talking about fog this morning. as you headout the door, it is patchy. >> the fog has developed it has dense effect. polk county heading into eastern hill county. >> there are a few pocket in the downtown but not as thick
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south. three. here, we'll begin tolift the fog sdr beginning at 9:00, not as chilly. 52 inthe morning and by this th afternoon, temperatures about 70 degrees. >> full sunshine for us today. >> janelle martinez is following breaking news with a major crash. >> yeah, we have all the southbound lanes on 275, the exit to get to ashley and downtown is completely blocked. opened. so with your morningcommute, where you need to get into downtown, i will tell you how you can do that, coming up
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over board is an under statement here, and na man surprised his wife a love note written on a billboard. >> patrick sullivan says he chose to rent out this particular billboard because it is on his wife's route to work. he wants her to read how much he loves her.
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". >> i think he's in trouble that >> it is called believe in >> 27 years of love. >> you have plans and a lot of >> the singles, we can enjoy the weather, too. >> a little bit cool. dennis was here last night >> temperatures by the afternoon, bark in the upper 60s with plenty of sunshine. not temperatures. it is the fog that's becoming dense insome areas. we are talking about visibility reduce pdd under a mile and a quarter mile down to nothing. >> sarasota, if you are heading out the door, polk county and eastern hillsboro, that's where visibility dropped dramatically in the last couple of hours here. >> you know which particular roads being impacted as well.
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40s. >> certainly not 32 which is where we were. we do have afront to our north and it will sit us this weekend. >> notice not much is going on with it here and a pleasant hill bit of flurries activities. >> that's what's going to roll through here >> its moistures start and it is not going to produce much in the way of rain certainly and not much climate. >> we'll be asleep by the time this rolls through and we'll set this up for a nice weekend and behind the front is cooler on sunday morning. >> we'll be back in the 40s and not frigid like we were. >> we'll go back and forth with temperatures. >> enjoy this. >> a little cooler with the wind right off the water along the coast. >> great weather saturday and sunday and full sunshine with temperatures in tuper 60s. in the upper 60s. next shot of raininto monday and tuesday
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going to affect people trying to get into downtown from 275. blocking all the southbound lanes. >> this is to get into downtown >> all these lanes are blocked here. around to get them back to interstate. open. i can show you abetter picture now, if youneed to get in to downtown, here is what you need to do. >> one option for you, you can take nebraska right here into downtown or you can go around the crash and pass ashley and get off the howard exit and get back on the interstate, east fwound get into downtown. bound and get in the east >> we'll keep you posted right here and on twitter as to what happens on this crash.
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we havefog reported. take a look at this technology, it shows you exactly where the fog is. that's the area shaded in yellow. >> we also have fog further south in sarasota. >> just be careful and make sure you use those low beams. >> this crash, we could not blame it on the fog because it is crystal clear through downtown tampa. >> watch this video. >> the dance known to be dancing on treadmills. thistime, okay, go, when toxic si these are not special e if he cans. >> the music video of them inside out and upside down flying on airplanes.
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effects necessarily at all. the video went viral and wrapping up $20 million . >> there were a lot of bar f bags used. >> they said that. >> i am sure. >> you can imagine. >> who's going to clean up that mess anyway? >> great mand does great videos. >> at one point, a woman does the split. amazing. >> the decisions happen hours that could affect thousands of local kids experiences it in the classroom. >> first, instagram's new tech byte. >> counter speaker of the extreme page with images and videos of their own.
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view counts for video. >> the company is bedding that the count will be so impressive that video makers would want to post. >> what your dog face? >> ted krus is a chihuahua. >> beyonce, pit bull as a german sheppard >> it is part of microsoft new recommendation. we uploaded to a photo of what they look like >> those are your tek bytes.
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welcome back and thanks for waking up with abc, friday morning and 6:25 and 53 degrees right now in tampa and patchy fog and low clouds. it is patchy a lot of itis sitting on the deck right now. >> we have a back crash on downtown on 275. we'll getdetails on that. >> new this morning, police are trying to figure out why a man attacked people with a machete at this restaurant here in columbus ohio. >> he started attacking as people were eating dinner last night. four people are recovering from injury. they allexpected to survive. police found him about five milesaway >> they shot and killed him when he launched at them with
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firefighters are watching some videos of the incredible fire there. >> so far, there were not any reports of injury. you arelooking live right now at that fire. it is just intenseand incredible and it is amaying to fire marshal says they asked the company in the warehouse to update the building's prevention systems. >> it will take a week for this fire to be completely out. it is a two year anniversary of this sight. >> a tough one for car lovers to forget. a sinkholeswallowing eight priceless vehicles. >> now, a brand new exhibits thaus johnny depped just this week.
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man donated a corvette. patchy fog for most of us are not going to see et. herein st. pete or downtown tampa. >> there are pocks as we contracted so far. >> polk county, and then we'll send up our fantastic day, temperatures right now in the 40s and 50s. and we'll hityour 70s this afternoon. i will have the weekend's forecast coming up. two major breaking stories of what a truck driver did before slamming into a river view home. and the medicalhistory that links to florida that could bring new concerns over the zika virus. >> we have a traffic alert to tell you about. all thesouthbound lanes on 275, ashley exit is completely blocked due to a serious crash. >> this is causing an a mess,
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a serious crash downtown, you can see it is totally blocked and all the merge vehicles there. >> this is a serious crash there. they are taking carsaround on 275 southbound. >> 275 southbound still open around downtown. if i movethis forward, i can show you some of the backup we are showing on i-4 trying to
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>> definitely want to leave early if you are heading into this area. >> i want to show you a way to get around all this. ifyou can see i-4 backed up 12 miles per hour and 275, 9 miles per hour. you can take nebraska and state road 55right there. get back on the interstate to get to downtown >> you are heading to i-4. get on the connecter and takethe downtown. you will want toleave early. >> captain al is flying over this crash right now. what are you seeing? >> you can see a number of ground. now. >> adjacent to 275 which is the head lights on the far right of
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this is out of the 275light and however as you see serious. you will seetraffic that stops on 275 as it comes down, officers actually have that ramp blocked completely so nobody will get through there. >> it is going create a mess throughout the morning. >> all right, that crash by the way is not fog related. we have full visibility. there are areas of patchy fog across portions of polk county. >> again, just watch those spots. >> the dense fog will lift in those areas. temperatures right now 40s and 50s. take a look at this, temperatures by lunchtime, upper 60s and we'll hit a high
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>> can we hang onto this for the weekend coming up. along weekend for a lot of us here, i will let you know and your seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> 6:33 now. we are waiting for tiend out if a michigan woman is the first person to contract this virus. >> she claims she contracted this virus while she was on a trip in florida >> now, for days she says she's been suffering with aflu-like symptoms along with pink eyed. >> heavy tourists season in flad. florida and people are tracking it back to every state. >> we are following more breaking developments that's handicapping while you are sleeping
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but it is at least 18 months from large scale testing. >> we'll keep you posted on that. donald trump is bringing is campaignhere in tampa tonight. hampshire. abc action news,lindsay logue expect tonight. >> morning, lindsay. >> dan and deiah, we expect thousands of people to be here tonight at this sun dome. thousands of supporterswill be here and protesters are waiting to see for donald trump. he's the first presidential candidate to visitthe state of florida this year. he's coming offer a hugewin in new hampshire. his sights are set in site are set in florida.
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people in the south want to hear. >> one forth of all florida's most divided so it is smart politics to be out there first and hold a large rally. >> what we won't know until march 15th when florida with florida's votes, can trump win. >> tonight's rally starts at 7:00 and doors open at 5:00. >> tickets are free and i just checked the website, they are still available. >> check out our website on marco rubio is taking aim at his opponents calling out his biggest foes by name on the
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short. >> donald trump has zero foreign policy experience and negotiating a hotel deal in another country is not foreign polic experience. >> kasich responded voters that he served as a congress in the fall. >> jeb bush fired back at rubio asking, quote, what has he done in his life that makes he call or develop strategies, maybe he can but i don't know. the school board shake up in polk county that's happening today that could impact thousands of children. >> an investigation into her behavior.
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he claimed toshe tried to kiss him. >> board members toll us this week, they lost faith in the leroy's leadership. she's sorry and want to move on. >> we'll update you through our abc action news mobile app. >> i will take a look at this photo, tampa police is asking for your help looking for a person in interest in a strip club murder investigation. >> you can earn crime stoppers reward. he was in clubrain early saturday morning when eight people were shot and two of those victims died. good morning everybody, captain al over a fatal crash that had southbound lanes on 275, that exit to ashley completely blocked. this iscausing major delays on 275 and i-4 heading into tampa. we'll have more on this and how
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live report. >> that's patchy fog, further east, look at these temperatures, it is not like yesterday we are pushing 75 this afternoon. we are tracking another cold front and iwill let you know if that'll impact your weekend when i see in a few minutes. >> still ahead, a group of teenager waited no time on an emergency in a school bus.
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6:41. three high school students are being praised helping a bus driver. >> the driver started swerving. students say the driverdid not looked well and they knew something wrong when he missed the exit to their school. >> the driver started accelerating after stopping at a red light. >> the bus driver kept on swerving. emergency.
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were hurt. >> some breaking news to tell you about the southbound exit from 275 to ashley which takes you to downtown completely blocked right now. we have a fatal crash that happened just before 6:00 this morning.
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we are following breaking news affecting people trying to get into tampa. the exit is completely blocked. we have a fatal crash that happened just before 6:00 this morning. live pictures from captain al. this is causing a mess on i-4 westbound heading into downtown and 275 southbound, right?? >> it is definitely creating a mess. this is trafficalert with delays on southbound i-4 and southbound 275. that's a solid
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we cannot really figure it out and see chp guarding that ramp there. >> one of the reasons for the flashing lights. we haveanother crash reported southbound at 275 right at hillsboro. i cannot see the crash but there are still so many lights here that's out of cram range. 275 is a messright now. you want to avoid it checking 18 minutes to get from bush to i-4. let's take a look at this the crash right here and i-4 miles per hour on 275. you can take nebraska into downtown. look at that, that's all in the green. oni-4, you can get off of the
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into downtown. i do notice a lot red on the connecter right now. you may want to take mlk. either way, youwill want to leave early. >> you cannot blame the fog this morning because it was crystal clear through downtown this morning. most of us is not getting in the fog. >> the areas that did see fog was dense. we are beginning to lift that fog and excellent use. it isless isless of an issue now. temperatures is still cool but
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and much better. look at this, temperatures as we kickoff the weekend, 70 degrees and upper 60s on saturday and sunday as well. through the week, we'll look at full sunshine and highs in the low 70s. by monday, we have a front coming in. it is going to move in with some showers. that'll happen on late monday and tuesday. behind that front is not much cooler, we'll look good through the middle part of next week. >> in democracy 2016, former secretary of state hillary clinton is the big winner coming out of last night's debate. >> the vermont senator is hoping to achieve his goals.
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clinton for taking wall street's money but did not appear to capitalize in the primary. we are the only bay area station teaming up with political fact teaming up with debates if they are holding up with their claims. >> when the middle class is disappearing, we have the highest rate of child poverty. >> our political fact team, sanders is only half true. >> childhood policy is embarrassing high. >> it is hard to compare the u.s. in other countries because there are different standards of living. >> one of the most heated changes, clinton accuse ed accused sanders of not backing president obama. here is a listenof those strong remarks. >> senator sanders said
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lead the nation >> in the past, he called him weak or a dispoim. >> it is no secret that sanders have used those words of the feels of americans or to describe obama o's policy. >> looking at the record, sanders have not call miss obama weak or a disappointment. sfool we fact check you can read how honest they were, we posted those fact checks in our article on our abc action news mobile app. >> officers lined the streets to honor two deputies killed in the line of duties. >> patrick daily and mark lawson had a combined of 46 years of experience. the suspect killed deputy daily inside the restaurant and lawson chased down the shooter
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otherdeputies killed the suspect in a shoot out. it is been 17 years since 12 students and one teacher died in the miss sker of column massacre in columbine high school. >> tonight, the mother of the shooter, dillon, will give her first interview, she will sit down with abc diane sawyer. >> i keep on thinking how i would feel. i would feeljust like they did.
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don't want to miss. >> now, is 6:51. pope francis is on his way to cuba forthe first time ever in history. >> prance is expected to discuss religion religious reconciliation reconciliations in cuba. >> a natural gas leak that forced thousand to evacuate their home is now plugged. this marks the first time is under control. since that leak is reported last ok. schools to closed and forced 6000 families to leave their homes. and nausea. >> 6:52. >> good morning america. janelle has the details and
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>> yes, this is a breaking news, this is affecting the southbound exit from 275 to ashley. that exit is blockedand you can see it there, captain al is flying over thescene. >> ths causing backups heading to 275 and downtown. >> captain al, what are you see sng ing? >> i see a serious traffic alert going on this friday morning. >> it is backed up top bush boulevard because they had one lane getting through just adjacent to the exit ramp to ashley drive. >> accident occurs off of 275. >> westbound i-4 is slow down visually. you can see thedouble calm cars, they're slowing down to take a look and therefore, it is backing up all way to 50th street. keepin mind. >> yeah, i want you to take a look here at 275 in hillsboro. we have another crash reported
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southbound 275. >> it is just a mess and you will want to avoid that area. if can, you work around and you can take nebraska into downtown tampa and you can continue onto 275 and . also,from i-4, you can take the connecter to downtown and take the selmon to get there. >> it is 19 minutes to get to 275 to 95. it is extremelypatchy fog at >> 65 and 70 for the afternoon highs. >> mild into tomorrow. >> well, more breaking news in if morning sprint. a bigmess left in river view after a truck plowed into the >> rodney is live with a look
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driver. last hour, i found out the driver's name. >> ramos, he was drunk behind the wheel and ram into the stop sign and slammed into the two vehicles. he tried to run from the scene andthankfully they were able to hold them until deputies got here. tow truck remove d that vehicle a short time ago. he's speaking deputies at this hour. we'll give you moreinformation on ramos' driving record. the gu is no onewas hurt. happening today, the fight in florida coming off a huge win in new hampshire. donald trump is bringing his campaign to tampa. he's hosting rally tonight. the dooris opened at 5:00.
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ticket a ticket to get in. we are taking action for you. >> this is breaking news, a detroit woman, she contracted the zika virus here in florida. >> if she has it, she could be the first person contracting it from a bite in the u.s.. kathryn leroy--those claims have not been substantiated, many school board members lost faith in her. kids ages one through 18 can receive cleanings at the health department new port richey clin ig. clinic. appointmentsare not required. >> janelle will be monitoring
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>> see you back here at 9:00. good morning america is upnext. required. >> janelle will be monitoring that crash and download our app. >> see you back here at 9:00.
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good morning, america. bitter blast. record-breaking cold this valentine's day weekend. wind chills as low as 30 below. the threat of frostbite and hypothermia. 65 million people being warned to stay inside. fighting back. hillary clinton and bernie sanders going toe to toe overnight. >> that's a promise that cannot be kept. >> clinton trying to get back on track. but sanders not giving any ground. >> madame secretary, that is a low blow. >> and donald trump goes positive, already talking re-election. >> maybe i get an extra four years. >> as his opponents try to


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