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tv   Action News Weekend Edition at 9AM  ABC  February 13, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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standing room only at the us sun dome. 500 donald trump was bound to turn the country around. the crew of the night santiago take over ybor city tonight. everything you need to know before you go. we are heading back to the 16th century at the tampa bay
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all those fun details coming up. good morning everyone. thank you for watching. >> we have a jampacked show this morning. let's start with breaking news. deputies say a man was found dead and they are investigating. it's happening now on sycamore court. one block from the campus of usf. the victim was a student. they've not said how they died but they have a suspect or suspects they are looking for now. thompson us to share new information as it becomes available. out of daytona beach we have learned a person who was shot and killed overnight is trey williams died and police are looking for this man on your screen. lamont postell. he's accused of shooting trey williams and two other students. apparently he got into a fight
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grabbed a gun and opened fire. 21-year-old trey williams of palmetto has died and two others were shot. let's get to some weather. we have some water on the winds . it looks like we had some fog earlier it's taking a little while for that moisture to evaporate. but we're seeing a lot of the fog work its way clear we are mostly clear around the region now a few clouds around nothing that will get in the way of your outdoor activities today. temperatures 62 across the board. winds now between 9-15,000 per hour from the north. it will be on the chilly side through the day. upper 60s for the high today. tonight temperatures of down
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we see the temperatures take backup through the workweek nothing like the cold up north. i will show you how cold it is up there coming up. at the sun dome last night a packed house to see donald trump over 10,000 people were on campus to hear and see trump as he campaigned for the first time in 2016 in florida. thousands more rally outside. in his speech he said there is a movement and momentum with his supporters stronger than any of the other candidates. last night in tampa he talked about immigration and taking away gun free zones and his idea for how to defeat isis. >> we can solve the problems and make our country so strong we're going to win again and again we're going to win so much but here's what you have to do. you have to go out and vote for we're wasting our time. the
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>> he's been setting attendance records everywhere he goes. large crowds also turned out to protest his rally. many of his critics say his message has no place on uss campus -- usf canvas. >> we don't want racist politicians on campus. he's made misogynistic homophobic remarks >> law enforcement standing nearby protecting free speech. demonstrators even the up on a trump-mania many on campus say it was one of the bigger protests the have seen in a few years trump now has to south carolina he debates marco rubio jeb bush ted cruz ben carson and john kasich. this comes days before the state primary the second in the nation. the latest in the war of words with texas senator ted cruz.
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cheating, i have standing to sue him for not being a natural born citizen. >> there's more than a little irony in donald accusing anyone of being nasty. if given the amazing torrent of insults and obscenities and vulgarities that come out of his mouth. >> the debate begins night at 9 pm. tonight we're learning information that an overnight shooting in hillsborough county. deputies want to know who shot a man and 56 treat insulin avenue. neighbors called 911 after hearing gunshots and deputies responded to the area and found a man who appeared to have shot in the face. we know the bullet grazed the man but deputies say he was not cooperating with the investigation. a memorial and vigil will be held to remember a sarasota bicyclist killed in a hit-and- run. it has been two weeks since
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-- left four dead. the search for the driver responsible for hitting him continues. the car involved is a metallic corolla. they believe might be the one seen here take in this video by a red light camera. the memorial is 11 am at midway church of christ. there will be a candlelight vigil at the crash site at 7 pm. students apparently poisoned at middle school are now recovering hillsborough deputies say the two sixth-grade girls started to feel sick thursday after buying food from another student. the food they bought had thc in it. that's the active chemical found in marijuana. detectives say the container it was in had been fruit and fruit loops as well as 200 mg of thc.
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eight. no one is facing charges yet. there are no 2 new cases of the zika virus here in florida. that brings the total number to 20 in the state one of the cases in broward county. the cdc says 2 women miscarried after being infected. the women were being monitored by their doctors and they are among three diagnosed with zika virus after returning from abroad. officials are concerned the virus is crossing into placenta and that raises the risk of miscarriage. polk superintended -- superintendent resigned hours before she might have been fired. the school board accepted her resignation yesterday during a special meeting called to discuss her future. liberally under fire since associate superintendent greg rivers accused her of harassment for which she was cleared many in the community turned out yesterday to support her.
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walk away from the job that includes $3000 in legal fees. u.s. representative kathy castor lead a trip to cuba. she's going with six other lawmakers. she is one of lawmakers who sponsored legislation last year to lift the cuban embargo and allow businesses to trade freely with cuba. get ready. tonight is the annual illuminated night parade in ybor city. it's one of the biggest fundraisers of the year for the crew of the knights of santiago. is dedicated to the historic preservation of the latin roots. the grand marshals include tampa bay rays players and host of divorce court judge lindholm. it kicks off at 7 pm. we have the renaissance festival happening today also. the theme this weekend is
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chocolate fantasy. >> reporter: good morning. en garde. i don't have my 16th-century a tire get. we're getting ready. chocolate and wine tasting next to mosey for the renaissance festival. all the details coming up. a big day for tampa bay lightning fans. it is hockey day at the arena. the lightning brought you a special guest today. >> all of us a special guest. thunder bug. big times down there at the arena. big times if you're looking for some fun outdoors. your golf forecast looking good. 62 now. up to 66 l on. tons of sunshine. let's see that golf swing the
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a big event for tampa bay lightning fans. it hockey day. it brings thunder in the arena celebrating local hockey. if you've ever been this is a lot of fun. the whole family for only a few dollars. we're already having fun in the studio thanks to thunder bug. and director jason. tells about the event. many people turning out >> it starts at 9 am. they have street ball hockey on the plaza until 6 pm. there's going to be free events on the plaza. demonstrations and a jump house and those kinds of things for the kids. they will be up to pick up a stick. >> food trucks out. @11:15 the doors will open to me of practice with the
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and there's a lot of stuff. sled hockey. bottle of the badges. >> what is that? >> we have a game with the firemen on one side and alumni and police officers on the other team and again we have alumni on both teams. brian bradley, -- i will be playing as well. if you've never seen the sled hockey it's fun chris douglas on the us national team will be helping. >> this is a meet and greet as well. can fans meet and greet the players? >> yes they can come and say hello. myself, brian bradley and all the alumni. and there will be some current
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game. >> thunder bug is happy about this. here is the rundown of the events. you can find them on your screen. there is a donation for to come to the event >> the event is free on the possible if you want to go inside it's a $10 donation to that goes to the lightning foundation and they pass it on to different charities in the area. >> thank you for being with us. debacle stick around and help do some weather i think. >> he's on his way. >> he does not turn down an opportunity to make an appearance. check out the main seal beach camera. it's beautiful out.
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northwind has come in. we had end of the world notice put out by folks at ghostbusters 2. that's what they are saying and of the world is coming tomorrow. do you follow me on twitter? >> yes you do. we're buddies. temperature 62 in tampa. 60 and brandon. in thunder alley by the arena it's about one bazillion degrees because they are getting ready to go and waiting for thunder bug. looking at the visibility here is the fog we were talking about. 4 miles visibility. what about new port richey? >> there you go. 3 miles there things are beginning to get back to normal. the sun is breaking through. with the north winds coming in
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temperatures across the country. 13 degrees in st. louis. you think they are happy to be in tampa bay right now? except for tomorrow when they play. >> -6 in minneapolis. all of this cold air is moving in through the northeast they will have wind chill down to -10 or -15 in the northeast tonight and tomorrow. aren't you glad to be here? we're going to get chilly tonight ourselves. down to about 44 or 45 in some areas with a wind chill in the upper 30s. why? we have the cold front that is coming through. we had some -- the highs today back up into the upper 60s once again.
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67 for the high in tampa. 63 apollo beach. let's look at the seven-day forecast. valentine's day is looking good. the blues in town. a red letter day. another game on tuesday. 40% chance of showers as a front moves through for tuesday. we celebrate timeless love this valentines weekend by going back in time. the bay area renaissance festival will become the chocolate fantasy land today. it's great if you're looking for unique date idea. >> we've said -- sent reporter jake peterson to check it out
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>> reporter: good morning. i've scored this sweet sword. some of the fun things you can get at the festival. this is alyssa. you guys are setting up now. when can the public coming. >> around 10. 10-6. >> with the experience like? >> experience 16th-century festival. medieval times and get dressed up and have a bunch of different reenactments. it's a lot of fun. >> reporter: one thing we brought in -- what are these guys here? >> these are the ferry >> they interact with the kids. the adults cannot see them because they don't believe in them. they have their face painted by russ who does the facepainting on the festival. >> it's not just reenactments. there's plenty of things to buy and eat >> yes >> much of the food is from back then.
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and else also record your to eat like you are from there with your hands. >> eat with your hands. yes for many things but we also have hamburgers and popcorn and not >> >> i have a big knife. >> they have the jousting over there. these different things like that so they want to come check that out that's also fun. >> 10-6 today. >> yes. >> thank you for talking with me. things were going and about 30 minutes. a shot through the heart. a local woman opens fire on the bed of reminders of lost love. this means coming up. we also introduce you to this
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we have a feline for our risk is an action section this morning. sicilia is her from the animal
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we have a cat. a special story with this one. >> she's about one-year-old. but last year on february 17 we got him and the rest of his letter from emergency services. they were babies covered in ringworm and they were dehydrated. our foster homes raised all of them and the other ones got adopted but they practically look the same. they are still with us. it's a shame because they are great cats. >> a beautiful coat. mostly black with a little brown. and the white markings on the chest and pause. that's what the cat wants. is about one-year-old. he's full-grown. and very playful. >> yes he's definitely still a
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he loves toys and ones with feathers. >> you have him on a leash. many folks figure you cannot do that with cats. but they respond well. >> it takes some of an adjustment with dogs but we do started using it this week to get him used to this. i was not sure if you might takeoff while we were filming. it's keeping in here with us he's doing well. >> he's fascinated by the light. let's move around her to get a nice picture. if someone wants to get one of these cats is a different procedure than with your dogs? adoption application want to verify that your allowed to have pets they are up to date and fix. we love them to go to home
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.both of them it's the same as just one catch. >> our website is animal lovers .org. and her phone number is 803 803- 358-8312. if you have some room in your heart for the cats bring them home. coming up abbas was booted and check that by one of -- in his own factory. what he said it has many people
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thank you for kicking off your saturday with us. it is 9:30. we've been following breaking news all morning. three students were shot overnight bethune-cookman at a party. a 21 men from palmetto died. to others are in the hospital the many looking at is 23-year- old lamont postell. he got into a fight at the party and grab to gun and opened fire. he's on the run at this hour. donald trump rallied for your vote in tampa last night. thousands of you packed uss sun
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thousands more never even got inside at the same time critics held their own rally in protest. he will square off with five other republican candidates tonight on the debate in south carolina. the crew of the nights of santiago will march through ybor city for their annual illuminated parade tonight. lighted floats will begin rolling down seventh avenue at 7 pm you want to get there early to grab the best viewing spots. families and children and blankets. coolers are allowed but you cannot bring alcohol. we've had quite the excitement in the studio already. we had thunder book in her hoping with the weather >> i've been following twitter. everyone is coming out of the woodwork. when we get back down here to thunder alley? we're getting ready to play
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>> it is hockey day. >> he's on his way now. we are still psyched for a great weekend. look outside. it's not going to be a great boating day but folks down there around apollo beach are getting the boats out it's going to be breezy out. but nothing we can't handle. blue skies out and as far as the temperatures go we're starting off warm. you can see a cold front dropped through you can see a little bit of breeze comfort -- , through. it's a dry cold front. we're still warm at 62 in tampa. here's the difference. we have winds coming out of the north between 9-15 miles per
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clear and we see the breeze from the north and northwest, we will cool down quite a bit. i tonight temperatures in the 50s. tomorrow morning mid-40s. but nothing like they are dealing with up north. 67 today for the high. the full forecast coming up. developing this morning we're learning the man behind a machete attack in ohio is known to the fbi. here is the thing. he was not under investigation. sources say mohammed very's name is in a terrorism database. there looking to why he might attack people at a columbus restaurant. three of the four injured remain hospitalized. police shot and killed him after he lunged at them with a machete and a knife. allegiant airlines flight from
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emergency landing in alabama yesterday. and electrical odor filled the cabin and passengers needed to omaha after swapping planes. they give passengers $100 voucher. a traffic stop in tampa landed a couple in jail and have a face serious charges for identity theft. highway patrol pulled over people on 75 near fletcher the revolving the move over law. people seemed nervous so they searched the car and in the car they found 630 pieces of stolen information and make extra breeders used to skim credit cards drivers licenses. if you plan to change your oil this weekend dollar general we'll. going undercover we spotted obsolete we'll still on the shelf at the dollar general this oil brand is cheaper than
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the back of it a warning says it is not suitable for engines built after 1988. repairs. modern motor oil will have a starburst on the back of the bottle. as for dollar general it says their product meets quality standards and they believe the oil is not obsolete if it's used in the right cars. a layup story is going viral. 1400 american workers got pink slips all at the same time. >> are moving production from our facility in indianapolis to monterrey mexico. >> this is a carrier central air conditioner indianapolis plant united technologies which owns carrier decided this week to move the factory to mexico. an effort to save money. the manager tells the workers that they must continue making
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jobs are gone some companies are boycotting the company. a south tampa school at the center of threatening phone calls. this has happened three times in the past week. the school went into lockdown each time and now the fbi is investigating. our cameras captured tampa police swarming clintonesque once again. all three lockdowns so far have been the result of phone calls threatening school violence. police believe the calls are connected. the social media post led officers to question a male student but they say he was not connected to friday's incident. you can score a today. participating bay area stores look for the big red bus parked outside the doors. this is a few other locations but you can
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to one a michigan man is getting help in the love department. his coworkers put his face and contact information on a giant billboard. he says he'll surprised by the gesture but is making the most of it. he's gotten dozens of calls and emails from potential dates. he's not looking for a fling he's hoping to find someone to settle down with. valentine's day is not just about teddy bears and candy hearts. it can also be about closure. >> for instance unloading on your ex's stuff at a shooting range. >> through the heart. >> defend veronica from the morning show continue with their annual v-day event called shot through the heart. lucky listener to tag along
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in pinellas park. the holiday monday her of her past relationship and this was her wedding just. so round after round she let the dress have it. we're taking action for you on this national heart week. >> we tell you the warning signs of heart failure that is still ahead. doctor sanchez has some small text you can take now to make a big change in your health. women especially. we're headed back to medieval times at the renaissance festival in tampa
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florida state fair in tampa. the fun. had to main street in downtown weekend. free admission. and all week among the chocolate theme the bigger your renaissance festival.
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many fun things happening today and also a celebration of all things chocolate.@tampa bay museum of science and history this weekend. the bay area renaissance festival is back that's where our jake peterson is live now. jake we sent you on a mission to get us some chocolate. have you done what we asked? >> reporter: hold on. i have a few things to check out off my bucket list. we found something important. this is a big day for us. king henry we found him. >> good morning circuit >> good morrow. i'm quite well >> goodday a perfect day >> an excellent day. a day that which all other days shall be measured and be found wanting. >> i understand, king, if you are good or if your noble or
9:41 am
something special you will do. >> addendum has performed a noble deed and virtuous acts he might become knighted. >> and you know me for about 10 minutes. >> you seem to be a noble person with some virtue. me. >> reporter: let's do this. >> kneeled down on your right knee. i henry king of the britons by my hand and the sword i reason to this day install invest and elevate to the ancient and honorable order of saint michael and st. george. this i debbie once, twice, and thrice. and be do now rise up certain jake henceforth and evermore. >> that is great thank you circuit >> congratulations. >> reporter: you can get knighted as well if you come down.
9:42 am
come down for valentine's day. and this goes until march. don't forget the chocolates. knighted on live tv. >> we've had cats in the studio. bugs in the studio. nights out getting knighted. and more about hearts coming up. a bit of a chop coming in on the gulf of mexico. nothing like the waves the guys were surfing out of san francisco. they were 18-20 foot waves. we have a bit of surf out now. thunder book was asked to point
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but not to worry that was because we had some fog earlier. now the dry fronts has moved through and we're getting that out of here. winds are turning northerly and it will cool off. we warm back up again later in the week. look close at your tv. you can see the front pushing down. a few clouds around with no rain associated with it. the temperatures we have in the upper 50s and lower 60s. they won't move a lot. we see sunshine today but with the northerly breeze things will not get much warmer. 62 will turn into about 67 this afternoon. current wind from the north from 8-15 miles per hour. cooler weather in the northern
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but into the teens from kansas city and st. louis. in nashville 22. east coast they are looking at negative integers. exponentially colder than it is here in fact. they will not see zero tomorrow as the really cold arctic air comes through. here is the front. it's a dry front so as it pushes through we will not see much in the way of rain. whatever cloud cover we have around will clear up with the breezes coming in by tomorrow we see the easterly component to the wind that could bring some showers on the east coast but for us in central florida or the west coast of florida is temperatures in the mid-40s. winchell's will be maybe upper 30s. tampa will bottom out at 48
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snuggle alert for those low 40s. looking at florida's most accurate forecast today the front is moving through right now 62. and what about tomorrow? valentine's day is not looking bad at all. mostly sunny and 66. this heart reminds me of something. what should be talk about on valentines eve? help me out lindsay. >> we're talking about heart disease and how the perfect valentines gift could simply be one to yourself by putting your heart first. 6 million americans live with heart disease. there are some small changes in your lifestyle that can make a big difference.
9:46 am
join us on the set this morning to talk about some tips for heart month. you run a successful clinic. >> our clinic is a heart failure clinics which is a component of heart disease. 6 million people suffer with heart failure in the country. >> what causes heart disease or heart failure? >> heart failure is a manifestation of heart disease. one of the most common causes is coronary artery disease which is plaque in the arteries. if you suffer a heart attack and that causes enough damage that can reduce the heart's ability to pump blood it needs. there are things like valve disease other diseases that affect the muscle itself. >> diabetes? >> yes. high blood pressure. sleep apnea. >> why sleep apnea? >> that causes -- it to me to increase in blood pressure and then they can increase the
9:47 am
the heart. it needs to be treated. >> you have some tips for our viewers on how to keep things under control. and have a healthier heart >> there are seven steps. american heart association calls them the simple seven. monitor your blood pressure. 120/80 or less. watch your cholesterol and keep that less than 200 blood sugar and keep that less than 100. get active. walk at least 150 minutes a week and eat heart healthy. have a diet that has lean protein and fruits and vegetables. whole grains. reduces saturated fats. reduce the sodium. and obviously quit smoking. >> good heart health tips. will post all of this information for you. it is hard
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some good advice there the of the midnight parade is tonight. it's one of the biggest fundraisers supporting tampa's latin heritage. what organizes and you can
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the crew of the nights of santiago is dedicated to the historic preservation of tampa's latin roots. specifically the spaniards who gave the turn-of-the-century. one of biggest fundraisers of the year is a in the midnight parade. admission is free but food sales and tickets to the vip viewing stand help raise money for their scholarship program. the crew has raised over $2 million in college scholarships for local students. marshall are the tampa bay rays and her with more want to welcome mr. bill walsh is a vice president of strategy and develop met we also want to welcome the chairman of the parade. thank you for coming. you said earlier this is a great fit for the race and crew
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>> thank you for having us. our mission at the raise is to have the committed to the magic of baseball. most people are familiar with those magical moments it happened on the field. there are many years a lot of many of happens off the field as well. we're excited about this partnership in particular talk about our partnership with big brothers and big sisters >> you have them on the float with you. and the players. >> people from the raise organization have a special connection with big brothers big sisters. what is that? >> our partnership has going on 10 years now. employees currently community. it's per slice of the near and dear to my heart. i've been a big for four years. they are timid this forward to the opportunity to help tell their story. >> even working extra hard to bring the focus back to community and the parade one of
9:53 am
>> it's a beautiful event. eliminated floats. scores of beads. a grand marshall is the tampa bay rays. is a family friendly event. good times had by all. >> how many do you expect? estimates last year were about 100,000 people to >> right around that. did we get a ton of people having a good time. there are bleacher seats to be had for those who don't want to fight the crowds. come out and have a good time. >> it starts at 7 pm. the lights are fun my family and i have got in years past. congratulations to the raise. -- tampa bay rays. parade here's the information. the floats will go a long the historic seventh avenue in ybor city and for more details on the parade and how it helps the community visit them online at
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hillsboro county deputies about one block from the usf campus. it's sycamore court and the scene is still active. deputies and tampa police. not sit at the victim was a
9:57 am
they do have a suspect or suspects they are looking for now. we will post updates on the story all day and tune in tonight on the news at 6. a nice-looking day. 67 for the high temperature. the media jacket by this evening. and maybe some snuggling weather by valentines morning. 44 degrees it's going to be chilly in the morning. we have royalty at the renaissance
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