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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  February 16, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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she got away but for less than a day. we're learning if the woman arrested in a deadly hit-and- run was driving legally after we uncover a history of dangerous drunk driving charges. >> good morning, thank you for joining us on this rainy tuesday morning. >> we're starting to dry out now. janelle tracks what that means for the morning commute and ivan is going to tell us where the rains are now. >> a couple of hours i think we would have been in trouble with very heavy rainfall. just clearing now in time for the morning commute. i think we'll be in much better shape over the next hour or so. in fact the heaviest rain, the severe weather threat is over at this point. to there's a good chunk of clear air on titan doppler radar, across hillsborough, heading to the northern counties. manatee, sarasota, you're in the clear. not even raining there. we continue to track heavier pockets, polk. i talked to you a few minutes
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now it's pushed to the east. so in good shape there. further south across portions of highlands county and into desoto county we're looking at pockets of heavier rain there but as far as the severe weather threat, that is pretty much done at this point. so we'll continue to see this pushing to the south and east. by the way, we've had some pockets of 1 1/2 to 1-inch totals to the south, a half- inch. thankfully this came through rather quickly or we had have have more issues with flooding. this is gone by lunchtime and 70 degrees and we're mild by the time we get to 5:00. the issue is we're not looking at strong winds this morning and behind the fronts, that is usually what helps to get the strong winds, that dries the roads, not the case this morning, still wet. >> it was very wet when i drove in this morning. i imagine if you're heading out you want to be careful. corey dierdorff behind the wheel now heading to a fatal crash in polk county.
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scene of that mile marker 42, the vehicle that was involved that had the person that died in it is actually in the westbound lanes. but there are two lanes blocked right now on the -- one on the eastbound, one on the westbound just after the poik parkway in the polk city area. crews still investigating so expect an extended closure. that is traffic coming towards me westbound as i'm in the eastbound center median. traffic still light. we're seeing delays but as you approach the scene coming through this area make sure you slow down and give the emergency workers extra room as seactd happened here. right now looks like a single truck that rolled over on the inside center median. we'll give you updates and bring them on air and on-line at i want to take a closer look at the fdot camera. the two inside lanes are blocked, a lot of flashing lights, drive with caution. here's the crash on the map, the green is where the roads are wet. you can see the roads very wet right where that crash
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along i-4 in both directions in this at the moment. we'll keep watching it. roads, again, just seeing wet roads, doesn't look too bad at i-275 and bush, you're looking at just six minutes from here into downtown tampa. the average speed on the major roads, veterans looking great, 275. 275 looking great as well and 75 from the apex pushing 70, be careful, you don't want to get a ticket and you don't want to speed especially if there's rain on the roads. 5:33. new information into abc action news this morning. we now know when alison huffman, the woman accused of hitting and killing a tow truck driver yesterday morning on the howard frankland bridge is set to face a judge. >> the manhunt for her lasted most of the day yesterday. abc action news reporter rodney dunigan joins us near the howard frankland bridge where the accident happened. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we just discovered this morning that alison huffman will be in
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1:30 this afternoon and this is not her first run-in with the law. she was actually caught last night at a st. petersburg apartment complex and we do have video of that. believe it or not she actually has a history of dui arrests and was still allowed to legally drive. she's accused of hitting and killing that truck driver, roger perez, monday morning and driving from the scene, now perez was pulled over on the howard frankland bridge to help the driver of a broken down car. huffman's car was later found at the crowne plaza hotel shortly after that crash. back here live you can see traffic moving smoothly headed to the howard frankland. it were not the case yesterday morning as investigators looked into this crash. again the hearing for huffman set at 1:30 this afternoon. we'll cover it, we'll have complete coverage throughout the day on-line and on air at for now reporting live near the howard frankland bridge, rodney
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quite a scare at orlando international airport after a plane catches fire. officials tell us the engine of the silver airweiss flight 70 caught fire while it was still parked near a gate. nine passengers and three crew were evacuated. passengers were put up in hotel rooms overnight. they will head out this morning. a 21-year-old woman accused of stabbing a man in tampa's sulfur springs neighborhood expected to n court this morning. ashley weathers started to argue with a man on i-275 yesterday on the sidewalk. police say she tried to kick him into the river and stabbed him twice with a small pocket knife. he's in the hospital now in stable condition. police say the victim and suspect are acquaintances and are both homeless. in hours a man is going to learn just how long he'll spend in prison for abusing his son so horribly the 3-year-old died. justin garwacky took the stand against his ex-girlfriend cara o'connell to escape a life sentence. last week o'connell was found
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years in prison. in democracy 2016 -- the presidential candidates are pulling out their not so secret weapons to try to get ahead in the campaigns. >> jeb bush hoping for a boost in support after his brother joined him in south carolina. here's what former president george w bush had to say about the election. >> there seems took lot of name- calling going on but i want to remind you what our good dad told me one time. labels are for soup cans. >> a big laugh from the crowd. he didn't mention donald trump or any specific candidate by name but went on to say how the country needs a president with humility. at the rally bush says he understands americans are angry and frustrated but the country needs someone who won't just mirror those emotions. he says jeb bush would be measured and thoughtful on the world stage. meanwhile, donald trump is threatening to file a lawsuit against gop rival ted cruz. challenging cruz' eligibility to serve in the white house.
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calls false ads and retracts what it calls his lies. leading up to this weekend's south carolina primary trump called cruz "the most dishonest guy i think i've ever let in politics." trump questioned cruz' eligibility to be president. he was born in canada to an american mother, most legal experts say he meets the requirements. hillary clinton is trying to brand bernie sanders as a single issue candidate before voting begins in nevada and south carolina. she says his only focus is wall street while she claims to be a well rounded candidate. sanders is firing back at clinton, still riding mow testimony tum from his commanding -- momentum from his commanding win in new hampshire. >> recent polls show clinton leading sanders in south carolina, although that lead
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clinton is going after. she also took a stab at her republican rivals during a campaign stop in reno. listen to how she talks about calling out politicians who lie. >> i would do that with republicans, you know? we need to get that dog and follow them around and every time they say these things like oh, you know, the great recession was caused by too much regulation -- ] barking sounds [i think we can cut through a lot of their claims. >> not everyday you hear a presidential president barking. nevada holds is democratic caucus saturday. if you want to vote in next month's presidential primary election in florida today is your last day to register to vote or change your party affiliation. because florida is a closed primary state only people registered with a particular party can vote for that party's candidates in primary elections.
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supervisor of elections office web site now on our abc action newstion mobile app. a florida lawmaker will soon spell out a new plan to help people with disabilities around the country. congressman david jolley talks about how he plans to take a florida law national. we'll have updates starting today at 4:00. this afternoon bradenton becomes the latest bay area city with a female police chief. melanie bestin set to be -- bevin set to be sworn in at 3:00. she spent 27 years with st. pete police. she takes over for michael radzlowsky who is retiring after 13 years as bradenton's chief of police. the rain continues to move east and south of us. so we're in pretty good shape for the remainder of the day. we'll be talking about what happens after this boundary moves in, for the rest of the week and into the weekend coming up. still to come -- it was supposed to be a routine
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gets his tonsles out we learn what may have played a factor in his shocking and sudden death. all i ask is this this is my life >> she may not have been up for a grammy this year but adele's performance is getting a lot of buzz.
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good morning. we're starting unfortunately with a fatal crash on i-4, this is in polk city. just east of the polk parkway, corey dierdorff on the scene now collecting more information but it sounds like one vehicle involved in this crash, a truck ran off the road and flipped. he'll have more coming up in a few minutes. new overnight -- children playing made a disturbing discovery in illinois. they found human remains. a homicide investigation is now underway. police tell us they have not identified the victim yet. they think the remains may have been there for a few years. we've learned troubling news. a 9-year-old boy died days after a routine procedure to remove his tonsen to tonsles. he was given a dose oxycodone and sent home. later this evening the parents
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hour later his son had trouble breathing. they called 911 and took him to the hospital. he was pronounced brain dead days later. we're awaiting up -- autopsy reassumption. a sample of the oxycodone was also sent to a 30 party to be tested. the coast guard is trying to narrow down who is responsible for the sinking of the el faro cargo ship last fall. setting sail during a hurricane and sinking near the bahamas killing all 33 crew on board. jacksonville starts today to try to determine whether misconduct, negligence or bad safety inspections led to the disaster. the missing data record deer -- recorder could answer a lot of the questions. a second search for it is still looking at the weather conditions across the area. of the rainfall now moving to our east so excellent news, nice chunk of clear air, looking still out of a few
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losing lightning here from sebring to placid lakes, even parts of desoto county now in the clear as well, as far as the heaviest rainfall here. this all continues by the way to head to the south and east and moving rather rapidly, 40 miles an hour so we're in pretty good shape. it did dump pretty good rainfall despite the fact it was moving quick, in some areas anywhere from as much as half- inch, eastern polk here, upwards of 3 inches and little overdone by doppler but you get the idea, pockets of heavy rain. i'm showing you this because there may be standing water and puddles to get through this morning. that is about it for the heaviest rain that is now east of us. the clearing from north and west, comes in with a sharp clearing line. if we had daylight already we had go from cloudy to sunny in a matter of minutes. that is how quick and sharp this dividing line will be. currently upper 50s to low 60s. nice and comfortable this afternoon, we should climb up
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this time of year. we're going to do this with full sun. little cooler there but otherwise looking good. degrees. forecast. heading into the weekend with highs in the low 70s, for we're in for quite a stretch, by the way if you're visiting us this week you picked a good one. despite the overnight rain we're done with it at this into the weekend. we hold on to the sunshine and temperature in the mid-70s and we'll have rain chances at about 20%. we're talking traffic with janelle now. a little wet. it is, corey dierdorff is on the scene of a fatal crash in polk county. what can you tell us? >> reporter: this is just after fantasy of flight on i-4 westbound around mile marker 42, very violent crash, one person died this morning. this looks to be a tire truck that overturned and went into
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right now crews figuring out how to clean it up. one lane westbound is shut down at this time. eastbound, just dealing with onlooker delays, but if you're coming eastbound this way just after you pass the poik parkway, slow down, there's a lot of crews on the side of the interstate working this crash. but right now not seeing many delays because traffic is light but heading into the rush hour, as they figure how to remove this from the side of the enter state -- enter state expect delays. i-4 just east of the polk parkway in polk city, definitely slow down and give crews time to work. let's look and see how wet the roads are in this area. again not sure if that played a role but look how wet it is, that is the areas you see in green. if i zoom out you can see the wet roads continue south of the i-4 and really south of sarasota. along the i-75 corridor into tampa. pretty dry there. so again if you're in the other areas you definitely want to maybe leave a little early and
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opening up our cameras, looking at a downtown tampa, looking pretty good, no traffic problems here, looking at just six minutes from here to the howard frankland. and exactly the same in the opposite direction. adele's performance what is everyone is talking about at the grammys last night. it fell flat. didn't think that was possible. she made what should have been a triumphant return but people are talking about what a disappointment it was because of all the sound problems. all i ask is if this is my -- >> still sounds good to me. >> sounds good to me. >> fans didn't think so. they lit up social media, some say adele looked distracted by her onstage monitor.
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she said the piano mic fell on the piano strings and that's what the guitar sound was. she later posted she was heading to in and out for a much deserved burger. >> she brought down the house. david bowie's death last month, she paid the tribute. over the course of a six plus minute performance, one of the longest of the night she ran through nine songs of bowie. she also honored bowie in a way that will last longer than the grammy performance. she got a tattoo of the late rock legend just before performing her tribute last night. she posted a video of herself
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it's been shared by fans around the world. it's a it's a re-creation of that famous album cover. how you doing >> do you want to see beyonce at raymond james stadium april 29th? don't answer. that a lot of people do, if you don't get your credit card ready, tickets go on sale at 10:00 this morning and they are expected to go quickly. you can buy them at ticketmaster locations and prices by the way start at $45 but i think there's only like three of those tickets. coming up -- tesla for $500? a real purchase you can make but while you may decide it may be better for the kids, we'll explain next. >> if you're in polk county heading to tampa, we have a fatal crash on i-4 just east of
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one westbound lane is blocked. coming up, more details and tell you how it's affecting the
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i'm janelle martinez in the traffic center. we're watching a fatal crash in polk city just east of lakeland. i-4 around the polk parkway.
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a truck flipped and one person died in that car. we do have lane blockage in the westbound lanes, one lane blocked there. traffic still pretty light so we're not seeing major delays. coming up we'll take a closer look and i'll tell you exactly what happened here. a few minutes ago it was raining heavily over the crash investigation. now it's clearing nicely, as it is for most of us. we're looking pretty good. pockets of moderate rainfall left over across portions of highlands county but right now we're in the clear. what happens for the weekend? coming up next hour. 5:55. if you're like me you probably have one those iconic red radio flyer wagons in your garage you used to pull your kids around the neighborhood in. >> soon you won't have to pull that iconic red wagon. tesla, known for its high-tech electric cars is teaming up with radio flyer to launch a little electric model s for kids. the new mini car will cruise at a speedy 6 miles an hour.
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parents to 3 miles an hour if you would like. >> all right. it's going to have working headlight, sound system and "a spacious interior" as long as you weigh under 81 pounds. the model s for kids will come in three colors, silver, blue and of course red. from of course. i like the blue one too. the red is certainly the tops on the list. it's $500 as we mentioned earlier. >> i think i'll stick with the wagon. you can at least maybe put four kids in the wagon. >> true. still ahead -- breaking overnight -- flames rip through a tampa home. a plume of smoke reaching high into the sky. details we're just getting in about what happened to the elderly couple inside. >> the urgent amber alert everyone in florida needs to hear about. this little girl is missing, we're taking action to spread the word.
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janelle is tracking a deadly crash on i-4 this morning. >> not the way we want to start the morning. deadly crash on i-4 in polk city. corey dierdorff on the scene. this was a very violent crash looks like. >> reporter: yes. unfortunately it does appear that. this is i-4 westbound around mile marker 42 just towards the tampa side of fantasy of flight. you can see crews now trying to figure out how they are going to clean this accident up. we have found out one person did die in this accident. as this truck that carries tires, tire service truck rolled over into the center median.
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scene trying to figure out how they are going to clear this. that investigation just wrapping up and tow truck arriving on the scene in the last five to 10 minutes. if you're headed in to tampa on i-had -- i-4 the backup already started. a good five-minute to 10-minute delay on i-4 westbound. eastbound towards orlando there's a little onlooker delay but if you come through this area, please as you come over the exit right before fantasy of flight go ahead and slow down, there's a lot of vehicles, emergency vehicles in the center median trying to clean this accident up. like we said, about five-minute to 10-minute delay on westbound i-4, around mile marker 42. is that what you are seeing on the traffic maps? yes. as you look closer you can see traffic backing up in the westbound lanes; also seeing onlooker delays eastbound. get out the door a little early if you're in this area, maybe trying to get to the tampa area. here's the crash on the map. the roads are starting to dry out. where we see green, that is where the roads are still wet now.


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