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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  February 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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dangerous mission. >> the program is a regional program. we have five teams that cover the entire country. >> reporter: special response teams have federal agents from georgia to miami. they are in tampa to arrest violent criminals. >> this is a joint investigation. >> reporter: this team has technical responders as well as crisis and hostage negotiators, medics, even a k-9 team. >> detecting humans, locating people and apprehending them. >> reporter: after undercover work for many months the agents
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special agent in charge evaluated the logistics in the arrest. she looked at how the building is set up, the suspects, and their criminal background. in this case the suspect is a known gang member in the tampa area. a nine time convicted felon. >> this is why i called a special response team. they are trained to do the high risk work. >> reporter: the team members go through a rigorous training school. they learn how to handle some of the most dangerous situations. >> we have the game plan, we have discussed the operation. >> reporter: the adrenaline is pumping and the team is moving to their location. for these agents it is more than just the thrill of the risk. >> it is the hard work that we
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it is a very rewarding job. >> reporter: agents seized drugs and three guns. the team has conducted 11 operations in tampa bay in the past year. i am jared holbrook, taking action for you. a mother charged with murdering her daughter and stuffing her body in a freezer gets to live. thomas want to face the death penalty. she is charged with first- degree murder, abuse of a dead body and aggravated child abuse. the harshest penalty she now faces is life in prison. police saying her daughter was abused and weighed only for -- and weighed only 44 pounds when she died. police trying to find a florida newborn.
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the baby minutes after she was born monday night. she said she left the child that an apartment but there has been no sign of her. she now faces child neglect charges. >> it is going to be near impossible to prove the charges for which he has been arrested without discovering where that baby is. >> the mothers boyfriend said they had planned to give "baby willow" to a relative. he said they had given two other kids to relatives before.
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keeping us safe in hurricanes will not be calling the air force base home for much longer. the air force telling know what to move the planes by 2017. know what tells us they are exploring long-term options. hurricane hunters have called it there home since 1993. good evening, clear skies, temperatures today is in the mid-70s. it is always nerve-racking when you start to smell smoke which a lot of us did today. thanks to a controlled burn, with the northeast wind it brought everything from the northeast right across the county. that is now winding down under clear skies. clear skies, cool temperatures begins. we will tell you all about it
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minutes. tonight a warning for criminals targeting law enforcement. this after police say a man tried to set a pascoe county deputies house on fire. daniel hall reportedly set the furniture on a deputies porch on fire overnight then knocked on his front door. that deputies answered with his gun and two dogs, the man was not hurt but the sheriff says next time someone else may not be so lucky. >> if you try to break into one of our houses we will use any source necessary to stop you and drop you. >> the man is now facing two felony charges. the deputy was involved in a shooting just ten days ago but deputies say it is in no way related to this case. hernando county deputies questioning a person in a stabbing.
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custody this afternoon. the victim was discovered after a car crash. police then started coming through a home nearby but no other information has been released. tampa bay former top cop could soon be watching over miami. he would serve as an independent monitor as part of a civil rights settlement with the department of justice. he would be responsible for reporting on the progress every month until march of 2020. soon getting busted with small amounts of marijuana in tampa may not be a big deal. in ordinates would only apply to adults who possess 20 grams of marijuana or less. the current system requires
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the board is for that office is right a ticket to a violator with no jail time. >> the concern is that children and young adults would get the run message. >> the goal is to give people an opportunity not to be incarcerated. >> councilmembers could vote as one as march 3rd. a congressman calling for a birth control to be taken off of the market. we have been warning you about a sure for years now. the congressman says a report revealed it has led to more than 300 field that's. fitzpatrick is now introducing legislation, if it passes it would force the fda to take a short off of the market. the maker had sent this to say in response. "it offers women permanent birth control, irrespective of the type of birth control a woman uses when pregnancies do occur, there can be complications."
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from an unexpected source today. when asked about the plan to build a wall between the u.s. and mexico the pope said a person who wants to build bridges is -- the pope said a person who wants to build walls is not a christian. coming up we are looking into claims that donald trump wanted to bush impeached after the war. republican front runner donald trump finds himself in the crosshairs of his own party. first, in an ad using an interview in 2008.
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going to impeach him. which personally i think would have been a wonderful thing. >> the ad getting a thought of talk in a south carolina. >> sometimes those ads are spliced together to make things sound like they aren't really what they sound like. in this case, he said it. >> donald trump has since quieted his impeachment talk. with the passing of antonin scalia the talk on the trail is who will fill the void. ted cruz claiming donald trump would not look far, saying he would appoint his sister, who is a federal judge in new jersey. >> the one person he has suggested is his sister who is a court of appeals judge appointed by bill clinton. >> donald trump spoke highly of his sister in in august interview but this week saying she would not be the right person for the seat.
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good at it but he did not think it would happen. >> the simple mistake that sent a woman on the rampage and a wendy's worker on the defensive. i don't know what my outlook is. >> up look -- up next, what paralyzed a pascoe county woman. in spite of a hazy look to the afternoon the sunset looks beautiful from the beach. will the temperatures bill warming up into the weekend?
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caught on camera a helicopter crashing into the water, take a look at your screen. the helicopter just drops out of the sky landing in the water off of the coast of hawaii. one person was critically injured in that crash, four others made it out okay. tonight a fast food workers speaking out following a attack. police say a customer britt her because of a wrong order. she said the woman ordered two spicy chicken sandwiches but then changed her mind. when those images showed up anyway she went crazy. >> she was cursing at me. she came back and she tried to
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but i defended myself. >> she said she was able to fight her off before police showed up to take her to jail. a decision to get a flu shot leaves a woman battling a rare disorder. >> reporter: the room she lives in is reflected of her life. >> it has been very hard. >> reporter: she said she did not think twice about getting the shot in 2013 but it is all she is thinking about these days. she walks with a cane, can't work and must take painkillers every day. doctors diagnose her with a rare disorder in which are bodies him in system attacks her nerves. it is preceded by a bacterial or viral infection and sometimes can be the result of a
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the cdc 200,000 people are hospitalized by the flu every year and another 36,000 36,000 die, in comparison, they see less than 20,000 cases of this disorder. she reported her injury then called this attorney, she found the claim through a national vaccination injury program on behalf of her. >> there are thousands of claims right now. there are a large majority that are flu and tetanus vaccines are pretty common. >> reporter: the claim can lead to payment of a couple of thousands of dollars all the way up to 1 million. it is not clear if she will ever recover and while she is not anti- vaccination she has a warning. >> ask questions and be informed.
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down. >> if you think you have been injured by a vaccine keep in mind claims are time sensitive. symptoms must last a minimum of six months. hiring a loyal is all free if you are awarded compensation. attorneys fees are paid by the government. a school district doing damage control after a staff member sent out a mocking a mocking and offensive hurt feelings report to parents. this form says it is intended to "assist whiners" in documenting hurt feelings. the school district says this was a complete accident and has apologized to the parents. none of you had better be
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it has been fantastic. >> we dealt with some smoke but it still looks very nice across the area. here is a look at the sunset. not a cloud in the sky. temperatures were cool this morning and they will be cool again tomorrow morning under clear skies. temperatures will continue to climb until next week. right now we are in the low 70s. there were a couple of controlled burns today and because of that the wind but most of everything back towards the county. no reports of anything other
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we head to the mid-70s today in tampa. right now we are in the low 70s. 68 in clearwater. st. pete is at 67 with mostly sunny skies. we are just about right this time of the year. definitely a little cooler out there, especially in the outlying areas where it was in the 40s. tomorrow morning with an easterly wind is setting up clouds begin to come up over on the east coast. if that wind was strong enough and it continued for a few days we could see a shower here but that will not happen. either. daytona the weather should be beautiful. if you are staying home we will
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with mostly sunny conditions. temperatures will begin to warm up and the weather will be perfect for planting your garden. in terms of rain, nothing until the early part of next week. tuesday into tuesday night the rain chances begin to climb as the storm system comes of this way. the temperatures will be climbing over the next several days. up near 80 by sunday into monday. 73 on friday, 75 on saturday. the trend continues for the weekend. tuesday, tuesday night and wednesday the rain chance will
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this is not the time that folks need to take a look at the roster. several players and jon cooper are getting over the flu right now. you don't want these guys out of the lineup against winnipeg. ben bishop has been a little shaky lately. it goes without saying the lightning me this one tonight. yankee spring training has begun, there is no controversy. the yankee camp is officially quiet. >> that is nice going in to spring training not to have to deal with anything. i thought the guys handled it extremely well last year, i thought alex handled it extremely well.
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training. i hope it does not make it a boring spring training but it is pretty regular. in port charlotte the tampa bay rays have announced the signing of ryan webb. things have been anything but status quo for jamie johnson, he had a nice run today at practice. he was faster than anyone else today. so, he has the speed but it takes more than that to win the 500. >> i have seen this and i have had that had full competition without jeff gordon and his departure from these meetings i
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that yet. with all that said i know we will do an amazing job. but as a guy that was hired by jeff gordon and d grew up learning from him he haalways been a mentor and there for me so it is certainly different without him.
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we have continuing coverage of today's top stories at abc action
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breaking news tonight. chopper down. the helicopter crashing into the water near pearl harbor. civilians on board. a popular trip for tourists. witnesses say it dropped from the sky. several on board. the heroes jumping into the water. also tonight, donald trump takes aim at pope francis, after the pope suggests trump is not christian. the moment on the pope's plane. and tonight, trump's fiery response. the terror attack in california, and this evening, major developments. the fbi moving in. in san bernardino, what did they find? forced to pay. the hackers locking personal computers, trapping your personal information, your photos.


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