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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  February 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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good evening, thank you for joining us. >> tonight, authorities telling us this suspect was the victim that used the online service leading them back to the thieve. >> live at the sheriff's office with the latest. >> reporter: the victim end pd up scheduling a second meet up with that suspect.
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person but let me tell you that suspect got a big surprise. >> when he saw this ad for a brand new iphone, he says this guy sanchez told him to meet in this neighborhood. >> he called me and he said okay, you come all the way to the back and it was a red flag. >> he was willing to pay $60 for a phone that needed a passport but the suspect told him never mind so he left. >> sanchez texted him back later agreeing to the price. >> i said okay, thank you and he said all right, give me the phone so it was not like what? >> he notice add small handgun pointed at him so he gave up the phone and walked back to his car.
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and i said i don't have it >> the suspect searched his pockets and eventually let him go. after the robbery, he says he was surprised to see the suspect's ad still on craigslist so he contacted the sheriff's office. >> i asked hey, do you still have the iphone 6 for sale >> he said he agreed to meet up with him. fortinocalled deactivities and they showed up instead of him. >> i can hear the officers saying get on the ground. >> he says that he usually meet people in public places. deputies say you should choose one of their safe zones, one of their district offices. thank you. a storywe broke to you on
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pretended to be a doctor. >> love robertson was arrested this week. the 18years old perform add physical exam and offered medical advice. the teen is claiming he will be cleared. i will say that my attorney is working hard to make sure this issues is getting resolved in the best way possible. >> love robertson's grandfather says the family is standing by his side. hey, how are you doing everybody. we are hearing from our facebook friends. there were some bit of itand controlled burns this afternoon around plant city and back to new tampa. it was blow everythingback to
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a lot of folksreporting that smoke should not be an issue tomorrow with winds going out of an easterly direction. whenyou wake up in the morning, it will be chilly out there again with temperatures in the 40s and 50s. visibility dropping down a bit. waking up to mostly clear skies and then the warm up begins. high how? i will let you know. all right, we'll check back with you. >> slow polks hear the warnings for move over. a newinitiative to keep traffic moving fast but not too fast. >> michael is joining us live with the latest. >> reporter: wendie, a lot of people we talked to are extremely happy about fhp cracking it down. if ru inthe left lane and you are slowing down to make a left
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fast lane but some drivers say in florida around winter months when snow birds take over, it gets clogged. >> oh, it is annoying. >> i was in there for a reason. >> how slow is too slow? >> troopers can cite a driver going 10 miles per hour or below the speed limit in the left lane >> it is really annoying. you have to keep lanesswitching and trying to get around. >> it makes everyone else a little more reckless. sometimes you get so annoyed by the slow drivers and they never look. >> road rage was a big concern for people who we talked to because they say it makes their drive even more stressful. >> they'll want to pass me >> there are some people like dennison wants slow drivers ticketed but as long as he's not the one driving. >> i don't get road rage because i just know some people, you know, that's the
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everybody isnot on the same page or the same rest as you are. >> reporter: there is a double benefits cracking down slow pokes on the left lane. >> we are live here in tampa bay tonight. only one of the many traffic problems bay area face everyday and since the list is quite long, local leaders are having to prioritize och what gets of what gets fixed. >> a hudson man is in jail and it is what he wanted. daniel thomas holt junior left home. he lit as launchwn chair on fire.
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calling for backup and took holt to jail. agents from multi agencies and task forces, officers just wrapping up a four month's long under cover operation in hillsboro county arresting 30 suspects in recovering guns and drugs. this operationtargeting suspects behind an uptake, violent gun crime. apple says they'll break the encryption on the iphone used by of the san bernardino shooters. >> the order could affect security on your phone and phones around the world. >> [ indiscernible audio ] cyber security.
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into farook's iphone. >> and as citizens we should think twice before we say yes to that. >> in apple's statement, ceo tim cook, says comply to the fbi would require to provide back door to the fbi. a point by point map of every location that you visit. >> i think it is easier to do it now because of the case and it is high profile. i think that term that i hate so much is slippery slope. >> the ceo of twitter and google voiced in on this agreement as
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>> abc action news. all new at 11:00, hundreds hittingthe streets of downtown orlando tonight hoping to catch a glimpse of some famous brothers. markwahlberg is in town for the first restaurant. traffic, we all hate it and we want engineers to fix our problems first. the i-team has the list, i will showyou which projects will get the i-team's treatments and which will be left behind. >> plus, shocking video, a chopper crashes into the water, coming up the live save life- saving drama how eyewitness
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what's that annoying sound coming up? what one small town is doing to
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traffic problems are a growing issue in tampa bay, we all have them and we all want our problems fixed first. >> investigator jered goes straight to the group who makes crucial recommendations to government officials. >> tram pa tracks. i hate it. >> rummer some. rummer some, we have two construction projects.
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>> we'll be adding another 600, 000. >> that gets us to the number of people miami-dade has right now. the federal government hits the brakes on transportation funding. >> is this the worst that you have seen for your time? >> yes. looks like we had quite a bit of a backlog. ourproblems keep on getting bigger and bigger. the i-teamis highlighting the top three construction projects
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number one on the list is i-275 between downtown tampa and the cause way >> number two in the rankings, memorial highway. and a third is i-4 east of downtown. the price tag for all three projects nearly $2. 5 billion. projects are fully funded. commissioners looking for several ideas to pay for these threes and other major projects. >> sales tax and increasing the gas taxes and mobility fees and
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>> david wilson is on the committee. he takes input from the community and says there are other areas that need major help. >> it is what the people want. >> they're raising our taxes which i am fine with if it is going to help our situation. i am skeptical of where the money is going to go. >> do you think adding tolls are going to help? >> yeah. toll roads are a great idea. >> long line of traffic are not going away any time soon. >> it will take five to ten years to complete this project and not to mention all the other projects they have ongoing as well.
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witnesses from this crash caught on video. >> five people were on board when it went down. >> witnesses jumped into the water and pulled the victim into shore. three people were hurt. this is justin working to recover a body of a driver who crashed in the columbia river. >> so far officials have not been able to pull the car going into a river. a sad story tonight. >> take a look. many people are outraged over thesepictures here. >> it was left for dead on the beach. while it is notclear why that dolphins was removed from the water.
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to take selfi s with it, beach goers have not been identified. well, it is a small town mystery and no one in oregon knows what that sound is. >> it has been going on for weeks now. >> officials are ruling out a water wild or gas leak or train tracks. not everyone has heard it and those whohave only hear it at night. now t most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. >> one more day until the weekend and looks like we are heading in the right direction. i am still thinkingthat story. that's something like a steven king's story,huh? >> yeah, creepy. >> we top out in the low 70s. skies over the next fewdays are looking beautiful. the other coast to see the500 on sunday, the weather is tremendous. >> each day starting tomorrow through monday is going to get
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afternoon. temperatures right now in the mid-50s. it is a littlechilly out there and tomorrow morning will be again with temperatures expected to drop down in the 40 from palm harbor and 52 downtown and 53. thenacross areas of citrus and hahn do. prettyernando. >> polk county and bartow and back to bradenton and down to venice. >> outside right now, tampa and st. pete and clear water, all clear. >> low 60s out there and now you see the winds, northeast in the direction. it is pretty gusty in st. pete. this is as i mention earlier in the newscast while we can smell that smoke from the control burn. especially the one from new tampa. it was a big enoughburn even though it was under control, those winds would blow the smoke down across the viewing area. >> a lot of folks are a little
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was not an issue. tomorrow, the winds will be in an easterly direction. i don't think you will have the issue. >> kind of a brown look from the sky of the in version. iowa of that, the sky was beautiful. it was clear most of the day and it was sunny. temperatures is where they should be and topping out 1 degree above normal. tomorrow, we go from northeast winds to an northeaster winds. if you get a strong easterly winds,it could bring some atlantic moisture into the east coast and every now and then make it into our neck of the woods. over on the east side, clouds. we staymostly sunny. easterly winds keeping temperatureswhere they should be. our temperatures are going to
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to happen on saturday, sunday and again on monday >> so bottom line it is going to be very nice this weekend. pretty much the nicest weekend weather wisewe have seen. no decent rain chances until later tuesday. we'll see it right here. no rain throughmonday and all of a sudden, we'll see the possibility and later tuesday, tuesday night and into wednesday, then we'll look at the possibility of a little heavier thunderstorms activity the potential will be there. >> let's focus on what short term is about as nice as can be this time of the year. high in the low to mid-70son friday >> mid-60s on saturday. >> upper 70s to near 80s by
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>> so taking a boat outside this weekend, you don't have to worry about serious winds or waves or storms. theupcoming tides your sun rise and sunset. friday, we'lltop out about 73 with mostly sunny skies and that seven days look great. >> sunshine and mild right through the weekend and high in the mid-70s. we'll flirt with 80s on monday butrain chances return on tuesday. >> all right, thank you, the bolts saves the the day today. tkhas the highlights next in sports. now, here is jimmykimmel of what's coming up next. >> look at what we did? >> [ laughter ] >> who would be number one and who'll be number three? >> i h have known eva longoria
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hey folks, all i can say is the
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tonight. >> 22 seconds left to go in the period. that made it 3-0bolts. winnipeg starts to chip away. it was 4-4 and winnipeg would take the lead. >> he's coming in, thank godness right there. the lightning wins it, 6-5. they move into the final big gameright now coming on the road against pittsburgh on saturday afternoon. >> jimmie johnson had a nice run in today's daytona practice session, tonight in the
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from anybody. kyle busch won the second race. >> that could help him about on sunday and that's jeff gordon. >> i got an idea, i have seen the 24 car track and that was weird. i had full competition against the 24without jeff. >> and his departure from the center to the success of the team. i have not experienced that stuff yet. >> with all that said, i am sure he's going to do an amazing job. >> guys was hired by jeff and grew up learning from them and he's always a mentor for me. >> the rays announcing the
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recently pitched from the cleveland, indians. we cannot replace jake mcghee's performance and productivity, but, we feel like we have a lot of good arms and we'll compete and see how he will excel and throughout the year. when was the last time there was any kind of distractions there. >> that's nice going into spring training and not having to deal with that. >> i thought alex handled it extremely well. it is pretty
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i hope it does not make it a boring training but it is regular.
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we have continuous coverage on >> have a good night, we'll see
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>> dicky: from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, kerry washington, nikolaj coster-waldau, "this week in unnecessary censorship" and music from jason derulo with cleto and the cletones. and now, nobody move, here's


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