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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  February 19, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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a lot of driver, no one likes a slow driver in the passing lane. we are hitting the road to see how big this problem is and what authoritys are doing to crack down. >> i juan -- i juaned to ask him, come -- i wanted to ask him, come clean. is this true. >> we hear from the business
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with the florida teen who called himself dr. love. the phone call after the shocking allegations and the teen's arrest. this story continues one making national news and we are staying on top of it. >> ivan and -- are staying on top of traffic. >> it is a fantastic day. it is just one of the those things. 54 in tampa, 56 clearwater and we are at 58 in st. pete and absolutely. it is nice out there as we talk about 50s. it won't be long before we get warmed up here by the afternoon. look at the hour by hour forecast, pick a time. 9:00 a.m., look at the quick jump as our sun gets higher in the sky. 65 at 10:00 a.m. and low 70s by your lunchtime, and we will hit a high temperature this afternoon in the mid 70s. we will do that with mostly sunny skys and that continues as we head into the weekend. we will detail the race,
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with the next week. but first let's go to traffic seconder, it is only about five steps. here we are already with an update. you just had -- >> it is very quiet. if you can get out the door now, now is the time to do it. let's start off here with a live look at 275 and 22nd avenue north, up to speed right now in bog directions. in fact we could check the average speed pushing 70 right now from the sunshine skyway down to the howard franklin. your drive times from the apex looking great. all in green, just 13 minutes if you are heading out the door right now to get from the apex to i-4. five minutes if you are starting off at push and trying to get -- bush and trying to get to downtown. if you are trying to get to the howard franklin, it is only five mince. things start to change, we will let you know about it right here and of course on twitter at tampa bay traffic. >> 5:32. speaking of the roads, speed up or pay up. that's the new message from the florida highway patrol.
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drivers in left lane. abc action news lindsay hitting the road. a lot of people are happy about this. >> dan n fact everyone we talked to said they're happy about this. almost every state in the country has a so-called slow poke law. florida's went into effect in 2013. it allows law enforcement to ticket drivers who are going too slow. it is specifically for those going ten miles per hour or more under the speed limit in left lane. those people clog photographic make rush hour even worst and a -- clog traffic and make rush hour even worse. the purpose here is to keep the left lane for faster cars and passing cars. expedia said the number one reason for road rage was texting but tied for number two, tailgaters and slow
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>> heads up, if you get pulled over, the fine is $60, and 3 pontoons your license. the points on your license might be even worse than the $60 fine you are going to have to pay. more details on the web site you can check them out online. we are live on i-275. action action news. thank you, lindsay. at 434 the, what do you -- at what do you think about all of this. a lot of people are leaving comments and clearly most people comment willing fairly, are scarily in favor of this. we will check in -- squarely in favor of this. >> 26 minutes until 6:00 now. new developments on the 18-year- old florida man charge window practicing medicine without a license. we are hearing from his business partner who says he was shocked when mall key robinson who calls himself dr. love was taken from his
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he told investigators he also believe that had love robinson was a real doctor. he say it is teen even got approved for medicaid. he was arrested on tuesday when an undercover deputy came in posing as a patient and when he suggested they take alerly medication, those -- allergy medicine, they moveed in. >> he called my after he got out, the night of. he gave me a long apology saying it is just a misunderstanding that he would never put me in a weigh where, you know, that he would involve me in stuff. he still tells me he is innocent. >> he's facing multiple charges including grand theft. right now apple has three more days to respond to a court order saying it must help unlock the encorrupted phone of one of the san bernadino shooters. they argue that creating a key
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create a dangerous back door that wrongdoers could use. it could reveal more about the planning of the attack -- attack that killed 14 people. >> not everybody's mind is made up on what to do the country faces a legitment dilemma over whether the fbi should hack into the phone of the gunman. she sees both sides of issue and think it is tech company and the government should get together to find common ground. meanwhile she's putting sanders in the hot seat questioning whether he's a loyal democrat. last night she accused of attacking the two most democratic presidents. sanders said he was just spontaneousing when he described the -- responding to the trade agreement and overhall has disastrous. last night there was a town hall meeting, each discussed pope francis comments questioning whether donald
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wanting to build a wall along the u.s.-mexico border. >> i don't question people's christianity. i think that's a relationship they have with their lord and savior and themselves. i don't think it is appropriate to question donald trump's faith. >> i think he heard one side of the story which probably by the mexican government. he didn't see the tremendous strain that, you know, the border is causing us with respect to illegal immigration, with the drugs pouring across. >> we have aright to build a wall but there are too in walls between us. we need bridges to fix the problems in washington because all they do is have walls. >> bush also talked about president obama's decision to move forward with the supreme court decision to replace scalia. he says he would probably nominate someone too. bush said he believes people should respect the constitution but that the presidents power and the constitution are there for a reason and should be used.
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stronger stance from his previous comments from saturday's debate, most other gop, pose a nomination from president obama. >> we have new information pass along to you about president obama's trip to due bah next month. he will meet with castro but not with his brother fidel. the white house says that they still have serious deferens with the government and president obama plans to discuss human rights issues with the cuban leader. he's the first sitting president in almost 909 years to visit the -- 890 years to visit the island -- 90 years to visit the island nation. the u.s. thunder birds are in town and we will do inflight fueler demonstrations. they make a flyover before the daytona 500. they will return for if the air fest. a mother's effort to get more play times for your kids at school seems to be working.
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requiring elementary schools to set aside 20 minute a day for recess. she spent weeks afterthey started a recess petition and got hundreds of signatures. a similar measure is stalling in the senate buzz of a key lawmaker who says -- because of a key lawmaker who says this is say school board issue. >> to identify behavior or developmental challenges in children. the early childhood council is holding that event at st. marks catholic church at 9724 cross creek boulevard in tampa. a.m. they say early detection is key for enabling every child to reach their full 30 potential. nice start today, 50s out there this morning, light jacket needed otherwise by the lunchtime hour 70 and we will hit around 7 aall the while -- 75 all the while, extended forecast, but before that, fire and ice.
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see you in a few minute. >> >> is this the worst you have seen it in your time? >> yes. >> no money for the much-needed traffic projects around the bay area, but we will tell you the three big plans that will give prior toy ease congestion on yoyour commute.
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17 minutes until 6:00. living in florida we all know
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ocean live. we have sad pictures of what happens when you don't. look at these photos out raging so in people. that's a rare baby dolphin that died after beach goers in argentina took it out of the ocean. it is not clear why it was taken from the water. a lot of people speculate the people wanted to take selfies with it. they still have not been identified. i want you to know that harassing dolphins or any ocean wild life here or anywhere in the u.s. is prohibited under the marine ocean act. a cloud of fire. a fire tornado in plat county, missouri. they were battling this 50-acre grass fire when it sprang up. it is not clear what started it fire but they're asking people not to burn anything and put out the cigarette butts properly. no one was injured.
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get when you get a large lake freezing over, and you get gusty wins 20 to 30 miles per hour? that's what you get. look at the seas there from lake superior, a thin layer of house, and there you will see it what aspect cool, now the key there, is not to be ice skating while that happens. >> then you get yourself in trouble. >> have you seen that before? this is the tim of year, we do it before things -- this is the sometime of year, we do it before things -- a beautiful picture. >> they sound like aarondale a little bit. some frozen. >> ice sculptures there, not cold enough for that here, as we look outside and show you what's going on with temperatures in 50s. and a little cool up to north. we have 40s up into crystal river, the usual colder spot but it can be much colder this time of year. we're not. in fact we are talking about
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let's break down the 7-day forecast and show you what's happening through the week eastbound. first of all it is friday so we will talk about the forecast. temperatures, by this afternoon, into the 70s. we will do that with full sunshinement i don't have to worry about any cloud cover filtering the sun. let's check in on saturday and what we have going here is of course your weekend cool nights, mild days and we will have that for both saturday and heading into sunday, both days with low humidity, temperatures are in the middle 70s. if you are heading out toward the east coast, this is what awaits you sunday, mostly sunny sky, with a big daytona ahundred. i don't think they will have much of an issue there. a little more cloud cover than just because it will be revail prevailing throughout the next several days. by tuesday, that's when i am tracking the next cold front. it will move in tuesday and it will last through wednesday. showers and thunderstorms as i see it right now it does not look like a severe weather event.
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handle on that. it looks like showers and storms and we begin to clear out, cooler temperatures back by the later part of next week. let's get back on the roads here. we are starting off behind the wheel of the live drive cam. he's on 275, over in penelis county. traffic starting to pick up but still your average speed about 70 miles per hour there from bridge to bridge, down to howard franklin. good morning, brandonment we are taking a look at your area, no crashes or break downs on the majors throughout brandon and i-75 looking great again up to speed, in both directions. all right. let's check some of testify drive times on major roads. we are starting off at u.s. 19. this is southbound from tampa road to east bay. it is taking 12 minutes still in green on the veterans, 18 minutes from a4 to 275 and just 4 minutes on dell from fletcher down to waters. >> back to you.
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as we keep up to date on the morning traffic we are going in depth to look at the major projects aimed at easing track around the bay area. here are the top three traffic projects in our area. number one is i-275 between downtown tampa and the courtney campbell causeway. the state d.o.t. is proposing four new tollways here. number two, memorial highway, the plan is to put two express lanes at the south end heading to the airport. number three, i-4 east of downtown, over the 50th, over to otherth street. the plan there is to add two express lanes. >> right now, hillsboro county commissioners are looking for ways to pay for all of these project, half a cent sales tax, increasing the sales tax and lastly adding more tolls. of course driver versus mixed feelings about last idea. >> they took talk about raising
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is going to help situation but i am skeptical about -- toll roads are great ideas if they're in right places. >> it will cost $2.35 billion currently none of these projects is fully funded. even if funding does come through for the three project, it is expected to take fiver to ten years to complete them. 11 until can have. you may have seen this video of an out of control helicopter crashing near the u.s. arizona memorial in hawaii and pearl harbor: it is unclear what caused it but it is incredible video to watch. five people were on board. three were hurt, one critical. they describeed it panic as the helicopter approached them. >> but then it started coming really low and straight at me. and it is out of place and not normal. >> i turned and said do those land on water because that looks like it is coming and then within a second, somebody yelled to get down and we just
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>> some nearby witnesses jumped in water to help pull out the victims. it is not clear, again, what caused the crash. updating a story at 11:00. portland, oregon police confirming one person died when the car they were driving plunged off of a bring into the river. the car was submerged under 25 feet of water. crews pulled it car out of the water but as they did, the victim's body fell scout drifted downstream. authorities don't know what caused the driver to crash. >> [ music ] police are boycotting queen b, the message some say beyonce is sending that's sparking a buy cot. >> we have the races coming up. i will tell you the streets closed and of course how to get around them. >> it is superimportant to get around them. it is going be warm but we will have details as far as what you can expect, traffic and weather
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>> are happening that weekend so there will be road closures both saturday and sunday morning for those races. you can expect to be closed all the way up to plat street.
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the road starts closing and keep in mind that there be some closures, everyone wants to know how should we dress. what sweat, sweatshirt. > 5k, 15k, what's going to happen. >> usually we run the 5k with the family but we have a commitment. we can't do it this year. >> that's all right. i will watch from my balcony. >> it is going to be nice. look at these nice folks here. everyone is in fantastic shape here. runners of course you like the overcast skys and temperatures in the 60s but we are in florida right. we are not going to 62 by time we get into 9:00 a.m. everything starts early. we will be in 50s, 7:04, and we will climb back up into the mid 70s key here this is happen being low humidity as you would
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and comfortable for everyone participate for both saturday and into sunday. i see it, i want it. i dream it. i work hard this is the performance still at the center of a nationwide controversy right now. this morning a miami police union is vowing to boycott working security the union is calling. >> divides americans by promoting the black panters and antipolice messagement a spokesperson for the police department say it is union. has a right to say what he wants but the department is make it clear this will not translate into police officers not working the job. >> beyonce's tour is set to begin on april 27th at marlins park.
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star, they make their way here to florida. >> it was a hit last night with hundreds filling the streets for in downtown hoping to catch a glimpse of the famous brothers. actor danny couldn't make it. it is the first restaurant to have families in south. they hosted an invitation only street party for the public. >> 5:56. four minutes until 6:00 a convenience so in of us enjoy spark a fire that destroyed this fancy ride the feature that crews are blaming for this charred mess. >> plus are you hungry for breakfast? check out mcdonald spin on the chicken and waffles.
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teacher is sitting behind bars facing child sex chans. stacey listed as a teacher at hillgusta in sea bring, but based on the jail records. the victim is between 12 and 16. hook also be in court later this morning and of course we will follow up on that throughout the day today. meanwhile, thank you for joining us on this friday morning. >> of course we are watching traffic for you and ivan with a look at what is the start of a pretty nice day. >> a fantastic kick off to start of the weekend. we are tracking another front. i know, kind of downer here. temperatures are 50s, clear sky, wind is east-northeast. that will put an extra chill. just like yesterday you will need the jacket as you head out the door. otherwise looks good. we will be in sub shine, full sunshine by lunchtime, around 707-degrees and we are going climb into the mid 70s. we will detail the weekend. there's a lot going on, not
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bay but we will check in on what's going on on the other side of the peninsula which is important for sun, but let's check in and see if we are racing off to work, in pretty good shape. so far i haven't heard you say anything that's going to -- >> you shouldn't have any trouble, we will go to live drive cam on the veterans expressway. we do have construction going on this weekend on the veterans, a possible complete road closure, northbound veterans at gun. so be prepared for that over week end, overnight hours, and also, it will be closed all weekend long in both directions. so you will want to use gun instead. all right. we are also keeping an eye on your bridges. this is what it looks like at the tampa side of the howard franklin bridge, up to speed in both directions. let's check the drive times to see exactly how long it is taking to get into hillsboro. all three are in the green.


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