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tv   Action News at 5AM  ABC  February 26, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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the gunman that shot up a kansas factory has close ties to florida. what we are learning about the shooter this morning and his surprising conversation mow mens before he opened fire. >> this guy is a choke artist, this guy is a liar. factors. >> the insults get personal at the republican president candidates point fingers and >> >> good morning, thanks for waking up with us on this friday. >> never a dull moment. >> colder out there, but less windy. it will feel nicer going to your car or bus or wherever are headed to. it's cool cold, we have temperatures in some spots in the 40s. we are not done as far as drop in temperatures over the next
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we begin the warming trend, that won't happen until sunday. 54 in tampa. but, the 40s, there are a few out there, for you as you would expect across the coast. brooksville, zephyr hills across the interior, 40 degrees and we are generally in the 40s and 50s, but there is no wind chill. it's not significant wind out there like yesterday as the front barrels through, look what happens here, 61 by lunchtime. 62 by the commute, that's all we are going to muster. temperatures in the low 60s, setting the stage for a colder night, we'll talk about that in a few minutes, let's check in with janelle. >> reporter: fhp is on the scene of what they are calling a fatal crash. lake alfred area in polk county. this is south of i4, one westbound lane affected, so not a huge traffic problem, but you will see a lot of flashing lights, use some caution if you
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>> the other trouble spot, convocation in clear water, chestnut closed from fort harrison to myrtle avenue starting from 5:00 am this morning through tomorrow at noo this week, they are finishing up here, expecting to wrap it up early on saturday, instead of sunday as they initially planned. back to you. >> >> two minutes after 5:00. breaking news overnight after the shooting inside of a cans is factory. this morning, four people, including the gunman are dead at excel industries, a company that makes lawn mowers, 14 people were injured in the attack, now, we know the shooter, cedric ford lived in miami in 2011. he worked as a painter at that plant. he had a lengthy criminal record going back to the 1990s.
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minutes after the shooting began. detectives believe a previous incident appeared to be the motive, but one co-worker said he couldn't tell anything was wrong before the shooting. >> i started to talk to him. he was telling me about the truck that he just bought that i actually helped him get. he was talking about it we went in, clocked in, went to work like a normal day. >> meanwhile, officers have gone to the suspect's home. they said they heard music, but no one answered the door. >> >> president obama is going to visit a jacksonville battery plant. build with money from his 2009 stimulus package. in democracy 2016, republicans offer their final fighting words, wrapping up to
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yelling and insults ahead of tuesday. donald trump stressed he is not a politician. stressing that's a good thing, calling politicians all talk and no action. marco rubio had a big night, standing his ground and coming hard after trump and ripping his position on immigration and business failures, ted cruz joined in as well, questioning trump's conservative credentials. at many points, it was hard to hear what anyone was saying. attacks between trump, cruz and rubio, some other candidates wanted in on the fight. case. >> >> one at a time, governor, you have the floor.
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but i promised governor casick he could respond. >> can somebody attack me, please? >> one of the funniest moments in the night. you hear ben carson jumping in, asking for someone to attack him. >> people say that i whine a lot because i done get time. i'm going to whine because i didn't asked about taxes. i didn't get asked about israel. you said you were going to be fair to anybody. you didn't ask me about taxes. i had something to say about that. >> coming up at 5:30, everyone had a lot to say. all of the debates we have fact checked, this one stood out. new this morning, we are making phone calls right now, trying to fine out from manatee county deputies if a man
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victimized a bay area child. he uploaded the pornographic picture from his home. authorities are still searching his house for any more evidence in this case. >> >> meanwhile, in hernan doe county, a 21-year-old accused of touching and exposing himself in front of a teen-age girl and her nine-year-old mart. >> i was disgusted and shocked parking lot. >> reporter: it happened, when they tried to get away, the suspect followed them. carol was arrested shortly after. he is out of jail, after posting $5,000 bond. >> >> this morning, tampa police are trying to find out woe was behind the wheel of this truck, a stolen truck that crashed into that building when we first brought you the breaking news after it happened at 6:00, chestnut boulevard. some of the apartments were evacuated due to a gas leak after that crash.
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>> >> in clearwater, firefighters rushed to help two people out of a burning motor home. both safely escaped. two cats were inside. only one survived. >> >> the zika virus, concerning here in florida where three pregnant women tested positive for the disease. a case study found a pregnant woman's baby died seven months into the pregnancy. autopsy showed that the fetus reportedly had no brain scientists have died it to a condition where babies are born >> >> this morning, hundreds of allegiant airline passengers are finally at their
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came to a scary stop the pilot heard a loud boom, passengers said they weren't sure what was going on, but the boom was so loud, it shook the plane. >> the left wing and heard a large boom that shook the plane. it was obviously an engine malfunction. >> all passengers are put on a different plane several hours later. no one was hurt, but investigators are still looking technical malfunction. >> >> in another airline emergency from 2014 when a u. s. airways flight slammed onto the run way during takeoff in philadelphia. this morning, ntsb is blaming the pilots, saying the copilot entered wrong information into the computer. the the airlines said it has since changed training and >> >> a six week old puppy that
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finally has a loving home. the pup was shot 18 times from a bb gun. utility worker in south carolina found the puppy last weekend and called police. because the dog is so young, anesthesia is too risky and the vet denieded not to operate. the family of a little girl that suffers from anxiety issues is adopting the puppy named roady. this comes right on time, her therapy dog died last month. when she heard roady's story, she knew the two were meant for each other. >> i lost my buddy woodrow. i thought i lost half of my heart. that half of my heart is back. he boat it back to me. >> police have arrested two teens in connection with this
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welcome back it's 5:14, on the dot. 54 degrees. under mostly clear skies. winds are down, not as chilly out there. we'll get details on the forecast in a few minutes. >> >> the nfl is taking a domestic abuse case to a grand jury. it's against johnny manziel of the cleveland browns. university of missouri assistant professor fired for clashing with a student
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in documents released melissa click insists her actions were often mischaracterized. her run ins with police during october protests and student journalists weeks later. she called for some muscle to move the journalist away. she can appeal the university's decision. >> >> good morning, still a cool start out there, yesterday, chilly. i showed you this map yesterday, we are running 15-20 degrees colder take a look at this, some spots only runs one to are or two degrees colder tan yesterday, look at this clung of pupping between brooksville, and zephyr hills, running 10-15 degrees colder, putting us into the lower 40s. chilly depending on where you are. we have the range where we get milder temperatures along the beaches an the coastline with 50s and 60s and across the
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us -- by the way, on doppler radar, picking up a few clouds, rolling in. a couple of sprinkles i think it's so dry they will evaporate before they hit the ground. cloud cover, bringing morning clouds, making for spectacular sunrise, taking some snaps of those on facebook and twitter, temperatures in the mid-to upper 50s as we head through the remainder of this morning and low 60s is all we'll be able to manage as we get into the afternoon. high temperatures, today, low to mid-60s. pick your spot and there it is, cool, less wind that will be patchy frost. 30s and low 40s. a sleeping kind of day for saturday morning and low 60s, still cool saturday afternoon. but look at sunday. low 70s, beginning the warming trend as we head through early next week, mid-and upper 70s. next rain chance not coming in until late wednesday night and into thursday.
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i think a couple of areas that i had to detour this morning. let's find out if we have construction issues, here is january el is janel to tell you about that. >> >> we are looking great, i275. no crashes or breakdowns. getting on the instate, it will take you six minutes to head towards the howard franklin. veteran's looking good, construction on the veterans, in the clearing stages. no trouble, 17 minutes from 54 to 275 down there at the bottom. six minutes. >> >> thanks, parents in cleveland a nervous wreck. they are on high alert for a man woe is targeted little
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the man reportedly tried pulling a 10-year-old girl out of her bedroom window but she broke free and ran to her father's bedroom screaming. police believe this is the same man that approached three girls hours later. parents say they cannot rest until that man is caught. >> it's important he gets caught. >> make sure your kids are aware there is danger out there. >> police are working with the fbi to find the suspect. they are asking for surveillance video from homeowners an businesses in the area and police are increasing
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more trouble for a major retailer. >> kohl's closing 18 stores. >> the list will be revealed next month. employees will be offered work in other stores. >> volkswagen is facing a march 24th deadline to say whether they have found an emission fix that is acceptable to regulators. >> time is running out for the german automaker. >> >> and this one is for you. war bi's going vegetarian, leap day.
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first ever vegetarian menu monday. no meat alternatives to all of its usual meaty sandwiches. >> the usual menu will be
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the ride home from school is made extra special every day for one busful of kids in ohio. >> one elderly woman makes it her mission to be there when the school bus doors open. doris has been waving hello to the kids on the school bus for five years. it all started when her granddaughter road the bus. now, her granddaughter goes to a different school she said the kids on the bus love seeing her so she keeps doing it. when she made it to 88 years old, the kids had a special
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& & happy birthday to you & & >> i was so shocked. >> she said she never missed a day. as long as she can walk out there, she will keep on going out there to say "hello" to the bus full of kids. >> >> coming up, who is looking into the clear water couple accused of falsely reporting their child missing. >> >> tampa's newest addition to the river walk will be welcomed this style. coming up, the pirate water taxi and how you can get onboard. >> >> good morning, everybody, you are looking live at the courtney campbell cause way. no problems there, only taking eight minutes to cross the bridge. coming un, we'll check your
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night's republican debate, but were they truthful. the candidates called each other out and now, we are calling out the candidates with >> >> christening the new pirate water taxi in downtown tampa. up. together. cool this morning, not as windy, >> and it's cool for us. that's the thing, if you are visiting from up north -- 50s, right now, we are going to get a little cooler in the next few nights, temperatures dropping into the 30s an the potential for patchy frost. don't worry, we'll do less and less of this as we get in march. monday, of course, leap monday, the 29th. interesting stuff. 40s across the interior, low 50s in pockets, but right along


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