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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 28, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> a disturbing scene as a man tries to stop a truck that's dragging his toddler. >> he was standing there with a toddler on a scooter. >> the man's worst fear turns to sheer relief. . it's the social experiment about young brides in the ugs. >> which blew my mind. >> why new yorkers aren't going to let this old groom off the hook. she's six months old and -- >> this puppy is way under weight. >> what's vets saw on the x-ray that saved the dog's life.
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pays on a first date. willing, but the wallet is empty. >> and he's going to the bathroom and never coming back. >> here's evidence that people will protect their children at all costs. the next video i'm about to show could have done to see this coming. >> oh, no. >> oh, my gosh. >> that's exactly the dad's sentiment. you see him run up to the truck and just start beating the front of the truck. he was standing there with his toddler on a scooter when this bottle carrier comes into the frame and completely rolls over the bike. >> it looks like the truck wanted to go wide. and i guess the bike was on the inside. there are huge blind spots in these trucks. >> yeah, but where's the baby? where's the child? >> brace yourself.
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>> yes, way. crawling out from under the truck. >> can you imagine the relief. >> i'd have to go home and breathe into a bag. >> the desperation. you can see the father realize that he wasn't going to be able to stop the truck. his only option was to run up to the cab and get the guy to stop. >> tell me it doesn't get worse. >> there's more. this time, in ukraine, this kid is about to dart into the street. >> oh, no. >> he made it. i think dad made it, but he took it. >> dad, like, >> dad scooped up the child. luckily, everybody survived both of these situations. >> you can see the desperation running, chasing after that kid. >> what this is is a video example of a parenting instinct of putting yourself in danger to save your children. >> thanks for those videos. >> you're welcome.
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say that this is probably my favorite one because it actually talks about a very serious issue. >> recently saw a video online about how child marriage is legal in almost 91 countries. turns out it can be as low as 12 years old in some states. so we wanted to do a social experiment. >> he got this 65-year-old man to walk around new york city with a 12-year-old bride. posing as the photographer. you see people looking over being very disturbed. >> i feel everyone's kind of rationalizing it in their head. >> i'm wondering if anybody thinks that this might be a first communion thing. >> but the actress they got is playing a very unhappy person. but this woman goes up to the couple asking where her mom is. >> where's her mom?
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>> you're marrying her? >> everybody was shock when they're told that the parents gave permission to do this. very few got involved. when they did know, they were very upset about it. >> she's 12. >> how old are you? >> 65. >> in new york, girls can actually get married as young as 14 years old. but this girl is 12. so this in that state is actually illegal. >> you know this isn't right, right? >> this woman gets involved, but she is not stepping down. nor is she going to leave this girl there with this man. >> do you want to do this? >> the actors stick to the story. the woman then decides i'm taking her with me straight to the police station. she grabs the girl by the arm and actually pulls her away. >> i love strong, american women like that. >> another set of guys also decide they're not going to leave this girl there, either! are you okay with this? >> yes. >> i don't think so, sir. >> no, no. you're coming with me.
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he's going to the police. >> we could have totally started a riot here. in times square. this many people crowded around. it could have gotten ugly. >> this last guy is so upset about this. >> are you [expletive] kidding me? >> parents' permission? >> yes. >> you did notice that a security man walked upright mind him and right as the video ends, you can see the guy is putting his hands on the little man and that's when the security man comes in and probably reveals to him it's just a social experiment. >> well, this is just a social experiment. but, this is all too real. >> yeah, this is happening to thousands and thousands of girls all over the world and it's not fair. tesh tesla is a quick car.
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time decided to test the tesla model s with the tesla model x, the suv. >> this is at, like, ludicrous speed. >> both of these cars in the ludicrous mode is not a joke. this is a real thing. you go into the software of the car and you can select ludicrous. it's basically the own launch control, as some other high power cars have. >> they couldn't think of anything better than ludicrous mode? >> the model x makes his wife, who's never done this before, look like a race car driver. watch those lights.
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jumped the light that's why she's so far ahead. the husband wasn't ready this time. wife disappears without him. on that ride, she set the world record. 116 miles per hour. they claim it's the world record for the quickest production suv. now, race three, it's fair. a little bit of screech, but those cars took up quick. the model x just barely walking ahead a little bit. the model s takes this one, but not by mump. .19 second margin. >> this is pretty incredible. >> this incredibly emaciated dog is way under weight.
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a veterinarian took an x-ray and they saw something in her stomach. she ate a portion of a hanger. they didn't know what it was when they x-rayed her. >> you could actually feel a very long piece of something that felt metal or plastic inside of her. >> with a very delicate operation, they cut into her stomach. >> oh, my god. how did she get it in her belly. >> the doctors say puppies will try to eat anything that resembles human food. she says the dog is 20 inches, nose to tail. that portion of hanger, 8 inches. the vet says she had to cut it in half to get it out. it pulled her stop mach down into her pelvic area. >> even if i had seen a hanger on the floor, i wouldn't think
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>> it's amazing that the dog was able to swallow that. >> as you can see right here, she came through it just fine. she came in weighing 11 pounds. now, indy is 22 pounds. and, as you can see, she's surviving. if you are in the detroit area, she's at the michigan humane society, detroit center for animal care. and she need a for ever home. >> a wedding where the rings are delivered by a drone. the moment you can tell what the mother of the bride is thinking. plus, pros take speed riding to another level. >> this is what we call a spectator. >> you see the epic trick that is will have you saying nice. meet the piadina the newest addition to olive garden's lunch duos menu paired with your choice of unlimited soup or salad starting at just $6.99 think of it as a quesadilla that speaks fluent italian
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the tough combination of skiing and high performance wind. when you put them in the hands of experts like these guys, you end up with something incredible. as they show, the winning team, it doesn't matter if it's a mountain, a valley, a town, a lake, you can attack it epically. >> this is what we call a spectator. >> yeah, well. some of it is incredible. some of it is attacking this and cutting down and looping off. it's going down the mountain into what i'm going to call the death star run. it's awesome. >> these guys are completely in camera. how about a bit of a barrel roll. >> okay. now, a ski resort with some
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>> starting from the top of the mountain, the guy's head is downtown. just there and then start heading through the town at high speeds. this could be one of the best ski flying videos we've ever seen on this show. >> i would have to agree with you. >> no time for these guys as they shoot straight through. and one final trick with the lake beautiful country side. touchdown. speed ready. >> technology is changing the way we live our lives. they're changing customs, they're changing traditions, like this one. used to be a day when you got married, you had the flower girl and the ring bearer, a cute little kid with a little pillow in his hand walking down the
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not anymore. that cute little kid has been replaced by a drone. this was at the nuptials of amy and kevin. and you can see on the split screen. there's the drone. >> oh, my gosh. >> there's the happy couple on stage and they reach for the ring. had a little bit of an issue >> that's the thing about the boy and the girl. usually, they get a bit lost and they start crying. but at least they can't injure you. this thing can do some pretty >> but the thing is, nothing happened. it was picture perfect. the person operating the drone was the best man. i get the novelty of this. it's okay, cool. but it's not as cute as a little it's like a highlight at a wedding. they are going be sloppy and you
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it's videos like this that make me wish i had a son. some day i'm going to turn 50 and i wan a cool present. >> i wanted to buy him a corvette. >> that's lance stuart who went to this dealership and looked at a number of different cars and eventually settled on this gorgeous corvette. it is just brilliant. 2016 model. glt hey >> hey, dad, i've got a surprise for you. >> it's a corvette. brand new, 2016. >> immediately, dad is, like, ha, ha, ha. >> better not be a prank. >> i just bought you this brand new car for your birthday. happy birth day, dad.
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now, i know you're wondering what you want to know. this lance stuart kid. lance has 5.7 million followers on vine, 3.5 billion loops meaning views. here's a view clip. >> all right. so he throws one more in. this one is particularly one i like. taking his grandma for a ride in his audi. you can see, that's where he's found success. next time you tell your kid to get off of social media, you better think twice. this guy here got a corvette out of it. >> dad, near speechless, gets in the car. still wiping the tears away from his eyes.
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i loved all of it. >> yeah, day're in this cave after they've gone through this waterfall. something besides the waterfall is falling. they turn the camera around to get a shot of themselves and that's when it begins. a snake. >> just behind. >> and the cameras, too. they were both looking up. did they just happen to spot them? or were they falling on them? >> that's why they looked up. they said what's that falling on us besides water. >> this water is awfully chunky. >> speaking of bloody scary, check out what this guy found in brazil.
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home. that thing has come over and curled up. this guy, of course, he just reaches his hand out. >> idiot. idiot. idiot. >> don't close your eyes. >> oh, that was so stupid. i cannot believe he had the gumption to walk up to that thing and lay his hands on it. even if he just got bit. the bite on a python could do some serious damage. >> do you still wonder who should pick up the check on the first date? the answer is the dude should pay. that's it. simple as that. but what happens when he forgets his wallet. >> he's going to the bathroom
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forever. >> that's embarrassing. >> that is.
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these two jokers are lucky because they don't have to worry about the first date anymore. yes, there are always these questions, what do you wear? what do you do? do you kiss on the first date? but the big question is should he pay? >> well, we put out a series of videos on relationships. and the first one is who should pay on the first date. >> the dude should pay.
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ton of money, then don't choose an expensive restaurant. >> maybe she's all about equality. hey, hey, hey, i can pay my own. leave the door open and then you get to be a gentleman. >> let me pay. >> i asked you out. with her offering. i do that all of the time. sometimes, with some guys, they feel like if they pay, they need something in return and, so, if you offer to pay, then sometimes you ain't getting nothing. >> okay. i make more than you. it's my treat. >> you don't make more than me. >> she dropped a bomb right there. i make more money. let me pay. >> there's condescending attitude going on here. that's not okay, either. >> it doesn't need to be a big issue, either. if she wants to offer to pay, fine, pay. >> if this is your biggest
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you've got bigger problems. >> there shouldn't be a second date. >> now he can't find his wallet. now he's going to the bathroom and never coming back. >> now, that doesn't happen. >> oh, it happens. >> how did that make you feel? >> great. i was out of there. >> or you could just, you know, spend the 30 bucks. >> that made me uncomfortable. >> these young folks today, i don't know. let him pay. >> seriously, we could just do that. >> thanks for watching. for more delicious, good videos just like momma used to make,
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lake park has transformed into a forest filled with storybook characters. it is offering. the shuttles depart from cruise lake middle school.
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the arena on march 2. women's mentoring event happening nationwide. birds bred for fighting in hillsborough county. the men responsible busted up this morning. democratic candidate hillary clinton emerges victorious in south carolina bernie sanders is bowing to fight. the focus on super tuesday. exciting night. tonight the service oscars. >> we will get to all of the


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