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tv   Action News Weekend Edition at 6AM  ABC  February 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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the arena on march 2. women's mentoring event happening nationwide. birds bred for fighting in hillsborough county. the men responsible busted up this morning. democratic candidate hillary clinton emerges victorious in south carolina bernie sanders is bowing to fight. the focus on super tuesday. exciting night. tonight the service oscars. >> we will get to all of the
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first bill logan with the most accurate forecast. looking really good. we are expecting temperatures to warm back up to near normal and that is great news because yesterday while it was cool on the outside we had plenty of sunshine. yours truly got a little bit warm. the sunshine, more than i bargained for. things are checking out clear right now on titan doppler radar. this will give us a little bit of a milky look to the sky and maybe high cirrus clouds. 49 tampa right now, not as cool certainly we're seeing an abundance of 40 degree readings. 46 clearwater, 45 hudson.
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auburndale and arcadia 41. we will watch it warm-up today into the mid to upper 60s and low 70s but later on this afternoon. will have a look at the forecast and breaking it down at showing you where it will get warmer into the work week coming up. hillsborough county, we are waiting to learn more about the man killed after his boat capsized in a plant city pond. he and another man were on a small boat near turkey creek road when it started taking on water and one man swam to safety but the other did not make it. divers later found his body. investigators have not identified the voters. hillsborough county deputies busted a large cockfighting ring. deputies seized dozens of birds
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deputies found a scoreboard and trophies on the property. authorities believe if i was about to happen as deputies closed-end. >> i didn't expect it. it seemed like a good neighborhood. >> the crowd gathered at the cockfighting ring when the deputies arrived. no arrests have been made so far. the sheriff will continue to investigate. deputies acted quickly to address this man, joshua thomas, and an attempted armed robbery. he demanded money but ended up running off at the chevron station. the deputy tracked this man down. he is suspected of robbing a hours earlier. he is locked up now.
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stephen milliron, a worker hit by a car, passed away. the accident happened at -- five weeks ago. he was crossing the street in the crosswalk at 2nd avenue, north and penn st., north. he lost his balance friday night and hospice. we are waiting to find out if the driver will face charges. an update on the kidnapping of his two-month-old from fort lauderdale. the search came to an end near orlando. taraji kemp down say. authorities caught up with this woman, stefanie augustine and in fort pierce yesterday, 100 miles later. baby taraji was down live in an apartment in orange county. no word on what augustine's involvement could be that only she is a person of interest and
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racist ideals and opposition came to a head in southern california. ku klux klan rally turned violent and cameras captured it all. [ null ] members announce the rally in anaheim and a larger group of anti-protesters showed up for sparkling a [ null ] arrived tempers flare. police are still searching for some of the people involved. officers say video indicates that anti-klan protesters attacked first. forcing [ null ] members to defend themselves. three people were stabbed and 13 people arrested. one victim was stabbed with a flagstaff and is in critical condition. utah, and rest for salt lake city. police shot a 16-year-old boy.
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rocks at officers and yelled obscenities. a 16-year-old was shot by police saturday and appears to have sparked the unrest. the teenager and a man got into an argument and the teenager holding up a piece of broomstick refused to put it down been ordered. witnesses say the teenager was shot twice by police and remains in the hospital the incident remains under investigation. a tragic shooting this morning. virginia police officer gunned down, her first day on the job. authorities in prince william county near washington dc said it happened during a domestic incident. a standoff followed and printed was shot and killed. officer pointed was just sworn in on friday. a woman was killed in connection with the incident. one person is in custody.
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a countdown on to super tuesday. the candidates will be out campaigning today with stops in key states. bernie sanders is working overtime after losing in south carolina. marcy gonzales recaps a big weekend in politics. >> reporter: celebrating a victory. in south carolina hillary clinton beating delegates and momentum. >> the big win in south carolina means a big win in the southern states on super tuesday. bernie sanders can then some states but if he doesn't went decisively it would be impossible for him to catch up. >> bernie sanders conceding here but insisting his campaign is far from over. >> over 800 delegates are at stake and we intend to run it. >> focusing on super tuesday and beyond and going after gop front runner donald trump. >> a leading candidate for president spends half his time
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>> we will diffie trump because the american people do not want a president who insults mexicans, muslims. >> trump the target of relentless attacks from marco rubio. >> con artist. friends, don't let friends vote for con artists. >> the insults grow right back by trump. >> i watched the lightweight rubio with a little map on him. >> and chris christie was right by his side on the campaign trail. third attempt to launch a rocket mission at the florida's space coast. a falcon nine rocket set to blast off at set to blast off
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spacex hopes to land it in the ocean. a feat that has ended and explosive failures four times. the company has been trying to pull off this mission since wednesday. monday will be the backup day. hollywood's biggest night just hours away now. >> i can't wait to see. we are the actors looking for a first- time win and an update on the controversy that has some of hollywood sitting the show out. the gators took a big hit why is this different for jason lied.
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welcome back. it is crunch time for hollywood preparing for the biggest award shall.>> buzz about actors who could strike group for the first time but also controversy over who wasn't nominated. celebrities choosing to set the show out. >> warren lister is in hollywood. >> reporter: [ indiscernible ]. cgi bear.
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post-apocalyptic warriors. and wall street traders. just a few of the characters facing off in tonight's academy awards. nominated films this year taking audiences from a single room to the newsroom. back in time to past and to the scene at the ceremony has days. the red carpet rolled out. the governors ball after party getting decked out. later this evening to find out which of the films were deemed the best. >> nobody has any idea who will when best picture. this is a muddled unpredictable year. >> it is leo's year. there is no way he doesn't pick up the award for his role in the revenant. >> leonardo dicaprio has been nominated five times but has yet to snag a statue. best actress includes past
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brie larson snagged the guild and golden globe awards. hot topic fisher, who wasn't nominated. a lack of diversity generating boycotts of new and controversial #oscars silverlight. people waiting to hear how this -- chris rock will deal with the. >> you will mention it and joke about it. >> presenters go beyond hollywood stars including vice president joe biden awaiting gas. 1500 bottles of champaign and 16,000 ft.2 of red carpet. warren lister. you see a lot of movies. have you seen all the bugs nominated? been i have seen most of them but i think leonardo dicaprio will take it. >> that there didn't have been a good lines. >> i liked spotlight.
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>> i liked bridge of spies. you can't go wrong with tom hanks. >> one thing that is not a longshot today is son on the way. it is dark out there right now. the sun comes up in a minute before seven. by later on today loads of sun. if you are going to be outside take my advice, i will take my advice you need the sunblock. still a chill out there right now. readings in the 40s. in perform this afternoon into the mid-70s and more warmth into the week. by tuesday pushing 80. right now we are clear and there are a few clouds showing up from the west. blowing an admin levels. these are not going to be rainmakers. 45 right now in lakeland. 36 inverness.
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39 bartel. 47 winter haven. checking into the metro, 49 tampa. 43 brandon. st. petersburg, 52. northern part of the state, temperatures down into the 30s. 35 gainesville, 33 tallahassee. look at the temperatures across the southeast. san luis 55 right now. 39 atlanta. 45 new orleans. milder air moving in behind this area of high pressure and high pressure continuing to give us predominantly northeast winds. light winds today will mean a nice warm up. once again we will see clouds stream in from the west at mid
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today or tomorrow. we watch temperatures go from the low 50s into the low to mid- 70s by later on. while there may be a few clouds we will see mostly cloudy skies for the most part on the sunny day. 62 is the gulf water temperature. expect the winds to go northeast and we will develop a sea breeze by later on as the land areas heat up. watch the winds come off of the gulf of mexico. light chop on the bay and inland . there is the uv index, very high category, time to burn between 30 and 45 minutes on unprotected skin. try to get that uv protection, it will help. low tide at 1011 a and. -- 10:11 am. sun is up just before 11.
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warmth today and tomorrow and into tuesday. tuesday, 78 in tampa. we could see 80s further inland and polk county. don't be surprised if we may become close to records by later on. could get a friend on wednesday and will things off at the end of the work week. next weekend looks pretty swell. we can sports were the first half of the weekend, here is thanks for stopping by. this time last year the combine he's making one of the toughest decisions of his career. jame's winston marcus marietta. this time around jason licht the draft most notably on defense. defensive and/or quarterback with that selection. jason licht will find his new
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today will be key for light. unlike last year jason licht is ahead of the scouting game thanks to having his franchise quarterback. >> i have been able to spend a lot more time watching players and more players this time of year than i was last year. but i have been able to get ahead of the game more this time instead of focusing on two players. for the ice, we don't know until later the condition of victor hedman left hand. he took a puck off his hand on friday night in new jersey. he returned the one more shift before leaving for good. john cooper said friday night that he wasn't overly concerned about hedman's injuries.
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devils. they have now won five straight . stanko's may be a streaky scorer but he is scoring at the perfect time during the bruins playoff push. >> he has gone through spurts where it are nine out of 10 games he doesn't have a girl and that he can go through spurts where he can have 12 and 10 games but he is playing the right way and playing hard. it is confidence when they start growing and for you to get in the mojo and that is what he has. >> two weeks from now the ncaa tournament brackets will be out. schools beginning their journey to houston. which florida school has the best shot at making it. the answer is miami. hurricanes are the only brand team to pull out a statement when yesterday. against louisville. they put in a final run to take
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to three triple and they will beat the cardinals 73-65. north carolina lost in virginia last night. the tar heels are tied for the first place in the acc. a loss against vanderbilt later for julio. gators facing lsu with ben simmons. simmons has a lane and with a wicked dunk, gators down at 18 but they come right back. gators now down by 2. down the stretch to win, 96-91. florida state has to remain on top to have any chance to going to the big game. notre dame hosted last night for the half.
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triple. snapping a five-game losing streak. stomach that is the morning
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hollywood's biggest night hours away and those winning
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information inside is a very high priority to protect that. for 82 years price waterhouse coopers has counted the ballots and they did again this year. they never made a mistake. all the paper and online ballots were out -- tallied in an and disclosed location. there is an alarm system biometric locks and no internet access. 18 counted all 24 categories by hand. >> we consolidate everything. we recount that. we will stuff the envelope enclosing and seal it with the red. >> the 24 winning envelopes and a duplicate set will be loaded into two briefcases and locked in a ball into tonight. when they will be opened life on abc. we told you about the countdown to super tuesday. florida's primary is over two weeks away but early voting begins in three bay area counties.
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soto. all 11 bay area counties are posted on abc action if you haven't made up your mind yet there is a great to help you pick your presidential candidate. it is called i side this quiz lets you go on in depth as you want but the main issues of course are the political races. when it is done it tells you which candidate you side with the most. simply had our website, abc action stomach still to come, they are marketing as a healthy alternative to smoking. >> exploding e cigarettes. two things you have to do to
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i am riding dan hicken. deputies are looking for people connected to a cockfighting ring in libya. dozens of birds seized. some alive and some dead. also spurs, and a scoreboard seized and trophies on the property. a crowd gathered as it was broken up and deputies arrived. anyone with information should call the sheriff. a big win mac for hillary clinton in south carolina primary. the candidate defeated bernie sanders with 75% of the vote. this gives clinton momentum heading toward super tuesday. bernie is bowing to fight on. a face tax bracket will blast off -- spacex rocket will blackout tonight. the company also hopes to land
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the atlantic ocean. it is a feat that has ended in explosive failures four times before. the company has been trying to pull this mission off since wednesday. monday will be the backup date if it is scrubbed for a third time. if you are still in bed and all cuddled up you may want to take extra time because another chilly morning. when i was locking my car it felt really call. >> yesterday or today? >> i thought today was going to be warmer but it felt just as cold. >> it is not warm everywhere. >> warm congratulations to sarasota man, billboards and his team, captured the longest python in this year's hunt. here is the snake. the python measured 15 feet long and weighed 125 pounds. he also captured the most snakes
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the python challenge ended a few weeks ago. the totals came in yesterday. 106 snakes were caught which is great news. big number up from last year. these are an invasive species but we are told by folks in the know in the everglades that there could be exponentially more of those slithering nuisances down there in the a little bit of hayes out there right now. and as we take a look further off to the north our friend anthony sacco brings us the news from bridgette matter. where it is 34 degrees outside right now. still a chill in the air as we go through and take a look at some of the current temperatures around the region. 49 tampa. 46 clearwater. spring hill 42.
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auburndale 41. ellington 43. a little bit warmer in some areas but still chilly. looking like new with the up to temperatures in the 70s by later on. this reading right here, 63 degrees for tampa. overwatch for warmth continuing to the workweek. more details on the action weather forecast 15 minutes away. florida, three middle schoolers are facing felony poisoning charges accused of peppering their teachers soda. volusia county deputies say one of the girls was upset of any discipline she received and hatched a revenge plot. one student distracted the teacher and another grabbed the soda and a third dumped red pepper flakes in the drink. deputies say the teacher began
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the girls were arrested friday. the races on an hillsboro county to save the life of the racecar driver in their community. billy boyd in the hospital fighting leukemia and needs another bone marrow transplant. his family is turning to the community for help holding a drive to find a bone marrow match. his friends did not hesitate to help saying billy would have done the same thing. >> he has a huge hard. he is a family man. billy boyd do this for us as well. >> even if someone is not a match for billy they can still help. the bone marrow test is a mouth swap any bit of paperwork. to our website, abc action little leaguers hitting home runs for the homeless. the tampa bay legends spend their weekends giving out 200 care kits. their backs were two people
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shelters. kits included needs like to place, socks and blankets. members helped families raise money to pay for the care kits. authorities are renewing warnings about e cigarettes after multiple explosions. including one in florida. video out of naples shows a car swallowed by flames. firefighters say it was sparked everman was using the device when it exploded in her face leaving her missing teeth and similar story in kentucky. a man's pants went up in flames because of an e-cigarette in his pocket. an apartment fire was started by an e-cigarette that was charging. 90% of e-cigarette fires happen while charging so they say to only use usb devices provided by the manufacturer because the
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battery unlock the power button so it doesn't turn on in your pocket. chicago area home goes up in flames and the hoverboard is being blamed. >> dramatic video, cameras capturing the moment the hoverboard shorted out showing a fireball and the house filling up a small. two of the boards were sitting in a broom when a battery the family is urging anyone but the hoverboard to return it. consumer product safety commission is calling them unsafe. i-team update on the safety of color run offense. we told you about the rest of color packets. i second the area event increasing their safety measures for runners.
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used in these rounds can be flammable and sometimes have potential cancer-causing chemicals. that is what officials in largo stepped up safety measures for saturday's race. rules included limits on smoking, where the packets could be used and what was in the color. this is the second color race to change its safety measures. have you ever done one of those? >> i have done one. thankfully nothing bad has happened. take safety precautions. still to come, no secret in controversy. critics calling it oscar so a. >> the lack of diversity plus why some oscar producers are calling the show the most diverse ever. >> i was always the only brown kid.
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the pixar animator turned director by chance who is now
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wait until the end and ceo friends and then watch all of them. >> the oscars are tonight on abc action news station. in newburyport is in helping the people trying to fight what is being called the oscars so white image. >> describing the film industry as a white boys club. researchers looking at hundreds of movies from 2014 and tv shows from 2014 2015. >> 72% at the actors were speaking roles were white. behind the camera report down tv shows are better with ybor >> this is the second year that nominated for the acting awards
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producers is promising that despite that today show will be the most diverse ever. he says that includes more diverse centers. the academy is pledging to double the number of that -- women and minorities who vote on the pictures by 2014. you can watch them tonight. live coverage at 7:00. the latest dirty dining report is next and you are not roaches from the floor to the freezer, reported at a bay area restaurant.
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will come back. if you are eating breakfast you may want to stop. 65 live roaches crawling in the kitchen at the chinese restaurant shut down for three days. that is not the worst of it. >> our i-team uncovered, chicken prepared in the same sink where dishes are wash. this is wendy ryan's latest. >> reporter: have you ever been here before? >> note. >> jennifer aniston loves the suit. >> she is thinking twice about stepping into tom china on east hillsboro in tampa. after hearing inspector shut
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days after seeing over 65 live roaches crawling all over the kitchen. near the coastline, color, prep table, storage rack and think. >> there is no way i would go in there now. >> our i-team uncovering a follow-up inspection two weeks later discovered more live roaches and dishes being washed in the same sink with raw chicken being prepared. a stop sale was ordered with all 40 pounds of chicken thrown out. >> manager. >> i and the food manager. >> daily wang said he was there when the state closed their doors. >> did you see the roaches? >> yeah. i am in the restaurant. >> you saw them. >> they cleaned the kitchen thoroughly and we opened when
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problems existed before january with 127 violations were not in the last 10 months including no certified food safety manager on duty. not marked with a date with noodles. eggrolls at dangerous temperatures. >> everything is okay. >> wang felt the owner could better answer the rest of the questions. >> he can email me or call me. >> i can talk to him call you. >> jennifer waugh take a chance. she is going elsewhere for her next meal. >> the roaches are bad enough that the chicken thing is terrible. now to weather. we swallowed deeply and say let's go for a good day today. mainsail peaches lightning at the sky with a beautiful start. nobody on the beach today.
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don't forget your sunscreen. wanted to give you perspective as we check out social media feed. fourth -- floridians will be like it is 70 degrees and get the to close out. in canada they are playing in the snow with their short soft. it depends on where you are looking at things and the temperatures will be in the 70s today that we are breaking up with readings in the 40s so still a -- a chill in the air. later today we will be up into the 70s. 73 about where we should be for the normal this time of year. currently around the state readings in the 30s across the northern areas through gainesville. 35 in which manner. we saw a 33 degree reading. 46 orlando.
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seeing very warm temperatures to the southeast and even across into the plains states. 38 now in minneapolis. 34 billings. denver 43. denver. to chicago. partly cloudy skies into st. louis. warming into the northeast. comes onshore through seattle and brings showers and clouds. but for the most part into the eastern third of the country we're under high pressure. here's the system pulling and this may mean rain or snow for at the upper midwest but for us the high pressure is locked in. winds will die down today and that will allow us to warm. nothing coming in except a few high clouds from the west and nothing will bring any rain
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for highs will be near-normal. 73 tampa. cover through pinellas peninsula , water temperatures in the 60s. a high of 69% monroe county. warmer inland. 71 dade city. crystal river 70. 73 arcadia. were on the coast, dennis 66 degrees. great day yesterday in plant city. check out my facebook and twitter feed. i have a great video of the planes, trains and automobiles event. 73 degrees as we warm up to the day today. how about doing some grilling. it should be nice but later on. 5:00, as you take the stakes
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a nice night for downing -- dining outdoors. seven-day forecast, high of about 73 today. 74 tomorrow. pushing towards 80 by tuesday. then we get the front through with rain on wednesday announced by the end of the workweek. directing a movie is a big deal an even bigger when it is a movie about yourself. >> a character nominated for an oscar. jonathan bloom has the story. >> reporter: it is a seven minute film called sanji's super teeth directed by a man named sanji. >> it didn't start out being me but yes, it did turn into little sanji. sanji patel never meant to direct a movie. >> it was not part of the plan.
6:52 am
chief john lasseter. >> it was not easy for him at first. it forced them to be vulnerable. >> sanji grew up in california with parents were immigrants. >> i was the only brown kid and it fell hard for me to feel like i fit in. >> it was a cultural tug-of-war with his father. >> he worshiped his god and i would worship my god which for the superheroes. >> america has lots of animated characters look like this but not many look like this. >> like a three-dimensional portrait of a southeastern family. >> sanji in the team never expected to be making the trip to the red carpet for diversity at the oscars to be a hot topic. >> there is an audience for this material. there is a big audience yearning to see themselves as a part of the larger media landscape.
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>> he hopes for oscar gold. >> you have a right to the word but not a worldwide -- a right to the reward. tell your brain to think that way and it helps to alleviate suffering. >> he knows the film is the work of one incredibly superteam. >> it sounds cheesy but it was so and when that thing is working for you it is the best. >> so humble. that was jonathan bloom. coming up shelter dogs are getting in on the game of tennis. >> the pro tournament using
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happy weekend and ybor city. the festival with latin food and music kicks off at 11 am. if you love bluegrass, head to the florida classic this
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denver hills, free health screening at florida's hospital women's health center. space is limited. who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks. brazil open tennis tournament enlisted shelter dogs work as fetching the bells. they were great at getting the balls. the dogs will take part in the awards ceremony. >> and hopefully they will hand them out. >> still to come, a local pastor is waging war on debt collectors. the mistake they made that could make her a millionaire. plus do you think you can guess the winners for tonight's oscars. movie critic steve purcell will unveil his six. is fun with steam -- with
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we would get sun today with highs in the mid-70s today. mid-70s with sunshine. it will be a warm day. officially at the airport, a high of 70. warming up to the workweek and it is going to get back to above normal temperatures before we get a front. >> you will not forget your sunscreen. >> make it a great one. see you
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good morning, america. hillary's huge victory! >> thank you so much rkts south carolina. >> she's now got major momentum heading into super tuesday. can bernie bounce back? as the republican mudslinging gets even nastier. >> he's flying around on hair force one. >> little mouth on him, bing, bing, bing. bing, bing, bing. >> all the headlines from an amazing race. breaking overnight -- in the line of duty, a police officer in virginia shot and killed on her first day on the job. two other officers wounded. what went wrong on that seemingly routine call? >> fantastic finish. >> bang, bang, oh, what a shot from curry! >> steph curry's night for the


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