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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 29, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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a hot head on the roads swings into action. >> you see him tee up with that bat. now, the driver under attack reveals the evasive action that saved his life. >> he would probably would have taken a swing at my head and i would have been gone. doctors are amazed to deliver a newborn. the miracle of life that's rarely seen. look out above. somebody is coming down. her apartment. >> wait until you hear the real story behind her leap of faith.
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shot to win a new ipad mini and a quirky guy hitting on a hot chick. >> plus, the tables turn when mr. fancy pants drives up. >> mind if i join you? >> the crazy twist when she discovers who is really the rich one. we're kind of used to seeing videos like this from russia. when you see what's happening in this video and i tell you it's in california, it might be a little surprising. rav4. the car takes off and puts a gap between that guy. the guy in the car has his cell phone camera rolling because he realizes this is a heated situation and may need this video to show police the rav4. the guy in the car continues to record and continues to follow this rav. >> it's a hit and run now. >> chris knows this is a dangerous situation. guy jumps out.
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taking a big swing at chris' cars. him. yep. he comes speeding back by. looks like he tries to stick the bat out the passenger window to get one more swing at chris. the chase continues. >> this is road rage at its finest. >> soon after that last swipe, the video ends. thankfully we have the driver, chris santana via skype right this minute. what the heck started this? >> i was driving through l.a. trying to get home. i made a right turn and i noticed a guy in the rav4 stops his vehicles and jumps out with an aluminum baseball bat and starts charging at her car. the look on her face is just pure horror. i said what are you doing? i motion like i'm going to record you with my cell phone. he noticed i started recording. he said hell no. he starts charging at me with the bat. if i hadn't hit the gas and gone forward maybe 50 feet, he
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swing at my head. i would have been gone. >> did he ever hit the girl's car or no? >> no. if he did maybe something it. hit her. he smashed my rear side window and smashed it. he made a u-turn. got away into that long line of traffic in the left. >> you stopped the car even after he swung the bat at you. what were you going to do? >> i thought this guy cannot get away with what he's doing. i got his license. had i known that action, the most frustrating part was the police. the police did little to nothing. >> we contacted the temple sheriff's station and we were told now they have the video and will be investigating this case. have you ever seen such an aggressive guy in a
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>> stalker mom rafb v4 threw me off. this is probably unlike any other birth you have seen before. this is a baby that's just been born still completely inside the amniotic sack. >> wow. >> filled with amniotic fluid. look at the baby. it looks like a doll that has been shipped and is still wrapped. >> it looks like a jellybean. >> incredible. >> mind-blowing. >> was it a c-section or natural birth? >> we believe this was actually a natural birth. it does happen not very often. roughly 1 in 80,000 births can be like this. >> is it dangerous for the baby or mother? >> not at all. what happens is that the second that the baby comes out, the doctor actually tears the sack
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>> my gosh. >> you saw it moving before he even made the incision into the sack. the baby was like wait a second, i don't think i'm where i was before. >> the doctor makes the comment in spanish that they think the baby is yawning. it's so bored while everyone is amazed at this beautiful moment. after they cut the baby out, you can see it take its first breath. >> it's like you've been in the warm shower for nine months and then the door opens and it's the most cold you've ever seen. >> that's why they start breathing. >> that's why they cry. they ventured into a cold, hard world. >> you can understand why this video has gotten more than 20 million views since it was posted just a little bit ago. >> incredible. >> fascinating.
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this video will shock you but the story behind it will shock you even more. a woman comes out and looks up and obviously sees something. she goes back in the building. watch what happens immediately after. >> i expected to see snow fall off the roof. >> this woman didn't fall from the fourth floor, she jumped on purpose. it broke her fall so now she gets off of this right in front jumps down. hits the ground here. the woman says a man was in her apartment and was going to attack her and that's why she went to the window and jumped out. >> smart thinking. >> the woman was picked up by paramedics and interviewed by police. she had bruises and abrasions and said she was hearing voices. the final story is this woman
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hallucinations. her husband was in the house, a man came to the door and she had an hallucination and jumped. she's now getting hard. security bars are supposed to keep the bad guys out of your house but it's not keeping this little boy in. he is suspended by the neck. there you see him there hanging. >> hanging by the neck. there is somebody up there already holding this little boy up. you see this guy is using a borrowed pole to get up there. >> how old is this child? >> they believe the child is about a year old. >> home alone? >> yep. mom went out to do something and this happened. >> you have to keep an eye on them all the time. this is why. >> she left the house completely. >> absolutely she did. they were able to push him back
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>> he's just fine. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> you're going to need friday's buzz word, be at least 18 years old and a legal u.s. respect. the buzz word coming up in just a bit. >> standby for the ipad giveaway. this video is compilation of police body cameras. try walking a mile in our shoes before you judge. >> you listen to me! [ bleep ]. >> to start off with we're just getting people throwing insults and people flicking ash on the officers and people running away. while this is going on they give statistics that in 2014, 20% of tampa officers, 1,000 of them, 20% were assaulted in the line of duty and 341 of them were injured. they say that nobody in law enforcement was surprised by this. >> this is a weird one.
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station. >> yikes. >> he sprinted through the glass window. >> that was slightly unexpected. this isn't the whole video. the second half of the video is a compilation of all of the great stuff they get to do. rescuing people from rivers. helping people who have fallen down who need help with their wheelchairs. helping someone change a wheel on their car. >> i appreciate you actually helping. >> i'm glad this video is out. you get to see amazing things these guys are out there doing. >> like chasing a baby gator. >> definitely florida. >> they s they see people at their best and their worst and they never know what the next call is going to be. >> if you want to see the full compilation video, we'll put it on our website. this mini wildlife expert watts to do so something new.
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new customers can save an average of $500 just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at like us on now back to the show. >> dash cam in an area of russia i can't pronounce through narrow suburban lanes but the guy starts going faster. sounds like there's an argument in the car. the woman in the car just screaming at the driver. >> no surprise the guy is booking it.
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about 20 seconds after the last time she yelled at him this happened. >> she was right. whatever she said, she was right. >> let me tell you what she said because we've got the story behind this video. the translation will make you two boil. they are married. and reports say he was speeding to annoy his wife. she's basically saying slow down, slow down, slow down. his response to her is "what a stupid woman you are." >> heck no. >> firefighters and rescue crews had to extricate these two who were taken to the hospital and are expected to survive this incident but no word as to severity of their injuries. >> never going to win any argument ever again.
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our little buddy is back with another adventure. he's in a bat cave. that's not the biggest adventure he has. he's in bali and wants to pet a cobra on the head. normally people would say no way but miller has a lot of experience with animals and he has the time of his life. >> he also has that snake by the tail already. >> that snake is about 6.5 feet long. >> it's okay. he has a hat. >> that will protect him. >> look at how the adults are kind of standing back. >> one thing i always wanted to do is actually touch them on the head just like that. >> it's unbelievable. look at him. he does it more than once. >> this looks so narly. how is this thing not striking? >> it's one place you can touch them. you can push them down. >> that wasn't enough for him.
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they rescued from somebody's yard. >> it has more venom than any other snake in australia. >> which is probably why you here. >> touches it on the head and everything is fine. but wait. that's not enough adventure for little miller. they go hunting snakes at night. bronzeback. he puts it back where they belong. in the bush. >> beautiful. magicians team up to pull an elaborate prank. >> we're going to see magic. >> the surprise endings next "right this minute." still to come, these guys are on a date with twins. >> what could possibly go wrong? see why a fifth wheel is about to change the dating game.
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to victory. no tools just manpower. raw manpower. >> that looks like it's held together pretty solid. >> it does take pretty good kids. >> he never drops his defenses. >> the tricky part is once you start taking out the supporting beam. >> starting to lean. >> run away. eventually. >> he did it. >> that's cool. he has to feel pretty full of testosterone. >> he makes that clear. >> i'm king of the shed!
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with twins. what could possibly going wrong? >> what's going on? what's been happening? >> that's what could go wrong. insert fifth wheel, jason. >> we were all hanging out. >> we're going out with the twins and twins so i assumed that's also show up. >> there was a lapse in communication here somehow. >> deliberate lapse in communication. >> does this happen when you're out on a double date and then your friend decides i'm going to show up to my friend's date? this dude just decided to show up. >> let's give little jason a shot. >> it looks like the twins are game. we'll give him a shot. >> it's a valid question.
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know you're twins but is there another sister somewhere. >> the only reason i can think to justify his showing up to this date and crashing it is if he tried to impress one of the twins enough to take her away from the friend. >> he should have done his hair and wore something nice because he looks like a frumpy frump. >> this has now gone from being the fifth wheel to him inserting himself as an option to the twins. >> he needs to be a unicycle. >> so are you just going to choose? >> how does this go? >> do we pick? do you pick? >> who picks? >> the girls pick. they always pick. >> most of the time the ladies are choosing. there are other links. we'll post them to our video. click on tv show or download the mobile app and you be the judge. it's time again to give away
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to enter you need buzz word and be 18 years old and legal u.s. resident. >> get over to and click win ipad. >> enter buzz word on facebook, twitter or both. you can enter on each every day. >> let's reveal friday's buzz word. it's intruder. >> get over to and click on win ipad button and enter friday's buzz word intruder, intrude er intrudeer. keep watching and good luck. >> she declined a date with him. >> then the tables turned.
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banana themed products than i would have ever guessed. ever. hitting the streets to find
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the video starts off with josh dressed up frumpy. >> i would say he's dressed conflictingly. >> she makes it clear she's not interested. he walks away. but the tables turn when mr. fancy pants drives up in a very fancy pants car. >> how's it going? are you sitting it here alone. >> he sits down. i ain't got a boyfriend. >> i don't have any plans tonight. i wondered if you wanted to get a drink. >> that sounds like fun. >> awesome. >> so then suddenly right in front of this girl josh starts changing into a very fancy suit. the guy is actually acting as josh's butler. oh, you're the boss. hi, boss. >> i think josh is reaching far.
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found for this video needs to work on her acting a little bit better. i don't think this is real. i know he's making social commentary but i'm going to call fake. >> we don't know for sure if it was set up or not. we can speculate. >> do you have a boyfriend? >> it's not that serious. >> the video is getting a ton of attention because this is a big topic of discussion with a lot of people. >> i hate lying. >> thanks for watching. for more videos, more viral than the common cold, catch us on the
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