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tv   Action News at 530PM  ABC  March 1, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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showing off the 100 arrested, he outed four transgender women. >> outing a transgender status is irresponsible in the extreme. >> reporter: judd says not so fast. >> they advertised with their pictures that they were transsexual. they outed themselves. >> reporter: the sheriff went back to the evidence room and showed us the four personal ads posted in the transsexual category on we're not showing you the names or the pictures but rest assured you can see more than just their faces. >> what did they think was going to occur? like duh. arrested were pretty straightforward with detectives when they came to jail, many admitting in arrest documents that they identify as women even though legally they're men. once you make it on one of judd's poster boards that means that your information is public record. advocates say there is no need identity.
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touch with how dangerous this is. >> reporter: some now calling on the county to reprimand the sheriff. he says he has no plans to change his ways. ryan raiche, abc action news. >> we are learning more about a deadly police shooting after a man was shot and killed in north carolina. protesters gathered overnight calling for justice. denkins was running away from officers when he was shot. >> we're sick and tired of being sick and tired. >> why did you have to kill him? >> he was well known in the communitiment he had two sons ages 3 and 2. he was working on his ged through the neighbor to neighbor program and hoped to become a carpenter. he was on probation for drug charges at the time of his death and had been convicted three times on drug offenses. going in depth tonight.
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each person killed by police in 2016. we are already at 173 people. and they have died at the hands of police officers. 7 of those deaths right here in florida. how do you do that? you look at the map and hit florida or wherever your state is. once you load it, it will show you how many people in your state have been killed. for this, it should be loading right here. 8 people of 173 right here in florida. one of them 50-year-old mark stoddard killed in bradenton. he was armed with a knife when he was shot at his home. deputies were responding to a report of a domestic disturbance. his wife says he had been drinking and threatened to harm himself. after being placed on routine leave, the deputy is now back on the job. we posted a link to the interactive map on cheerful testimony from erin andrews continued today in
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it follows the release of a video shot through her nashville hotel room peephole back in 2008 that shows her naked. jason lamb shows how that changed old habits for andrews. >> for the second day, jurors listened to dramatic testimony from erin andrews about the impact stemming from the release of that online video. impacts she says she still feels even today. >> i think the thing that has really hit home for me and hurts me the worse is when girls, high school, college, they tweet me and they say i want to be erin andrews except for the marriott stalker thing. and i can't control that. and that's every day. >> reporter: andrews is seeking $75 million from michael barrett, andrews' stalker who shot video of her nude through her hotel peephole and the owner and manager of the marriott at vanderbilt which andrews says shouldn't have
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room next to her in 2008. she talked about the long- lasting effects of that video on the internet, about how she used her work to try to forget about the nude video going viral and her ritual she goes through each time she enters a hotel room now, looking for hidden cameras. >> i instantly cover the peephole. and then i do a check of the room. i look everywhere. i look for lights. i look for red lights. i look to see if there are cameras. i check the bed. i check the alarm clock. i check the phone. >> attorneys for the marriott argued today that they were not responsible for the online release of the video and that despite it all, erin andrews has had a very successful career following the online video release. in nashville, i'm jason lamb. now the most accurate weather team in florida, abc
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>> good afternoon, everybody. titan doppler radar, we're rain free. even though we have a front coming in tomorrow morning. it won't do anything other than maybe touch off a sprinkle or two. how about these temperatures today. up near 80 across most of the area. you get closer to the coast. you were around 70 thanks to the cooler waters of the gulf. here is your hour by hour forecast through tomorrow morning. temperatures in the 60s. we stay dry right on through sunrise. and even though it's a cold front, we will stay warm. we will be talking about 80s down the road in the 7-day in a couple of minutes. now to a developing story. a south florida man is facing felony charges after officials say he faked getting lost at sea. 45-year-old richard who you see there set a blood stained boat adrift in 2015 and used an inflatable raft to get back to shore and fled to georgia. officials think he was trying to escape costs from a previous lawsuit. the search efforts cost more than $400,000.
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board the anthem of the seas cruise ship cut short for bad weather. now some are battling the noro- virus. royal caribbean is returning to new jersey to beat a severe storm but not because ten people a day are reporting symptoms of the noro-virus. >> you actually had to walk by the medical facility to get off the boat. it was jam packed, standing room only full of people. that's when we kind of went whoa, this is not good. >> the passengers are expected back on dry land on wednesday. just three weeks ago the same ship gained national attention after it encountered hurricane force winds. the battle between apple and the fbi played out on capitol hill today, after a federal judge in new york ruled in a separate case saying that the apple does not have to help
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at the center of a drug case. they want access to just one iphone belonging to one of the san bernardino terrorists for clues. apple has asked the courts to have the case thrown out. they argue that it compromises the security of millions of other phones. >> the only way we know is to write a piece of software that we view as sort of the software equivalent of cancer. >> similar but unrelated case a judge in new york ruled on monday that apple cannot be compelled to unlock another iphone. it has no effect on this case but it's a legal victory for apple that could help protect the giant moving forward. newly released documents tang us inside the mind of osama bin laden. they were recovered during the may 2011 raid on the compound in pakistan where he was killed. it includes warnings to the
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affiliates. in the documents, bin laden claim today have $29 million in sudan. the where abouts of that money is still unknown. a recall of cheese because it may be contaminated with listeria. you should check for this plu label on your screen. you see it there. starting with 293308. and sell by dates of january 20th and may 21st. if you have this item, throw it away. >> everybody let's go. flames, smoke and chaos. next at 5:30, a gas station goes up in flames leaving melted signs behind. the one person that could have prevented the disaster. and later -- [cheering and applause]
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for the first time. how fate finally brought them together. women brain washed and sold for sex. >> at the feel like they're loved and they're adored. and they're not. ahead at 6:00, why one survivor says there may be nowhere for victims to go once
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>> new tonight, a bus destroyed in a dramatic fire at a gas station in san francisco. here you see the flames towering over the roof and black smoke just taking over. once the fire department put the fire out the damage was clear. according to the fire department the driver of the bus parked at a pump and got out when he saw smoke coming from the income. he went inside to call his bus and then people saw the fire ask called for help. >> i told the customers get out of here. thinking the place might explode. i wasn't so worried about the fire but more about the explosion. >> the fire so intense that several gas pumps and even the lettering on the signs melted. no passengers were on the bus when it caught fire. well, two teenagers are being held without bond in arkansas after allegedly raping
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the girl told school officials that it happened last week when she was on her way to practice. she says the two 14-year-old boys approached her inside the field house and forced her into the girl's locker room turning off the lights. they allegedly held her against her will and sexually assaulted her. no word if they will be charged as adults. domestic abuse is now considered a crime in china. the law bans all form of domestic violence both physical and mental. it does not include marital abuse. one in four married women in the country have reported violence from their spouse. nearly one-third of working women in japan report being sexually harassed on the job according to a new government study. a first of its kind of the
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-- surveyed 29% say they were harassed. a new warning calling attention to a life threatening risk of this birth control device. a black box warning for assure. it is a permanent contraceptive implant. it comes after 500,000 women filed complaints of unwanted pregnancies and pain because of the device. you may have heard of the so- called female viagra. they're saying it's a fail. it was just approved last year but researchers say the drug showed hardly any difference in placebos and one in three had side effects like dizziness, nausea and fatigue. imagine finding out at 56 years old that you have a younger sister you never knew about. it happened to a bay area woman and she finally got to meet her sister.
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you're waiting for someone at the airport, you're nervous and phone. for karen hill, there are extra nerves as she waits to meet her long lost sister. >> i can not wait to meet her. >> reporter: hill's older sister found out that deb was looking for them. it was the fourth daughter that the other kids never knew about. hill thinks her mom gave deb for adoption because she had been diagnosed with ms. >> at first i was like -- i was really surprised but yet i was kind of angry because there were certain people in my family who knew about this and they never told me. it was like a big secret. i was like this is horrible. all these years and i had a sister. >> reporter: all of that emotion wiped away as deb walked into the tampa airport terminal on tuesday. [cheering and applause] >> i love you so much. i'm so happy.
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her siblings on facebook after the state of ohio opened up her adoption files last year. she then connected to her other two sisters, including karen here in florida. >> did you ever think when you started the search that you would find her. >> no. i didn't. and i did. but i did. and now i have a sister. so happy. i'm just so happy. >> reporter: the two still have a lot of questions and a lifetime of catching up to do. now that they found each other, they're already making plans for the future. >> now i have a winter home and she can have a summer home. >> yeah. there you go. >> whenever she wants. >> reporter: in tampa, kera mashek, abc action news. now the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. >> if you had a chance to go out for lunch today, it was great outside. >> it's supposed to be march 1st. that's why we have spring training here and why everybody is going to the beach, spring break. all of the above this month.
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coast, this is down around the palm beach area. those are not guppies. >> oh, my gosh. >> shark. >> we have been seeing this a lot the last few weeks. a lot of reports of thousands of sharks off shore. and apparently it's really not all that unusual. it's why a lot of folks are not swimming this time of the year. but still we are seeing that. i would rather see this, a beautiful shot from apollo beach. just a beautiful day today. right around the 80 degree mark. that was the afternoon high. conditions. we have a front on the way and it arrives by tomorrow. and when it does, it does bring showers. humidity at 53%. dew point 56. west/southwest winds coming in at 8 miles per hour. so officially in tampa at the airport we hit 77.
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-- and we were looking at the long-range forecast, i talked about this in the last half hour, we will stay in a nice warming trend. i don't see any threat of a chill in the air much less a freeze right through the next ten days. sunny and 71 in sarasota a the winds are calm. but tomorrow morning, we will have the first of two fronts. and as i said, those fronts are eventually going to bring us the chance of maybe a couple of sprinkles overnight tomorrow morning. but as we said for the time being right now we are looking good. if you are going for a walk this evening, maybe a jog, taking the dog for a walk, anything outdoors, spring training, it's a good time of the year to live in florida. this is why. clear skies and mild temperatures. tomorrow morning, there comes the front. north of i-4 there's an outside chance that you could run into a sprinkle around 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. then that's about it.
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by 4:00, the front moves through. behind it, maybe 3 to 4 degrees cooler which is right where we should be. this is not a blast of cool air. thursday looks good. very sunny. then by friday we have another front that we will be keeping our eyes on. that one has a better chance of bringing us a couple showers. no measurable rain through thursday. on friday, there it comes. still we're talking minimal coverage. but yes, there is a slight chance of maybe a tenth of an of inch of rain on friday. saturday and sunday, it clears out and the weekend is shaping up good. temperatures along the beach are still chilly in comparison. again, we have been talking about this for the last several days. the water temperature off clearwater is about 63 degrees. as the wind comes in off of the gulf, look at the green color. those are 60s because of that air coming in from the beach. and yet if you look off to the east, pretty much i-75 is a
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east of that you're well into the 70s. in fact 80s tomorrow. closer to the coast, you're closer to the upper 60s to 63 in clearwater. northwest winds at 10 to 15 knots behind the front. they won't be that gusty. a little bit higher than they were today. a light chop out on the bay. this is not a big deal. not like a lot of the other fronts we have had all winter long. there are your upcoming tides. so on wednesday we go partly cloudy. maybe a sprinkle in the morning. that's it. we top out at 77. a look at florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. again, 77 on wednesday. 74 thursday. chance of a couple of showers on friday. the weekend looks great. mid-70s. more sunshine. by next week, we're back in the low 80s by the middle of the
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an accused baby killer speaks out from jail. next at 5:30, the reason that he is blaming the baby's
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>> new tonight, a dallas man accused of killing his girlfriend's 2-year-old daughter says he was framed. he says police have the wrong man. the baby suffered a traumatic brain injury last week. he says he was outside working on a car when his girlfriend yelled for him to come inside. he found the little girl not breathing. when police arrived, cob says he was an easy target to blame. >> she said the baby is dead.
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>> of course they're going to get me for it. priors. >> the priors you heard him talking about include arrest for burglary and evading arrest. last december, a family violence arrest. it became a binge watching hit now the makers of making a murderer. avery is serving life in prison for a crime he didn't commit. they are hitting the road for a series called a conversation on making a murderer. here is wendy ryan with a look at what is happening at 6:00. >> thanks, laura. meet a tornado survivor. take a look at this video. a woman gets caught outside in this destructive storm. the circumstances that allowed her to survive unharmed. and testing alternative. well, the plan that could let
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controversial test next year. plus these top stories. owners potentially losing their home over a $75 debt and legally there's not much to do about it. what you need to know to protect your home. women trapped and sold for sex. >> inside i was dying. human trafficking victims often have no place to go. the one reason that more people could soon be asking for help. >> i couldn't find anything. the unexpected steps one woman had to take to land her dream job and the free help you
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>> live from the station taking action for you. this is abc action news. >> that is crazy. i would lose my house over 75 bucks. >> and he is not alone. the florida law that is not on your side and the mix-up that one man says put his family in jeopardy. i'm wendy ryan. >> and i'm jamison uhler. a family reaching out to abc news after they almost lost their home over a missed $75 hoa fee. >> serena fazan is taking action for you tonight. >> it was scary.
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will for close on your house unless you pay $750. >> reporter: it put him in a state of panic and confusion. he moved from canada nearly a year ago. but never got his hoa bill. >> he tells me he tried to pay his $75 fee only to be told the hoa already handed it over to a lawyer. reluctantly he settled saying he had no choice under a threat of foreclosure. he is not alone. we got involved after another woman sent us this e-mail pleading for help. they are trying to for close on our home over the $80 annual fee. when she tried to pay the hoa she found out the association already turned the case over to a lawyer. we called that law firm and they agreed to settle. but when we looked into it further, we found several people dealing with the same issue. >> i found out that it wasn't


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