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tv   The Now Tampa Bay  ABC  March 2, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> breaking news on the new tampa bay. super tuesday fallout. who is all but dropping out of the race and who is opening up new campaign offices in tampa. how donald trump and hillary clinton big wins have you rethinking your living arrangements. it's not money bringing people in droves to the irs office. why they are having to show up in the middle of night, waiting hours to be seen. you may have to as well. dolphin versus octopus. what these two creatures when doing when they found themselves in a wrestling match. a record warm february across the world. what it means for us in tampa. it's 4:00 and it's time now the
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>> and we start with breaking news off the top. this video you're about to see is from moments ago from action air 1. the action happened in the last hour. the person inside the car was trapped. just moments ago the person was put in the ambulance and taken to the hospital. this happening at mlk and the i- 4 on-ramp in tampa. there's a little bit of backup but they have cleared the scene of the accident. also breaking right now, breaking developments in the race for the white house. ben carson saying he doesn't see a path forward after the results of super tuesday. he announced he won't be at the debate tomorrow. this afternoon, 2012 republican nominee mitt romney will give his take on the race for the president tomorrow. he has been criticizing donald trump a lottery sently so it
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what he wants to talk about. also right now, we're learning who it was who was killed in that fire in a mobile home in lakeland. sadly a cup approximately their dog dying in that fire overnight. abc action news reporter ryan raiche joins us live from lakeland with their names. >> reporter: laura, it's a tough time for the families involved here. in fact a little while ago the family of susan hall arrived here. they are looking at the damage and provided me this photo. this is confirmed. the victims susan hall right bassford. they are the two who died in the overnight fire at this mobile home in lakeland. this is a good example, laura, of how fast these mobile homes can go up and the fire can spread. this mobile home is pretty much gutted. every inch is damaged by fire. and over here on the right is where it appears that the fire started.
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room areas. the fire marshall says they are still looking for the exact cause. but at this point, they have no reason to believe it is suspicious. earlier today i talked to the grandfather of shane, one of the victims. obviously he is in mourning but trying to hold on to the old memories. >> he was a brilliant boy. i mean, he was smart. woe have made -- he would have made a good preacher. >> reporter: now, sadly he went digging for old photographs of his grandson. all he could find was this one from like 50 years ago. bassford was just three years old in that photograph. he is actually 46 years old now. hopefully he can get ahold of more photographs to cherish the memories. sadly, one of their dogs died in the fire but three others survived because they were outside. we are told that the family was told by investigators it's
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and hall, were unable to get outside after inhaling smoke. laura, back to you. >> thank you, ryan. cops in south florida arrested a man today saying he had a part in last year's million dollar gold highway heist up in north carolina. remember this one? the fbi picking that guy up at his home. a year ago, a tractor-trailer carrying precious metals was robbed. gold bars worth $4.8 million were stolen from inside. it's unclear what part this guy played in all of that. authorities are working to figure this one out. they're saying there could be more suspects. also right now, the irs office in tampa is getting overwhelmed with people who need to meet with them in person. look at the lines you will see in a moment in the video. some people getting up in the middle of the night to get to the front of the line. carson chambers is there with more on what exactly is going on. >> reporter: we're at the irs office off of columbus in tampa. some of these folks have been
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the office opened this morning to try to get in the door here to see an irs assister. many had their identity stolen and noticed mistakes on the tax forms. they have to see someone face- to-face. they can't do it on the -- on the phone. we will tell you why they are waiting so long and you will hear their stories tonight at 5:30. i'm carson chambers for the now. carson, thank you. well, arrested again. the south florida teen accused of pretending to be a doctor bonded out of jail a few hours ago for the second time. robinson was locked up on new theft charges after police say he stole almost $34,000 interest an 86-year-old woman. investigators are saying he used the money to pay a car loan. he was already in trouble after cops say he was plea tending to be a doctor at a fake medical
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the judge said he would only release robinson if he is supervised and has a mental health evaluation. right now astronaut scott kelly is back on earth and on his way home to houston. he tweeted this picture this afternoon of the first sunset on earth in norway. and this picture of him stretching his legs. finally after he got back on earth. he looks much better than he did when he landed late last night. he had to be carried to a chair. kelly is expected to land at 10:15 in houston tonight. joe biden and his twin who is also an astronaut will be there to meet him. a big announcement from president obama about his cuba trip. he's not there just for business but baseball as well. mainly seeing our tampa bay rays. the announcement was on twitter writing just play ball. and the white house confirming
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crowd when the rays play an exhibition game against the cuban national team on march 22nd. it's a historic trip all around. the first time in more than 90 years that a sitting president actually makes the trip to cuba. and the rays are the first baseball team to play there since 1999. and the rays just finishing up their first spring training game. let's see here. actually it's not over yet. bottom of the 9th. one out. two runners on. we're down by four, though, shay. it's a beautiful day to play some baseball. >> right. >> it's just a beautiful day to play baseball. 62 down in port charlotte. beautiful out there and beautiful in tampa bay too. >> yeah. not bad. did you catch any of the sprinkles early this morning. >> no. i didn't. i've been watching all of these spring training baseball games and i keep reloading. what is the score. it's beautiful out there. >> it really has been great.
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this morning. you might as well. still evidence of that cold front that is trying to push to the south of us. take a look at these temperatures though. it's still really nice out there. mild temperatures in the low 70s between clearwater, st. pete and in tampa. the winds have now shifted. they're out of the north/northwest at 10 to 15 miles per hour. we have light breezes out there. nothing extreme. if you're heading out tonight, headed over to clearwater to see the steve miller band. the weather looks great. you don't have to worry about any rain coming or going. in fact we will see a break in the clouds out there over the next hour or two. so a little bit of sunshine before it sets tonight. 65 degrees. by 8:00, not bad at all. 63. by 10:00, 61. now, those temperatures will be cooler overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning. i'll show you how much cooler it will be coming up in the next forecast. laura. >> thanks, shay.
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banned on all flights. some airlines didn't have that restriction in place. now it's going across the board for flights into the u.s., leaving it, or flying within the states. the ban goes into effect next month. the transportation secretary saying it's to protect airline passengers that don't want to be around it. while e-cigarettes are dubbed the safer alternative to smoking a new study out of hong kong claims it could be one million times more harmful than polluted air. also included, a chemical that can affect the reproductive system, both of them can lead to cancer. well, still ahead on the now, which industry appearing to be in trouble is actually recruiting people to work for them right here in tampa bay? before we go, back to super tuesday for just a moment. and this is pretty telling. what people started googling as
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our partners at newsy have that. >> america might be on the verge of its second lost generation. during and following the string of primary elections on super tuesday, google saw huge spikes canada. it spiked 350% tuesday night. another twitter user claimed it might have gone over 1,000%. the figures were changing over massachusetts residents searched the phrase the most york and texas. donald trump took almost 50% of the vote in massachusetts. leaned left. bernie sanders in massachusetts. meanwhile trump actually lost to ted cruz in texas while hillary clinton came out on top on the democratic ballot. we don't have any data on the political views of those that canada. we can't be certain they are
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candidate. americans have become so did i divided they're thinking leaving is more realistic than
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>> breaking news on the new tampa bay. scary pictures to show you. check this out. there's a car and you will see right there to the right a bus on fire. that bus was carrying 50 people at the time. you see that heavy smoke. and then it burst into flames. this all happening in south burrow, massachusetts. still not sure why it caught on fire, what started all of that. thankfully no one on the bus was hurt. they had to shut the highway down for a short period of time so they could get that fire out. again, thankfully no one was hurt. and speaking of fires, a little closer to home, this one was in palm harbor. did you see any smoke in your area. this is why. a huge boat catching on fire.
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caught on fire at the marina. the owner was just filling the boat up with gas. 50 gallons of gas to be exact. and then there was an explosion. thankfully no one was seriously hurt either. well, right now, once the largest sports retailer in the u.s. claiming they are bankrupt. sports authority filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection today. it will close 'third of its stores. they are also closing two distribution centers. we called to see if the ones locally will be closing but they don't know that yet. on a side note, the company also pays $6 million a year for denver. the stadium where the current super bowl champions play, the denver bronco. and sports authority joining the ranks of macy's, wal-mart, target and gap area.
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in those kinds of stores? is it time to jump ship? the now's adam weiner finding out why retail jobs can be a great place for young workers to start their careers. >> it is definitely a place for young people. most of my coworkers are in school right now as well as working at the mall. >> reporter: like a lot of students, taylor has a job. actually she has two. one is here at the usf career center. the other is at the mall. >> i love retail. i think it's great sometimes. it's not a realistic career avenue for most people. >> reporter: because it doesn't pay much. it usually only brings in about $22,000 a year. that doesn't make it a bad place to start. >> i think retail sales is a to be. because i think it builds skill that a lot of students don't even know they're building. >> reporter: russ runs the career services office that teaches young workers how to
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>> you're going to walk up and interact with a customer, wait on them, ask them how to be helped. >> reporter: the easiest place to take the skills is in marketing which is a great industry to get into right now. >> we are always looking for talent in marketing, especially if those students are willing to graduate with a marketing or communications degree. >> reporter: speaking of a communications degree, taylor is about to graduate with one. she hopes it makes her transition from retail to something better paying a bit easier. >> there's a lot of opportunity in sales too. that's a big thing. like you said, retail, people do that now but they will go into other types of sales later. >> reporter: i'm adam weiner for the new tampa bay. >> let's keep it on the jobs front for a second. construction workers, if you're looking for work, there's a job fair this saturday to help build the expansion project at tampa international airport. there's the possibility of working on other projects down
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the fair will be in tampa at the robert saunders senior library from 9:00 to 3:00. you have to rs -- rsvp. all of the information is on i can't get over how beautiful it was today. i know you there were sprinkles in some spots but no washout. the same coming our way. >> i don't think most people saw rain today. it might have just been my neighborhood. the bottom line is look at this map here. it's hard to tell there's a front rolling across the state today. a few extra clouds in most cases. maybe you caught a sprinkle or two. i did. clearing skies overnight tonight and the winds already coming from the northwest. that will bring in the relatively drier air. but we're not going to see any big changes out of this front. in fact, tomorrow morning's cooler temperatures as a result of clearer skies and the drier air coming in is about the
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at least for this next 24-hour period. so 55 in tampa. 53 degrees as the morning low. spring hill in the low 50s. we have the mid to upper 50s around the city. a cooler start to the day tomorrow. check out how much we warm up in the afternoon. we're going to have a lot of sunshine. and we will be making it into highs in the mid-70s. slightly above average temperatures. but there's one more front on the way. this is not it for this week. i'll tell you more about the next cold front, how much rain and how far the temperatures may dip behind it coming up in a few minutes. laura. >> thanks, shay. ahead on the now, a man finding the love of his life kneeling in front of a gravesite. why the visit to the cemetery had to happen. celebrating the late dr. seuss' birthday with read across america day. you know that lady there.
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>> the tsunami warning has been lifted in indonesia after a powerful earthquake off shore. the quake rocked the area. surprisingly, there was absolutely no damage in the area. earthquakes are common though where we're talking about. take a look at the map. four quakes around indonesia in the last two days. just not as strong. there was one in the exact spot of today's quake.
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using a weird method to boost profits and leave you paying the bill. listen to this. new research showing some companies are packaging cancer medicines in doses that are way too big. and the leftovers are just getting thrown out. adding up to $3 billion in wasted cancer drugs every year. if you can believe that. the study found the same drugs are available in smaller doses in europe. in the meantime, the fda says it has no authority over drug costs but it works with drug makers to make sure they propose doses for medicine appropriate to be used at that time. all right. we have an emotional story to share with you. a proposal going viral this afternoon. a man down on one knee over a headstone. he wanted to propose to his girlfriend whose father had passed away. he went to the gravesite of the father to ask permission. listen to this. >> the reason that i have come to see you, kent, is ask for
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daughter's hand in marriage for the rest of your lives. i know you cannot give me a verbal answer. i hope you can give me your blessing and approval. >> my goodness. then it gets better. he takes that video with him to his soon to be fiance for a hot air balloon ride where they live in arizona. then he shows her the video and of course she has to say yes. i'm sure she wanted to say yes. you can watch that video right now on our website at well, still ahead, three trouble areas you should look at on a used car before you pay cash and risk having it break down on you moments later. it happened to a local family. we will explain what they want to you know next. before we go, history made in tampa. the usa women's team is in town to play england tomorrow. they have sold a record breaking 10,000 tickets to the game. they have been practicing all
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we have that info on our facebookok page.
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>> right now, you might be getting that tax refund and thinking about maybe spending the money on a more dependable vehicle. well, now listen to this. imagine paying the cash for that car and it breaking down the moment you drive it off of the lot. it happened to a local family. they want their story to be a warning for you. important to note here the used car lot didn't do anything illegal. here is clifton french. >> test drove it. everything was sound. >> reporter: christina and her husband bought this 2004
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they paid cash, $3,700. a perfect vehicle to carry their four children. until they pulled off the lot. >> on the way home, my husband said that there were transmission issues. >> reporter: the auto broker was already closed. they went back the next day. the manager met them inside. >> suggested we take it to a mechanic. that was going to be on us. >> reporter: we went to the used car lot. the manager told us this is an as-is deal and legally he is not responsible. family. when the father became upset and verbally abusive, he changed his mind. so what should you look for? >> take it to a mechanic and have him look it over and make sure that everything sounds and looks good. >> reporter: charles is a mechanic at mad hatter auto repair. he says always take a car for a test drive. look on the ground for signs of leaks, check the vin numbers to make sure that the car isn't stolen or hasn't been in major accidents and take a look at the brakes. on top of looking at the brakes and looking for leaks, our
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a lot of money, also think about financing. that's was a lot of the time you can get an extended warranty. >> you're paying $3,000, $4,000, $10,000, yeah it matters. >> reporter: this mom hopes other families don't go through the same thing. >> i don't feel safe driving it. >> reporter: in pinellas county, clifton french abc action news. >> something to consider if you're getting another car. stay clear of these gas guzzlers. even though prices have been low, they're expected to go back up. it's the time of year that the type of gas we get changes from winter to summer blend which is supposed to cut back on smog and pollution. we could see gas peak to $2.25 or $2.40 a gallon. right now we're well below $2 a gallon. in the tampa bay area we're already up 12 cents when it talks about gas prices. go to
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shows you exactly where to get the cheapest gas in our area. dover is the can cheapest at $1.53. start braking out the loyalty cards. shell perks lets you save 3 cents a gallon to start. you can shop and start seeing the savings piling up. >> and listen to this, you're going to save money on your electric bill, which is awesome. duke energy announced they think your electric bill in april will go down by $3.85. every little thing counts. they also dropped their prices by more than 6% in january. we are just learning today university of alabama researchers are finding february was the hottest february ever in the world. so thankfully those prices are going to go down so we can put the air on. >> right. well, you know, one thing to keep in mind with this
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this is taken over 40 years, which is just a blip on the global scale. >> right. >> this is one month out of 40 years of data. >> but what does it mean? when i hear it's the hottest month ever, i'm like oh my gosh. >> we're going to boil up. that sounds scary because it's just a blip as to what happens on a global scale to put this in perspective, it doesn't mean much. but this kind of study is important over the long-term to give us more weather data. it's good in that sense. take a look at this, our average temperatures for february were actually below average. and the same for january. so we're talking about a global study there. but for us, the weather was beautiful, just a little below average for those last two months. >> it wasn't like it was boiling outside. >> no. in fact, great weather. right? >> speaking of great weather, i want to show you great weather would be great for this monster.
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a glass slide they are going to put 70 stories off the ground. >> this was built on the side of the us bank tower in l.a. the tallest building in the west coast. it might be fun to slide down, right? >> that's what my kids would be saying. >> it's going to cost me $8 to do what i would call a death defying stunt. $50million is the renovation they are working on right now. >> they're turning it into a ride. >> i'm good. >> yeah, me too. >> thanks, shay. ben carson all but dropping out of the race this afternoon. despite a dismal performance on super tuesday, it might surprise you what marco rubio is doing in tampa today. there's a live look at him campaigning right now. we will have more on that
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>> let's get you up on what is happening with the presidential candidates in the last few hours. you're looking live at a marco rubio rally happening in michigan. that's where the remaining gop candidates, minus ben carson, will debate tomorrow. the primary there is next tuesday. today marco rubio's camp announcing they are opening up offices in tampa bay, specifically brandon, and offices in jacksonville and orlando. after a so-so super tuesday, bernie sanders trying to rally support in portland. he needs to start winning states immediately if he's going to beat hillary clinton. his campaign is focused on the midwest right now and on delegate rich states like california and new york. also right now ohio governor john kasich isn't giving up after falling short on super tuesday. he didn't within a single state. this is just minutes ago. he is facing increasing
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to drop out of the race. and hillary clinton is in new york today. we're finding out her campaign raised $30 million in february alone. and has $31 million in cash on hand right now. she and bernie will debate sunday in flint, michigan. clinton and trump winning the majority of the delegates on super tuesday. they don't have enough to get the nomination just yet. so with that, trump now has more than 300. republicans need a little more than 1200 to win the nomination. ted cruz is his closest competitor. he has 212 delegates. he got a boost by winning texas who has the most on super tuesday. marco rubio is third with 100 delegates right now. hillary clinton has a little more than 1,000 delegates. you need nearly 2400 to win the nomination. clinton is getting a big boost from super delegates, those are
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right now bernie sanders has a little more than 400 delegates. well, i tell you what, there's a lot to complain about in this life. jackie callaway is here to explain the latest gripe. and surprisingly it has nothing to do with politics. >> not this time at least, laura. it's debt collectors. that probably doesn't surprise many of you. they are topping the list of consumer complaints put together by the federal trade commission. most complaints come from right here in florida. identity theft complaints have held the top spot for the last 15 years. they're second on the list followed by scams that's where the bad guys impersonate someone to commit a fraud. they are operating illegally. it's illegal for them to harass and trying to collect a debt. if they contact you and you don't think you owe any money, send them a letter asking for verification of that debt.
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either a debt collector to your state attorney's office or the federal trade commission. and that is here in florida we reported the highest per capita of fraud last year. we were third for reporting identity theft. that doesn't necessarily mean the most fraud and identity theft are happening here. the ftc says it cannot accurately tell the difference whether there are more cases in a certain state or people who just live there are more likely to file complaints. you thought lice was bad. now almost every state has super lice and it's super hard to get rid of them. we have the story behind these amazing pictures of a dolphin in the wild. what is he doing? i can't even look at this. what is he doing to the poor octopus?
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>> super lice are multiplying in numbers across this country. a new study finding the resistant bugs are now in 48 states. the now's anne mcnamara showing us the extensive length that's parents have to go through to get rid of them. >> for years we've used over the counter sprays and shampoos to get rid of lice. now there are super lice and the most effective way to get rid of those is with an fda cleared medical device. at the lice clinics of america, getting rid of the bugs is serious business. they use a medical machine to kill lice with heat. hot enough to burn the eggs but not the scalp. >> you have taken away what all organisms need for survival, water. you have completely destroyed the egg. >> reporter: this is what the
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the now talked with a co-author of a new study soon to be published. it found super lice in 48 states. alaska and west virginia were not part of the research. these states are the stats where lice responds to treatments. in all others, they are resistant. >> if you think in terms of if you are -- if you have an illness and you take antibiotics and then all of a sudden you stop taking them midway, you could have a super infection. >> reporter: this is what the lice look like under a microscope. >> they get in your head, not just on your head. so we send a lot of people home that are negative. >> reporter: spread through head to head contact when people sake selfies or share brushes or combs. a species that have outlasted a test of time and home remedies. >> they have gotten worse and worse. >> for the now, i'm anne mcnamara. >> the cdc estimates there are
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infestations every year. and that's just in children 3 to 11 years old. this is one of the most popular lice stories we have done on the now. a woman made it her job to hand pick the knits out of the hair. she works out of her home, charging $100 an hour. you can find her online. just search for the knit fairy. we have great video to show you. check this out. you will see when we get closer. this is a family of manatees. there was a freelance photographer who had his drone up in the air. he was actually trying to catch the sunset. instead, down in south florida, he catches this family of manatees. pretty cool video there. we've been loving to share that on social media. all right. here is the next one that will make me kind of squirm. these next pictures getting the stamp of approval for the coolest thing of the day. this is from the research project.
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that word loosely, with that octopus there. here is the deal. the researchers if that area claim they have seen something like this before. they do believe that the dolphin is just playing and not eating that octopus. from what i'm looking at right here, it looks like that might be a meal. i posted the pictures up on my facebook page. you go ahead and go there right now and search the new tampa bay and you tell us what you think. shay. >> yeah. >> what do you think? dolphins are nice but everybody has to eat. >> everybody has got to eat. you said that made you squirm. i'm itching over the lice story. >> there's a lot going on. but a beautiful day to be out on the water. >> over the last few days, we've had this gorgeous weather. take a look at the island. you see high thin clouds out there. the front pushing to the south. we are seeing the wind shift a little bit. they are now out of the northwest. right now on our radar, this is actually the last three hours.
4:49 pm
so we are nice and dry. our next front rolls through here on friday. almost as unnoticeable. but the difference that you're going to see or feel behind this front is the dry air that comes in. it's going to bring the humidity down. so if you thought, well, it seemed a little muggy the last few days and it remains that way tomorrow, just wait until saturday and sunday. because behind this next front, we will feel a difference with the humidity. for right now, the temperatures are on the mild side. mid-70s in brandon. 79 in haines city. talk about warmth out there. crystal river at 68. so we will be cooler overnight tonight with the clearer skies. temperatures falling to 55 degrees. tomorrow, we're right back up to the mid-70s. 76 in tampa. a little bit of a dip in temperatures on friday. 73 is the high that day. into the weekend, temperatures are right back into the mid to upper 70s. with lower humidity, pretty comfortable as well.
4:50 pm
forecast for the next 7 days. and he will time out what is ahead as we head into the next workweek. now, laura, back to you. >> thanks, shay. it's being called the most important abortion case in two decades. right now without a ninth justice to break the tie, the supreme court may be split over a law that sets tougher standards for clinics. >> we're all worthy. >> we are all worthy. >> we are not alone. >> we are not alone. >> and we should not be ashamed. >> people on both sides of the issue crowded outside of the supreme court for today's arguments. at issue, a texas law that requires doctors who perform abortions to work with local hospitals and for clinics to upgrade their facilities to hospital-like standards. the law has forced two dozen clinics to close in texas. supporters say it's about ensuring quality health care. opponents say it's an agenda to make abortion illegal.
4:51 pm
this is what it's all about. women's health and quality of care for whatever kind of decision that you choose to make. >> the american medical association and every other national reputable medical organization has said these laws have no impact on improving the health of women but in fact they're hurting women by making it difficult for them to access health care. >> now, what the supreme court decides will have a national impact. it's possible a decision could be delayed in the next year if the justices decide to return the case to texas for additional fact-finding. the now's todd walk certificate in texas right now, the battle ground for the latest fight over abortion rights in the united states. todd. >> reporter: laura, this clinic behind me opened two years before rowe versus wade and has
4:52 pm
doctors want to provide a crucial service. going inside consists of running a gauntlet of people who want to see it gone. >> please don't go in there. they can help you at the pregnancy center. >> reporter: there is no debate. >> you will regret it if you have an abortion. >> reporter: she has been protesting for five years now. she has plenty of company. >> my routine is to come here every day except sunday. >> reporter: yolanda has been here for 7 years. >> to me, the lord has called me to be his instrument, to be his voice, to be his heart. >> reporter: he helped open a pregnancy center two blocks away. if she is not here, she is there. >> can you excuse me me. >> reporter: the protesters don't know the story of anyone walking in. walls, fences and security guards aim to keep some sort of privacy for a growing clientele. this is the last clinic in south texas.
4:53 pm
this clinic has closed before and could happen again. >> i saw that this is the clinic. i knew the name of the clinic from the case. >> reporter: its owner is taking the fight against tough restrictions to the supreme court. while arguments go on today, the debate continues here and now. >> there is tension between the clinic staff and the people out here praying. >> reporter: even thgh for some there is no debate. >> you will regret it for the rest of your life. >> reporter: a lot of the security gars say the managers from the clinic was in washington, d.c. for the supreme court arguments. a call to the spokesperson for the company was not returned. laura. >> todd, so the next question would be how many of these clinics have had to close because of this law? >> reporter: so the "washington post" crunched those numbers and said back in 2012 before the raws that are being fought over took effect, that there were 41 clings across texas.
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few minutes. de la rionda supreme court overturning the conviction of a former prep school head master who had been sentenced to 50 pornography charges. the court saying search warrants that police got were man. wheeler is former head master at tower hill school where dr. oz graduated from. also right now, another possible clue that could explain what happened to malaysia airlines flight 370. a piece of wreckage believed to be from a boeing 777 was washed ashore in africa. you can see on the map that you see on your screen. it was found far west of the wreckage area. that was the search area. then we're talking about over here. even farther west than the
4:55 pm
next week will mark the two- disappearance. the new part of the plane is tests. all 239 people on board the airliner died when it disappeared in march of 2014. i want you to take a look at this. it's the fossil of an ancient shrimp-like creature. 520million years old. about this. this one has the oldest and best preserved central nervous system ever discovered, found in china. they are hoping it will answer questions in how the nervous system evolved in animals roaming the earth today. when women think about summer, sometimes the thoughts come with anxiety. can i wear this swimsuit. do i need to lose weight. these barbies are modeling target's new swim line for real women for all body types. the retailer teaming up with
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instead of real-life women. it uses the hashtag no fomo meaning no fear of missing out. to promote shaking off insecurities about physical appearance. of course it coincides with the new barbies arriving at target. [music] all the single ladies all the single ladies slow down. it turns out that women are single by choice these days. new census data shows for the first time single women outnumbered married women here in the united states. the number of married adults dropping from 57% in 2000 to just 52% in 2009. this isn't about rejecting the marriage idea altogether. more so about building careers and discovering more who they are and being okay with it until they find mr. right. as it turns out, women may need to put their foot down more when 2 comes to doing work -- when it comes to doing work around the house. unpaid work may be speaking
4:57 pm
>> we cook a lot and clean a lot. and i don't know, we're pretty easy. >> reporter: the juggling act rarely slows down for laura. she is not only shopping for meals. >> he is off. >> reporter: she is making sure that her little man doesn't stray too far. while laura's husband works full-time, as you can see, so does laura. >> i think it's hard to find a balance. >> reporter: the big difference is that laura's work doesn't come with a paycheck. >> nope. nope. we're free. >> reporter: unpaid labor like parenting and shopping is lives. new numbers from economic cooperation and development show women spend more than twice as much time than men on unpaid labor. a breakdown of the numbers show that in certain parts of the world, women are doing five times as much unpaid work as men. >> it's a problem because i don't think that women are perfectly happy in the situation.
4:58 pm
the number of hours that women spend on unskilled labor like cooking, cleaning, shopping, it's the number of hours that they don't have pursuing dreams like career or not education. the question, should men and women be addressing this disparity. >> she likes to clean. while i'm cooking -- >> does she really like to clean or you don't like to clean. >> she likes it. >> reporter: believe it or not, trent says the chores are split 50/50 between him and his girlfriend. job should have no attachment to gender. >> you have to chip in and say this is not just -- because it's cooking, it's not a woman's job. >> it's definitely something that needs to change. >> reporter: when exactly that change comes might be hard to predict. most parents agree, this is the kind of work that moms and dads consider priceless. for the now, i'm andy choi. >> and globally women spend on average four and a half hours a day on unpaid labor.
4:59 pm
i'm laura harris. thank you for joining us on the new tampa bay. abc action news at 5:00 starts right now. >> these days i'm going to really miss. >> tonight a grandfather remembering his grandson. right now investigators are sifting through the rubble to find out what caused the fire that killed a young couple. >> we brought you the story as breaking news this morning. tonight the victim's grandfather is comes to grips that he was only 100 yards away from the fire and had no idea that anything was wrong. >> ryan raiche joins us live from the scene of the tragedy with the latest on this investigation. ryan. >> reporter: you guys, as we walk along the front of the house, you can see this is a total loss, mostly gutted. fire touched every square inch of the home. investigators say they
5:00 pm
while the family griefs, we still don't know the cause. tonight the grandfather of shane bassford killed overnight in a lakeland mobile home fire, struggling to find the words. digging up the only picture that he can find of the 46-year- old. back when he was three. >> he was a brilliant boy. i mean, he was smart. and woe have made a real -- he would have made a good preacher. >> reporter: gene let shane and his girlfriend stay in the mobile home on the property that he dreamed to turn into a music camp. somebody driving by spotted the flames and called for help. by the time that fire crews arrived, most of the damage was already done. and they found the bodies of shane and his girlfriend, susan hall. >> i still don't believe this. i just don't believe it. >> reporter: arson dogs sniffed for accelerants which is standard procedure. by daybreak, the fire marshall went digging for more clues but so far nothing indicating it's suspicious. >> they're going to make sure


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