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tv   Action News at 530PM  ABC  March 2, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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aftermath of the crash that almost killed deputy dorner. he was training a volunteer when that driver lost control, sending the cruiser airborne over a ditch. >> one of my thoracic vertebrae was crushed and pressing on my spinal cord. >> reporter: wondering if he would ever walk again was bad enough but during surgery doctors discovered a large mass on his lungs. he had lung cancer. the same disease that took his father a month later. if it wasn't for the crash, the found in time. >> i don't understand it but i'm a very religious person. i'm a strong christian. and truthfully it strengthened my faith in god. >> reporter: after a career in the navy, more than 25 years as a deputy, he was in a fight for surgeries, treatments, then a difficult recovery.
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doctors say cancer free. >> three trips to icu in six months helps you realize just how fragile life is. >> reporter: he has realized how important those around him really are from fellow deputies helping to messages of support from the students that he just mentored. a friend offered up a house to live in so he wouldn't have to deal with three flights of stairs at his apartment and a moving company volunteered to get him there. >> that's part of living the dream, helping others. >> reporter: after this he still wants to get back to work with the sheriff's office. first he has to regain his strength. he lost 60 pounds of muscle but not his desire to help others. >> we're all in this world to make a difference and you can. >> reporter: in new port richey, eric waxler, abc action news. >> developing tonight, dozens of victims of identity fraud are being forced to wait hours to declare their name and get the money they are owed. carson chambers explains why the lines at the irs office are so long and why they will only
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>> look, this is embarrassing. >> reporter: it's bad enough when someone rips off your identity. >> my identity was stolen. so somebody filed taxes under my name. >> reporter: doubly frustrating waits hours and hours in a line to fix it. >> two hours on the phone by them. they said you have to come in person. that's why i'm here, to do the same thing that i already did. >> reporter: wanda of spring hill has no choice to wait like the other folks standing in this line outside of the irs office on columbus avenue. >> that's why everyone complains about washington, d.c. this is frustrating. >> reporter: some have waited four to six hours, all day, judge university to be turned away. >> i'm not sure how long it will take to get in. >> reporter: the irs says the lines are common because of cut backs putting out a short statement this afternoon, it reads there is not a single cause for the lines but adds that the irs continues to face staffing challenges in florida
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>> the length of time that i've been waiting has been too long, i would say. >> reporter: the irs also says as the tax deadline on april 18th gets closer, these lines will only get worse. >> it's easy to find them i believe when you owe them money because they're everywhere to be found. when they owe me money, which has been the case since last year, i have been chasing them because somebody took my identity. >> reporter: in tampa, i'm news. now the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. >> good afternoon, everybody. even though we had a cold front move through the area today, we are rain free. it really didn't cool things off much. we are still in the 70s to near 80 degrees in the southern counties. the drier air lagging a little
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you see it is starting to come in. 70 in wesley chapel. 72 downtown. so your hour by hour forecast, we cool into the mid-60s overnight. we're down into the mid 50s. so it is going to be a rather cool start to your thursday. then a warm-up begins. and a big-time warm-up. we will tell you about our next rain chance as well coming up. thank you, denis. new video shows an officer in baltimore hitting and kicking a student. you see him slap the young man. this happens three times across the face. and he kicks him and then just walks away. well, here is more to the story. apparently it happened on tuesday according to baltimore city schools. school officials didn't know it happened until hours later. the officer is still on the job. >> does this officer still work for baltimore city schools, the police department? >> yes. yes. this officer is still employed. it is at the early stages of the investigation. we look forward to a full and complete investigation on this
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and at that point -- at this point we're just waiting on the results. >> maryland state senator bill ferguson calls the video sick ening. he says the officer should be fired immediately. erin andrews back in court today. the 37-year-old sports caster is suing her stalker barrett and the nashville marriott after he videotaped her naked in the hotel room and posted it online. during a brief cross- examination on tuesday, an attorney for the marriott argued that andrews income and her career had increased after the video was posted online. andrews says doing her job as a sports reporter became difficult after the video was posted. the abortion debate returns to the supreme court as abc's lauren lister shows us, the justices are taking up the biggest case on the topic in nearly a century. >> reporter: pro choice protesters and pro life protesters joined by house speaker paul ryan.
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abortion case argued at the supreme court this morning. >> this was the most important abortion rights case to be argued in the supreme court in almost 25 years. >> reporter: at issue, a 2013 texas law that imposes a variety of regulations on abortion clinics. supporters of law say it's about protecting women's health. >> if the supreme court in the case up holds the laws, it will be a victory for patient health and safety. >> the law is really important because it addresses a predatory abortion industry. >> reporter: those challenging the law says it creates a burden on women. >> it's burdening women. >> reporter: opponents saying if the law stands, three quarters of clinics in texas will close, leaving just ten facilities for 5 million women. and a decision could matter for more than texas. >> the court hasn't said that much in the past few decades about how much latitude states have to regulate abortion. this is an opportunity
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court to really offer some guidance to states regarding how far they can go. >> reporter: and she says the case could be impacted by antonin scalia's recent death. a tie would affirm the lower court's decision but wouldn't create new law, meaning it wouldn't have a national impact. going in depth tonight. unplanned pregnancies at a historic low. 45% of pregnancies were unplanned in 2011. that is down from 51% in 20008. not sure what is causing the decline but speculate it could be more contraceptive choices. more students are missing state testing thanks to the flu. parents, don't worry. making it up won't be a problem. the district says three schools have confirmed an increase in the flu. fourth through tenth graders are taking the tests this week.
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is a make-up week in april. the district is ready for the absences and prepared for more students to need the make-up days. also today, the state will pay up in an effort to protect valuable agricultural land in highlands county. governor rick scott and the cabinet expected to spend $4.3 million to buy 2300 acres of land. it's the biggest deal in the history of the program that began in 2001 aiming to preserve land. it looks like a lot of people are considering their options after super tuesday. google saw a flood of searches for information on moving to canada. even the canadian immigration website experiencing an overload last night. google's data editor tweeted it spiked 350% on tuesday night. another twitter user claimed it may have gone up 100,000%. massachusetts residents searched that phrase the most,
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york and texas. new at 5:30, a reckless driver on a motorcycle pulls up to a bus full of children. what you should do if something like this happens to you. later, we're taking action for first time home buyers. the two important resources that you need to help you get a down payment. a crime caught by not just one camera, but 16. coming up at 6:00, the video
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>> new at 5:30, a scary scene near phoenix arizona when a motorcyclist starts driving erratically and makes gestures at a school bus. the motorcyclist wasn't paying attention to the road at all and at one point he was just inches away from the bus and an 18-wheeler. >> a shoulder was touching the bus. part of the bike was underneath or to the side. that is when i started to get a little scared. >> law enforcement says the best thing to do in these situations is not to engage the driver.
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give yourself space and get a license number. new tonight, kicking, cursing, and outbursts. the story has been shared on facebook 50,000 times in the last 24 hours. three of fourteens accused of leading police on a county-wide car chase go before a broward county judge. but the hearing quickly spirals out of control into chaos after a suspect's outburst. >> the suspected driver triggered a disruptive chain reaction after he became upset after the judge ordered him to spend 21 days in detention. the ruling did not go over well with his friends and family. news cameras capturing a woman dancing while another one lashed out at a guard. the judge tried calming down the friends and family but was forced to clear the courtroom, holding two in contempt. new developments in a
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a public school counselor is accused of having sex with two students. the district is orders that all teachers be retrained. taylor was formally charged and accused of seducing a 17-year- old. according to court documents, she had sex with the teen at least 20 times after he went to her for counseling. investigators saute lower even sent nude pictures to the teen before traveling to his house to smoke marijuana and have sex. she is also accused of having sex with a 16-year-old. "dancing with the stars" fans, derrick hough will not be returning for season 22. he is taking his talents to broadway where he will star in singing in the rain. he won last season. his sister announced she would not be rushing either as a judge for the upcoming season. tonight, we're taking action for your money. consumer reports survey found nearly three quarters of americans between 18 to 34 want to buy a house.
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costs are making saving for a down payment difficult. abc action news reporter is revealing resources to help you out. >> reporter: like many millennials 25-year-old sarah was tired of throwing money away on rent and wanted to own her own place. >> i felt that the rental market was going to go up in price and i would be spending a lot of money without really a return on investment. >> but even with a steady job, she didn't have enough for the 20% down payment to avoid high payments and costly mortgage insurance. she was able to get a combination of low and zero interest loans to help her with upfront costs. these programs are really intended to bring people into the housing market who really have the basics in place. they just need a little extra something to get them into housing. >> reporter: find out about available programs at you will learn about
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firefighters and those in other professions. another resource for low to moderate income borrowers is a new mortgage called home read i applicants can report rent from roommates or tenants as income. it's important for counselors to work with applicants so they understand how much they can afford. >> we're pretty straightforward with them too because nobody is doing anybody any favors if they put them into the housing market, they buy a home, they can't sustain it. >> reporter: no matter how you plan to pay for your home, consumer reports says first- time buyers should make sure that their credit record is as good as possible. that will help you get the best deal no matter who your lender is. first time buyers can reach out to parents and other relatives to help buy a house. if you do, consumer reports says pay attention to irs guidelines. you can get more information on funding a down payment on
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to see other stories go to i'm taking action for you. now the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. >> pretty overcast out there but a nice one. >> it was. tomorrow, the first day of the strawberry festival. >> yes. >> and of course there is the strawberries. >> that's the part that i look forward to. >> and the vats of whipped cream. they have mountainous. we have been there before. you look at the cloud cover high clouds. it's not the kind that brings you rain. at least not today. late tomorrow night into friday morning, another front will be coming in. much it has a better chance of a few showers. titan doppler radar quiet right now with temperatures in the upper 70s across the central and southern counties. mid 60s up north. so the air behind the front that came through this morning kind of hanging back a bit. overnight it will be coming on through.
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will be a little cooler. in fact a lot cooler than the last few days. we hit 81 in lakeland. 79 in bartow. outside right now, 72 degrees at the airport under cloudy skies. the humidity at 51%. those winds are out of the north/northwest. so the front has certainly come on through. the dew points in the mid-50s. that is usually an indicator when you see the dew point drop that that drier air is coming through. it's been taking a little bit of time before it actually did so. as we said, 76. that's about right. the normal is 75. and the record is 86. next week, especially mid to latter part of next week, i think some folks in polk county and highlands county will be up near the middle 80s. we have a nice little warm-up on the way. by the way, that was my facebook question this afternoon. was that a thumbs up or a thumbs down to the warmer temperatures. i will have the results at 6:00.
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sunny skies and 71 in st. pete. sunny skies and 70 in sarasota. look at the dew point in the lower 60s. satellite, front came through this morning. dry. didn't see any reports of any rain making it down to the ground. a couple of blips popped up on radar in the early morning hours. otherwise, as jamison mentioned, just kind of cloudy this afternoon. still a very nice day and a warm day at that. so this evening, anything planned, you're good to go. tomorrow morning, in fact all day tomorrow will be a very nice day. maybe not quite as warm as some areas but still lots of sunshine. all of a sudden by tomorrow night, there comes the front. by friday morning, first thing in the morning, i think this model is a little overzealous in the rainfall potential. still i think there will be showers out there. and then by friday morning, by the time that a lot of folks are out the door, all of a sudden most of that rain has moved into the southern sections of our viewing area and the rest of friday will be
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and probably all of next week. at least until next saturday would be our next chance of any rain after we get rid of this one little area that we will be tracking late tomorrow night. as you see, most of our models are hinting if there's any measurable rain it would be north of i-4. now, if you're taking the boat out tomorrow, light chop on the bay. the water temperature up to 65 degrees. going up. with our warmer temperatures. there are your upcoming tides. sunrise at 6:52. sunset at 6:32. look at florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. 76 on thursday. 73 on friday with a chance of showers in the morning. and then the warm-up begins. 75 saturday. 77 sunday. up near 80 on monday. i think low to mid 80s by next wednesday. after the showers on friday, the next rain chance won't be until a week from this saturday. thank you, denis. next at 5:30, new details about the moments leading up to
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fell out of the back of a
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>> new details about the moment that this toddler fell from a moving van in china. grandfather the tailgate lock was broken because they were in an accident last week. the toddler crawled from the seat to the trunk. after being rescued, he was injuries. new tonight, a georgia man issues a casual apology to the women he raped after being sentence today life. 20-year-old terry young admitted to attacking three women over a 7-day crime spree during his guilty plea young turned to his victims and said sorry, y'all, my bad. tuesday the judge sentenced young to life in prison, plus five years. here is wendy ryan with a look at what is happening at 6:00. >> a tragic accident. a 6-year-old girl, the heart breaking mistake that led to
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jail. and ptsd cure? it's possible. a party favorite that may hold the key to help countless military men and women still suffering. plus these stop story -- these top stories. this want to be crook fails to make off with what he came for, money. his amateur crime all caught on camera. a million new jobs in florida. claiming. numbers. we will also take a look at the types of jobs and the overall job market in tampa bay. our investigation tonight at
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>> live from the station taking action for you. >> deputies uncovered a second relationship in days. the act that alerted deputies this time and the future for the roosters they found. first. actions. it's no laughing matter. >> i'm wendy ryan. thanks for joining us. a bmx, buckets and a broom, three things used in the failed burglary attempt that you see right there. >> the suspected crook didn't realize a dozen cameras were
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>> the first of more than a dozen cameras chronicling this crime outside of this bistro. a shattering sound as a rock is thrown through the window. surveillance cameras capturing the amateur crook in the act. stacking buckets outside the broken window just after 1:00 last thursday morning. then climbing in. >> it appeared that he was a novice, the way that he did it. he was very calm, which was a little more alarming. >> reporter: with socks on his hand and a light attached to what appears to be a head band, the man tries opening the cash register, failing. but he's not about to give up. another camera shows him run to a back room where he grabs a broom. he sets off the alarm. empty handed, he decides to end his escapade, running out the back door. not to a get away car, but to this bmx bike. >> i'm not sure what the motive


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