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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  March 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> the first of more than a dozen cameras chronicling this crime outside of this bistro. a shattering sound as a rock is thrown through the window. surveillance cameras capturing the amateur crook in the act. stacking buckets outside the broken window just after 1:00 last thursday morning. then climbing in. >> it appeared that he was a novice, the way that he did it. he was very calm, which was a little more alarming. >> reporter: with socks on his hand and a light attached to what appears to be a head band, the man tries opening the cash register, failing. but he's not about to give up. another camera shows him run to a back room where he grabs a broom. he sets off the alarm. empty handed, he decides to end his escapade, running out the back door. not to a get away car, but to this bmx bike. >> i'm not sure what the motive
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>> reporter: deputies were patrolling in the area and showed up in minutes but the man was gone. no one at the restaurant recognizes him. and tonight they need your help finding him. >> i don't think he's a customer of ours or anything like that because if he was he wouldn't do anything like that people are so loyal and we are blessed. >> reporter: all of the surveillance video we showed you tonight has been handed evidence. we went ahead and took a couple still screen shots of the suspects and posted them on so you can get a closer look at him and share it on social media. abc action news. >> two people are under arrest and a third is on the run following a case that spanned halfway across florida. the whole thing starting in winter hey develop. this video is from a walgreens. a man walks up to a car where a woman was texting her son. the victim is forced to the
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drives off with her car, purse and a second suspect. the car was spotted four hours later driving over 100 miles per hour near st. augustine. it crashed and troopers were able to capture 19-year-old john crist and a 16-year-old girl. authorities are looking for summer land who is extremely dangerous. there's a new push to help our military men and women battle a silent war right here at home. congressman jolly introducing the veteran suicide prevention act. it would require the department of veterans affairs to conduct a review of veteran suicide deaths over the past five years. including the medications prescribed to those veterans when they committed suicide. jolly wants to see if there is a connection between prescriptions and suicides. and a potential break through in ptsd could be coming from an unexpected place. the party drug ecstasy can actually help veterans deal
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overcome the damage it's causing them today. patients undergo three separate treatments while lying down on a couch blind folded they take the drug and therapists guy them through their worst fears. >> the mda was like armor i put over my body so i could drive into the darkness of the ptsd and come back unscathed. >> the sessions are eight to ten hours. research shows nearly 83% of patients are cured, meaning no recurrence of ptsd one year after treatment. and that compares to a 25% success rate with other treatments. right now a plan to fix florida's massive back log of rape kits awaits the governor's signature. the house passed a bill that would expedite the evidence.
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four months of submission. a study found that there are more than 13,000 untested rape kits across florida. and major changes are a step closer tonight for florida's alimony and child custody laws. the issue now ready for a vote in both the statehouse and senate. the legislation replaces lifetime alimony with formulas for payment amounts and duration depending on the length of the marriage. it urges judges to consider equal time sharing with children but allows deviation from the formulas. now the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. >> good evening, everybody. we had a front come through this morning. it was dry but there were clouds in the afternoon. high sirius clouds. a couple of reports of people seeing sun dogs, ai rainbow look to the sky.
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we were in the upper 70s across the anterior counties. hernando. 50s. a cool start to your thursday morning. north. come. thing friday morning. we will have details coming up in a couple minutes. thanks, denis. taking action for your health tonight. florida has received 500 additional kits to test for zika antibodies. had the virus. florida has more than 1500 of those tests and kits and more than 4600 tests for the active virus. so far 44 cases of the zika virus have been confirmed in related. republican front runner on florida. he is scheduled to hold a rally this saturday at noon at the
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social media pages have already popped up encouraging students to protest. this event is free and open to the public. but you will need a ticket. tonight a 17-year-old student is facing felony charges investigators telling us that the teen shoved and spit on a teacher in the middle of class. we're told this mess started after the student refused to dissect a sea clam in spring hill. according to the arrest report, the student cursed at the teacher and was told to leave. that's when the confrontation began. then other students stepped in to help the teacher only to have another fight break out. >> when it comes down to it, you know, the only thing left anymore is law enforcement, which is sad that, you know, teachers can't handle things. >> we contacted several school districts and learned that student cursing at or hitting teachers is fairly common these days. exact numbers for hernando county were not released. but in hillsborough county there are 30 reports this
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a second cock fighting ring busted in just four days. hillsborough that is rights confiscating 107 birds in the latest bust. clifton french tells us what will happen to all of the birds. >> reporter: yeah. all of this was found on the very back part of this property. now, i was talking to people who live around here and live on this property. some of them telling me they don't see the problem in cock fighting, calling it a simple sport. these pictures show a disturbing scene, a structure designed to train and fight roosters. gambling and entertainment for some watching these birds fight to death. >> we know a lot of people come from different countries where this is accepted. we know even in puerto rico it's legal there. >> reporter: deputies responded to this home. there were reports of gunshots. when they walked to the back of the property, they found this coop and this man, 43-year-old rodriguez. >> weights and spurs and lighting.
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very sharp spurs and they fight to the death. >> reporter: the cages and rick full of feces posing a health risk to humans. the bird flu being just one. >> rain water comes off and it's into our water system or even running down our streets where our kids play. >> reporter: animal control euthanized all 107 birds on sight because of their aggressiveness and the steroids and other chemicals injected into them. tonight the sheriff's office hopes education can help curb this crime. >> you may come from other countries where it is legal but here it is illegal and we will make an arrest if we catch you. >> reporter: there are other health concerns caused by chicken and rooster feces. e. coli can be spread which can effect humans. clifton french, abc action news. well, a little girl is dead
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6-year-old burke got ahold of a gun that was being kept under a living room sofa and accidentally shot herself. eric williams was supposed to be watching her at the time. he is now charged with child neglect, unsafe storage of a firearm and possession of a weapon by a convicted felon. he's scheduled to appear in court to face the charges tomorrow. an orlando man is behind bars after he was running a criminal ring that traded stolen bicycles for crack cocaine. they caught washington during a sting operation. an informant took 30 stolen bicycles to washington over a year. new numbers tonight showing florida roads are deadlier for motorcycles than anywhere else in the country. the national highway traffic administration says motorcycles accounted for 19% of vehicle deaths in the state. that's despite motorcycles making up only 7% of the driving population.
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more than doubled than florida repelled the helmet law in july of 2000. still to come, governor rick scott promised to bring more jobs to florida. is he really living up to his promise. tonight the i-team goes behind the numbers finding out where we're gaining, losing and what the job market looks like right now. plus this. her nose started out of this one side green, green, green constantly. and it didn't stop for six months. the mysterious source that multiple doctors couldn't find and the warnrning this should
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>> a medical mystery finally solved after six months. now a 5-year-old girl is breathing easier. caitlyn powell says her nose congested and running for months on end an almost constant stream of a green smelly discharge. yuck. she took her to doctors and
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then the mystery illness was solved just this past weekend. >> my brother was like your nose, it's disgusting. blow your nose. so she blows it and out comes the safety pin. it's this big. >> yeah. there it is. that safety pin about an inch and a half long to be exact. so gross. she doesn't blame the doctors though. the fin didn't show up when they used a scope in the nostril. she is happy it's finally out and the symptoms have disappeared. since governor rick scott took office, he has made bringing jobs to florida his top priority. the numbers he's been giving don't always tell the whole story. jarrod holbrook look at what is really going on in the job market. >> reporter: governor rick scott regularly claims to have added more than a million jobs in the sunshine state. and that number continues to grow. but the i-team has uncovered that some sectors of the
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>> how much would you like a job. >> a lot. 100%. >> reporter: former restaurant manager laura has been looking for work for months. she and others at the florida jobs office are seeking jobs minimum wage. when the governor talks about a million jobs, she is talking about in private industry. this was the number last year and it has grown since then. what the governor is leaving out is the number of government jobs that have been lost, 140,000 in local, state and federal government, bringing the statewide total much closer to that number. the state has budgeted nearly $400 million in incentives over five years through enterprise florida to bring jobs that pay an average of $59,000 to the state. less than 10% of that money has actually been spent. >> i don't think we actually got an answer to the question of how many jobs were created last year. >> right. we're not qualified to work for those jobs.
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into florida instead of jobs that people really need. >> reporter: so what kinds of jobs are being added by governor scott? i-team investigator jarrod holbrook picks up the story with a look at what is going on in the local job market. jarrod. >> thank you. the types of jobs were ranked in terms of growth. what we found is the overall job market in tampa bay remains strong. the problem is finding the right people to fill them. >> people are hiring faster. there's more openings. we're seeing salaries go up a little bit in terms of pay. >> reporter: sean works for a job placement firm. he says it's an exciting time to be looking for a job in tampa bay. >> i would say this is the best years. >> reporter: to see what kind of jobs are growing in florida we dug into records from the u.s. department of labor. service industry jobs grew the most. comparing june of 2015 to june of 2014, more than 226,000 jobs were added in florida.
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utilities came in second. professional and business services ranked third. federal and local government jobs grew the least. >> it's difficult then to recruit. >> reporter: danielle scott is with the tampa bay forum, an advocacy group for tech jobs. for higher paying jobs in tech, talent is a challenge. until that changes, some of the higher levels jobs are going to people outside of the tampa market. >> we're putting the full list of what types of jobs are growing in florida as well as how much they're paying on our >> reporter: and we will break down all of the gains and losses on we're the i-team taking action for you. now the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. >> good evening, everybody. beautiful shot there. circles of apollo beach. that cloudiness actually gave some folks the opportunity to
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we were posting them on facebook. it looks like a rainbow out there when the light reflects from the clouds. it won't bring us rain tonight or tomorrow. but by late tomorrow night and first thing on friday, i do think we have showers popping up. in fact maybe even a little more pronounced than we were talking about this time yesterday. nothing severe or to worry about. the temperatures right now anywhere from the upper 60s to the still upper 70s reported across highlands county. plant city 72. where things will be hopping tomorrow with the strawberry festival starting off. 80 in winter haven. 76 the high in tampa. right now under partly cloudy skies. 71 degrees at the airport. 69 in clearwater. 70 in st. pete. skies right now are clear. as we said, we hit 76 today. it's about right.
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at 56. the record is 86. it gets cold this time of the year. 35 quite a while ago. all right. satellite picture. there's the cloud cover i talked about. the front came through and it was dry. but the drier air is taking a little bit longer to come on through. it's happening now which is why the dew points and temperatures are dropping across the northern counties. tomorrow morning, folks, you will be waking up to cool temperatures. upper 40s northern counties. no worries about a freeze or bringing in the pets. but it will still be a little cooler than it was this morning. then the rest of the day looks great. tomorrow night, that's when we're tracking our next front. there it is. by 4:00 a.m., friday morning, a decent chance of showers coming through. by 7:00, it's mostly through, with the exception of highlands county. i don't think it will be an issue for the morning commute. when the rain is gone, we have
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until next weekend. and even that is probably only a slim chance at that. overall there is a look at rainfall. any measurable rain would be out of here 8:00, 9:00 friday morning. there is definitely warm air building down the road. you look at the upper level pattern. when you see that red coming into florida next week, it will be very warm weather. probably mid 80s next wednesday into thursday. here should a look at florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. 76 on thursday. 73 on friday. saturday and sunday, the weekend looks great. we will be up in the mid 80s tuesday and wednesday. 81% of you said it's a little temperatures. well, they're here and i don't think they're going anywhere after the upcoming week. hello, folks. as you would expect there was a little good to go with the not so good in the opener against
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kevin cash was happy to see jennings actually playing. getting off to a fast start on top of it. jennings doubles in the 3rd. it gave the rays a 2-1 lead. that lead held in the 6th when young blake snow gave up a three-run shot and the nationals beat the rays final 6- 2. okay. as many as a dozen lightning players will take part in the world cup of hockey in toronto in september. so far eight have made various national teams. all have been named. we're expecting steven to be part of team canada with ben bishop and tyler johnson representing team usa. we understand it's not serious but he did not practice today.
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head coach john cooper said he is out for the ottawa game but not long-term. that is good news. the pga has started the florida swing. jordan spieth, the defending champion is paired with mcleroy. >> he's not going to be the leader of my country. so it doesn't bother me too much. like i've been following it. it's -- yeah, it is shocking. >> all right. you run down the roster. the university of tampa men's swim team and you will see swimmers from dubai, norway and then there's jeremy parker from tampa. he is the only local swimmer headed to nationals next week. this team is expected to put itself in the record books in the 200 and the 400 freestyle
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>> it will be a challenge. it's not going to be easy. but i like where we're sitting right now. and, you know, i think they could establish records in those two events that will stand for a number ofaers. >> we're all ranked top 15 in the 50 free. we're all up there in the 100 free. so we can do a lot of damage next week. >> all right. nationals get underway next wednesday. and we're back in a minute
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>> there it is. it looks great. especially this weekend. we go 75 on saturday. 77 on sunday. great boating weather. by next week, we're back in the low to mid 80s. that water temperature in the mid 60s. if you're going to the beach or the strawberry festival, spring training games, whatever your
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>> or if you're buying a boat. >> that ship has sailed. >> we will see you back here at 11:00.
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breaking news tonight. is one of the candidates about to drop out? after donald trump's string of victories, tonight, trump's promise. >> i'm a unifier. i know people are going to find that a little bit hard to believe. >> ted cruz and marco rubio taking aim. but is it even possible for any other republican candidate to get the delegates they need? tonight here, we do the math. and the smile's gone. will it be clinton versus trump? draekt hit. the tornadoes touching down. tonight, we're on the scene. homes destroyed. and the new system bringing snow and bitter cold. it is moving east. breaking news. armed and dangerous. and the reworld at this hour. nearly a dozen men making off with several ar-15-style rifles.


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