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tv   Action News at 9AM  ABC  March 4, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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captions by: caption colorado, a man shot and killed on his way to the strawberry festival and now his family is searching for answers. >> wrong! >> it's now dividing -- [ all talking at once ] >> i'm going to finish my statement here. >> shopping for clothes and school supplies could be very different come next school year. changes parents need to know about that could make back to school shopping a little less convenient for you. good morning and thanks
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here on action news at 9:00. i'm dan shaffer. >> i'm dan riley. a new plea to help solve a decade old murder. this weekend marks 11 years since david neel was shot and killed on his way to the festival. >> sarah? >> reporter: dan and deiah, the rides here at the strawberry festival may remind people of a great time. for one family it reminds them of a murder mystery that has gone cold. david was supposed to meet his family here 11 years ago but never made it. now his family is hoping evidence will lead to the person who killed david neel. who did this? why did this happen, and why? detectives say he was driving on i-75 and was shot.
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his way back to the festival to pick up cows when this happened. she says it is a day they'll never forget. >> it would be nice to get answers but i don't know how hopeful personally i'll be. >> it will be good when the pain finally goes away. >> reporter: crime stoppers is offering a $3,000 reward and the family is offering a $25,000 reward for any information or tip that may lead to an arrest. sarah rosario, abc action news. happening now, authorities are redoubling their efforts to find an accused killer on the run for nearly three months. we first showed you robert brew are's mug shot after deputies tell us brewer is still believed in be in the bay area and u.s. marshals are offering a $2,000 reward on top of the
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it's shaping up to be a beautiful weekend. ivan cabrera joins us now with florida's most accurate forecast. >> we're talking about changes. it's operating quietly right now. nice calm wind and temperatures across the crest of the tampa bay area climbing into the low 70s right at 75, though, by the afternoon. we have the dry conditions continuing here. there's your hour by hour forecast. take a lunch outside if you can. look at the temperatures cooling off by 7:00 and 8:00 and heading into the weekend, cooler in the morning. we'll talk about that and the big warm-up that's going to be headed this way heading into next week. really didn't have much in the way of shower activity. >> and all that talk about the
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at this camera at the sunshine sky way bridge. look at that water. traffic's flowing nicely across the bridge just nine minutes to get from toll booth to toll booth. checking things out at 275 right through west shore. it's taking five minutes to get from the howard franklin into downtown tampa today. checking out the average speeds, looks like the morning commute has it wrapped up. i-4, i-75 and 275 over in pin nelies county looking great -- pinellas county. there were more fireworks last night between donald trump and marco rubio. republicans are going all out to derail the front-runner. abc news explains how trump is reacting. >> reporter: fresh from his
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super tuesday, donald trump got no respect. trump's rivals now teaming up against him. >> he makes him the president of the united states. >> reporter: ted cruz was trying hard to make it a two- man race. >> donald trump has written checks to hillary clinton ten times. >> reporter: marco rubio again, assailed trump's character. >> reporter: all of the talking got a rise out of trump. >> this little guy has lied so much about my record. >> there we go. >> he referred to my hands that they're small, something else must be small. i guarantee you there's no problem. >> reporter: the billionaire also fighting back. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. >> reporter: against a scalding attack from mitt romney. >> he was a failed candidate. he should have beaten president
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he failed miserablely. >> hello. how are you doing? >> nice to be with you, megan. you are looking well. >> as are you. [ applause ] >> reporter: this weekend, the republican slate faces voters in four states and puerto rico. with the detroit debate over, michigan is still a political hot spot. democrats debate in flint on sunday. on tuesday, the state hosts an important primary pore both parties. megan hughes, abc news, washington. meanwhile, florida governor rick scott says he is not endorsing anyone ahead of the march 15 primary. he trusts voters, and it's their job to pick the candidates they want. this morning, orange county deputies are looking for the people who are attacking donald trump supporters in orlando. lou placed trump signs outside of a library during early voting. two men started pulling them out of the ground. when he confronted the men, they attacked him.
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confronted them to get them to stop. that's when one of them body slammed me to the ground and kept pulling the trump signs. i couldn't pursue them. >> pair are medics treated him at the scene for cuts and scrapes on his hands. open wednesday, a woman supporting trump was outside of a polling place when shun threw a drink on her. she was covered in hot coffee ands had a welt on her stomach. u.s. employers added a robust 222,000 workers. hiring went up. retailers adding close to restaurants another 40,000. the labor department says the unemployment rate held steady at 4.9%. the pickup in job gains shows our economy is holding strong. we'll check on how the jobs market is affecting the stock markets in our next half hour. taking action for your
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that could make it tougher to save as much money on your child's back to school supplies. it cuts it from ten days to just three. this year, it won't cover computers and would only aplay to clothing under $60 instead of $100 and under. we'll find out by tuesday if lawmakers reach a final day on the sales tax holiday plan. the sales tax is one step closer to making cohabitation with the opposite sex against the law. you could be fined $500 and jailed for 60 days according to 148-year-old state law. yesterday, the senate approved the repeal that law. meanwhile, florida churches are just a signature away from being able to refuse
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without fear of legal ramifications. if governor scott signs the church protection bill, florida lawmakers approved it yesterday, and it will ta effect july 1st. authorities in highlands county are looking to see if there are any more victims after a teacher is charged with child pornography and having a sexual relationship with a teenaged student. stacy hooks was arrested after investigators found evidence she had sex with a 14-year-old student where she taught school. then we told you earlier this week, she was charged with an additional nine counts of child pornography. everybody needs to do more to protect our children. >> we really need prayer and god back into the schools. this is the only way. >> the sheriff's office continues to analyze social media accounts that they obtained from hooks. at this time, they have not identified additional victims. the punishment for drug
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marijuana turning into a ticket and a fine. police would issue civil citations instead of criminal charges. the measure would have to get a second approval for two weeks before it heads to the desk of the mayor. chaos when a student turns on their teacher. what started this full-out brawl at one tennessee school that sent the teacher to the hospital and a student to jail? >> students at one new england college will have to find another way to pull all nighters because the school is banning energy drinks. that's coming up next. >> we've cleared out nice gorgeous skies out there. we have another system moving through the weekend.
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13 minutes after 9:00 on this friday morning. all teachers will now get special training after this vicious attack that you are
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teacher was caught on camera. this one happened on tuesday. a 17-year-old boy punched a teacher in the face then kept on hitting him even after he'd fall ton the ground. another teacher eventually stopped the student. the family of the teacher attacked said he suffered a concussion. that particular high school has had the most assaults on teacher incidents in the district this school year. all teachers in that district will be trained on how to handle violent situations. >> i've seen other assaults like that. i've seen videos of it and quite frankly been a witness to one. >> police say the teen was not provoked when the attacked occurred. a new mexico man thought he was doing the right thing by paying for cigarettes he took from a convenience store. one problem is, he broke into the store in the first place to get them. police say he was caught on camera kicking in the door then
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get a pack of cigarettes. unlike most thieves, he left six bucks on the counter and held it up to the cameras so the store's owners could see that he paid for the pack of smokes. he was picked up and arrested by police later in the day. officials believe he was drunk when he broke into the store. a bizarre story to tell you about. a man was sitting behind bars accused of selling a home by posing as a dead owner whose death is now being investigated as a homicide. police say this man right here, 43-year-old christopher brian colbert pretended to be the homeowner and sold the home. court records show he either lived with the deceased man or had access to the property to sell the house. it didn't take long to unravel. the new owners found the body of the real owner in the yard shortly after moving in. a judge has ordered a mental evaluation for the man
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in a series of random shootings in kalamazoo, michigan. daulton's attorney says he will meet with doctors and experts with the center for forensic psychiatry and for a series of interviews and tests. the preliminary hearing was pushed from march 10th to may 10th for evaluations to take place. two survivors continued to approve in local hospitals. police charged a 14-year- old boy and 21-year-old man with killing a pizza delivery driver in suburban atlanta. the boy was charged as an adult yesterday. the driver was found dead wednesday night in a housing complex in lawrenceville. officials believe he was killed during a robbery in the complex making a delivery. both suspects now face felony murder charges. a stowaway has just been ordered to six months house arrest.
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go anywhere near an airport for two years. the 64-year-old snuck onto at least four flights without paying for a ticket. students have to soon leave campus to buy energy drinks. all campus stores are banning it. the move is meant to keep students safe because energy drinks are a health risk when mixed with alcohol. students are still allowed to bring the strings onto campus which has a lot of people thinking the condition is a symbolic move. >> this is a moral stance that the school is taking. this will not change behavior, and i don't think it's even intended to change behavior. if you need to stay up, you will find an energy drink at shaw's and you will stay up. >> this is the last weekend students there can buy energy drinks on campus. that ban goes into effect on monday. if you ever signed a lease agreement, then you know it can
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things. >> this story makes me laugh. agreement. it started when instead of sending the tenant a locked pdf file, the landlord sent the lease in a word document, which can be edited. >> so they added in lessor should provide birthday cake. others questioned if the reddit user signed it. he did hold it and the tenant says they will hold him to the deal. [ laughter ] >> oh, my goodness, i will try that with my next lease. lesson learned, right? gorgeous day out there so far. >> the spring break sun's coming down. >> that's the problem. we've got snow out there and
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you know what it's time for. your photos. you can check on facebook and twitter. put your photos up especially if you look like that. we did start with the showers. they are down by fort myers and weakening as we speak right now. upper 60s&70s with clear skies. we have the showers roll through rather quickly here. there was the front and here's all of the nice weather that will be headed our way. we do have subtle changes coming up for the weekend. here's the front that continues down to the south. usually what happens is a northeast front that brings clouds and showers. we don't have to worry about it because watch this feature here. that is another front that's going to kick this out and bring us even drier weather through sunday. so both weekend days right now look fantastic with full sunshine wall to wall here. a little breezy out there and winds begin to subside through the weekend. so we'll be good for boating
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overnight lows will be the change because the air is so dry. it will add low to mid-50s. this morning, we woke up with milder temperatures. a good 20 degree range today, tomorrow, and sunday. a few upper 70s possible but mainly mid-70s which is really typical this time of year. about 10:00 tomorrow, one to two is in great shape. watch what happens now. through the weekend a good line of sunshine. it's not that it's going to rain this is just a bit of a shocker as the humidity goes up. temperatures in the low to mid- 08s. we may have to team that forecast. we may be flirting with record high temperatures heading into next week. that will be the story here. we'll continue with a warm-up into your workweek. enjoy injure weekend. coming up at 9:30, ground
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has since become the tall nest downtown st. pete. >> first, there he is or she is, i should say. this little cutie in our studio waiting for our chance to shine. this is molly, our pet of the week. we'll show you where you can adopt her coming up next. good morning, everybody. i'm lisa campos with your positively tampa bay. we are going to start our consumer protection investigation series all this month. we'll be tackling the most prevalent things for you at
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welcome back. it is friday and time to introduce you to our pet of the week. it's time to introduce to you molly, a beautiful dog. it is a breed i'm not familiar with. >> a black mouthed kur. >> it sounds like an insult. >> it does. a kur used to be a mixed breed dog. >> yeah. >> there are different breeds that have kur in the name and several different breeds that have been mixed together. >> she's so calm. >> she is. it's hard to believe she's got a lot of black mouthed kur in her. >> are they generally active dogs? >> they are because they are hounds. she is so simple.
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she's 1-year-old and curious about everything. she's so sweet, and you know, she weighs 37 pounds now. >> this is about as big as she'll get? >> hopefully she'll put a little more weight on because she's a little on the thin side but not a lot. >> a loving family will take care of that for her in a heartbeat, i'm sure. she's been spayed and microchipped. >> she's good for any family. she's not rambunctious and won't knock over small children. >> thank you very much, vicki, for bringing her in. have a good weekend. >> stay with us.
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is supposed to protect people. one woman asked a bay area officer for help. what he did that forced had imto resign. >> more than a year after bobbi kristina brown was found unconscious in a bathtub, a judge has granted the appeal. the medical examiner says what was the cause of death. ivan, it looks like we're in for a great weekend. >> absolutely. i have something to show you, though. let's take a look outside. this obviously is it. >> that's right. >> low humidity, comfortable temperatures and crystal blue skies is what we have going on and will continue over the next several days. let's show you the rest of the
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pick a city. nobody's warmer than we are 70 degrees. if you are going points north, bundle up. temperatures have fallen and it will be our overnight lows. the skies out there pretty much cool through the remainder of the day. the hour by hour forecast is steady in the mid-70s through the quitting time and destined for the lower 60s. if you have outdoor plans outside, maybe a little jacket as the air is drier. cooler tonight and we'll talk about the 50s with the big warm- up next week in just a few minutes. this sunday will mark 11 years since a bay area man was shot and killed as he drove on i-75 headed to the strawberry festival. all of these years later, there's no sign of the person who did it or even why.
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when someone passing him fired one bullet into his truck. that bullet went through his door hitting him in the chest. crimestoppers of tampa bay put together a video re-enactment of the crime hoping it would generate new tips. >> you know, you are hopeful, but you don't want to get your hopes up too high. >> why would someone do this in the first place? >> reporter: crimestoppers is offering a reward and the family put up their own money for tips in the case. go to our web site, and click on the story. this morning a bradenton officer is no longer patrolling city streets. he asked a woman out on a date instead of protecting her from her boyfriend. internal he affairs opened an investigation and he resigned. police say he responded to a
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late december but instead of filing the necessary paperwork to arrest her ex-boyfriend, he asked her to dinner. he didn't file the paperwork about the harassment until 23 days later. this coming in about the death of whitney houston's only child bobbi kristina brown. drug intoxication and immersion in water led to her death. the 22-year-old was found face down and unresponsive in her bathtub. she died in hospice care july 26th. yesterday, a manatee county judge set november 28th as the tentative start date for keyshawna thomas' trial. if convicted, thomas will spend the rest of her life in prison. prosecutors are not calling for the death penalty.
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hogan case once again work toward narrowing down a pool of jurors. as you know, the former wrestler from tampa is suing gawker is a saying the web site violated his privacy. opening statements are still set for monday morning. hundreds of death row inmates in florida hang on governor scott's signature. it requires at least 10 out of 12 jurors to recommend the death penalty in order for it to be carried out. the current law allows judges to reach a different decision. lawmakers were forced to rewrite the law after the old one was declared unconstitutional. executions in florida have been on hold since then. the family of a first grader in tampa is getting a
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fingers were nearly severed at school, and the family is questioning if his teacher hurt him on purpose. he was holding a door when it slammed on his fingers. doctors had to stitch up gaping wounds. the family hired an attorney that says there is no doubt the teach der this, but it's not clear if it was intentional. >> his father showed up at school with blood all over the floor and the child screaming. >> what we are concerned with is that this never happens someone else's child. >> we did try to reach out to amanda for comment. she has not called us back yet. folks have a new spot play. they celebrate ground breaking for one st. petersburg. the 41-story condominium
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building. the tower on first avenue north will feature stores and a hotel. the city is like a mediterranean village. our shops, culture, and museums. they realize there was really an opportunity of new construction. so they saw this opportunity and decided this would be a great new place and really equated a gem. construction is expected to wrap up within the next two years. checking stocks. the labor department reported robust job growth. international markets were hired today. the dow is pretty much holding steady where it opened down just three or four points to
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hitting newsstands today. stories. happy friday to you. we've got a lot about the improvements going on at t.i. a. another local airport is quietly growing in significant ways. >> we're talking about pie at st. peters airport. we tucked to thomas who has been working at that airport. it quietly while there is a billion dollar master plan and incredible things going on in tampa hills borough, it upgrades its facilities both outside and in the terminal. and sometimes it's about it being too reliant on allegiant air which has 95%. the fact is, they have 60 ground leases. it had trouble with times with labor and profitable. if for some reason it were to
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other carriers. are you too reliant on allegiant. what are you doing to be an economic generator for pinellas county. >> interesting article. >> you also are talking about a talker. anybody who drives along dell mabry, if you look off to the side, you see a massive home that is under construction, you have a sneak peek. >> the builder is growing and for the last three years, we've been working on the square footage but it is an incredible -- >> it's like a mall. >> there have been people coming onto the site to buy condos. it is a beautiful, incredible phenomena. we have 40 photographs that i shot on our web site that have gotten a lot of time. people were very, very interested to go inside. take a look. we're incredible. >> we also learned that the rays were going to play a historic game in cuba. >> in november, there was a lottery.
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yankees and mets pulled one out on the tampa bay rays. there's a lot of deep connections between tampa bay and cuba that president obama is going to be there. getting the stadium ready and baseball no matter how you feel and the move more relations. baseball has a universal appeal. >> it's wonderful, i think. if you want to check out these stories, go to the money section on our mobile app. a work of art or just a sad attempt to trick the law. when new york deputies spot this cardboard license plate on the roads, find out what happened. >> and a 2-year-old girl in the middle of a fashion emergency turned to the only people she could pick up to help, the
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how a dispatcher helped with
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a new york woman is facing felony charges for driving with a home made license plate. >> this is actually kind of funny.
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and painted to look like a real new york license plate. >> not very well. >> not at all. >> the cop pulled over the woman and the deputy says she also had a suspended registration and no insurance. she's now charged with felony possession of a forged instrument. call it a fashion emergency. a south carolina toddler dialed 911 when she needed help getting dressed. >> the responding officers surprised the family when the officers showed up at the doorstep. they didn't know she made the call let alone 911. >> her grandmother answers the dorr and -- her grandfather answers the door and she came running up with one pant leg falling off and wanted help with her shoes and wanted me to hug herr. she was so sweet and welcoming.
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well, the deputy did take time to sit down and help little lily put her pants on. now they are friends for life. so cute. time now, 9:43, and this new story might sound too good to be true, but boeing says it is developing self-sanitizing lavatories for its passenger jets. the technology would use uv light, which kills 99% of germs. the entire lavatory would be cleaned within 3 sends of being used with the uv light. you wouldn't be in there when this happens. boeing says the project is in the testing phase. >> i would love to see that in hotels, you know? >> i don't know, i'm not buying it. scrub it down. also make them bigger. they sore tiny. i'd -- they are so tiny. i'd settle for that. >> we've been talking about sunshine today and that will continue over the next couple of days. as we take a look at clear skies, this is what happens. ask and you shall receive. we talked about your photos.
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lakeland and show you the sunrise there this morning. ivan cabrera was already taken by a chilean dancer, but that's another story. looking at the front with the showers that cleared out. some clouds are not going to bother us. full sunshine and temperatures right now in the upper 60s to around 70 degrees. calm winds and a front stays down this weekend. we have another boundary that's going to move through also moving through quietly. the last couple have done so. don't expect showers this weekend. just dry air and lots of sun. low humidity and nice and comfortable. the other issue is boaters and exercise caution. 60s right along the coast and a
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i'm thinking upper 60s with the entire beaches there and across the interior and away from it with the mid to upper 60s. overnight lows in the 50s. and back at it tomorrow. sunshine getting to work doing its job getting us into the mid-70s. higher and higher sun angles means the cold fronts cool us off. we'll recover quite nicely, thank you. 2 to 4 foot seas. diminishing as we hit to tomorrow as well. there's your sunrise and sunset. this is the last full weekend with our regular eastern time, right? we're going to switch over to the clock next weekend. we get a lot of daylight in the evening hours. saturday and sunday looks fantastic. next week, what we'll do is warm things up a little for you. it's going to be a great week to head out to the beach. the wait is over. house of cards season four
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netflix served up 13 new episodes of the hit series today. >> the wildly popular house of cards is a netflix original series. kevin spacey plays frank underwood. the fictional u.s. lawmaker schemed his way all the way up the political ladder all the way into the oval office. this season, he's in for re- election. i feel a binge watching weekend coming up. national consumer protection week kicks off sunday on "positively tampa bay" and talking about the top
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good morning, everybody. all this month on positively tampa bay, we're taking a look at scams with the consumer protection agencies are trying to raise awareness about. on friday, march the 11th, we
9:50 am
experts will be coming in to take your calls from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., and joining us with more, we have the division director of the hillsborough county, and today the topic is loans. a lot of people say what do you mean predatory help? first of all, how prevalent is the issue of student loans not being paid and why is it even on the radar for scam artists? >> the last report that i saw showed currently there's 1.2 trillion dollars in student loan debt and over $110 billion that people have defaulted on, on their loans. so there's a lot of money at stake right now, and con artists want to take advantage of that. >> how do the bad guys do that? >> basically, they try to contact people with student
9:51 am
which is common, e-mail. people may come across a web site where there is an offer to help them consolidate a loan. these contacts either come from people that appear to be from the federal government or from a university. they seem very author tative, but they are really just designed to manipulate them into paying fees for services they can get for free. >> what is the one to prevent this from happening to you? >> people need to be aware that there are income based credit offers. they need to stop whether it is a debt collector generally or anything in regards to the student loan and double check what their options are. please don't pay anything before you do your homework. that's the one thing people need to remember. >> thank you for coming in. i look forward to hosting the other segments with you and the rest of the team. if you at home have any questions, first of all, within
9:52 am
is from, here's the number. you can file a complaint or call for information, 813-903- 4330. outside of hillsborough county if there's anything with debt collection, you can file a complaint with consumerfinance. or call them at the number on the
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coming up today at 4:00, we've got the list of the best places to work outside of abc
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actually hiring right now? it's been a year since tiboa the dog was nursed back to health. that and more coming up at 4:00. if you head out to the strawberry festival, if you head out today, on the menu, you can meet pro hall of famer derek brooks. >> there's also a fried corn eating contest. daniel's already signed up for that. live entertaint money, the country duo big and rich and tickets are available for 7:30. >> i can really eat when it comes to corn on the cobb. >> i think cody my dog thought this was chicken. i ate them all. manny got one. let's look at the forecast. by the way, midway opens at noon but gates open at 10:00 for everybody that's going to
9:57 am
sunshine with high temps in the 70s. >> strawberries. we fry everything. >> that's hilarious. we've got continuing coverage right now of the day's top stories on >> have a great weekend.
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(applause) >> unplug and unwind. >> (shrieking) >> i'm trying to unplug. "the odd couple's" yvette nicole brown. >> the best way to get a hot guy's attention is... >> i would love for somebody to tell me the best way to get a hot guy's attention. >> plus, what to wear to chill out. >> you wear that in the day and then go right to sleep. >> and pasta with chef fabio viviani. >> it's not cheating to use a food processor. >> it's cheating not eating pasta. >> imagine the "pasta-bilities"! (cheers and applause) >> welcome to "fablife." today we are switching off the tech in our lives so that we can relax without interruption because it's national unplugging day. (cheers and applause) and we're gonna help you unwind too with a relaxed but chic fashion show, portable gadgets, and we have actress yvette


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