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tv   Action News at 5PM  ABC  March 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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knife buried at the old simpson property. the annual influx of spring breakers begins. what you need to know to navigate as a local. i'm jamison uhler. >> and i'm wendy ryan. thanks for joining us. tonight a break-through in the search for a man who carjacked a woman at gun point. >> a traumatizing ordeal caught on this surveillance video right here that ultimately tracked down the thieves. ryan raiche shows us where they found them. >> reporter: the winter haven woman seen here in the video is breathing a sigh of relief tonight. the men that terrorized her earlier this week are locked up. >> they're predators and need to be kept off the street. >> reporter: they caught a break early this morning. they got a tip that the man they were searching for was staying at the grove motel in lake wales. a team of officers carefully swarmed in this morning and arrested him with no problems. >> he committed this crime using a firearm. we had every reason to believe
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>> reporter: summer land was the mastermind of this carjacking. he's the one seen pacing around. investigators say he stalked the victim and waited for the perfect opportunity. this is the moment that he walks up with a shotgun demanding she get on the ground. >> she was forced to lie on the ground at gun point. >> reporter: list say crist is the one jumping in the passenger seat before speeding off. that night the car was chased and crist was arrested. summer land got away. no word where he has been since monday. >> we had detectives looking around the clock, following up on every lead. >> reporter: when reached by phone, the victim says she is relieved that her family no longer has to live in fear. ryan raiche, abc action news. >> a breaking development in the o.j. simpson case. a knife found at his old home was thought to be that used in the murders. just moments ago, multiple law enforcement agencies saying that the blade is not consistent with the weapon used
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that knife was found on the property where the former football star was living back in 1994. that's when his ex-wife and goldman were killed. his estate has been demolished since then. a retired lapd officer got the weapon from a construction worker and kept it for an unknown amount of time. many want to know why the officer kept the evidence. >> i was really surprised. i would think that an lapd officer, if this story is accurate as we're being told, would know that any time that you are -- you come into contact with evidence, that you should and shall submit that to investigators. >> the officer could face administrative charges depending if he was retired or jamison. >> new tonight, threatening president obama is enough to send a florida man to prison for 7 years. a known member of the bloods gang.
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county jail when he sent a letter threatening to kill the president. he threatened one of the agents and even sent another letter threatening to kill a federal prosecutor. fed up neighbors got drugs off the street and put three people behind bars. neighbors reported to police that something was going on at a home at 8th street west in bradenton. so the s.w.a.t. team moved in. police saw a couple of 17-year- olds outside of the home and they were arrested. officers found, cocaine, pot and heroin. now the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. >> good afternoon, everybody. had that rain overnight and first thing this morning. now everything is clear, except for this. it looks like rain but that's actually a controlled burn. you put it in motion and you can see the smoke plume pushing off to the east. right there is where the fire is burning. we did check into it. it is a controlled burn, not a brush fire.
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right now across the southern counties. yet, upper 60s from citrus and hernando counties. so skies will be clear overnight. kind of chilly first thing in the morning. we will tell you how low it will go and when the warmest weather of the season arrives. that's in a couple of minutes. thank you, denis. the roads are more crowded and the beaches are packed and that means that spring break season is here. >> travel experts are expecting it to be the busiest since 2010. >> jake peterson joins us live from clearwater beach with a survival guide i guess you could say for us locals, jake. >> reporter: yeah. and good evening to you. it's so beautiful out here. actually once you finally get here. take a look. so many people, hundreds of people are enjoying the beach right now. getting out here could be tough as we found out today. no worries. we have tricks of the trade that will get you latterring up sooner than later. chances are your trip to the
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will include traffic jams, headaches and possibly a lot full sign. >> very busy. lots of cars and parking problems. >> reporter: joel with the city of clearwater says there are only about 1600 public parking spots that fill up fast. private parking can cost you 20 bucks or more a day. >> traffic will double around spring break. we get 50,000 to 60,000 cars on a busy spring break day. >> reporter: there are alternatives to navigate around the spring breakers. you can park for free near coachman park and hop on the ferry. it costs about 2 bucks during the spring break season and it will get you on the beach in 20 minutes. >> parking is limited on clearwater beach. to make it a fun spring break or a family going to the beach experience, it has to be fun from a to z. we're trying to take the annoying traffic part of it out of the equation. >> reporter: there's also the jolly trolley with several stops downtown.
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>> it's been a little crowded. >> reporter: amelia lawrence and her family from michigan wish they knew the tricks earlier. >> we plan on chilling and staying together as a family. >> reporter: which is what beach time is all about. using these new ways of getting around could help all of us to backyard. it's really hot. i love it here. >> reporter: and some good things to keep in mind as you are traveling this weekend. about 50,000 cars will come here to clearwater beach just tomorrow. also the clearwater ferry has an app if you want to download that. schedules and routes. we're live in clearwater beach, jake peterson, abc action news. >> thank you, jake. tampa international airport travelers. they estimate two and a half million passengers will go through the airport during the spring break season, up 3% from last year and nearly 15% from
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now to a look at tonight's traffic. we're looking at i-275 southbound near ashley drive. a live look here, if you will. one area also expected to be backed up this weekend is around plant city for those heading to the strawberry festival. >> reporter: hi, everyone. if you're heading to the strawberry festival, i have a tip that could save time getting there. normally from tampa you would get off to get to the festival fairgrounds there. but they're doing road work at the exit there. it was supposed to be wrapped up by the time of the festival start but it's ongoing. get off at branch forks road and take that up to the strawberry festival. it might save you time, especially during the peak hours. a heads-up for tomorrow. there's construction going on that will close the southbound exit from the veterans to gun
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tomorrow morning until midnight. so you will want to take sheldon down. that's help. if you're trying to get to the mall tomorrow. for more updates make sure that you follow me on facebook at abc action traffic. a consumer alert for you tonight. the u.s. government is investigating complaints of brake failures in ford trucks. this impacts f-150 pickup trucks. the probe covers about 420,000 trucks from 2013 and 2014 model years. the ntsb so far has more than 30 complaints about brake loss. the agency is figuring out how large the problem really is to see if a recall is needed. we have have the details on so you can share it and warn your family and friends. an update tonight. the families of four dead crew members have reached a settlement why the parent company.
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sank during hurricane joaquin. propulsion failed. all 33 people on board died. the settlement is for half a million dollars each for pain and suffering and undisclosed amount for economic losses. offer fair. in florida, they hate little marco rubio so much. still to come, ugly attacks trail. for some, the war of words may be back firing. a boost for american workers. the new opportunities we're now getting and the reason it's not all good news. also, how old should you be to be legally able to smoke? straight ahead, the change one state is considering and why
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>> republicans are back on the campaign trail and back attacking each other after a spirited and sometimes ugly debate last night. >> it sure was. front runner donald trump playing defense in responding to questions about his failed trump university and his flip flop on immigration.
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>> reporter: donald trump at a michigan rally this morning hits marco rubio ahead of the march 15th florida primary. >> in florida, they hate little marco rubio so much. he couldn't be elected dog catcher. >> reporter: today on "good morning america," rubio on the defense for his part in the war of words. >> nothing that i have ever said comes anywhere close to what donald trump says regularly long a daily and routine basis. >> reporter: perhaps one of the lowest moments in the campaign, trump's response to rubio last night. >> he refer today my hands. if they're small something else must be small. problem. i guarantee it. >> reporter: fox moderator trump university. >> the rating from the better business bureau was a d minus. that was in 2010 as a result of a number of complaints. >> it was elevated to an a. >> that's never been publicly released.
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ted cruz repeated mitt romney's assault earlier in the day demanding that trump release recordings from the new york times. >> you're misleading the american people. >> excuse me. >> reporter: trump announced he was soft ening his position on visas for high tech workers despite his opposite view on his website. >> you change your tune to so many things. what is his core. >> megan, i have a very strong core. >> reporter: shortly after the debate, trump released a statement saying he was in fact not soft ening his position on the visa program after a he would end it no exceptions. megan hughes, abc news, washington. >> in the meantime abc action news has teamed up with political fact. one claim was pants on fire. you can see the findings on jamison. >> fortune's list of best places to work is out and some are in the bay area.
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one of the companies that made the top 100 is hilton hotels. the turnover rate of 16% is below the industry average of 20%. fortune also looked at workplace flexibility and boss competency. other companies with local ties that made the list, high hotels, whole foods, cheesecake factory and of course publix. it is good and bad news for american workers. jobs are up. businesses created more than 240,000 jobs last month. that's 70,000 more than january. the bad news, wages are only up 2.2% compared to a year ago. the federal reserve wants to see wages grow 3 and a half percent. if you're in the market for a new job, we're taking action for you. we're always updating the online listings of openings in the bay area. find it by going to jamison. >> another state is moving closer to raising the smoking
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the california assembly approved the change. if the bill is approved by the senate and the governor, the state would be the second state to make the change, hawaii being the first. republicans mostly opposed it. saying it's an attack on individual freedom. some says it would encourage more young people to smoke making the habit more desirable. health officials saying there's now another case of the zika virus in the state. that brings the statewide total to 48, including four pregnant women. the bulk of affected people live in miami-dade county. tests to florida. now the most accurate action weather. >> a lot of people would feel better about mosquitoes if we had one more freeze. it won't be any time soon. >> yep. >> we are. we will be closer to 90 next >> wow. time. it won't last.
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i think it's safe to say it's now going into the second week in march, folks. this is what we expect. blue skies. last night. and that front did bring us thunderstorms. if you were watching last night at 11:00 and at 6:00, we showed you that line. models were hinting to have decent rains across the northern counties. once be it made it across the metro, nothing more than scattered showers this morning. outside right now, temperatures all over the place. this is a classic example of what a front can do. the front came through last night and this morning. and cooler temperatures are now coming in the northern counties. low 60s. i mean, that isn't even on the water. 63 spring hill. 68 wesley chapel. it's still 80 in sebring. it's taking longer for that colder air to sink down. in some cases, it won't even make it at all. that is just another sign that we're getting closer to a full- fledged spring in the bay area.
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spring training and spring break and strawberry festival, that gives us an idea too. temperatures are cooler than this time yesterday. tomorrow morning will be kind of cool. upper 40s to low 50s. then it all begins to warm up. and that warm air sticks around at least for a week. maybe even longer. temperatures right now upper 60s to low 70s. if you're going out for a walk this evening, maybe you have something going on outdoors, the weather will be tremendous. it will be comfortable. a little breezy. mostly clear skies. not a drop of rain. we were showing this earlier right about there. see that? that's a controlled burn. not a brush fire. that's the only thing showing up on radar much that's the only thing that will be showing up on radar any time soon. over the next 24 hours, right through tomorrow morning come wake-up time, clear and cool. with an easterly wind setting up, that brings the possibility of clouds on the east coast. and every once in a while, some
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i don't think it will be one of those times. i don't think the easterly wind is strong enough. we stay mostly sunny. the only areas that would see more clouds would be closer to the east side. polk county, desoto and highlands county. outside of that, this will be a great weekend. hope you get a chance to get out and enjoy it. whether you're planting your garden. it's about that time. especially by next week when the temperatures will go from the low 70s which is where we will be tomorrow to the mid 80s. and maybe even higher. saturday, 74. st. pete 73. low 70s across the northern counties. east of i-75 it starts to warm up. notice as they will be cooling off in the northern counties, the cooler air is not making it down south. just a sign of the change of seasons. this will certainly show you. this is the long range upper level winds and the upper level pattern. what it shows, especially when you see red building, what do you think that red indicates? that's warm air.
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are in it with highs in the mid- 80s. i think some upper 80s across the southern counties. then a front in the storm system flattens things out next week. there is a chance of rain late friday or into saturday of next weekend. we will keep you up to date. for the boaters, northerly wind at 5 to 10 knots. gulf temperature in the mid to upper 60s. there's your tides, sunrise and sunset. if you're going to plant city on saturday, it will be beautiful. temperatures starting off in the 60s. warming up to the mid 70s. this 7-day wasn't tough to put mid 70s tomorrow and sunday. upper 70s monday. we're in the low to mid 80s next week. next, snap chat security. it's one of the most popular social media apps. is. then a florida girl scout
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she earned selling cookies. what pressure you ared thieves to turn themselves in and the good deed that saved the day. it's a step in the right direction but it doesn't mean that it's going to be a pleasant experience. decriminalizing pot in tampa. how an ordinance could change how police handle small amounts
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>> do the pictures that you send on snap chat really disappear after a few seconds? that depends. when you post a picture to snap chat it alert you if someone takes a screen shot. a youtube search teaches you a work-around to show you how easy it is to spy on snap chat
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>> random people with search your name. >> you have to be willing to have the entire planet be able to see what it is that you're about to post. >> dr. russ research at social media at florida gulf coast university says that snap chat has always been vulnerable and there is no technology that can promise security or privacy 100%. a brother and sister turning themselves in for stealing monday free a girl scout. the pair stole cash from a girl selling cookies outside of a wal-mart. the duo eventually turned themselves in. with no sign of the cash box that had a couple hundred bucks inside. luckily a local radio station pitched in, raising over $1,000 in sales for that little girl. coming up next, neighbors say the abandoned house is attracting homeless people. >> reporter: neighbors say this abandoned house has been the scene of drug dealing, prostitution and other crimes. we will tell you what is being
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plus the dangers of lead exposure. we will explain the top warning
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>> live from the station taking action for you. this is abc action news. >> tonight a new warning about a potentially deadly poison that could be hidden in your home. >> the sun coast safety council saying more people are coming into contact with lead as they renovate older homes. they're launching a campaign to reveal the top warning signs. lauren rozyla is taking action tonight to tell you what to do to protect your family. >> reporter: these are the kinds of homes that are most
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these are homes built before 1978. those pre-war homes. but now the sun coast safety council is recommending that you use these lead testing kits in your home to check for lead before you renovate. maurice is working day and night to get the home ready. his mother is coming to live after his father's death. >> i'm doing this so she feels comfortable. >> reporter: it's no small task. safety experts say it could leave them at the risk for lead exposure. >> it gets in through the food. >> reporter: ed mawer is warning people about the everyday dangers of lead. lead is most often found buried beneath layers of paint in older homes. >> make sure that the home is kept clean. especially on the high wear areas where lead paint was used like window stills and door frames. >> reporter: when homes are


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