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tv   Action News Weekend Edition at 6AM  ABC  March 6, 2016 6:00am-6:59am EST

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the race for the white house underdog candidates pick up key states and super saturday primaries. the contest means one candidate may not be in the race much longer. a young pilots quick actions when something goes wrong midflight. the place he had to land. thunder strikes. the tampa
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it is sunday morning. thanks for joining us. i am sarah rosario. we will get to the days news in a moment. florida's most accurate forecast first. people are excited about last night's win. >> we think about tampa bay is that you can go to the hockey game one night and go to the beach the next. not a bad day. we are starting off chilly. it is crisp there right now. that is riverwalk in downtown tampa. if you haven't been down there that really is a lovely place to see a lot of really pretty sites. the urban center of tampa bay.
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look for temperatures to bump up into the upper 70s by later on. especially further inland. starting off with temperatures in the 50s. we will see warm into the workweek. a complete look at the forecast coming up. stick with us and we will have those details. faa investigating an emergency plan lending on the st. petersburg golf course. an 18-year-old pilot and his dad took off from the lakeland area with a group of planes. they were headed to manatee county. the taylor craft plane lost power over south st. petersburg pilot was hoping to get to but instead he landed on the 12th fairway of the st. pete country club. troubles the budget airline allegiant and scary moments for passengers flying to the bay area. pilots aborted takeoff in
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mechanical issues. emergency crews surrounded the plane. officials say the passengers were flown out on a different flight last night. they also received a $200 allegiant voucher. the i-team has been following incidents involving allegiant over the past year and you will buy the story -- find the stories posted. a man who fell off a they cruiseship. the coast guard is racing to find a roku than passenger who fell off the ship around key largo. 46-year-old man is from texas and he plummeted 100 feet from his stateroom balcony late friday night. the ship continued its journey to port everglades and once the coast guard took over. the race for the white house. donald trump was met with passionate protesters in orlando. is reality -- his rally was interrupted over and over again.
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physical with one protester. grabbing at his neck he even appears here typical a punch. each of those demonstrators got kicked out. the super saturday brought out long lines and wins the two candidates. it is a hotly contested race. sanders and cruz are claiming victory. >> reporter: everyone is trying to figure out how to stop trump. >> senator ted cruz did that again. the showdown started off with a big win by cruz. he swiped voters by 2-1 margin in kansas and taking the state of maine. >> we are the only campaign that can be donald trump. >> walk-throughs -- while cruz made strides, trump did well. >> marco rubio had a bad night and personally i would call for
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on-one. >> it indeed was a super saturday from gymnasiums to barnes, long lines, snaked around primary locations across kansas, nebraska, kentucky and louisiana. sanders, the senator securing and nebraska. >> we want to make sure that the republicans do not go into the white house. >> hillary clinton touting her victory in louisiana. >> i am grateful to everyone who turned out but now all eyes turn to michigan. >> no doubt it was a disappointing night for marco rubio and governor john kasich. but looking ahead to be victorious. rubio is the favorite to win today's gop primary. former professional
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clearwater is shut down. a balcony full of people began to shake and shift around. this is the former wrestlers be shop unmanly avenue and officials say a large crowd gathered their last night to meet with hogan during an autograph signing. the second floor balcony began to move in the shop was evacuated. support beams have been put in place. nearby businesses are also closed for safety. for hogan, tomorrow opening statements will begin for the lawsuit trial against the name is terry bill ella, claims that gawker invaded his privacy videotape and it showed hogan having sex with the now ex-wife of radio personality bubba the
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folks in madeira beach are believe will ruin their quiet developers want to build 160 condos and 700 hotel rooms. one project is called holiday isle's. the second would be located on 150th avenue. opponents voicing concerns for this to increase traffic jam up hurricane evacuation routes and cause daily congestion. >> it will dump 12,000+ cars a day onto the streets here. it will cause problems. have huge crowds of people. >> builders say they are working with fdot. the project will beautify the beach town they say. another protest against development. this is against the proposed highway expansion known as tpx. people marched the streets of ybor to fight the project. the billion dollar plan would adding toll lanes that
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the group called stop tb ask said it won't help in a once more public mass transit. if tpx gets approval the project will demolish 100 homes and businesses in historic areas like seminal. a hernando county man wanted in a violent sexual attack is now waiting to see a judge. hillsborough county. week. he is facing three felony charges for violent attack including sexual battery. pinellas county, a bank robber off the streets. he was arrested by deputies. he's the man seen in these images robbing the bb&t bank and belleair bluffs on friday. detectives tracked him down to the west end tampa bay hotel.
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fire officials in tampa want to know setting fire to a two-story apartment building in north hyde park. someone yesterday put a flammable liquid throughout the building n. alberni avenue. n. alberni avenue. and they set it on fire. painfully all of the units are vacant and no one was hurt. smoke and flames caused of $5000 in damage. anyone with information is marshal. an incredible cleanup effort underway in texas. a blast in an oil refinery rocked pasadena before flames broke out. smoke could be seen for miles. the refineries on fire crews managed to keep i -- flames under control. the cause of the blast is unknown. a couples auto insurance is canceled and they simply can't figure out why. >> that is why they turned to taking action team.
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how it may not protect you. lovie smith is back in football but not in the nfl. amway arena last night against the hurricanes.
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good morning. the first time the lightning 18 consecutive wins in 2004. the same season the lightning won the stanley cup. in current happened last night in south carolina. is this current streak another cup? will have to wait another three months to find out. looking to make history with nine straight last night. life the lamp was 50th career goal, both strike first. both trail in the third until
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we head to a four on four sudden-death overtime. alex galore with the puck. he fired history in the net. game-winning goal, rules when -- goals 1. the lighting improved to 7-1. down the stretch you had to find different ways to 1. i think we got down price and it was great that we were able to find a way to come back. overtime goal, a lot of different guys. everyone chipping and. last time bobby smith sported orange he was the head coach of the chicago bears. it appears lovie we once again don navy in orange again but this time in college of illinois. multiple media reports, lovie smith will come to next friday
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for lucky smith. why would this interest be there. he wants to go back to illinois and be closer to family. we could bring his sons with him on his staff which could coach with him last coached in college at ohio state. the bucs are due to pay lovie $10 million over the next two years. if lovie is hard in illinois and if break schiano states -- days at ohio state, then both will face off in 2017. let's head to the farm. the raise taking on sarasota. two smiley making this spring debut on the bum but he was dealing strikes. three batters
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last night. usf disappointing regular season is finally over. one player emerged as a go to score, jamaal mcmurray. he was a jampacked jumper. second half, pat barrett dials up a three point. tulsa takes a three-point lead next wsf, conference tournament later this coming week. seed in the big dance but in blacksburg. they trailed by 19 points by five minutes. zack pulled off the upset in blacksburg. miami and florida state head to the acc tournament. seminoles knocked up syracuse yesterday. florida beat missouri 82-72. the gators will face arkansas in the secretary tournament on tuesday. that is your morning sports
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pretty exciting stuff. >> nine in a row. >> can't beat that. >> we can keep counting. exciting game coming down to the end of overtime. we will get plenty of warmth. around here is great hockey and day. this is a little bit of a look outside from the tower cam across the selmon expressway. tampa bay is off here. like i said a great-looking morning. clear skies and we are going to be warming up. starting out kind of crisp and temperatures in the upper 40s and lower 50s. a bit warmer yet been yesterday. plenty of sunshine and warmth into the weekend. into the 80s by tuesday and wednesday. right now across the middle of
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on top of her -- doppler radar. you can see the front pushing through and clearing things out in the overnight. that is why we have 40s around. 48 lakeland. brooksville 43. 54 winter haven. pinellas county, 57 st. petersburg. 56 clearwater. 53 tampa. 42 tallahassee. 65 key west. miami 66. everybody else clustered in between. warms up to texas, 57 dallas. mid-30s for minneapolis and to chicago. still really rainy out west. pretty incredible pictures coming up in the next 15 minutes you can see where the
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way from los angeles and into the pacific northwest. heavy wind, rain, waves buffeting things. high pressure to the north. it will give us northerly breezes today and sunny skies as we warm up nicely. this is the rpm forecast model. maybe some clouds along the east coast and not much in the way of clouds in our neck of the woods so we warm up to 76 in tampa. around the waterways, cooler. 68 clearwater. 72 for a high in hernando. 70 the -- 73 birkdale. lake placid and bartow 74. 70 apollo beach. we will see 76 in tampa today by 2:00.
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all. 65 right now off of clearwater beach. north winds at 15 kn. moderate chop on the waterways. uv index in the very high category. high tide at 1:21 pm. the somerset at 6:34 pm. seven-day forecast, even more warmth into the workweek. 80 by tuesday. wednesday and thursday about 80 degrees. and maybe a slim chance of showers by next weekend but not much rain in the forecast. we will keep trying to find it and post those findings on the abc action news app. forget the slogan always there. a manatee county couple found out that state farm did exactly the opposite by dropping their coverage for roadside assistance calls.
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>> reporter: jodi wright said her driving record is plain of accidents and tickets. >> i have a great record. >> state farm dropped jodi and her record. >> after a review we are sorry insurance. >> the cancellation came months after another driver for ended good jodi even though the insurance cover the insurance. five towing claims is the reason. the rights played -- paid state assistance and towing. >> one was for a windshield at three were for tellings and eight key lockout. >> caring -- karen sebring said your driving record. >> it comes down to a risk
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identify folks that they think are going to be profitable for the business. >> her advices consider playing minor claims on your own so that you don't run the risk of higher rates were nonrenewal. >> there looking at a payout and the number of incidences. >> they had no idea utilizing roadside assistance could get them canceled. >> we used our counsel -- our policy for what we paid for. >> there is no general answer to how roadside assistance use underwrite. there are so many variations when it comes to each customer's unique circumstances. for the right smack the situation got worse when other insurance companies turned them down. >> they said we had too many claims. >> they ended up finding insurance coverage. it's check -- smart to check with an agent. if you have a
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facebook, action news jax. leave a comment. i will get back to you we. i am jackie callaway taking action. a whale in trouble and it's caught on camera. an update on the condition this
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another new video showing wildlife in trouble. >> whale watchers captured this incredible footage. getting a closer look, this is a humpback whale with its tail tangled in a rope near dana point. he tries to unravel the rope from a shrimp trap. the fight lasted 10 minutes. good news, the line snapped and
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a story about beauty and determination. >> a 93-year-old woman in texas got to celebrate her birthday at the mary kay headquarters in dallas. she has been selling that brand of makeup for 50 years. she started in 1966. long before mary kay became an empire. caldwell takes quarters. she is the oldest active consultant. she says she has no plans of ever quitting. i wonder how many bars she has. >> hopefully she got a pink cadillac. >> severe storms are expected for the southeast soon. >> the system is already california. latest. >> the world's most famous sled dog race. the 44th dog race and
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welcome back. i am ronnie dunnigan. >> the coast guard is looking
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who fell off a ship around key largo. 46-year-old texas man plummeted 100 feet from his stateroom balcony on the ship navigator of the seas. the ship continue to his journey to port everglades once the coast guard to go for. super saturday. voters casting primary ballots in five states. senator ted cruz a gamed steam but donald trump received wins in kentucky and louisiana. florida center donald trump received wins in kentucky and louisiana. florida ctr., marco rubio has a string of third-place finishes. trump is calling for rubio to end his campaign. big wins for bernie sanders. who stole victories over rival hillary clinton in kansas and nebraska. clinton 1 louisiana maintaining her lead. this primary wraps up today.
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i am in the weather center. it is kind of cool. >> it was a little bit yesterday. i believe we had the official high of 72 at out of tampa international. a little bit lower than normal but we will get warmer than that today. folks out west, they are dealing with several storms. this is nasty video coming in from the western united states. pounding california right now. a woman drown in her car near sacramento. up to eight feet deep. her husband survived. on a lighter note this year is received dusting of snow perfect for snowboarding. the snow system and storm system expected to bring severe weather to the southeast and great plains so folks there on the lookout for that.
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the sun is almost up. as it comes up we will see mostly clear skies. nice-looking shot into davis islands and harbour island. quincy rain and snow showers moving in through the middle atlantic at the carolinas yesterday. and then we are clearing out as a week -- weak cold front moves through. last night and into this morning. some temperatures in the 40s and wesley chapel and lakeland right now and 48. myakka city 41. tempo 43. 52 hudson. clearwater and sarasota also at 52. up to the mid-70s by later today. more warmth into the work we. i will show you how toasty it's going to get by tuesday and wednesday coming up in about 12 minutes. thousands of people lined the streets to honor a texas
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officers led the memorial procession through bedford yesterday. paying respects to the 29-year- old officer david hosiery. they were ambushed by a man who was released from jail. police shot and killed the suspect. he is a former nypd officer. he will be buried in new york city tomorrow. attorney for army sergeant. -- is asking to meet with republican candidate trump on the trail. he has been calling the taliban prisoner a traitor to america. bergdahl's lawyer sent a letter to trump saying he wants a word about the statements. the taliban held bergdahl five years before his release. he still faces desertion charges for leaving his unit in afghanistan. area voters can take advantage of early voting
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eichorn. he dropped his ballot in the box yesterday. he told us he is throwing his support behind hillary clinton. we also encourages people to take part regardless of the sides. he says election officials have made early voting process easy allowing those with busy work weeks to vote on the weekend. if you prefer to mail in your vote, the deadline to request a ballot is wednesday. it has to be mailed back were dropped off at a headquarter by march 15 no later than 7 pm. hillsborough county alone, 52,000 people have opted to cast their votes by mail. actress and writer lena dunham the girl star was rushed to an undisclosed hospital yesterday for a ruptured ovarian cyst. she will undergo surgery and the girl star has been open
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she opened on facebook about her battle. still to come, a story that will definitely grab your interest. get ready for this. billboards tracking cell phones. it seems like something straight out of that move me -- movie minority report. some people think it's a little bit creepy. it is a contest you will only find in florida.
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you are looking live now that a law office in brandon park. it is lying in trouble. a car slammed into the office on alabama avenue. it is often 301 off of sr 60. we have a reporter in route and you can count on the latest from us on air this morning and online, abc action a live look at bay area traffic cameras. thousands of cars will pass by
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just adds. now one of the country's biggest outdoor advertisers is starting a new program that can track your cell phone without your consent. >> mcnamara explains. >> reporter: i am not a criminal. >> world will be doesn't think she has much to hide but that doesn't mean she wants to be tracked while walking the dog. >> i was horrified to think that our privacy is being invaded once more. of billboards, and was a new cell phone tracking program on monday. >> radar measures consumer patterns and behaviors. collect personal information, age or gender, and they will track where you are going. >> multiple cell phone towers receiving a single.
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>> experts steep 80 said that even if the information clear channel collects now does about the you it may in the future. >> we are moving down a slippery slope. this is evolutionary and at some point all of a sudden it is likely cow. what have we allowed throughout time and it's almost too much information. >> information passed on to advertisers. to determine how effective the billboard really is. >> when i go to the grocery store, it is not anybody's business. >> now it is really not. >> i feel like it is not. >> the radar program will start in 11 major markets including new york and los angeles. >> more boulevard trackers will happen later this year. keeper cancer -- keeping cancer at bay without pills. the breakthrough research
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it is another day for the gasparilla festival of the arts.
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at the florida strawberry festival members of the military and first responders get in free. march 10, six years old and two dollars off admission. in tampa the children's market is free. a grand prix weekend, free movies on the lawn of the museum
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you have to have some great lines for this florida tradition. key west hosted the conch shell blowing contest. the winners jane kalman to the women's division and corey fritz won for the men. judges evaluate it on the quality and duration and loudness and novelty.
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>> very talented.>> a lot going on this weekend. spring-training an arch festivals. let's look at that weather. but first a countdown to the last great race on earth on the competitive start of the iditarod sled dog race which is 85 measures with 16 dogs gathered for the ceremonial start yesterday. 11 hours from now it will be getting in willow trying to complete the 1000 mile trek through the unknown darkness. that is a long trip with the dog and man. very grueling competition. not so grueling as we take a look from south tampa into the bay. things are looking very nice and calm.
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things will be nice and clear as we start off with growth of the titan doppler radar's showing nothing in the way of rain. the clouds of moved to the south as a friend has moved through. right now 53 degrees in tampa and clear skies. 52 in clearwater. st. petersburg has 57 degrees with winds out of the northeast at 7 miles per hour. cooler to the northern parts of the state and to the southeast piercing chill into the atlantic coast but back here into texas and parts of louisiana temperatures into the 50s and upper 40s. about as warm as we are. looking at the synoptic map place, high pressure to the north and we will see winds coming out of the south today and no real chance of rain don't see much of anything.
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from the east coast. rain could move over from the east coast. not really any good chances until next weekend. gasparilla arts festival, one more day at kearney. today should be plenty of sunshine as the arts is judged and folks can pick up nice-looking unique artifacts and class. 76 by 3:00. take a look at baseball, the phillies hosting the yankees at white house field. temperatures will be pushing -- take my word for it, we stand here. temperatures pushing into the mid-70s as well. we will take a look at what will be happening out there in lakeland. marchant stadium with the tigers hosting the miami marlins.
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-- eighth-inning. seven-day forecast, 76 for the high today and 78 tomorrow. into the 80s into the workweek. a little bit of a chance of rain, 30% by next weekend as the breezes. we will keep springing up the radar. you know for you can check it out, every day, on the abc action news app. you may have a long-lived day tomorrow but the bay area is nowhere to be found on the list of worst commutes. new york city is number one for the longest commute times. workers have to travel an average of 35 minutes one way for the second worst is washington dc while no florida cities were on the top 10 for the longest commute.
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eight for the shortest drive. you can have a lot less time to save on all of your kids back-to-school supplies this year. a panel approved a bill cutting back the state sales tax holiday from 10 days to three days. it reduces the amount of money you would say. it won't cover computers and only applies to clothing $60 or less. instead of $100 like previous years. a pretty startling prediction by the american >> cutting the cost of fruits and vegetables by 30% could save 200 hours in lives. models to create simulations to find the most effective way to lower death rates from heart cigarettes. lighting up which in turn produced long-term health effects.
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patients manage diseases instead of blasting them with chemotherapy. >> it is called adaptive therapy. the research is taking place here in tampa bay. >> reporter: my wife and i like to crews and we can go. there is nothing to hold us back. >> not even treatment for prostate cancer teens bath has been battling. is part of a study that requires him to take this cancer fighting medicine when his psa levels spike. >> since i have been on the drug i've lost a few friends that were diagnosed after me. with prostate cancer. and since i have been on it i feel very lucky. >> that has been a year. research at moffitt cancer center aims to balance drug- resistant cells and chemo sensitive cells. >> what we're doing is if they have a good response we asked
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>> doctors say high-dose treatments aren't likely to control tumors long-term because they can help drug- in the study patients like dean will only take this drug when he has to without regularity disease guessing. >> we try to see if we use this we can maintain cancer cells response to the treatment. with few side effects. this is still the beginning. >> if half the people could have the success that i have it is great. >> dean and his wife are looking forward to their next trip. i am ashley yore. another great day to enjoy the gasparilla festival of arts. thousands turned out at coders station front park. exhibits include pottery, painting, jewelry and fashion.
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the festival is a must for their artwork. >> a great support from the community here for my work. they seem to like it. and florida in general in the winter is a place to be if you are an artist doing shows. and >> gasparilla festival of arts accept this morning at 10:00. grab a glass of milk. today is national oreo cookie day. the national biscuit company were nabisco. it developed the oreo in 1912. there are more than 25 varieties of the oreo. >> i love a good oreo. >> still ahead, a win for all female athletes. >> the lessons the buccaneers are imparting to high schools.
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america. coming up on gma, election results are in and it is starting to look like a two-man race. donald trump won two states overnight. but does this mean for rubio and kasich? sanders 12 out of three does that change the overall dynamic away. the hearing story of a plane crash on long island. a parachute deployed and a 20 lucky to be alive. a wake-up call for parents across this country. the nanny hired to the website called in court on a felony child abuse charge. this has happened before. what parents need to know.
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the first weekend of the florida strawberry festival. cheap trick on saturday, donny and marie on sunday. free admission to the first celebrity starting at noon. discounts for the military. go to a free movie day at the largo
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breaking news. this is a live look of what is left of a law office. deputies telling us a car crashed into this building. two people speaking outside of that building right now. is just off of a street we don't know if anybody was hurt but stay with us as we continue to bring your more developments about the story. we will have the latest after good morning america. a first-time offense hosted by the tampa bay buccaneer said example towards equality. they opened up one buck place and imploded -- invited high schools to have a flag football matchup. the importance of female
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>> they have been except that excited and happy. they want to play football and even more, they feel that they are validated for what they have been doing. >> teams from hillsborough, pinellas county and orange county participated. it was a great warm-up to the regular seasons. it kicks off this monday. football and baseball and grade weather. up to 78 inland today and looking for a high in tampa of 76 and warmer into the workweek.
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good morning, america. breaking news. ted's huge night. cruz trouncing donald trump in two states. as record numbers turn out to vote on supersaturday. >> today has been a very good day. and rubio disastrous showing. his rivals calling on him to drop out. is this now a two-man race. >> i want ted one on one. plus, bernie, pulling out two wins. can he catch up to hillary clinton? deadly storms. the west battered by rain and ferocious or erocious winds. from crumbling cliffs to daring rescues. the flooding threatening the


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