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tv   Action News at 530PM  ABC  March 7, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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gawker posted online for two reasons he says -- profit and power. he is suing for $100 million. a jury could soon deliver a verdict in the case of erin andrews for the 2008 nude video of her. he's seeking $75 million in damages. new tonight. this video inside a new port restaurant is going viral. >> the restaurant owner is making his own accusations. >> reporter: this video has more than 17,000 views in less than 24 hours showing what happened
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restaurant in new port ri chi. >> turn that phone down. >> an outburst of anger inside a new port richey restaurant after tom and his friends came here for brunch. >> get that [bleep]out of here. >> i've never ever in my life dealt with something like this. >> reporter: tom says they waited for more than an hour for enjoyed. when asked about his experience he said it's terrible and the owners only offer to to comp one meal. the argument escalates and his girlfriend films it all. the owner eventually covers the cell phone and nudges all three of them out the door i tried to reason with them if you saw the video. he kept telling me to pay even
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>> okay my name is sarah i'm with abc action news. >> reporter: the owner refused to speak with us on camera but he did say he would comp the meal if he didn't. >> it would have been cool but the way he went about it was really unprofessional. you don't run businesses like that. >> reporter: the owner says he and his wife feel bad for losing his temper but won't let anyone disrespect his business. he's filed with the county sheriff's office for harassment. >> other restaurants are coming to the restaurant's defense on facebook. the sheriff's office will handle this appropriately. developing tonight three schools and three students and
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tonight a school board member is asking for random checks of teacher's phones. avon park high teacher bran da sylvia is accused of having a pornographic image of a 16 year old student. another teacher accused of making porn with a student. another teacher in jail for having sex with a 14 year old. the computers log the websites staff and students visit. this afternoon they will host a meeting open to the public.
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vulnerable kids are getting are a complete make over. this is thanks in part to the owner of the tampa bay lighting. lauren has more. >> reporter: hey guys, it's a completely brand new set of basketball and tennis courts for these guys over here playing. this building will be completely knocked down and transformed into a state of the art technology center. for years the fate of this analing boys and girls club has hung in the balance. >> this facility was probably one of the ones of the chopping block. >> reporter: people have pleaded him to help safe the club they came back and talked about how important it was to have the facility. >> reporter: instead of gunshots and ambulances they hope to hear more kid's laughter. jeff and penny, owners of the
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now they want to help save the boys and girl's club. >> to make a difference in other people's lives -- is there anything more fulfilling and satisfactory than that? >>reporter: they are adding a technology lab, game rooms, a teen center, theater, dining hall and new tennis and basketball courts -- all things the boys and girls club say kids in this neighborhood desperately need. >> that child is opening up and trusting you us and we're seeing amazing improvements. >> they say this will give kids opportunities to hang out with deputies opening more positive relationships. >> it's going to save thousands of life. >> reporter: they hope this will be a place more families walk, gather and play. >> this boy's girl's club will close temporarily during the construction process so these guys will go to the palm harbor boys and girl's club. they haven't set an exact date
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it will be started as soon as possible. live in tampa tonight, lauren rosella abc action news. all right, it's 5:35 now and we are calling through the interwebs to bring you a constant variety of beautiful seenic shots from the bay area. billy hudson got this south of tampa. if you follow him on twitter, there's plenty more where that came from. we stay clear. i'll take you to the scan. a couple clouds coming from the west and a few more coming along at the surface. the warmth is coming in as well up to 80 degrees and cooler than normal this morning as we bottomed out at 54. overnight temperatures will going to ramp up.
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conditions here in pel county. 68 in palm harbor. 69 in clearwater. hillsborough 78 in tampa. 76 in fish hawk. 58 degrees is your overnight low even warmer than today. even warmer than tomorrow is the high temperature. we'll take a look at that in the forecast coming up in 12 minutes. thanks bill. new tonight, attorneys of a former oklahoma city police officer claiming there's one additional case that wasn't investigated by the police. >> in fact, on november 5th, 2013, ms. dimetria campbell was the first victim of sexual assault by this serial rapist. >> according to benjamin crump
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department. 13 women testified against him in december. he's now serving a 263-year prison sentence for 18 counts of rape and sexual assault. a local mother accused of only allowing her child to bathe once a month is now out o jail tonight. high lands counties deputy arrested her after concerns at the child's school. she went to her home to find fleas, feces and cigarette butts everywhere. the child told authorities his mother only lets him shower once a month. an alabama case refusing to from georgia. her state's highest court adoption. they were granted in georgia.
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sense have split. the michigan primary republican frontrunner has a lead over ted cruz. both are hoping it will soon become a two man race. >> i think ted cruz knows the only way he can beat donald trump is if marco rubio and john kasich drop out and that's not going to happen when those two home states vote. >> hillary clinton will appear on fox news for the in two years. her and bernie sanders will face off in detroit in a town hall. they have marked this child for life. i feel like the punishment should fit the crime. >> next at 5:30 a plan to stop sex offenders. the one thing lawmakers say they can live without.
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>> to have sex and children, we got to be smart. a teacher insults the student in front of the entire class and why the family says the instructor is not being punished. one sink hole and nearly five months later a popular hillsborough county park still closed.
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eastern andrews will receive $55 million in the settlement. the hotel is only responsible for 49% and the man who recorded the video must pay out the additional $28 million. an alabama state lawmaker wants to permanently punish
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he wants to castrate offenders. he is hoping a new law would make offenders think twice. >> somebody that do that to a little girl or boy should be castrated and can't mess with other kids. >> he went to prison for a long time. but it's actually physically mutilating somebody. that's a bit out there. >> the board would have to pass the judiciary committee before it's heard by the alabama house and senate. a georgia teacher is being asked to resign after calling a student "the dumbest girl he ever met". >> you know what your purpose will be? to have children and have sex because you will never be smart. >> hunter's family contacted administrators who told them the
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properly but no action has been taken. hunter says he doesn't deserve to keep his job. >> it hurt me inside. hunter's lawyer is asking the teacher to surrender his state teaching certificate. no charger? no problem. the internet is abuzz that apple plans to do away with the head phone jack. why that may not be such a bad thing. >> reporter: right now this is how most of us listen to music on our phones but consumer property reports soon we may see phones without jacks at all. >> the technology exists. without ports smart phones can be slimmer and better resist
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>> reporter: there's a growing selection from affordable bluetooth head phones that wirelessly collect to your phone. what about no speaker holes? technology is on the sharp crystal. the technology uses your face as a conductor. >> on these phones the display vibrates and those vibrations are interped as sound by your ear. >> reporter: it's not common yet but consumer report tests show it works well. these wireless chargers just go on a mat when it needs juice. wireless charging is available on phones such as the samsung
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>> you can sync your music over wifi. >> if you want to listen wirelessly now, consumer reports have tested wireless head phones. for a little more you can get the shadow wireless from sol republic for 100 dollars. to see other stories go to our website at abc action i'm not so sure about all that. >> we were just discussing that. >> we might need the jack now. we don't know. >> we need to plug our head sets field. with the rf -- they will figure out there's something wrong with that and then they will go back. point. >> great day today to be arrive.
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this is around apollo beach looking across tampa into downtown. great looking day. picture coming in. this is to the south of tampa as the sun is going south of high noon. gorgeous views and pretty satellite and radar composites show clouds moving in from the east and west but no rain near us as it remains dry. sunny and 75 degrees now and winds from the east to 15. same wind components in lakeland where it's partly cloudy and 77 degrees across lake mirror. we look at the conditions in inverness. southeast winds at 6 and 77 degrees. across the region now current temperatures go from 76 in westerly chap pel to 76 in auburn dale.
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tampa has 78 on a warm and sunny day. we pushed up to 80 at the airport. tallahassee and miami are warm. actually, pretty warm up through the middle of the country as well. 78 in st. louis and dallas with 72 degrees. a front right about here. it's cool and 40 in denver and that's because we got all kinds of rain that's moving in across the pacific north west. we saw flooding and really dangerous conditions all weekend. another area of low pressure in the south west pulling back that and that will bring us the possibility of rain by the weekend and yeah, more rain west. this is bringing our rains into the east and overnight looking for clear conditions and not as cool because we have more in the way of cloud cover. nothing showing up as far as future cast goes.
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won't mean much as far as precipitation right through the weekend. 58 degrees and a milder morning and then push up to 80 again warming nicely across tampa bay. it will be cooler right along the coast as the gulf water temperature remains in the mid 60s. taking a look at florida's accurate forecast, up to 82 for wednesday, thursday and friday and even warmer than that. and for the weekend, well, we may get a chance of rain coming through. sun and clouds on saturday and about a 30% chance of showers. we have dry air over us now so only 20-30% through weekend. mostly sunny on sunday and a little bit better chance of sunshine as we cool off a bit. see the spinning blob between saturday and sunday? >> oh no. >> it's time to set our clocks forward. best time of the year. we get an extra hour of light in
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darker longer in the morning. so govern yourselves accordingly. details and fun stuff on my twitter feet. >> we also lose an hour. >> yeah, there's that too. next at 5:30. a 13-year old florida girl breaks away from a kidnapper and the one thing she did right that
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an urgent search for the man who tried to kidnap a 13-year old girl in florida. >> you can see her trying to escape from the man in the car. he drove up to the 13-year old last week in his tan suv and asked if she was walking home. she ignored him. he got out and grabbed her by the waist. she pushed back and screamed ran off. the girl did the right thing. more than 80% of children who escape an abduction did something proactive a lot of children are taught to be polite to elders and an adult. that's not always the best course of action. parents need to teach kids it's
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>> here's what experts are suggesting you teach your children. have them check with you first before they get in anyone's car. have them walk home with a friend and say no and always tell a trusted adult about any encounters. here's a look at what's happening 6:00. a gas station in our area and how workers knew something was wrong. plus these top stories. he served this country and needs help after a terminal diagnosis potentially linked to a service. but why he's waited years for a hearing when he should be at the top of the list. a sink hole closing a popular park for months and the frustrations and headaches it's causing for several local groups.
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0. he served his country and now he's dying but not without a fight. he wants one thing from the government before he dies but having trouble getting it. we're covering the marco rubio rally in tampa and also the testimony in the hulk hogan trial.
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benefits he's entitled to but nearly six years he's still waiting and time is running out. his case is not an is lated one. he can barely walk much less create anything. >> hi fingers are frozen. older. within months he lost 60 pounds and had two heart attacks. >> it's emotional because you have to see this person like this. >> he could be behind his


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