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tv   Action News at 5AM  ABC  March 9, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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after he says they pulled a gun on him. rodney dunigan on the scene. were any of the deputies involved hurt? >> reporter: thankfully they are ok. the four deputies responded to the apartment complex around 11:00 last night when they received reports of a man standing in the parking lot here screaming, waving a gun. as you can see behind me the scene here is still pretty active. the suspect in this case has been identified as 27-year-old jeffrey cassell. we're told he was shot multiple times. was taken to a local hospital and the sheriff's office tells us at last check he was in critical condition. deputies say when they got here to the winwood oaks apartments last night they confronted cassell and he was waving what they describe as a semiautomatic handgun. investigators tried to get him to put that gun down but say he aggressively came towards them pointing that weapon and that is when they fired. we're also told cassell did have a prior history of trouble with the law. we're still trying to gather more information on that. the four deputies involved in this case have been placed on
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routine in a case like this. something interesting to note here, one of the deputies was a member of the crisis intervention team so he had a history of things like this. as a matter of fact he was at this very complex here not long ago for a similar sort of situation, a man holding a handgun and they were able to calm him down, unfortunately the situation here did not end as peacefully last night. again the suspect in this case, 27-year-old jeffrey cassell, we're told he's in critical condition at the hospital this morning. that is his last check of his condition. still trying to gather more information as investigators try to speak with witnesses and gather clues as to what happened here. of course we'll be here throughout the morning and bring more information at 6:30. for now reporting live in north tampa. rodney dunigan, abc action news 5:01. breaking traffic alert in hillsborough county. in the last hour police say the roads are back open after a deadly crash between a car and motorcycle. tampa police say that motorcycle rider though is dead after that accident at dale mabry and cypress.
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after it was shut down for hours for the investigation. janelle, that crash cleared up. what else is going on we're monitoring construction. you might run into construction in the same area around dale mabry trying to get to 275. right behind me the southbound lanes of 275 around kennedy some construction going on there. you can see some flashing lights, just beyond the camera is where most of the road work is going on. let's check drive times. it's slowing things down just a little bit than what you're used to at this time of morning. it's taking eight minutes to get from i-4 to the howard frankland. usually without any traffic it takes about five minutes as you you can see there, in the opposite direction. so leave a few extra minutes. and construction which should clear up in the next half-hour over in pinellas county. 275 southbound right around 22nd avenue. again traffic still light, not really causing any problems. just use caution. move over and leave some time as you head out the door.
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with construction but the weather, another nice day? another nice day. by the way if folks want to know kucialt traffic information it's on -- current traffic information it's on twitter? >> yes, @tampabaytraffic. it's a good idea to check that before you head out rather than while driving. >> perfect. absolutely the weather is not an issue for the roads here. let's look at the boards. i walked out this morning and did not need the jacket for the first time in a while here because not only are the temperatures warm in the mid- 60s, calling it warm compared to what we've had but the humidity increased so it's not as crisp or as cool. so you probably can go without the jacket. in fact look at this, running anywhere from 10 to 15 degrees above where we were yesterday. and we did that yesterday too. so if you do the math, about 30 degrees warmer in the last 48 hours. so that puts us in the mid-60s. very comfortable and by the afternoon we're going to warm up. hour by hour forecast, we'll hit 70 by 9:00 already.
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to upper 70s. we keep going here so that by later this afternoon temperatures in the lower 80s and even warmer tomorrow. we'll have that and take a look at the next chance of rain coming up. an arrest overnight in southern hillsborough county to tell you about of a wrong way driver. deputies stopped the driver they are calling reckless and dangerous. the deputy spotted the driver going northbound in the southbound lanes of u.s. 301 around sun city center last night. the sheriff identified the driver as derek hyde. at one point they say hyde crossed the median and started to throw things out of his car. as deputies tried to get him to stop we're told hyde rammed one of cruisers to try to escape but deputies had him surrounded. breaking news in democracy 2016 -- a breakthrough win for bernie sanders winning the presidential primary in michigan. the decision coming in overnight was not what the polls were predicting. we'll start with the democratic results, again sanders gaining
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hillary clinton did take 58 delegates there. clinton did beat sanders in mississippi. on the republican side donald trump won in michigan. also takes hawaii and earlier he took most of the 59 delegates from michigan. most of mississippi's 40 delegates as well. ted cruz won in idaho. florida senator marco rubio was shut out winning nothing yesterday. coming up at 5:30 -- we'll find out what the candidates had to say and where this puts them come the florida primary next week. right now an important warning for parents in polk county after a frightening davenport. we got details overnight from the sheriff that a man tried to kidnap a little girl on her way home from school. a stranger pulled up to the 11- year-old as she got off the reagan parkway. the child said the man claimed her mother was in the hospital and he was there to pick her
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she ran away and told her mom what happened. this morning deputies are looking for that suspect, a white man in his late 40s to early 50s with short hair and salt and pepper goatee. also a sunburn or red complexion. according to the police report he drove off in a white 2000 model four-door car with tinted windows, black rims and black bumper. if you have any information that might lead to his arrest call the polk county sheriff's office. we're working to find out exactly what was damage in a 10,000 square foot warehouse that caught fire in lutz. hillsborough firefighters sent this picture of the scene. they say they saw heavy smoke and flames when they first arrived at this fire on highway 41 last night 22 units rushed to the scene to keep the fire contained. and no one was hurt. a university of tampa professor is on administrative leave and under house arrest after being caught in an undercover sting. we were there last night when agents searched nathan madsen's home. it was part of a federal investigation after madsen was
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trafficking charges. officers confiscated a desktop computer, authorities say a homeland security special agent pretended to be a guy who was soliciting his girlfriend's 18- year-old and 14-year-old daughters for sex:agents say madsen seemed interested in having sex with a younger girl. madsen's brother said he bonded out of jail last night and neighborhood we talked to are concerned because of the charges against him. >> i don't think it's right they are going to let him come back here. now people are going to be on pins and needles. >> some of the conditions for his release include wearing a gps monitoring device, also has to follow a curfew and is banned from using the internet and cannot have any unsupervised contact with kids. new developments in idaho. we're getting word that the pastor who was shot six times on sunday has regained consciousness and is talking with his family. we first brought you this story on monday morning. just yesterday a former marine was arrested in washington, dc for the shooting.
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shooting pastor tim remington. he was caught after he was reportedly throwing suspicious objects over the south fence of the white house. officials say it was a planned attack but they are still investigating a motive at this hour. this morning the state of florida is now offering to pay the burial costs for young boys who died at the now closed dozier school for boys in northwest florida. it will bring closure to a dark chapter in the state's history. lawmakers approved a bill that would provide up to $7,500 for funeral and burial expenses for each body exhumed from the campus. usf scientists found the remains of 51 boys in unmarked graves. this bill also requires officials to preserve records, artifacts and remains found at that school. in pinellas county deputies are trying to identify a set of remains found yesterday at the war veterans memorial park. at this point investigators cants say if the remains belong to a man or woman or if this person died from foul play. as soon as we get new information we'll bring it to you.
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why the department of justice is choosing not to open a civil rights investigation into the boy. hillsborough deputies kicked andrew joseph iii out of the florida state fair in 2014. he was later hit and killed by a car while trying to cross i-4 to get back to the fairgrounds. florida congressman alan investigation but the department of justice says it can't prove officers willfully rights. joseph's mother says she wants someone to be held accountable. >> the department of justice was a ray of hope that we thought that maybe at some bizarre moment that we would get justice. and we would get answers. >> while there will be no civil rights investigation the justice department says it's considering grayson's request to investigate the sheriff's office. this morning we're learning the talks are going to continue to try to bring the atlanta braves to the bay area for spring training. in sarasota county
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to continue negotiating the terms of a deal. that deal includes funding, design and construction of a training facility. the commission chairman says it will be big for the county's sports tourism industry. the proposed property in south sarasota county sits just off 41 next to the university of south florida venice cap campus. you can see the trend, it continues to get warm through the middle part of the week. i'll have that and the next chance of rain coming up. bad timing for the weekend, details coming up. all you do is swipe your credit card and your information could be stolen. still ahead -- the protection coming your way against credit card skimmers at places like gas stations across florida. >> where i'm standing because of what you guys did. >> one man is alive because of a save by a group of deputies.
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you should know about a credit card breach that might put your information at risk. this is the web site for rosen hotels and resorts which operates seven hotels in the orlando area. the company says someone installed malway on its payment network that may have toll stolen names and credit card numbers of guests. that breach could impact guests
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september 2014 and february of this year. also on the web site is a link for more information and ways to protect yourself. the state of florida is preparing to crack down on thieves using skimmer devices on gas pumps targeting your credit card information. under this new bill heading to governor scott's desk gas stations will have to install security devices on their pumps to make sure that skimmers aren't installed. this bill also increases the penalties for people caught stealing credit card information and lowers the number of stolen credit cards a person can have before facing felony charges. just yesterday morning we told but two credit card skimmers found at gas station pumps in sarasota county. the sheriff's office says they found them at the 7-eleven mobile station on fruitville road in sarasota. employees noticed broken security seals on saturday. if you got gas at the station over the weekend or even last week keep an eye on credit card statements or request a new one to be safe.
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just happened on i-4 westbound around 50th street, you can see threat, it's blocking the outside lane, traffic still pretty light so we are not seeing a huge delay. i just checked, it's taking just eight minutes to get from 75 to 275. so just a couple of minutes slow there. just a heads up over in manatee county, some lingering construction at that diverging diamond that is happening at university parkway. westbound and eastbound university parkway closed right now though we expect to it open any minute while they pick up the cones. you can still get on the ramp from university parkway but if you want to go straight through you're going to have to go further south and use state road 70 to go underneath the interstate. i'll let you know on twitter as soon as it opens back up on @tampabaytraffic. i noticed it was windy. >> it's a little breezy. have you seen the gator crossing the road with the baby -- >> why did he do that? >> photo shop? i don't know. controversy. check it on facebook. we have a battle going on, on
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florida ducklings. that is our version of it. the roads are in perfect shape right now. tampa, 66 and 64 in clearwater. 66 st. pete. we have that warm breeze from the southeast. a little gusty later this afternoon. courtesy of the h, that is high pressure, sinking air. it's been blocking the rain from moving east. that rain would have been not only across our area, it would have already been over to the atlantic here but this high is just blocking everything. you see the rain going up and around it? it just can't move and that's why you see all the green boxes there. they have picked upwards of 7, 8 inches of rainfall in the last couple of days and also severe weather. so we have the blocking high which will eventually give way but it's going to take a while. you can see the weather still going up and around, so that means for us on thursday, friday to kick off the weekend still the rain out west, looking good, even through saturday at this point here. i'm feeling good about
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i think rain chances are very low, it should hold off until sunday. not raining every minute of ever -- of the entire day on sunday but just about a 40% coverage. so we'll watch that. temperatures right now in the low 80s. by the way, when this finally arrives it won't be severe and we're not going to be talking about anything more than a shower and a couple of thunderstorms. partly sunny today, 83. let's check the 7-day forecast taking you into the next few days. the warm-up continues. mid-80s, certainly have turned the corner at this time. barring something unusual. in fact the next two weeks i see no cold air moving in. looking pretty good. 20% chance of showers on saturday and then we'll bump up to 40 on sunday. stays mild into early next week. two deputies are being honored for bravery after they crawled into a burning car to save a man's life. >> it happened just days before thanksgiving. last night the man they saved finally got a chance to thank
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when the mini van ended up on its roof and on fire 22-year- old charlie boyd found himself trapped and inside. >> deputies were able to pull him to safety moments before ammunition in the car went off sending bullets flying. >> we're so happy to see that you're healthy. >> here i am standing because of what you guys did. >> boyd lost all his toes and already has undergone eight surgeries so far. he has more surgery scheduled and will need prosthetic feet. >> we can do it the easy way or the hard way, man. >> a taxi driver not sure he'll make it out of his cab alive. coming up, the tense moments recorded when a robber hops in and holds a gun to his head. >> a winning streak on wall street. here's our morning's business headlines from new york. >> good morning. topping "america's money" -- the stock market's five-day winning streak is over. >> the s&p 500 and nasdaq were
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the dow was also up. investors spooked by the latest weak economic report from china and falling crude oil prices. home depot will pay at least $19.5 million to customers because of a data breach in 2014. 2/3 of that amount will reimburse consumers. >> the rest will pay for identity protection services. the data breach affected more than 50 million customers who use payment cards on self-surf kiosks. happy birthday camaro. chevrolet celebrating a big anniversary. the american automaker debuted the first camaro 50 years ago. >> here's the newest one. the 50th anniversary edition
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the new danger taxi drivers face everyday. >> an armed robber holds a gun to a taxi driver's head in philadelphia demanding that he hand over all his money. >> give me all your money man. >> i don't -- >> everything you got now! >> all right. >> now scam >> all right. >> we can do it the easy way or make this the hard way man. >> little did that masked robber know there was a sheriff's deputy right behind
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he noticed wasn't wasn't right and quickly jumped out and went up to the taxi. >> i wanted to hear the conversation ahead of time so i knew i was getting into. i heard the driver say please don't shoot me. >> the gunman was arrested on the spot. now sits behind bars on $100,000 bail. that taxi driver thankfully was not hurt. coming up after a surprising upset in michigan, is bernie sanders win enough to shake up hillary clinton's campaign? the full results just ahead. >> good morning. we're following a crash on i-4 westbound around 50th street. blocked there. coming up, i'll tell if you
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breaking news at 5:30. abc action news reporter rodney dunigan joins us lifer from north tampa. >> we're getting an update on the condition of the man shot after the run in with deputies. >> reporter: we just got confirmation from the sheriff's office that the suspect in this case, 27-year-old jeffrey cassell has died. he died at the hospital. as you can see behind me the scene here still active. investigators trying to determine exactly what happened here. this all started around 11:00
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call about a man here in the parking lot screaming, waving a gun. that is when four deputies arrived to check things out. deputies say they tried to get cassell to drop that weapon but he would not. instead they say he approached them aggressively pointing that gun in for a for their safety they say they -- in fear for their safety they say they shot him multiple times. investigators have been speaking with witnesses to get more information. again the suspect in the case, 27-year-old jeffrey cassell died at the hospital. at this point the four deputies involved have been placed on leave which is routine as this investigation goes through. we're also told jeffrey caiel had a history with the -- cassell had a history with the law. we'll have more on that later this morning. rodney dunigan, abc action news. we've been much cooler the last couple of days. in the morning.


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