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tv   Action News at 5PM  ABC  March 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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a huge impact on the democratic nomination. a family arrested in a murder case. why investigators say they targeted the victim. >> i'm jamison uhler. >> and i'm laura harris in for wendy ryan tonight. first traffic trouble right now for drivers in pinellas county. action air 1 flying over the water main break that you see there. crews have been working on this for a while. alternate 19 is closed at lee street. the detours happening are at wilson and skinner boulevard. it's not clear how long these repairs are going to take but we will keep you updated. now to palm harbor. two people in critical condition tonight after a head- on crash there. it happened just before 2:00 on alternate 19. investigators say one of the cars accidentally swerved into on coming traffic. the names have not been released yesterday. traffic is now moving.
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robert banks' body back in january in the green swamp area of sumter county. the death was a mystery until now. >> ryan raiche is at the courthouse to sort it out for us. >> reporter: an entire family, the johnson family. all accused of murder. investigators say they beat a man to death as revenge. take a look. this is a picture of the victim. his name is robert banks. a couple jeeping in the green in january. just yesterday, investigators pieced it all together saying that the johnson clan was so angry about a rape that they believed that banks committed that they lured him to the death. one of the brothers before they finished him off. >> it helps a lot when you're going around showing pictures
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robert anymore, we have taken care of him. he's dead. >> reporter: now, here is the thing. the picture is on a locked iphone. so far investigators have not been able to access that picture on the phone. if that sounds familiar, that's because the fbi and apple are in the middle of a huge court case dealing with this exact issue. we know that sheriff judd is not shying away from this. if need be, he will throw the ceo of apple in jail. >> thank you, ryan. tampa police saying they have made an arrest in a crash that killed a man on a motorcycle earlier this morning. 37-year-old germane buoy drove his pickup truck into front of a motorcycle. the rider of the motorcycle died when he hit the truck in cypress. building say that buoy appeared to be intoxicated. they're waiting on blood tests.
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woman in polk county. 30-year-old susanna baldwin of winter haven was speeding last night when she slammed into the back of a car in winter haven. the crash killed 28-year-old kelly mccain of lakeland. she was a passenger in the car that baldwin hit. the driver of the car was not seriously hurt. in river view, a wrong-way driver stopped in his tracks by a quick-thinking deputy who stopped a pickup truck going the wrong way. other deputies had to use a stop strip and surrounded the truck. investigators arrested derrick hide. they found a large bag of what appeared to be drugs in his truck. terrifying moments for an 11-year-old in daven port. this is a composite sketch of the man they are looking for, the man who tried to lure her into his car when she got off the school bus. lauren rozyla is taking action tonight with the three things that you need to teach your child to say if this happens to them.
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got off the school bus right here and started walking along the side of the road. that's when the car pulled up in the hospital. she sent me to get you. what the little girl did next may have saved her life. hector gonzales' kids use the same bus stop. chances with strangers. >> i just tell them, you know, run fast and scream for help. knock on every door that you can get to. stay away from the car. stay away from the individual. >> reporter: this is a sketch of the man the girls say approached her in a 2000 model car with black rims and a black pumper. instead of getting inside, she ran and told her mom everything. she wasn't hurt. the car made a u-turn and drove off. law enforcement agencies across the country say kids shouldn't walk to and from bus stops alone and recommend that parents organization groups of kids to walk together.
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they are being ab ducked, yell loudly and say exactly what is happening. help, this is not my mom. help, i'm being kidnapped. or help, call the police. this alerts strangers this isn't just a temper tantrum or a fight. >> make noise to attract attention and this way somebody can probably save you from a situation like that. >> reporter: deputies say they are still investigating this. but if you have any information at all, they say to call the polk county sheriff's office. lauren rozyla, abc action news. now the most accurate weather team in florida. abc action weather. >> good afternoon. if you've been watching since 4:00 when the now was on, we south of melbourne. brush fires are an issue this we haven't had much rain. the only rain in the forecast is in the latter half of the weekend. until them, a lot of warmth.
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winds have been gusting through the afternoon. that makes fighting a-- a fire even more difficult. look for partly cloudy to clear skies. another beautiful day in store for thursday. then changes by the weekend. we will tell you which day is expecting rain coming up in a couple minutes. thank you, denis. in three hours, hillary clinton and bernie sanders will face off in a democratic debate in miami. one day after sanders' shocking victory in the michigan primary. sanders trails clinton here in florida and ohio according to the latest polls. tonight clinton leads sanders 61 to 49% in florida. she is looking to regain the momentum after last night's loss. carson chambers is live for us in miami with what we're expecting to see from the candidates. carson. >> reporter: jamison, we are
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campus. the forum just behind us, not far behind us. and we do expect some of the issues tonight will be about the economy and the job. many believe that clinton lost michigan because she did not reach out to working class voters worried about jobs, jobs going overseas. another topic expected is education. one thing certain for bernie sanders, getting a big boost of optimism after last night. >> bernie sanders is going to walk on to the stage and feel the confidence. you will hear it in his voice. the enthusiasm. after coming from behind and really swaying hillary clinton,
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>> reporter: now, this will be shown in english and spanish on tv. polls are blurry how hillary clinton fares among latino voters. >> thank you, carson. donald trump is leading the polls in ohio and florida. the latest cnn poll has trump at 40% here in florida. marco rubio at 24%. ted cruz at 19% and kasich at 5%. one 5%. >> trump takes florida, he could well be our nominee. and all the polling shows that he loses to hillary. you want marco rubio to have a chance to go to the convention, be our nominee and polls show him beating hillary clinton in a head to head. >> right now, the hashtag if trump wins is trending on
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there are plenty of memes and people making fun of everything. air force one. play on words of the notorious hairdo. and then there are plenty more where that came from. if trump wins, everyone who hated obama is going to beg for him to come back. i also want to show you this. carly fiorina is also trending right now on twitter. the former candidate endorsing ted cruz today. she stepped on stage at a cruz rally in miami telling supporters she voted for cruz on super tuesday tuesday. she says trump and hillary clinton are two sides of the same coin, saying they're not going to reform the system, that in fact they are the system. >> we need a real conservative who will provide real conservative solutions in people's lives. that's the only way that we beat donald trump and that's
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and ted is the man to do it. [cheering and applause] rival to endorse cruz. rick perry came out in support of him in january. there were times that i didn't think this would ever fulfilling a dream. they lost hope of having a baby. next at 5:00, the idea that allowed them to bring home their bundle of joy. a settlement that could lead to a flurry of lawsuits against pop warner. the high-profile brain disease that one family blames for
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>> family and friends are remembering a tennessee grad student stabbed to death on monday on a trip to israel. she was the victim of stabbings and shootings led by palestinian. he was an army veteran. 12 other people were injured. none from the vanderbilt group.
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was later shot and killed. an undercover detective is recovering after a driver shot him during a traffic stop. bullets hit him in the head, upper body. he is expected to survive. officers shot the suspect. he is expected to live. the officer's son was not hurt. right now pop warner making a major settlement that could encourage other parents to file concussion lawsuits against the football league. they settled with a wisconsin family who claims that the league's relaxed rules on hitting caused their son's suicide. the disease recently associated with several former nfl players. the family sued pop warner for $5 million after his death. the mother describes seeing a sudden change in her son right
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>> i just couldn't understand why a happy kid turned into someone so depressed. >> he played pop warner football for three years, starting at age 11. the lawsuit claims that the league failed to force limitations on hitting in practice. even accusing the league of actual disregard for a child's life. in a statement to abc news, pop warner says it's committed to the safety of the players and has led the way in making youth football safer. the league now benches any player suspected of having a concussion, not allowing them to return until cleared by a doctor. they put limit on contact during practices. well, all new tonight at 5:00, a story of hope. >> two parents wanted a baby so badly. but years and thousands of dollars in infertility treatments proved fruitless. then they took an extraordinary
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where the leap took them. >> reporter: jeremy and terra waited for this moment for years, holding and kissing their baby. like many couples, they tried getting pregnant shortly after getting married. terra says god had other plans. >> we tried for four years to have a child. there were many, many times that i didn't think it would happen for us. >> reporter: the couple decided on another path, adoption but had no money. they had spent it all on infertility treatments. >> it was like what is next? how are we going to adopt? how are we going to raise the funds? >> something in my heart told me that i needed to share. so i went super public. >> reporter: terra a theater teacher and jeremy a professional photographer decide today reach out to friends and create this video. >> it was a shock to find out that we couldn't have a child.
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struggles and the heart break and the sadness. >> reporter: within days, money started flowing in. >> it was almost like in the blink of an eye. >> reporter: in just two eyes, they had enough for a private adoption. >> say hi. >> reporter: and less than two weeks ago, they brought home baby zeek. sharing this video of the first time they met their baby boy. they went through great lengths to be a family and say to other parents dealing with the same issue, take a leap of faith. the community is kind. >> you're going to have a child and you're going to be a family. >> so grateful. >> now the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. >> i'm starting a petition. hopefully you can join it that tomorrow we will do the entire show outside live on the beach. >> outside. >> she is feeling feisty today. >> i know. >> why don't you march upstairs and demand that. >> no. i'm good.
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>> it's going to be a great day for it with the golf tournament going on. that's going to be fun. you have the strawberry festival. >> rascal flatts is at valspar. >> your buddy is over there. >> yet brush fires are an issue when you get this much sunshine. it is south of melbourne. what started as a 10-acre fire has increased to a 25-acre fire. as you see, there are plenty of houses in that area as well that the firefighters are still struggling to get control of this. the problem is the wind. you've got winds 15 gusting on the east coast from 20 to 25 miles per hour. that really can make it difficult. when there's no rain out there of late, and there won't be until sunday, you've got the other issues there. but on the flip side, that is a beautiful picture as a lot of folks are visiting us for spring training and spring break. that weather has been beautiful. there are the fires that i
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we had a brush fire yesterday in the san antonio area, pasco county due to the lack of rain and the windy conditions and the warm temperatures. and tomorrow morning, look at this, you will be waking up to mid-60s. it will be a warm start to the day and an even warmer finish. outside right now, tampa checking in under sunny skies. 82 degrees. clearwater 81. a little cooler closer to the water in st. pete. 77. all areas reporting lots of sunshine. so that southeast wind is still going to be pretty strong over the next few days. so a gusty afternoon. that just makes it feel nicer. when we're in the low to mid- 80s it feels like it's in the upper 70s. just a wonderful stretch of weather outside of the brush fires that we are keeping our eyes on. day one of the valspar. friday looks just as nice. and we talked yesterday about some rain rolling in this weekend. it won't be friday. and now i don't even think it's
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sunday, sunday night and into monday, that's when our rain chances begin to bump. if you need to get something done outdoors this weekend, you're good through sunday morning early. then sunday afternoon, rains stroll in. not ready to call it a washout but there is a decent chance of rain sunday night and monday. until then, look at the highs. mid to upper 80s across the anterior counties on thursday. a beautiful stretch of weather. and it's not going anywhere. range forecast. you would see a lot of blues coming this way. there is not. you may be able to put away the winter clothes. we have a long stretch of warmer than normal weather. there is a look at florida's most accurate 7 day. in the mid-80s through friday. saturday looks good. sunday, we have rain coming in. it lingers. behind the front we're still as warm, up near 80 next week.
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another restaurant is forced to close for cleaning. it's no big deal for me. no big deal? coming up, the illness prompting a closure of the chipotle and how a person who is sick could have spread it. safety concerns for spring breakers. what experts are saying about new discoveries involving the
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>> right now chipotle is working to clean up one of the restaurants in massachusetts. >> two other workers at the restaurant are expected of having the virus. there are no reports of ill customers. one customer doesn't think that employees are following safety measures. >> if you're working with food,
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i didn't see kids wearing gloves. >> chipotle closed that restaurant voluntarily and will spend the next couple of days tossing food and sanitizing everything. that is part of the new protocol after outbreaks closed chipotle restaurants across the country last year. still to come, severe weather causing more and bigger impacts in the tampa bay area. the new tools showing you just how bad it got and how you can share your personal story. plus -- the efforts happening now to bridge this gap in wesley chapel. fresh produce in the middle of a local food desert. the unlikely place that you can shop for fruits and veggies
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>> abc action news starts right now with breaking news. >> and that breaking news right now, pasco county deputies are searching for the man on your screen. he's accused of attempting to suffocate and kidnap a woman late last night in hudson. deputies are saying the victim was sitting in a car with this man when he put a plastic bag over her head and attempted to drive off. the victim was able to fight him off. and she was able to escape the moving car. if you know where he is, you're asked to call deputies. right now at 5:30, democratic presidential hopefuls are gearing up for a showdown in miami tonight. hillary clinton and bernie sanders debating at 9:00 this evening. carson chambers is there live and will bring us the top moments on abc action news at 11:00. wrestler hulk hogan's $100 million lawsuit against gawker continued today.
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was shown. the former editor saying a celebrity sex tape would only be off limits if the celebrity were a child under the age of four. >> there are food desserts all over the tampa bay area, often in low income areas. >> now people living in some of the food deserts will be able to get fresh produce without going out of their way. >> ashley yore is at the net park transit center where a farmers market is now popping up. ashley. >> reporter: guys, it's all about access. a lot of the people that i spoke with say there's not a market near them. but now they can stop by and grab fruits and vegetables on their way home. it's a sweet ride home for ledora east. >> they have oranges and some strawberries. >> reporter: with produce she didn't know would be waiting here at the net park transit center. the closest market is far from her house. >> i have to walk. if i don't walk, i ride the


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