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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  March 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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next door to these two homes on a small lake in owe odessa. they were strange and never seemed to be home. >> i almost called to say it looks weird next door. >> reporter: from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00, these houses were crawling with law enforcement. jose was arrested, charged with growing and trafficking marijuana and a warrant for racketeering. in fact, in the past two days, the sheriff's office has arrested ten people on racketeering charges. the exact details not be being released by hcso. but the atf tells us they were involved in a drug sweep in and around the carollwood area. tonight, concerned neighbors say they're just happy to know what is going on. >> we want to know what is going on in our neighborhood. you know, we want to make sure that everybody is safe and something crazy isn't happening in the neighborhood. >> reporter: this is one of two different grow house busts from
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racketeering. the sheriff's office telling us today that they do expect to make a larger announcement about these investigations sometime tomorrow. i'm reporting in odessa, clifton french, abc action news. >> hillary clinton and bernie miami. carson chambers is covering it all live for us tonight in south florida. carson. >> reporter: well, bernie sanders' campaign is riding a big boost of optimism after the unexpected victory in michigan last night. you will surely see that reflected in his mood today on also the topics they will one of the big ones is jobs and the economy and immigration. we know education reform,
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it will be broadcast in spanish and english. latino voters are a key demo in a battle ground state like florida. >> it's a huge question, how well will hillary do with the latino vote. up to this point we haven't seen good polling on how she has done. even in texas the exit polls were too small to have confidence in them. this will be the first state where we will see how well hillary can capture the latino vote. >> reporter: and clinton also riding high on a new poll leading her 68 to 32% over sanders in the democratic primary. we will have live coverage of the debate tonight. i'm carson chambers, abc action news. >> and a new poll out today showing hillary clinton has a 2-
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that's among women voters. she has 69% to sanders' 24%. that drops to 62% when you factor in the male voters as well. the poll found she is also leading in ohio but only by 9 percentage points. a reminder that hillary clinton will be in tampa tomorrow. she is holding a get out and vote event at the ritz. the public is advised to park at the central ebor garage. for more information on this event, go to and bernie sanders will be here tomorrow as well. he will be at the florida state fairgrounds. the rally kicks off at 7:00 tomorrow night. doors will open at 4:00. the event is free and open to the public. day three of testimony continuing today in hulk hogan's $100 million lawsuit
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testimony in st. pete included a videotaped deposition. houston maintaining that hogan had no knowledge that he was being videotaped. gawker saying they would have published the video even if he wasn't in on it. a celebrity sex tape would only be off limits if the celebrity was a child. a maintenance worker finding a bottle wrapped in duck tape, fearing it could be dangerous, deputies were called in at the courthouse. they found a total of three devices in the plaza. the bomb squad detonated all of them. it's unclear if there were explosives in the bottles. week. right now. abc action eric waxler is taking action for your health tonight, getting facts on what your kids need to know before they go on vacation. >> reporter: sorry to spoil the party but health officials are
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traveling to popular spots like mexico and puerto rico. the center of disease control and prevention says there's no need to cancel trips but they have issued a level 2 travel alert. infectious disease expert with usf and tampa general hospital says some women should be especially careful. >> if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, please do not travel to the countries affected by zika right now. >> reporter: check the website before traveling. the zika virus can spread from a mother to a fetus, leading to birth defects. only 20% of those infected will experience any symptoms at all. there are new concerns with doctors learning that zika can spread through sexual contact. the latest case involves a polk county man who contracted it outside of the country. >> we know that the zika virus can be prevalent in male semen
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>> reporter: if you are traveling, there are precautions that you should take. >> take plenty of mosquito repellents, wear long sleeves, and stay away from areas of heavy mosquito population if possible. >> reporter: the illness is mild and lasts about a week. symptoms are a fever, rash, red eyes. eric waxler, abc action news. now the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. >> good evening, everybody. still looking at brush fires over on the east side of the state. this is almost prime time for brush fire season, especially after an el nino year. we had a lot of rain and a lot of growth. when we get a dry stretch, things can burn quickly. also areas south of melbourne. temperatures are warm. humidity levels are rather low. and the winds are high. you put all of that together and it increases the fire dangers. although a little bit of rain will help out.
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weekend, there will be some rain. and we will take a closer look at the timing of that coming up in a couple minutes. >> thank you, denis. an entire family behind bars accused of murdering a man and hiding thed about e. three brothers and a dad and a friend beat banks to death for revenge of a rape they believe that banks committed. the body was found back in january in the green swamp area of sumter county. police are connecting the johnson family to the crime because they were reportedly showing off pictures of banks and telling people that he was dead. right now a local elementary school being criticized for a letter being sent home about kids getting in trouble. >> the problem is it apparently singled out specific students. that letter was sent home monday from northwest elementary in petersberg. it says black students are getting the majority of referrals at school. pinellas school district says
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before it was sent out. also this information was only sent home to select students at the school, leaving some parents upset. >> maybe someone should have looked over the letter before it went out to make sure that it wasn't politically incorrect and basically stereotyping a race within the school. >> we can tell you that the district has started to look for ways to be proactive in reducing the number of referrals in the schools, not just northwest. they say the goal is to find solutions as part of a national trend to lower behavior problems with african-american kids in the classroom. fdle agents charged the man with 100 counts of child pornography. the investigation revealed pictures and video were being uploaded from numerous locations in the bay area, some of which showed infants and toddlers. mowgli will make a first court appearance tomorrow morning.
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a double tragedy for a bay area family as a suspected drunk driver takes their daughter's life and severely injures their young son. caitlyn and her 13-year-old brother were riding a bike when they were hit from behind on independence highway early sunday evening. the 8th and 6th grader were thrown from the bike. brandon woodard is charged with dui. caitlyn never regained consciousness. doctors took her off life support last night while her family was by her side. >> she meant so much to me. it feels like i have no life without them. >> the family donated caitlyn's organs but have not yet made funeral arrangements. the focus is now on dylan. he radio inmas in critical condition in the icu and is recovering from surgeries on his head, neck and spine. still to come, a highway patrol officer pulls two kids from a burning car.
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rescuing the kids that probably saved the whole family's life. a tampa woman is suing lumber liquid ators. the civil trial may be the first scheduled in tampa bay. the i-team has her story coming up. just a beautiful day across the area. a lot of clear skies and sunshine. will we be talking record heat tomorrow. >> reporter: we will give the
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>> we want you to take a close look at this video out of california. dramatic video of a highway patrol officer pulling two small children from a burning car. >> the situation could have been a lot worse if the officer didn't flag down the driver. >> i see flames, ten feet of flames coming from underneath the car. pieces of car actually on fire falling off. >> he told the driver to pull off at the next exit and then he got to work. but it wasn't easy. the officer says the driver's
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driver had to climb out of the passenger side and the back doors were locked. >> i had to reach through and unlock them and try to get the doors open as quick as i could to get them out of the car. >> thank goodness he was there. he says in situations like this time matters and officers have to disregard danger and think fast. that's what he sued up. a local woman is suing lumber liquid ators, accusing them of suing toxic flooring. >> jarrod holbrook spoke with the woman. >> the woman says her floors were so toxic that she was advised to move out. it's the first case that a judge has set a jury trial date involving lumber liquidators.
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than $1,700 on her floors, well where issues with the company surfaced. >> i thought they were fine. >> reporter: shortly after brenda says she started having low energy and respiratory problems. >> my breathing is worse. >> reporter: after learning that the company was accused of selling floors with formaldelhyde, she contacted the company. they sent her a test kit. the company wanted to conduct a 25-minute phone interview and she became suspicious so she called an attorney who had the home independently tested. >> we had it independently tested and the levels are six and a half times over what is safe to live in. >> he said it was very high. out. >> reporter: the attorney has been flooded with phone calls from people with similar >> yes. they have an issue with the
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>> reporter: they filed this civil suit. in the complaint estates lumber liquidators that they knew about the products. >> it's clear that they knew the formaldelhyde levels were high and they chose to sell it just the same. >> give me money to replace the floors. because i don't have it. >> the case is scheduled for june 20th. the attorney says he has about eight other clients signed up in separate cases. i'm jarrod holbrook, taking action for you. take a look at this little guy behind us, this baby otter was rescued from the river view area. because of his condition he cannot be released back into the wild. the good news, they have found him a permanent home. he will be headed to the denver aquarium in colorado. >> now the most accurate
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>> we're going to stick with the florida area. >> yes. >> because we have good weather going on. >> it's perfect. folks visiting us this week for spring training or spring break, it couldn't be nicer. mid-80s and sunny skies. there's been a lot to love lately as we have seen nothing but sunny skies. a little breezy which has felt great. but it has made the issues of fighting brush fires tricky. still heavy rains going on across texas, louisiana. and eventually some of this weather is going to be coming our way. it's probably going to be holding off now until sunday. so i think you get saturday okay. sunday, we probably have a decent chance of rain. valspar. at least the first three days look good. there are a couple of fires going on on the east coast. one in the palm bay area south of melbourne.
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that because winds are dry and winds are bricks and the humidity is low. those are all of the ingredients needed for fires in florida this time of year. temperatures in the upper 70s. we ended up in the low to mid- 80s. there's the wints that we talk -- winds that we talked about. it makes it difficult for firefighters to get a hold on things when you have -- when you have gusts as high as 20 miles per hour. st. pete, winds are between 15 to 20 miles per hour. we hit 82 in tampa. 7 degrees above normal. the morning low was 65. the record low is 33. the long-range forecast, you can almost put away your winter gear.
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conditions. waking up first thing in the morning to clear and comfortable conditions. later on in the day, most folks in the 80s. coast. probably 81, 82. the east wind is so strong that it's keeping the sea breeze off shore. even the coastal areas are staying very, very mild. friday morning looks just as good as does the afternoon. right back into the mid-80s. looking into the weekend, as i said, if you have to get something done outdoors, saturday is your day. sunday won't be a washout but saturday we guarantee for you. by sunday morning and into the afternoon, we have rain rolling in. it will linger sunday night and into monday morning. not a huge rain event but it will be raining sometime on sunday afternoon. saturday looks totally clear. this is what i was talking about in terms of the warmth. you get this red bubble on top of florida. all of next week we stay mild. and all of the cold air stays
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this takes us up the next ten days and then some and we stay very warm. that gets us to the end of march. you see where i'm going with this. it looks like winter. the last cold front with any substance to it may have already passed us. gulf temperature is 65. seas two to four feet. moderate chop out on the bay. sunrise tomorrow morning at 6:45. sunset at 6:36. remember we spring forward this weekend. you lose an hour of sleep. sunny skies. temperatures closer to the water in the low to mid-80s. rain chances return sunday. lingering into first thing monday. and next week looks nice. hello, folks.
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an adjustment to martin's contract. only 15 million is guaranteed. incentives next value could be worth $42.5 million. bucs tendered a contract to mcdugal and smith. but the big signing so far is the martin deal. coach cutter is not worried now that martin is signed that the motivation is gone. >> coaches are motivators. and i think doug is the right kind of guy. i don't think that will affect him. >> coach cutter was one of his biggest fans when he was hired here. and to overcome that adversity and be able to do what he did, that tells you that he is something special. >> one player that became available today dolphins defenseman brandon. any chance of the bucs getting in on this kid was cut real
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he agreed to a five-year deal with the giants worth $85 million. but the big winner today, broncos quart brock osweiller came in and helped keep the broncos going while peyton manning was out. he said adios to denver to go to houston. one year ago, jordan spieth started his incredible 2015 run by winning the valspar champ shin. this week he is paired with hendrick swenson. but for spieth, a little deja vu going into this week. >> excited for this week. you know, even the last couple
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was looking for. but i did actually place the same last week that i did in 2015. so all i'm looking out of that is to take momentum from what was strong and to build on what i need to do to improve from last week and i'll be ready to go tomorrow. >> spieth tees off tomorrow morning. we're back in a minute and
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>> we have continuing coverage of the top stories on >> we will see you back here at
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breaking news tonight in the race for the white house. the new poll numbers just in from ohio and florida. what donald trump just said. if he wins ohio and florida next, his prediction -- going for a knockout. what happened to hillary clinton in michigan? and get ready. how does clinton take on sanders tonight? zwri also breaking, the severe storms hitting right now. churn rescued. homes under water. from the gulf, all the way up to the northeast, where it's coming next. and the scene tonight, a major gas explosion rocking an american city. buildings levels. streeted covers in debris and glass. firefighters injured. the stunning moment, the cab driver held at gunpoint. the officer who happened to walk


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