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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  March 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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two people shot including a three-year-old girl. the gunman is still on the loose. >> we're uncovering new revelations about one of the victims.
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now at 11:00 a three-year- old girl shot and the gunman still on the run. the fear now gripping the bay area community and the tragic twist for a second victim. good evening. i'm wendy ryan.
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that little girl in the hospital as we speak. she and a 23-year-old man victims of a drive-by shooting in south st. pete. >> sarah rosario live with how they're doing tonight. sarah. >> reporter: well, wendy and jamison, that three-year-old little girl is still recovering here in the hospital after being shot in the stomach. the good news is that she and the 23-year-old who was shot with her are expected to recover. but now with a gunman still out on these streets, neighbors tell me they won't be able to sleep tonight. >> pop, pop, pop. >> reporter: the sound of gunshots ringing out just before 2:00 p.m., neighbors rushing outside to find 23-year- old terrell holloman who they say was shot trying to protect a three-year-old girl. >> he was screaming, everybody was screaming, the guy that got shot was screaming, and i felt helpless.
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>> reporter: that neighbor calling 911, sending police searching for the getaway car, possibly a white dodge challenger. you can see just how big the response. st. pete's police chief and mayor outraged a three-year-old is caught in the crossfire. >> to the person what did this, what is a coward and would shoot a child, we're going to find you, we're going to prosecute you, and we're dog put you away. >> reporter: police say holloman is a neighbor who often hangs out at the house. he was in a similar situation last january, shot is in another drive-by. no arrests have been made in that case. now neighbors are worried about who could be next. >> it's too scary. >> reporter: and while police search for the suspect, they want to reassure people this is not a random act of violence. the mayor says he is working with the police chief and the city council to work on that
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still lingering here in south st. petersburg. live in pinellas county, sarah rosario. a become shell breakup, or shake-up coming from the most well-known veteran charity in america. the wounded warriors project firing two of its top executives. the charity's ceo and coo let go after complaints from employees about how they spent donated money. the allegations include lavish spending on staff retreats and other costs all at the expense of programs for veterans. the organization has raised more than $1 billion since it was founded back in 2003. turning now to democracy 2016 the big question surrounding violence at donald trump campaign rallies. a trump supporter charged with assault after a video captured him punching a protester in the face last night in north carolina. critics say trump has at times seemed to advocate violence against opponents but his campaign is saying in a
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discourage this kind of behavior. trump responding to the violence himself in miami, the gop debate just wrapping up. carson chambers was there for every moment and joins us live from south florida. carson. >> reporter: well, trump deny ing that he insights violence. marco rubio add strong showing in front of the hometown crowd, the last chance for these republicans on a national stage to reach florida voters. right off the bat, trade deals, jobs going overseas to kick it off. is comprehensive immigration reform, then to social security. marco rubio took that head on saying for his children's generation they would have to be bumped up to 68 bowie keep things the same for the older generation, rubio also getting praise from the crowd for his
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cuba. the moderators also touching on donald trump's controversial comment to cnn that, quote, islam hates us. >> we have a serious problem of high. there is tremendous hate. large portions of a group of people, islam, large portions want to use very, very harsh means. >> well, let me say i know that a lot of people find appeal in the things that donald says because he says what they wish they could say. the problem is presidents just can't say anything they want. >> reporter: dr. ben carson is expected to throw his support behind trump. we also know that marco rubio has arranged for a public rally in largo on saturday.
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>> abc action news teaming up with as we cut through the rhetoric, holding these politicians accountable. the republicans competed to portray themselves as the top supporter of israel. senator ted cruz attacked trump. take a listen. >> dealing with radical islamic terrorism. on israel donald has said wants to be neutral between israel and the palestinians. as president, i will not be neutral. >> our panel of fact checkers only found cruz to be half true on that one. recently during an msnbc town hall trump did state he wanted to remain neutral but only to be an effective know gesh 80or. cruz does not mention trump's other comments and actions showing support for israel including his endorsement of prime minister benjamin netanyahu. our experts are working long interest the night. we'll be posting our truth
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well as what we found tomorrow morning on abc action news this morning. wendy. just as republicans were duking it out in miami senator bernie sanders were speaking to his supporters in tampa. marisela burgos was with him. >> reporter: the sanders camp is pleased with their momentum after winning michigan, a huge upset for hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders hopes florida is next. florida has always been a battleground state. the candidates know it and the voters aren't blind to the. >> when we began this campaign, we were 3% in the polls and about 70 points behind secretary clinton. a lot has happened in the last 10 months. >> reporter: bernie sanders is keeping his eyes on florida's 246 delegates as he tries to
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clinton is up by 649 delegates but that fact doesn't discourage the senator's supporters. lauren and dustin drove many miles to see him. they believe sanders has a shot at winning especially after taking michigan. >> don't be sin cynical. get out and vote. >> reporter: sanders' message he's listening and will continue to speak the truth. >> we will win, because the american people know that what every religion in the world has taught us, is that at the end of the day, love trumps hatred. >> reporter: more than 9,000 people packed the florida state fairgrounds expo hall tonight. marisela bur goes, abc action news. >> meanwhile florida's presidential primary is five
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chance to cast your ballot before then. early voting ends on saturday. for a complete list of voting locations head to our website at pretty warm for this time of year but certainly a gorgeous day. tonight looking pretty nice. so if that 73 did he greese in tam parks largo now at 67. pretty comfortable, although warm for this time of year. we're going remain dry overnight. tomorrow if you are headed out to the value spar championship -- the val spar championship, the weather is looking fantastic. new video showing a wild police chase, a driver leading authorities on a 14-mile pur sat from lakeland to the polk city area.
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whitworth drove off the road and through someone's property before crashing through a fence. whitworth is actually out on bond follow his october rest for allegedly beating two dogs with a sledgehammer. polk county bus driver and attend apartment are facing charges after investigators say they left a boy who has special needs on the bus. deputies saying this video shows the driver and attend apartment grabbed their belongings and get off the bus without doing a thorough check of the seat. just minutes later investigators say the 13-year- old wakes up from a nap to find he is locked in the empty bus. watch's opens the emergency exit window. you see there he jumps out. deputies say he hitch hikes 30 miles back home. it happened again just seven days later. we're now learn ago terrifying abduction attempt in davenport was completely fake. polk county deputies revealing
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claimed a man tried to lure her into his car tuesday afternoon actually made the whole thing up. apparently she was tired of walking a mile from her bus stop to her home. that girl releasing this statement through the sheriff's office saying, quote, i never meant to hurt anyone or for this to get this big. i just want forgiveness. i'm truly sorry for making that false report. still to come, sewage backing up into a tub and water unsafe to drink. renters forced to live in terrible situations. tonight the legal rights you have and the steps you can use to protect your family. and going airborne. a speeding car ends up flying over a busy street. what happened seconds before
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welcome back.
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overflowing toilets and mode. landlord-tenant troubles are many. >> here's what you can do the next time you run into problems with your landlord. >> fore a whole year i've been dealing with that water. >> reporter: erika rogers' rental troubles started months ago. >> then the toilet backed up the tub. >> reporter: this single mom says she made repeated calls to problem. >> what was the final straw? >> that notice from the health department staying water had e. coli. >> reporter: the boil water notice proved to be the breaking point for erika who contacted me. >> it was obviously a serious situation so we had a code officer go out immediately and inspect it. it. >> reporter: this inspection report document a non working toilet, sewage backing up into contaminated water.
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>> reporter: four days later the case went before the code board. >> when i got the notice that it was e. coli in the water, it scared me. >> reporter: the landlord, deborah fountain, assured the board the repairs had been made. >> probably the biggest complaints. >> reporter: a maintenance person arrived and made all of the repairs after our call, but most importantly, they treated the wells, which means the water is now safe for her and her children to drink. >> now i feel like my drinking water is safe. >> reporter: like so many others, erika had no idea she had a legal right to these repairs or the steps she needed to take to get help. when it comes to renters rights, you want to put all requests in writing. contact code enforcement. and use florida's landlord- tenant law as a guide. >> it feels good to go home and don't have to worry about
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>> reporter: florida's law lays it all out for you. we've got that guide for you. all you have to do is go to our website,, and then click on taking action. i'm jackie callaway, taking action for you. some jaw dropping images caught on camera out of los angeles. authorities say that car flew through a red light. the collision set off a chain reaction that involved three other cars. six people suffered serious other injuries. an orlando man is sitting behind bars after he was caught on camera take video up young girls' skirts. he was caught in the act on two separate occasions. the victims are between the ages of five and 13 years old. police used video to identify erwin. police said this is great example of if you see
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tonight a pasco county lunch lady zip the fascial spotlight for what she's done for students outside the cafeteria. as abc action news reporter shows us, your job title does not define your impact. >> i want you to tell me about what you won yesterday. >> reporter: sue ellen smith's job title may be cafeteria manager, but just beyond the crashing of trays and busy lunch lines, she's in the only helping put healthy food in students' mouths, now she's being recognized for putting clothes on their backs. or more like gowns. >> about 100 dresses a year between prom and home coming, military ball. >> reporter: it's not the normal place you would find a closet full of girls, but these days you can't keep them away. >> maryland. and it's just jam packed full of dresses. >> reporter: the dresses keep
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>> oh my god. turn around. oh my god, due love it? guys, come here. >> reporter: the runway of this fashion show doesn't matter, because without the closet, these girls wouldn't after dress at all. >> $100 for a dress you're going to wear once. it's ridiculous. >> reporter: most girls like faith can't afford a dress. now they don't have to. last month smith was picked as one of the nation's school nutrition heroes, recognizing her work beyond the call of duty. >> it's got that see-through. i don't think we can wear that. >> reporter: but she says "duty" is the wrong word. >> we're going to have that girlie princess moment. >> we do, right here with the lunch lady. >> reporter: because every girl that leaves feeling like a princess makes it all worth it. a great stretch of weather
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>> hope it continues. how's it looking? >> it's looking pretty good. at least half the weekend will be fabulous. the other half is questionable. i'll show you the details. tower. you can see downtown tampa all gorgeous. in fact what a beautiful day. i will show you just where we ended up temperature-wise today. and right now, we are looking at temperatures mainly in the 60s. lakeland down to 66, sara so that and venice also at 68 degrees. as we look around, bartow 64. in and around tampa bay temperatures are pretty mild, especially for this time of year to be in the low 70s. st. pete at 70. no rain in sight. again today we are on the dry side, warm and humid. and our next chance for rain is going to hold off until this very slow moving system that's
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parts of our gulf states. well, when it finally moves in our direction on sunday, it will have weakened and start to fizzle out. so our rain chances start to go up after about noon on sunday. but the heaviest, most widespread rain will be north of tampa bay. so this won't bea complete washout. so i think this is looking pretty decent for all of our fun weekend events like the valspar and the grand prix. on average we should be starting the day around 57. this morning we started off at 68 and ended the day at 85, much closer to the record of 87 degrees set back in 1925. so overnight tonight we are going to see these temperatures falling a few more degrees. the low 60s around polk county. hillsborough county, mid to upper 60s.
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pretty consistent temperatures fur heading out to the grand prix. it goes right through to sunday. we've got at least two solid tomorrow morning temperatures are going to start off in the upper 60s. we'll be topping out near 80 degrees in st. pete. you can see here in tampa 85 is the high tomorrow. 84 on saturday. then on sunday the temperatures come down as the rain chances go up and the cloud cover increases. and behind this front we don't have a cool push of dry air. we're actually going to see those rain chances lingering for monday, tapering off by tuesday. all right, back to you guys.
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hello, folks. we thought jordan spieth's game was a little off coming into the valspar. but let's face it, spieth literally in the rough most of
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lately it's been his putting but today it was a little bit of everything. copperhead is the course to bring your game to a halt especially if it's windy. bradley, duke, and howell share the lead at four under par. so jordan needs to come back with a few birdies tomorrow to make the cut. >> unfortunately right now on my off days, typically in my history i'm able to hold that around even par, and i'm just shooting too high numbers. who is going to open up the indycar season with a win at the grand prix of st. pete? here's abc action sports' john sabol. >> reporter: a win in the first race of the season can do wonders for a driver especially
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>> if you get that points lead early, you seem to give the team momentum. >> reporter: the grand prix can also lead to an indycar championship. two drivers that won the grand prix in the last five years also went on to win, including will power. castronevez has won three grand prixs. >> we're going to continue pushing to the place that we want to finish, one, two, three, four. that's what we're looking for. >> reporter: but then there's scott dixon with four total titles on his resume. however, he's never won in st. petersburg. >> i've spent a lot of time in this city. i love the track. it provides one of the best street course races that we have on the schedule, and, obviously.
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pete, john sabol, abc action sports. boston took the atlantic division lead. the panthers also won so they have essentially caught the lightning who host the flyers tomorrow night. the gators keep their slim hopes alive with a win over arkansas in the first round. driving the lead there for the three-point lead late in the game. then the gators will get the rebound on a missed three by the razorbacks. gators move on to play top seeded texas a&m tomorrow. the final of this one 68-6 is 1. in the american tourney, usf beat east carolina. it looks like it is the bucs
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robert ayers visited both teams today. and j.r.
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we have continuing coverage on all our top stories on our website. head over to >> have a good night, and we'll
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and now, abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, viola davis, from "the brothers grimsby," "this week in unnecessary censorship" -- and music from the suffers with cleto and the cletones. and now, if i'm not mistaken,


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