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tv   Action News Weekend Edition at 6AM  ABC  March 12, 2016 6:00am-6:59am EST

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abc action news starts right now with breaking news. a deadly crash involving a deputy and a wrong way driver. i am lindsay logue. >> and i am clifton french. we're just now learned that the deputy was also rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. >> these pictures are coming from our dot camera. this is eastbound lanes of salmon their branding. we want to get to a press conference at the sheriff's
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>> one killed immediately and our deputy was transported to the hospital where he expired. this is early in the investigation and we will not release any names at this point as we get a hold of the families of both drivers. >> reporter: can you explain where exactly this happened?>> yes, the driver apparently may have gotten on down the road from us at this point and was going westbound while the flow of traffic was eastbound. entering the expressway. and our deputy had just left tamp it down in district 4 and was in route to his district when the vehicle struck. >> reporter: do you know how fast they were going?
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but it was a high-speed crash. it appears that the deputy was trying to get out of the way. >> reporter: can you elaborate on the deputy. >> the deputy is deceased. >> reporter: this is kind of a theme in tampa with so many wrong way crashes. what do you do to stop this?>> pay attention to driving and i think this is highlighting a much bigger issue between distracted driving and dui. at this time of night, there's a lot of people that have been consuming alcoholic beverages out on the road. we need to pay attention to what we're doing on the road and not spend our time on the cell phones talking and texting.>> reporter: can you explain what is happening at the scene right now.>> scene is being processed as any homicide would be. there will be measurements
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scene photos, things of that sort.>> reporter: what roads? >> the elevated expressway coming into brandon. you will be unable to get off at london parkway. -- brandon parkway your >> reporter: how long do you expect this to be closed? >> four or five hours. >> reporter: did the deputy die actually at the hospital?>> yes, sir. crash? >> just before 4 am. each one had one driver.>> reporter: was the deputy wearing a seatbelt or anything? >> yes, he would've been. >> reporter: [ indiscernible ]
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as possible. right now, we want to notify the family. >> reporter: was the other driver wearing a seatbelt?>> i don't know at this point.>> reporter: we speak about what a loss this is to the department? >> [crying] yeah. you know -- these men and women -- excuse me -- the men and women are out there trying to protect everybody. and these guys are very concerned about the drivers at night. in fact, this deputy had hoped to become a traffic homicide
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but like a large family, sometimes we don't all get along but when something happens, it draws you very close together and this is a loss to the hillsboro county sheriff's office and to all law enforcement men and women who are trying to do their job and get home alive. >> reporter: [ indiscernible ] >> he has been here about five and half years. >> reporter: [ indiscernible ] >> we are a large agency and he comes from a family of law enforcement officers. >> reporter: i imagine that would have to really hard to come onto the scene of an officer who is injured. and especially someone you work with.
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like i said, it's a large family member. it drives that home to all of the deputies because it could else's car.>> reporter: seeing the emotion in your eyes, like she said, it's a hurtful thing that you are taking right now. >> it's not something you ever -- not something any police executive wants to go through when you lose somebody that works with you. you know, it's probably the worst part of the job. we go through a lot. and when it is one of your own, it's very hard. [crying] >> anything else?>> thank you.
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killed in this wrong way crash. both drivers, the wrong way driver, died at the scene. the deputy was died at the hospital -- vfd -- the deputy was killed -- the deputy died at the hospital. >> you wanted to become a homicide investigator. this is on the selmon expressway. traffic on the selmon cannot get off at brandon parkway because of this investigation. it's going to be closed for another couple of hours. jake peterson, we do have a reporter live on the scene all morning long. new updates and live reports throughout the newscast. that is a tough way to start off your saturday morning and we do have some good weather to talk about, fortunately, as we shift gears a little bit. take a look live right now into
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you could see that things are clear as we have that talking ridge of high pressure. of southern mississippi and into alabama. these folks cannot get a break from an area of low pressure spinning back over texas. all of this, you would think, would be heading toward us. it looks like all of the energy is going to be lifting off to the north and away from us. we will be staying on the dry side at least for today. maybe a chance of a passing shower later. we have 56 in brooksville. 56 and leaned down to plant city and also wauchula. right along the coast, 66 in
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largo. we will definitely be enjoying the sun today along with a few clouds. as those temperatures push into the low to mid 80s. i will have a look at the forecast for tomorrow. so much going on in the bay area. we could see a few spurts of rain. i will have that for you coming up in less than 15 minutes. developing this morning, donald trump called off a rally in chicago after a violent fight broke out your>> he has still scheduled to campaign today. take a look at protesters and supporters trading punches over -- and overwhelming private security guards last night. the violence shows people's raw emotions. possibly, the biggest question now is whether this will sway florida voters. one way or the other ahead of tuesday's primary. >> people who like him like him precisely because he says things that reflect to them freedom of speech. therefore, others worried about the security and don't like the violence and they have not yet
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different direction. >> trump will campaign today before his stop. >> most echo what john kasich twittered. the seeds of division that donald trump has been selling this whole campaign finally bore fruit and it was ugly. both democrat party sanders -- bernie sanders and hillary clinton. summer protesters -- some protesters may have been trying to disrupt his own purpose. >> is clear from watching these images that there are people that testing tonight that are part of organized efforts to disrupt the event. this is not some sort of organic thing that has happened. >> rubio will be in the dallas county this morning.
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beckwith electric in largo. doors open at 8 o'clock this morning. rubio heads to the villages for a rally tomorrow afternoon. in orlando county, a man is dead in spring hill and another barely alive after a bar shooting. investigators say the violence the bar. the gunman was also hurt but surrendered peacefully when officers arrived. this morning, a registered sex offender is due on -- in court on the charges. the 28-year-old smith, got a 15- year-old pregnant detectives tell us the victim identified smith from in instagram photo. deputies do not believe there are any other victims. smith basis one count of lewd and lascivious battery. >> down to the bulk open sext tape -- sex tape trial. the expert estimates the video
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by $50 million. attorneys say the figures are artificially inflated. hogans whose real name is terry valerius is suing the site for $100 million. he spoke to action news yesterday after the testimony. >> of course it's embarrassing and these people make mistakes and you get up and move on.>> the judges weighing whether testimony could come as early as monday. your time is 6:12 and we will continue to follow breaking news on the selmon expressway.>> a terrible shore -- story this morning involving a one way driver and a deputy, both killed.
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bill, welcome. thank you. it's good to be back. >> this is over new the brandon mall. somebody coming the wrong way while this deputy was heading home. and district 4. this is going to be in the seminole county area. press and thoughts with the ongoing investigation. weatherwise, we are looking with -- at a really nice day today.
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tower cam, you see the other side or the tampa side of the selmon crosstown expressway. things looking good there. things okay along the ground found section. it should be a good voting day as well as those water temperatures continue to come up. we will see a lot of folks making their way out of port today. we have spring training games to highlight for you and the valspar championship. around three today we will see increasing clouds today. we won't see a big chance of rain until tomorrow and it has been dry. when i say big chance of rain, i am speaking in broad terms. may be a 40% chance of a passing shower but that is better than we have had over the past several days.
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southeast. just terms of rain on top of what was already -- times -- tons of rain. most in the low to mid 60s right now. ellington, sarasota, ruskin, 60. 61 in spring hill down to hudson. arcadia, 65 degrees. the coolest spot i can find right now is gainesville. definitely making folks don't -- making your way in. some very nice temperatures. even into the northern plains. minneapolis and 51. billings at 39. i would say spring has sprung on this weekend where we spring forward with the clocks. here's that area of low pressure spinning in through the houston and dallas area. this is all going to lift off to the north and away from us. but the front will kind of
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increase chance of showers. for today, sun and clouds with southeast breezes. in and around 2 o'clock and maybe my 9:00, as well. tomorrow, it looks like we'll be in the clear through the afternoon in the bay area. and then, we have this front that could swing through later on bringing a few more showers. highs today are going to get into the low to mid 80s. tampa and 84. we will see about 84 degrees for brooksville. 76 in apollo beach right along the water. here's a look at florida's most accurate weekend planner. expect those weekend crowds -- clouds. we will get to 80 today. look for 80 tomorrow with a 40% chance of showers. here's a look at florida's most accurate seven day forecast.
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those clocks back tonight. next weekend, if you are on spring break, it looks fantastic. temperatures right around 80 degrees. lows in the mid-60s. good morning, everybody. not a good night. lightning special teams. inexplicably flat effort. the flyers scoring twice in the power play last night. this one has just walked in buy read. the power play wanted for sure from the flyers and then, this goal coming up is way too easy. then bishop gets his stick caught up. brighton seas at and gets the easy wraparound goal. the bolts lose their third straight final in this one. shot of the day. the valspar championship. the second shot for steve stricker from the fairway at the 10. this baby would propel to a four under par back nine and a
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par. good to see he is playing better and good news for jordan spieth fans. he made the cut easily. a nice chip. speed, seven shots back and two over par. we have a local animator who also made the cut. john stable has more on campus lead. >> reporter: the copperhead course is as facial place for amateur the mccord. same course mccord learned about the game of golf.>> i got to tell you, i played it so much growing up. as a kid, he was watching some of the best play on the copperhead. fast-forward more than a decade later, the 22-year-old university of georgia student has played in four tournaments.
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just a few years ago, still in high school. >> there are seven or eight high school students. >> mccoy's number one goal is to make the cut and he did just that. because he is in diameter, he cannot caches on check. he has to donated which is a new pga tour rule. and for his charity of choice, it's close to home. >> my buddy runs a charity around here. is called 50 legs. is for kids born without them and i am excited to do that. the have agreed to a three- year deal worth $21 million. 10 1/2 million dollars
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that comes a few hours after the buccaneers came to terms with brent grimes. grimes deal, two years were $13.5 million. he has made the pro bowl the last three seasons. here's the telling stat. grimes had four interceptions last year. the bucs defense as a whole had six. the basketball season coming to an end yesterday. pulling away in the second half. the owls went on a 13-2 run. 79-62. and the gators were bounced out of the fc -- secretary tournament by texas a&m. the aggies took a four-point caruso. a&m holding on to beat the 72-66. and that is your morning sports update.
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money this morning. there is a new initiative to make diapers more affordable for low income families. they are not covered by federal assistance programs. they are teaming up to offer diapers 25% cheaper than the in- store prices. bacteria typically gets a bad rap for making us sick but it could be the solution to all of the plastic bottles piling up in landfills.
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actually eat elastic. there are two enzymes that can pieces and the bacteria eventually converts that to water and carbon dioxide but that is a possible concern because co2 is the main greenhouse gas in our atmosphere. >> it takes hundreds of years from plastic bottles to naturally black -- rig down. going to a recent report from the world economic forum, researchers say there will be more plastic i wait than fish in the ocean by 20 -- by how much weight than fish in the ocean by 2020. >> tampa emergency rooms and the reason why we could see more. if you're just waking up with us here on nbc action news, we are following breaking
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a hillsboro county deputy has died after a crash with a wrong way driver. that driver also died. jake peterson is at the scene with a live report after the
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live from the station
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wrong way drivers around here. it has become an epidemic. >> and now that this is happening and it's impacting them so greatly, hopefully, they would take a closer look as to what is going on. >> step up enforcement or try drivers here where they are going to write -- the wrong way. let's go the right way into whether. -- weather. flooding at least six states overnight in the louisiana. national guard helicopters had to rescue victims trapped in trees. this dramatic video. the guard says they have rescued more than 3500 families from flooded homes from texas to tennessee. water already claiming at least five lives in all of this flooding and as you can see, on
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region. second. first of all, look out from our circles in apollo beach. a nice-looking morning as the sun begins to come up. by tomorrow morning, it's going to be dark for this time of day but that means we could get the more light into the afternoon. here's that rain. south alabama back to mississippi and certainly, mississippi continuing to get that moisture. we have a blocking ridge of high pressure. that is what has kept us warm of weeks. starting off with temperatures in the upper 50s to mid 60s right now across the region. 68 in st. petersburg. tampa has 65. 63 in brandon, lakeland and haynes city. we are seeing reduced visibility down to about 2 miles in many areas of polk county down through sarasota county, as well. out this morning. it should burn off and i will tell you what, we are going to have a great day for baseball today.
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it should be about 80 -- 83 for the first pitch. the pilots aren't marshawn stadium at lakeland to face the tigers. it looks like about 83 for the first pitch. there may be some clouds around as the police host the blue jays in clearwater and looking pretty good for the orioles hosting the twins. it should be about 81 degrees and partly cloudy skies at smith stadium as they get that underway in sarasota. a bizarre story out of lakeland. police tell us a man shot up heroin inside the police department. officers say some oil -- samuel went right to the bathroom and police heard a noise and a comp . when officers checked the bathroom, they found him passed out on the floor in there was drug paraphernalia on the sink nearby. >> adopters -- tampa doctors are sending out a warning after
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at least 30 spice related calls in a five day period this month. 12 in just one day. about 17 calls in all of february. oedipal experts believe a new chemical compound is responsible for the spike in cases. overdose can cause serious complications and things like stroke, seizures or even death. >> the problem is that the usual -- user will say i did that drug six months ago and nothing bad happened. at this time when i do it, i am having seizures, delirium, i am out of my mind. >> at least one person died last weekend after smoking spice. the drug is legal to buy almost anywhere. because the laws cannot keep up with the ever-changing compounds. we have new developments in the case of a poisoned florida boy. workers for a pest control company pled guilty to poisoning that 10-year-old.
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sunland pest control were charged with two federal crimes. peyton mclarty suffered severe brain damage. his home was tented for termites and workers admit to not properly fema getting the house in august. they also testify to lying about the pesticides used. both men face up to a year in prison. starting on monday, a five- week trial against the state board of education. lawyers representing hernando county. they want the system held accountable for failing to provide quality education for students. at issue, the state's education funding formula that determines how much money each district gets. hernando was $500 below the average. the formula creates an uneven playing field. >> it's not one year that i am worried about but decades. you are talking about many
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will never recover. >> 11 other states are facing similar lawsuits. if fernando school district wins, it could mean significant changes. all of those counties are below the states medium level. >> more than one dozen dogs are in need of a good home. >> all of those arrived in the bay area over the last 24 hours. paid more at work? how your genetics could
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14 dogs rescued at an arkansas puppy mill are now in tampa bay.>> the humane society rescue network. the dogs are different breeds and ages and there are a portion rescued last week in arkansas. once the dogs get the all clear, a will be available for adoption. check this out. a dog hiring -- hot -- hiding in the undercarriage of a squad car gets rescued. the officer said he saw a pack of dogs across the street and he thinks the dog jumped into the carriage. we're learning that the dog is up for adoption.
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students across the country but the zika virus could be a buzz kill. the warning from school and health officials. what spring breakers should do to protect themselves from
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it is 6:45. spring break is in effect right now. college students enjoy beaches around the world including where the zika virus is spreading. >> that is raising concerns that the virus could spread even faster. >> reporter: sardis the world -- sorry to spoil the party but spring breakers are warned from traveling to popular spots like mexico and puerto rico. the cdc says there is no reason to cancel any trips but they have issued a level to travel alert.
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should be especially careful. >> the advisory right now, if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant, please do not travel to those countries affected with zika right now.>> reporter: about 30 countries are affected so far so you should check the cdc website. 20% of those infected will not experience any symptoms at all. there are new concerns with doctors earnings he could could also be spread through sexual contact involving -- the latest involves a polk county man who contracted it outside of the country. >> we know that zika can still be prevalent in male semen up to three months, maybe even longer. >> reporter: if you are traveling, there are precautions you should take.>> take plenty of mosquito repellents, wear long sleeves and stay away of areas of heavy mosquito population. >> symptoms included fever,
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in tampa, eric waxler, abc action news . i'm coming. i just pulled another picture off of social media about this it's really tough. we have to be positive about the weather. because whether it's cold or be weather. >> you said that. my wife has been talking about -- you win and talk to her second grade class and she has been talking about that since then.>> and so have all of the kids. weather is the most important thing when you are looking at a weekend. and as you can see, folks will begin at apollo beach enjoying some of that nice weather for today. let's go ahead and take a look at titan doppler radar right now. we have both coasts it up with the doppler scan. for melbourne, and also here in ruskin.
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state year although there could be a little bit of moisture working its way in from the east coast and certainly, all of that mess out to the west of us. still more rain in louisiana and from texas to tennessee. corey temperatures include 63 in lakeland. 57 for inverness. 62 for brooksville. in the metro area, we see 68 degrees in st. petersburg. 65 and tampa 67 in clearwater and 61 in brandon. across the state, most everyone is warm and into the 60s except for gainesville. they are only in the upper 50s right now. india degrees across the southeast. still warm for jackson. 62 in atlanta and 61 in charleston, south carolina. here's what is going to be
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it looks like it will come streaming across the gulf. it's going to kind of take off this way and take most of the energy with it. we have a ridge of high pressure that is really blocking every weather system from getting here. that is why it has stayed so warm. we're going to stay on the warm side. that southeast error -- maybe a stray schantz -- chance of showers. nothing significant. by tomorrow at 4 o'clock, we could start to see some rain making its way onshore. right around where the golf tournament is. the timing of this system will be very critical. for the most part, much of the west coast -- east coast will stay clear.
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you will moving one. it should be nice today for racing in st. petersburg your clothes of sunshine down along the grand prix track as they get a lot of races in. winds out of the south, southeast at nine miles per hour. let's take a look at the golf forecast for you. third round for the valspar championship. it should be nice. we will have to keep an eye on things and let you know how that will go. as far as the weather, it should be nice. up to about 80 degrees. mostly sunny skies. here's a look at your most accurate forecast. still cooling off tomorrow with -- i was pulling through. for many people, though second graders that know the fabulous rhyme, they are off next week. we continue breaking news out of the brandon area.
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a hillsboro deputy was killed by a wrong way driver on the expressway. that driver also died. we're learning more about the deputy this morning. on the job i've years. he wanted to be a traffic homicide detective. just let the crash and was heading back to his jurisdiction . when he was killed. if you think you don't make enough money, your dna a be to blame. >> get this. short man and overweight women. that is according to a new study in the british medical journal. researchers found a man who is branches shorter than another man on average makes about $1600 less a year. heights does not impact does. researchers find a woman who is
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average would make $1600 less a year. researchers i'm not exactly sure why this is. and your fate is not skilled -- sealed. researchers hope that scientists will look into workplace discrimination. seat at the movies. we will rundell what is new at
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six minutes before seven on your saturday morning. for movies to choose this weekend. one of them, a science-fiction thriller could top the box office. here's a look at what is new in theaters. >> reporter: cloverfield lane is the only movie given a chance to challenge zootopia. analysts expected to make that gets $50 million budget over the weekend. >> will you stop shooting everything. >> the rest of the field does not figure to fair so well. the brothers krispy is tracking lower than -- $8 million. this weekend brings the young messiah.
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film makers have pursued a grassroots campaign which is expected to yield a $7 million finally, there is the perfect match about a playboy who decides to take a romantic relationship seriously. switching gears. we have a long way crash that killed the deputy overnight. the driver of that car, the wrong way driver also passed away in that crash. >> we just got brand-new images.
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just a very real and raw image. overnight after colliding with a wrong way driver. the wrong way driver also died. we will have a live report from jake anderson coming up in just
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nbc action news starts right now with breaking news. a deadly crash this morning involving a deputy and a wrong i am lindsay logue. >> i am clifton french. the driver and deputy were both killed in this crash.>> we want from our fdot camera. the crashes and eastbound lane near i-75 in brandon and those lanes are shut down and will be shut down for several hours this morning. abc action news reporter, jake peterson, is live near that crash and we're learning more about the deputy involved this morning.>> reporter: yeah, that deputy has been on the force for five years. he had aspirations to become a actually. i do want to show you exactly where we are right now. this is the selmon expressway brandon mall. deputies are telling us, the driver went in the westbound lane -- actually, the eastbound lane and traveling westbound.
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