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tv   Action News Weekend Edition at 9AM  ABC  March 12, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> we go through a lot but when it's one of your own it's very hard. >> tear filled eyes and broken hearts. overnight, a wrong-way driver crashed head on into a deputies car. >> it's like losing a family member. >> the driver and deputy died. this morning, and out pouring of support for the hillsborough county sheriff's office and their fallen officer. >> this is a loss to the hillsborough county sheriff's office and to all law enforcement who are trying to do their job and get home alive. >> new details about the crash that killed the deputy and
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>> i'm lindsay logue. 3 am. a wrong-way driver was speeding when he slammed into the deputies car. over the scene. you are looking live at the expressway. right now comedy eastbound lanes are closed and they will be for some time as the investigation continues. they are taking measurements and photos, cleanup will take some time. >> jake peterson has been following this story all morning. he joins us from tampa general hospital where we're learning more about the deputy. >> reporter: good morning. this is where the morning begins. we saw about 10 police cruisers . they were parked outside of tampa general hospital. they just left. there were about 10 of them. in the middle was the medical examiner van. obviously they were taking the body from the hospital about
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he died early this morning. he was hit by a wrong-way driver on the selmon expressway in the brandon area..driver was going west in the eastbound lane. we also have photos of the patrol car. you can see the impact. they were going at a high rate of speed when the crash occurred. deputies responded to the crash to find out one of their own was involved. >> it's not something -- it's not something any police executive wants to go through. when you lose somebody that works with you. it's probably the worst part of the job. we go through a lot but when it's one of your own, it's very hard. >> reporter: the deputy was with the department for about six years. he comes from a family of law enforcement officers.
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morning, when he was first on patrol, he responded to a traffic crash. he had to come here to tampa general hospital to turn in paperwork. he left the hospital, hit the selmon expressway area to hit the his patrol area and that is when he was hit by the wrong- way driver. jake peterson, abc action news. many are commenting on this story on social media. we have been reading your tweets and posts as well as those from bay area law enforcement agencies. we want to share some this morning. this is from winter haven police, our hearts are with the hills bear county office. prayers for strength and peace are abundant. another one from the polk county sheriff. our thoughts and prayers are with her brothers and sisters. clearwater public safety put this one out this morning, our thoughts are with hillsborough county sheriff and family in a loss of the deputy killed in the overnight wrong-way crash.
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condolences. hillsborough county sheriff ordered off likes to be flown at half staff at all the sheriff's facilities and hillsborough county and honor of the deputy. throughout our newscast we will continue to follow this story including in-depth breakout into recent wrong-way crash is happening here in the bay area. jake peterson will also have another live update in minutes. a very sad morning around the bay area. already many folks are making their way out to the beaches. we have seen the causeways are very busy. the bridges are very busy. as you can see from the mainsail beach in camera, it is very busy along the strips of sand. we had another warm day on the way. out to the west, a big batch of moisture. we could see some clouds make rain chance is today. maybe a 10% chance as we
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right now, temperatures in the upper 60s. 73 for tampa and ruskin. 72 in brandon. 70s along the coast. 74 in myakka city. it will be warming up into the 80s by later. a nice day for spring training. it looks good. it will be a nice, warm day. the rays are hosting the yankees. we have complete look at the weather for all the spring training games coming up. republican front runner, donald trump called off a rally in chicago after a violent fight broke out. >> he is scheduled to campaign today. protesters and supporters traded punches, overwhelming trump's id. the event amid safety concerns. experts tell us the violence shows people's raw emotions and
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question is, will this sway florida voters ahead of tuesday's primary? >> people who like him, like him precisely because he says things that reflect to them freedom of speech. that for others who are worried about security and don't like the violence, and they have not yet voted, it could drive them in a different direction. >> trump will campaign in dayton, ohio today before returning to florida tomorrow. he will make stops in boca and throughout. >> people responding. most are echoing what john kasich posted on twitter. it reads, the seeds of division that donald trump has been showing this whole campaign finally bore fruit and it was ugly. both sanders and clinton lame trumps rhetoric for what happened. marco rubio believes some protesters may have been trying to disrupt these things on
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>> it is clear from watching these images that there are people protesting tonight who are part of organized efforts to disrupt this event. this is not the sort of organic thing that happened. it chicago. there ara lot of groups who do this come up basically professionally in some instances. >> rubio is an pinellas county now. he is hosting a rally at this time. it just got underway. he will then head to the villages for a rally tomorrow afternoon. the firestone grand prix is racing through the streets of downtown st. pete. racing started at seven deck 30 with the pro-moscow qualifier. the first race of the in the light is afternoon. there are autograph sections throughout the day. this year, security is tight. new measures included metal detectors, bag checks at the entrance and more police on patrol.
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if they see something that causes them concern or suspicion, they need to contact the police. >> you can tell when officer or texted the info to tip411. there are many road closures this weekend in downtown st. pete for this event. we have a lot to get to this weekend. we will start off in st. pete with the big grand prix race. starting off with the race circuit. this is where you will find some street closures. it travels along central avenue, bayshore drive and around the airport. southeast. that is the race course. those streets are closed expect a lot of traffic and can mesh rate. parking can be a challenge. there are more than 25,000 parking spots within a mile radius of the racetrack.
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is parking garages will cost you $15 a day both saturday and sunday. you can also park at the trough and take the shuttle. the shuttle is free but parking will cost you $10. that is also where the big boat show is happening this weekend. these lots could fill up quickly. downtown tampa. we have gasparella music festival. also, the rihanna concert sunday. and a major street closure in downtown. east tyler street closed from ashley all the way to pierce. detour signs are posted. give yourself extra time to work around that detour. for more information on all of these happenings this week and, follow me on facebook at abc action traffic the bay area, mourning the loss of a fallen deputy. >> he was killed in a wrong-way crash on the selmon expressway overnight. we just learned his name. he was 30 years old.
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also dead. tow trucks are starting to remove cars from the scene of the crash. this is a live look from the action air one is also overhead. we will have more on this story coming up. we will have more on the developing weather system out to the west. is this going to bring rain here? will take a look.
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a nice weekend is shaping up. >> it should be nice for the first half. tomorrow we have timing issues with a broken line of showers that will pull through. that could come through late in the afternoon.
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stuff. some pretty spectacular video this morning of huge chunks of ice falling off and argentinian glacier. this is known as the white giant. the ice falls off every four years or so. scientists, those that believe in global warming, say it has nothing to do with global warming. those that are deniers say, it's just a natural occurrence. park rangers say it happens when the glacier acts like a damn and water builds up behind it. that will tunnel through and makes an ice bridge that eventually collapses. interesting stuff from south america. taking a look at the north american continent, we will zoom in on tampa. from our vantage point at apollo beach we look toward downtown tampa. a little bit of hayes as high pressure remains over us. that is a good thing. that is the blocking mechanism.
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back out here. it's also what's to this rain moving to the southeast area from texas all the way into tennessee. they are getting more right now along the south alabama/mississippi coast, into portions of louisiana and the florida panhandle. wrapping around a big low that is centered between dallas and houston. across our area, things look good. nothing on titan doppler radar. again, all of this action back to the west -- the good news is this will not swing through here. it will take more of a northerly track around the high pressure and stay away. right now, 73 degrees. some clouds in tampa. 66 degree dew point makes the humidity 63%. 70 and sunny in clearwater. st. petersburg has 70 degrees with a few clouds and winds out of the southeast at 13.
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the 60s and 70s. 77 in miami. west palm beach, 73. 60s from gainesville through tallahassee and pensacola. 67 in birmingham. jackson, mississippi at 65. 62 and charlotte. 68 in charleston a nice day on the carolina coastline. this high pressure stays to the north. this front will swing this way but it will move to the north. we will get the tail end of the front by tomorrow. for today, looking for sun and clouds and southeast breezes. teacher cast shows a few random raindrops later this afternoon or this evening. the critical timing of when the system will bring through the tail end of the reign, around for a clock as their wrapping up the final round of the valspar championship over at innisbrook, we could see showers moving onshore.
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florida strawberry festival in its last 48 hours. this is the last weekend. the midway opened or will open up at 10:00. at 3:30 is afternoon,'s kristofferson will play. it will be about 85 on the midway by 2:00. some clouds that it will be warm. the warmth will continue into this evening. heading out to the grand prix of st. petersburg? it should be nice. temperature around 80 with mostly sunny skies. tomorrow, showers could move through later in the day as coverage is here on abc action news. looking at the baseball forecast. the first pitch temperature is a brown 83. the tigers will host the pirates. is hosting the clear -- blue jays, 83 as they fire out the
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in sarasota, it should be about 81 as the orioles host the twins. looking at our beach and boating weather. winds out of the southeast and then south. 1 foot to 2 foot seas. don't forget the sun sauce. you be in the it -- index in the high category. low tide just after 11. sun will set at 6:37. as you head to bed tonight, set the clock ahead from 2:00 to 3:00. that is when we lose the hour. 80 tomorrow with a 40% chance of showers later in the day. we will cool off and have a lower humidity into the work week. all and all, a nice seven-day forecast. updates always coming at you. national pie day. this is held every march 14
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shortened to 3.14. we are hoping you would have fun with this day with pizza. our favorite thing on the set. michael angelo is here to show us some healthy pizza recipes. >> yes. this is probably the most favorite pizza we have. it is simple to make and -- >> i can never make a perfect circle. >> it takes a while. a little profit. >> what do we have here? >> we have original dough. we stretch it out so it is even all-around. the key is to use very good quality products. fresh products. we spread this out evenly throughout the pizza. we use fresh vine ripened tomatoes.
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this. then we have brought vine ripened tomatoes. we season those with a little salt and pepper. simple. you do not need to get too cooking. the simpler you keep it, the better it is. season with salt and pepper. put it in the oven and by the time it comes out, is is the final product. >> you do the oven before the basal? >> yes. the basal has to be done at the end. you do not want to cook the basal. it has to be fresh. a little bit of olive oil and then you are good to go. it's an unbelievable product. >> where can we find you? >> we have for locations in tampa. one and tampa, clearwater, north tampa and south tampa.
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>> no. >> know? -- no? >> thank you so much. i'm digging into this pizza. we will switch gears we are following developments in the death of the hillsborough county deputy. you will take a live look at pictures from action air one. both the deputy and the wrong- way driver were killed in the crash. this morning we're learning the name of the deputy, he is john kotfila junior. we will have the latest details on that crash coming up in a
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time for your rescues in action. jack is back from southeast rescue. you have a cute. who is this? >> this is suellen. she is 10.5 weeks old. her mother was a beagle. were not sure about the father but the consensus is she may be a beagle/boxer mix. >> she still has puppy teeth. what a beautiful color.
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will get that. what a sweetie. and cats. >> other dogs and people. she is a puppy. she loves everything. and likes to eat everything. >> she has the beagle so very curious with aromas. >> she eats like a beagle. >> helbig do you think she will get? >> she is 10.5 weeks and about 10 pounds. we are guessing maybe in the 30 or 35 pound range. >> if someone wants to get more information about her where can they go? >> the best thing is to go to our website, www.cpr.orc. suellen in all of our dogs are listed there. >> she is looking for a walk. we better let her go. southeast beagle rescue. look them up online.
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your place and heart for this talk, she would love to come
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i'm lindsay logue. right now the continue to fall the breaking news out of hillsborough county or
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a sheriff's deputy died in a violent crash. we will keep you eye live look now from action air one of the wrecker. just cleared from the scene as they take this vehicles for further investigation. this happened just before 3 am on the selmon expressway independent area. the driver was killed instantly. deputy john kotfila junior was taken to tampa general where he died a few hours ago. jake peterson is live at the hospital. you have been talking to deputies all morning long. such a sad situation. >> reporter: >> it looks like we are having technical difficulties with our live shot. we have been doing some digging into our archives, wrong-way crash's have been a big problem in the bay area for years. so far, there have been several this year. on february 12, two people died
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and jefferson street exits. on february 15, a drunk driver was arrested going the wrong way on an ifor exit ramp in tampa. on january 30, a motorcyclist was killed on county road 1. the driver was arrested for dui. we looked at our archives this morning. in all of 2014, 17 people were killed in wrong-way crash is across the bay area. and may of last year, the florida department of transportation announced a push to reduce those numbers of crashes, doubling the number of roadway signs at 85 different interchanges. installing some flashing signs and changing eras. f.said impaired driving is a factor in most of these crashes. we will continue to follow that story throughout the morning. the sheriff ordered the flags of the sheriff's offices and substations to be flown at half staff. jake is still at the hospital
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we will get back to him when we can't. the touching, sad part about this is we have the visual we've been showing this morning with the crash and the picture of the deputy rescuing the kitten. truly, a good guy. and someone that was well-versed in law enforcement and helping the community. we need to switch gears. looking outside right now, this is your live shot from circles and apollo beach. a great place to enjoy a beverage or nice meal. maybe take your boat in. park your boat at the dock and enjoy some hospitality and good food. we are seeing some not hospitable whether to the west as all of this rain moves into the southeast. from texas through tennessee, flooding situations, five people killed, hundreds of families rescued over the past
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have been rising with more rain, it will get worse. this will not move completely east into us, with high pressure across our region, it will move up and over. we do have a 10% chance of rain for later today. i will warn you, it is spring break. the snowbirds are here and the beaches are packed. we have very nice conditions along the shore and that's why. as temperatures push into the 80s, you will see more folks out there. packet patients along with sunscreen. i will tell you why you need the sunscreen coming up in about 12 minutes. abc action news reporter, jake peterson is live at the hospital. he has been talking to deputies all morning long. >> reporter: good morning. we have learned the name of the wrong-way driver, he is eric
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he hit deputy kotfila. this is where debbie kotfila died this morning after the crash. we want to show you video about 30 years of -- minutes ago. this is video of a procession. about 10 squads are accompanying the medical examiner's man, presumably with the body of deputy kotfila during the procession. investigators say he was hit by a wrong-way driver on the selmon expressway independent area. the driver was going west in the eastbound lane. you can see by the impact that they were going at a high rate of speed. deputies responded to the crash to find out it was one of their own involved. >> like a large family sometimes, you cannot always get along but when something
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close together. this is a loss not only to the hillsborough county sheriff's office but to all law enforcement men and women who are trying to do their job and get home alive. >> reporter: deputy kotfila is with the department for about six years. he comes from a family of law enforcement officers. the sad irony is he was at the hospital a couple hours before the crash because he was taking a crash report. he had to come here to take paperwork. he went back to his patrol area which is due the branson area and that is when he was hit by the wrong-way driver. live in tampa, jake peterson, abc action news. starting on monday, a five- week trial against a state board of education. lawyers representing hernando county won the system held accountable for failing to provide quality education for students. at issue is the states
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determines how much money each district gets. hernando is among the poorest funded. more than $500 a student below average. the lawsuit claims the formula creates an uneven playing field. underfunding. you are talking about many millions of dollars that we will never recover. >> 11 other states are facing similar lawsuits. the school district -- if they win, it could made significant changes in other counties like dan ellis, paul, citrus and pasco. all of those counties are below the states average. today could be your last chance to vote early in the presidential primary. pre-election polls will close late this afternoon in all bearing area counties except hillsborough and pinellas. those counties will end tomorrow.
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locations and times, check them out on our website at four years we've heard doctors praised the health benefits of what they call good cholesterol. >> a study claims it may be bad for you. just as risky as smoking. one potentially deadly side effect of good cholesterol,
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we are moving on to the hulk hogan sex tape trial. a witness testified for hooking saying web traffic soared after posted the video. the expert said it increase the company's value by about $15 million. attorneys for walker say that figures are artificially inflated. hogan, whose real name is terry bollea, is suing the site for $100 million. he spoke to action news after yesterday's testimony. >> of course it's embarrassing but, human beings, people make mistakes. i need to get up and move on. >> the judge is weighing whether local radio host, bubba the love sponge will be called to testify. that decision could come as early as monday. big health news this morning. it turns out even good cholesterol could be bad for
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a cambridge university study looked at 1700 people with a genetic mutation that causes high levels of good cholesterol. they found the group had an 80% increased risk of heart disease. about the same risk brought on by smoking. all of this is not to say there could not be health benefits to good cholesterol though. researchers suggest past efforts have been trying to get those benefits the wrong way. congrats in order for the city of tampa. it's been voted one of the top 10 best beer scenes in the country by a usa today. >> tampa ranked fourth in the awards. readers were given for weeks to vote for their favorite city, considering factors like thriving. culture and craft breweries. we know there are many breweries in tampa. no other florida city made the list.
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top spot. if you are not sure where to grab craft beer in tampa bay, there is a website with a full list of places. it is tampa bay brew tampa is going back in time this week and. >> we are talking about saber toothed cats, mammoth bones and sharks teeth. this is at the annual fossil fest at the florida state fairgrounds. coming up, we have some unique pieces of history right here in the studio.
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14 dogs rescued from arkansas puppy mill are here in tampa bay. >> they are here because of the humane society.
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dogs of different reads and ages and are a portion of the 300 rescued last week in arkansas. that's are evaluating their health and once they have the all clear, they will be available for adoption. a dog hiding in the undercarriage of a cop car is rescued. this is in phoenix. the officer said he saw a pack of dogs running across the street. they scattered except for this guy. the officer thinks the guy was scared. he jumped into the bottom of the car and was stuck there for about 30 minutes. the dog is now up for adoption. here is a job that will not take you anywhere very fast. a tortoise walker. this is a legitimate job ad in new york. it is getting a lot of attention on social media. the owner of henry, a tortoise, is looking for someone to walk her pets in central park while she is at work. the pay is a little more than minimum wage and applicants must be able to carry him if needed.
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>> what do people ask you? >> how old is he? how do you know it's a boy? how long will the live? they wanted to know about the poop. they are so curious. >> hundreds of people have applied for the job. she is only choosing one. speaking of things you want to avoid, like a tortoise poop, a gas engineer discovered this rodent near a playground for kids. it looks like it is the size of a puppy. he believes the rat wait at least 25 pounds. and was almost 4 feet long with the tail. i wonder what that poop looks like? [ laughter ] >> i can't.
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eating breakfast. we had some great dog pictures -- we don't have time for the dog pictures? let's go over to the circles, apollo beach camera as we move our conversation into the realm of meteorology. a few clouds right now but all in all a nice day with plenty of blue. and a really gorgeous sunrise across the bay area. tony from lakeland gave us this picture. right after 7:00. the sun came up, if you high and low level clouds. very pretty colors. the sunset should be just as pretty deceiving. another view of lakeland shows 72 degrees. mostly cloudy skies right now. winds out of the southeast at 11.
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south southeast winds at 8. 67 in gainesville. 77 in west palm and miami. almost everyone else between those two. while it's warm across the southeast, it's warm across the u.s. minneapolis at 50. 47 in new york. 42 in denver. it looks like most folks can put away the heavy winter gear. spring is sprung in most locations. certainly, throughout the southeast. although the problem in the southeast remains the rain. more wet stuff today. atlanta stays on the sunnyside at about 76 degrees. here is the front that is going to be moving off to the north around that area of high pressure that is kept us locked in with beautiful weather over the past several days. we will have sun and clouds. they could trigger a few showers along the east coast. a line of very scattered
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the state. tomorrow, the potential for rain to move in. the latest model has put this a little further south. it's looking better to get the final round in of the valspar championship. the rains will come in by 7:00 or so tomorrow. looking at the beaches today, this should say about 77 with the water at 69. south/southeast breezes a good day for golf. we are expecting -- today is the third round. they are already teeing off. by this afternoon it should be around 80 degrees with partly cloudy skies and winds out of the southeast from 7 through 13 miles an hour. the final round tomorrow could be in jeopardy. also watching the pollen. especially tree pollen. oak pollen is going nuts. everyone has a green car now, right? it will be like that for the
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maybe the rain will help wash things out tomorrow. 40% chance of rain on sunday after we set our clocks back on saturday night, excuse me, set them forward. the weekend looks good. lots of sunshine. breezy today. clouds were rolling with a 40% chance of shower and maybe cooler. a high of 80 degrees. that is florida's most accurate seven-day forecast. it is always available online at also on the abc action news weather app. right now it is 9:50. breaking news out of tampa. a driver a bicyclist and drove away. the bicyclist is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. the road is shut down at 30th avenue east and 50th street north while police investigate.
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this is a shrimp like creature. 520 million years old. this one has the oldest and best preserved central nervous system ever discovered, recently found in china. scientist hope it will answer questions about how the nervous system evolved in animals still roaming the earth. you can see lots of apostles right here in hillsborough county. go back in time at the for the state fairgrounds. fossil fest is back. i want you to look at these. we have tons of stuff right here in our studio. mike is here from the tampa bay fossil club. >> thanks for having us back. >> what exactly are we looking at? >> these are things that were found in hillsborough county and lived commonly in florida. you're not always find this great special man all the time but here we have the american line. a small saber cat. this is a small sloth about the size of a grizzly bear.
9:52 am
this is a large crocodile. 21 feet long with -- a large crocodile. >> there are tons of stuff you have here. all of this was found here, including a spearhead. >> a spear point. all the stuff i have here is common to find. course, camel, dear -- we had an armadillo type animal about the size of a volkswagen dog. -- bug. if you go down to the river with a colander and a spoon you can find those all day long. >> tell us about fossil fest. >> we are at the florida state fairgrounds today and tomorrow. we would like to get the public in to see. you can find stuff like this. we have many displays set up by members who will display things they found and let people know you do not have to go to exotic places to find these things. we have learning center for the kids.
9:53 am
nominal fee. they could to keep what they find. vendors from all over the country's -- country is there. >> this was found in hillsborough county. this is a camel bone. i also want to ask you what your most interesting fossil is? >> we were lucky enough to find a giant short faced bear. this was in the rainbow river. it had never been found in florida before. i did make it big contribution to the science of paleontology. the university of florida has taken this fossils and studied them. it is need to participate at that level. >> seven dollars for adults to get in. children under 12 get in for free. have a great day over at the fossil fest. thanks for joining us. we will be right back after a break and we continue to follow breaking news.
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happy weekend. it's the final days of the for the strawberry festival. don't miss the livestock judging and the drawing for the chevy is on 5 pm on saturday. these email of fine arts is showing three race movies on the lawn. in seminole it's the powwow festival at the seminal recreation festival.
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brought to you by hyundai of new port richey. coming up on a huge day of act cities, including this one. gasparilla music festival at curtis hixon park from 10:00 through 10:00. just getting ready to get underway. 11:00 through 6:00 tomorrow. it should be a nice day along the riverside in downtown tampa. temperatures pushing into the low 80s. maybe a 40% chance of showers tomorrow. important to note, there is the spinning blob between saturday and sunday, don't forget to set your clocks forward when you head to bed tonight. or else you will miss the first hour of abc action news tomorrow. we were starting at 6:00. count on us as we continue our coverage of the deadly overnight crash involving a wrong-way driver and a
9:58 am
the driver, eric mcbeth was speeding westbound in eastbound lanes of the selmon expressway when he slammed head on into the deputies cruiser. the deputy, john kotfila, passed away later the hospital. he comes from a law enforcement family and had been the sheriff's office for six years. he had dreams of being a traffic homicide detective. flags at all sure stations right now are at half staff in his honor. our coverage continues tonight
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