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tv   Action News Weekend Edition at 6AM  ABC  March 13, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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in the a growing memorial outside of the hillsborough county sheriff's office as they dig for new information into the crash that killed a deputy. big games on the campaign trail with two days from the florida primary. good morning. lindsay logue has the day off. thank you for waking up with us. hope we got outside yesterday and enjoy the sunshine. it was hot out that beautiful. are we looking for more of that today? >> looking for more beautiful
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and perhaps even some liquid beautiful. we need to the rain. it has been dry recently sell it would not hurt to get a few drops. a lot of folks are hoping that the rain holds off. we still have a 40% chance of the wet stuff as we work through this sunday. right now we have rain to the west and a huge system that brought the rain and the flooding through the southeast is inching ever so much closer to us. not a cold front that extra moisture and we could see extra moisture turning into rain by later today. let's look at the temperatures now, as you start off on the senate morning, 69 in tampa and largo, 67 lutz and apollo keach, 66 myakka city, sebring and
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a warm start and we will be getting warmer later today. it looks as if we have the chance of showers especially in the afternoon. from noon through 4:00 should top out at 80 degrees. will look at the forecast and try to timeout the showers coming up in 12 minutes. 24 hours ago we brought you breaking news of a wrong way crash that claimed the life of a hillsborough county deputy. deputy john kotfila, jr. is mourned by loved ones and the bay area community. jake peterson is live outside of the shark's office -- sheriff's office. there is a memorial out there that has been growing. what are we learning? >> reporter: good morning. he was with the department for six years and i can show you,
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flags are flying at half staff in ybor city. copula will be the next deputy investigators are piecing together why 31-year-old erik mcbeth was driving westbound in the eastbound lane of the investigators that he was speeding and hit felis patrol car head-on. both men died. he wanted to be a traffic investigator later in his career. his colleagues were emotional. >> it was like losing a family member. and it drives at home to all of the deputies because it could of been his car or anyone else's car. >> we're told that cat bella is
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we are hearing about pending funeral arrangements. in the tampa bay area just this what people are doing about it coming up in 30 minutes. jake peterson, nbc action news. the man driving the wrong way in the deadly crash. deputy say 31-year-old erik mcbeth worked as a baker in the hudson area. he never caused any trouble and will be missed. mcbeth is 31. the latest of a long history of wrong way crash is -- crashes. two people were killed in a wrong way crash onto 75 in tampa from 2009 until 2014. 36 wrong way crashes all in the bay area. several fatal. dot says most of the crashes involved in per drivers.
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saw flashing signs that hotspots. they install vehicle detectors and cameras and certain intersections. your thoughts and prayers continued to pour in this morning. offer condolences to the family and deputies. go to the action news facebook page. tampa police need your help finding a driver who left a young bicyclist for that. a. truck hit that 22-year-old man at e. 30th avenue. in n. hippie st., saturday morning. he was taken to the hospital where he is still fighting for his life. the truck is described as an older dark blue pickup, possibly a toyota, with a full bed topper any damage windshield and worth. please call police if you have information. tampa. southbound lanes of republican north was shut down for hours overnight south of 28th avenue east.
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officers releasing few details about this saying the accident happened around 10:15 pm last night and one person is dead. we will bring you updates. the man wanted for trying to suffocate and kidnap a woman in hudson is now behind bars. haskell county deputies caught up with the suspect jason to late in. the 44-year-old put a bag over a woman's head and try to keep her in his car. deputies arrested him on friday. he is not charged with false imprisonment. heated words on campaign trail. candidates from both parties weighing in on the recent violence at political rallies. richard kent who is following the latest. it sounds like you have a few protesters. >> donald trump campaigned in kansas city saturday night. >> get him out of here.
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>> still pushed by hecklers. >> we will take our country back from these people. >> in dayton ohio, the boldest ever yet. when a protester charged the state -- stage. defense. they overpowered the assailant. >> it was a different story friday night when tom peters crashed a rally. >> now the trump is now welcome . >> the violence built into the street. trump blamed bernie sanders.>> bernie our communist friend. >> bernie cold front, -- >> a candidate emerged with violence. >> hillary clinton ed greene.
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>> donald trump is creating a toxic environment. >> the campaign trail lines through five states where voters will decide who gets hundreds of delegates. for marco rubio and governor john kasich, tuesday may be make or break. both are lagging badly in facing voters in their home states. richard cantu. bright news for rubio and kasich, marco rubio is the winner of republican caucuses in dc. that earns him 10 delegates. governor john kasich was runner- up with 9. the very wraps up early voting in the primaries. hundreds of workers and election service centers all over the weekend spent yesterday collecting supplies for polling places getting ready for the primary two days away. you can vote in hillsborough
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county from 10 a am until 6 pm today. more than 152,000 people have already voted and 63% of the ballots were malin and 37% cast of the bills. pinellas county, 103,000 people voted early and 95% are male and and 5% cast ballots in person. early voting is open in pinellas county. we have all locations posted on abc action if you don't cast her ballot today you will have to wait until tuesday. bring a form of id like a drivers license. check out this intense video. we uncovered this. this is spring break in miami beach. a large crowd moved from the beach onto ocean drive and there were several small fights . staff was thrown at cars. a few people arrested. -- police able to clear the
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the indycar race season kicks off here in the bay area. the firestone grand prix big finish is this afternoon. the verizon indycar series gets the green flag before 1 pm. before that the second lights race is this morning. final race is set for 4:30 pm. a heads up, security is bumped up so expect metal detectors creating bad checks. we have some of that drier air in place but a big batch of moisture is making its way in bright offshore. is this going to make it into our area? and bring us the rain? will look at the forecast coming up.
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>> animal rescues airlifted them to texas because of a drought. and animal-rights group is criticizing the effort. temper native mccoury thumbs up the leaderboard. where does he stand in the pack? the valspar championship
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more than a dozen wild elephants were secretly rescued from africa and moved to americans is. a debate is intensifying about the transfer. multiple sues and agencies stepped entering a severe drought in swaziland. 17 elephants wrangled up and loaded onto and outfitted 747 and flow to texas. police escorted them tuesdays, in dallas, and wichita. they would not have survived
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rights group said it had a safe location and money to keep the elephants in the wild and accuses the sues of robbing the animals of the freedom. jack hanna says the elephants will get top-notch care. >> poaching is everywhere. i would choose a zoo to go to. i would do it in a second. >> the new caretakers are posting pictures of them eating and drinking saying they are all doing very well. if jack hanna says they are in good hands, i trust him. >> it is all about the elephant in the room. [ laughter ]. 17 of them. >> we do have a chance of getting rain today. it is much-needed rain. there is so much going on. everyone is hoping it will move through quickly and i think it's going to. >> i want to get into the spirit
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the city celebrating st. patrick's day in chicago. folks turning out to see on saturday the traditional dye job going through the loop going back to 1962. in hillsborough county in the river in tampa the river will turn green saturday, march 19. that will happen around 1030 a am. that is coming next week. time check, i want to let you know that it is right now 6:16. not 5:16. your watch may see that. everything else automatically resets. if you haven't said it forward, you will wake up in an hour and you will be into good morning america and say where is my action news.
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do your time tech -- time check. we will do a rain check as well with the rain chances ramping up for today. a cold front coming through. it won't change as much in the way of temperature and we will have the relatively high dew points. down. this is the line of showers that will move through. it is a pretty broken line. as it pushes closer to shore it will get more broken. not sticking together and not going to be a gully washer. having dropped from temperature last night, it was about 72 degrees. right now 69 degrees. winds out of the south and watch them turn from the
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this rent pushing through. it is not a vigorous front or bring a lot of rain. this is still the system that brought the showers and heavy weather into the southeast earlier this week but is falling apart. it is moving quickly. we will look at future cast around noon, offshore, showers into the gulf. by 3:00 we will see some of county area. the golf tournament and the races in downtown st. petersburg for the grand prix, could be moist. it will push down and then fall apart. not a lot of rain and not a heavy line of storms but something that could impact the valspar championship final- round today, up to 79 by later this afternoon but we do have showers and thunderstorms chances as the winds turn out
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the thing you see first. south winds and 10 kn. moderate chop. even though we have clouds around it will be cloudy today but the uv index will be hi. low tide in 21 minutes. the sunrise and sunset, 7:41 and 7:38. it is changing. a lot of pollen in the air so we'll have to watch out for that. watch out for the warmth that will be sticking around even though the front moves through. temperatures tomorrow the same as today. 30% of showers -- chance of showers early. mid-60s for lowe's throughout the rest of the week. thanks for stopping by. a decade ago temper native lee mccoy will ride his bike up to resort to watch the best
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the copperhead course. will learn about golf on the copperhead. a decade later, the amateur is feeding some of the best golfers onto the same place a up on. mccort surged up the leaderboard in the valspar championship ann mccrory buries the bogey on 11 and 14. the senior jobs within three feet of the cup and birdied this whole, one of seven on the day. impressive run for the amateur. jordan spieth into the day one over. heading for eagle and he makes it look easy. he is now 2 under. the leader is bill haas chipping from the french on 13. rose to the bottom of the cup and that is good for a birdie and for the second straight day haas shot a 67. he is 8 under for the tournament.
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amateur and temper native lee mccoy is tied with jordan spieth in ninth place at two under par. six shots of the lead. mccort's third-round score, 66, the lowest of the day. the final-round tees off this morning. lee, mccoy and spieth mac are paired together. that more on the bump, jonathan diaz to chase the breaking ball away. more mac breezes tarmac. no runs and no walks and three strikeouts from that war. no score bottom of the fifth, johnny field has a 24-year-old in the shopping left field. ray will be the yankees 2-1. tampa bay is now 5-6. the rays
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will have a split squad action tomorrow. lighting starts a four-day were trip this afternoon in columbus after today. they will travel to toronto, dallas, and then arizona. tampa bay last played on friday with a lost to the flyers at home. the puck drops today at 8:00. that is your morning sports
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usf men's basketball team suffered a loss to tampa and orlando but march madness is so much more than just a final score. >> the tournament means lost productivity, a bunch of wagers and it is all centered around a bunch of college kids. there are other employment -- employment numbers. in the make your boss cringe category. companies will lose $1.9 million due to unproductive workers during march madness. eight out of 10 companies don't have policies addressing office pools. 60 million americans will fill out the tournament bracket. and will end up betting a collective $9 billion. >> remember those astronomical powerball odds in january? how about this.
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perfect bracket is one in nine print two quintillion. that is 18 zeros. back-to-back megamillion lotteries then that would times. i'm not good odds. business. the single-game ticket will the men's tournament will generate $300 million for the host city, houston. america produces an extra 3 million barrels of beer every march. that is good compared to next month. on a different note we will continue coverage surrounding the loss of a hillsboro county deputy. >> we have live pictures of the memorial in ybor city.
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baggage handlers caught on camera at an orlando international airport area stealing from the luggage.
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welcome back.
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it is 6:30 am. sending condolences to office for a deputy killed in the line of duty this weekend. be done about one way drivers. jake peterson is live at the fallen officers memorial with more on the deputy that was killed. >> reporter: deputy john kotfila was killed yesterday. there is a memorial outside of the hillsboro county sheriff's department. mark longley was the last deputy to be killed in 2010. investigators are piecing together why 31-year-old erik mcbeth was driving westbound of the eastbound lane. investigators say he was
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could had on. kotfila was well known and well liked and he wanted to be a homicide investigator. as you can imagine his colleagues are very emotional. this is the fifth wrong way crash in the area of this year. a colleague wonders if more needs to be done.>> maybe now that it was a law enforcement officer maybe they will wake up and maybe now it is we have an issue. it is sad that sometimes things have to happen so many times over and over before they figure out what will we do. >> fdot started a pilot program last year with the splashing wrong way signs on several brands. they are starting to see if those were effective enough to install more along the highways and interstates and now we are awaiting information on funeral arrangements.
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>> you live in covering this story since it broke yesterday, jake. you have been talking to bosses and deputies. how is everybody holding up. >> they are doing the best they can. it is rough. those who worked with him daily our morning together. we understand that some of his friends and colleagues will be speaking to the media and getting public statements tomorrow. a hot day yesterday and sunny but she said that may not last today. >> some areas had decent breaks in the cloud deck but for the most part we had partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. more clouds today and we could have some showers move in today as well. it will be a gully washer but there is still problems going on from the rain that is now
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tennessee throughout the southeast as they deal with severe flooding. this is interesting video giving us a good look at how bad it is there. millions of people in six states affected. three are dead in louisiana including a six-year-old child. one person lost their life in texas. more rain falling in the southeast yesterday and more on the way behind that with another front coming. flash flooding expected in this area where there is water on the ground and over the ground today. the area of initial rain is headed here. not here yet. this is looking over downtown tampa and roads are clear. there is nothing coming out of the sky yet the to the west we
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way ever so slowly on short around the nature coast and this will move into the bay area. it won't be a well put together storm system. it is pretty ragged right there. the coverage won't be complete by any means. if you have the outdoor plans, keep the eye in the sky but don't cancel plans. there will be periods of time with a showers will move through. some good have embedded thunderstorms. 67 right now in tampa, clearwater and st. petersburg. we get a better chance of showers today. highs remain warm. temperatures will not drop much. up to 81 today. be on the lookout for the showers, 40% chance in the
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a major traffic alert in tampa this morning. repair work on a storm water pipe will have swann avenue shutdown. there are detours in place and keep an eye out for those. disclosure is expected to end by tomorrow. tragedy at the world's most they must -- famous dog race. admitted best to plowing is to mobile into two iditarod teams. 1.has died and three others hurt. official saying these were two separate attacks. one case, a leader phot off the attack with a wooded trail marker. a 26-year-old confessed to the crimes and apologized saying he was drunk at the time. is facing assault and other charges. sues people are dead following an avalanche in the italian and -- alps. it swept away a dozen climbers
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saved eight people. one is in the hospital this morning. this is the third avalanche this year in the alps. the one in austria killed five. malaysia airlines flight 370 crash. it vanished two years ago over the gulf of thailand. a piece of the plane may have been found in mozambique. take a look, south african teenager found the debris in december a ticket home not knowing what it could be. his family contacted officials after a different piece of debris was found last week in mozambique. experts are examining this find to determine where it came from. new concerns about what happens when you check your bags at the airport. this shows to baggage handlers at orlando international stealing right out of the suitcases. one acted as a look out while
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curtain conveyor belt taking 15 laptops. both men are pleading no contest. experts say there are ways to of -- avoid becoming a victim like the type of ckc use. >> if you have expensive luggage is probably the one piece of luggage that will be targeted. and the chances of you being targeted goes up dramatically. >> experts suggest keep valuables on your carry on and wrap your luggage in plastic. take photos of the packed bags before zipping it up and if you do notice items missing file a police report and call the airline. air florida. it could turn into a flooding must soon causing severe damage. coming up, a look at how frequent extreme weather is
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we now know 60% of all of the calories we eat come from food considered ultra-processed. everything you need. >> mated with ingredients you wouldn't use if you are making something from scratch. foods like that, you just call the out.
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they have more sugar and sodium and saturated fat, contributing to obesity and high blood pressure and diabetes. the study suggests the need for a whole food diet. >> was a true? >> it is pretty true. i get my nutrition from 711. >> a couple nearly lost hope of having a bb. >> there were times i didn't think this would ever happen. >> the bold idea that allow them to bring home their bundle
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6:45. severe weather is a part of life in florida was storms and property damage and flooding live there. >> scientists want to hear your story. reporter adam winer shows us that steady.
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>> reporter: it was a rainy few days and i didn't think much about it. >> flooding and anchor college wasn't unusual. august 15, a sewage leak. >> it would flood out of the treatment plant and no one expected that. >> students didn't know about that sewage pipe plant was overwhelmed and leaked. >> we jumped in one evening to the water after the second day of heavy rain not thinking much of it. >> the next day students like kaylee berger found out the water was contaminated and spent the next few days and fear. >> i had a cut on my leg. the next few days i was concerned. >> she plans to add her story to an interactive app can -- created by environment florida. they're getting the word out that florida's should get ready for extreme weather.
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>> we know the sealevel rise the question is how will we respond. >> professor david hasting said they learned the hard way about the effects of extreme weather. >> the heavy rains that happened this last summer and the rains that happened in january, those are good examples. good examples of extreme >> he is hoping his students will help encourage the bay area community to invest money in preparing for more of the same. >> that is adam winer. you can add your own story about severe weather by going to our website first, abc action we were just discussing, if there is any flooding anywhere. don't jump in the water. >> during that event in august it was so crazy that people were looking at the water and saying let's go for a swim. the flooding and the storm
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drains overflowed. all you are dealing with is sewage. so common sense. we have a weather story. let's look at the camera. where is the camera? rivergate tower camera. a little bit shaky at their. a nice looking start. we will see showers and clouds and maybe thunderstorms showing up later on. we're seeing them on titan doppler radar. back here moving into the panhandle and then down through the nature coast. this will move towards us. as this system here makes its way towards us it is falling apart. all of that nasty wet weather that has moved into the
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southeast is not going to stay intact enough to bring us any kind of major storms. kansas city now, lake wales, and sebring, arcadia 66, 66 brandon, 69 tampa, st. sears, 68. still very warm. last night at 11:00 we had 72. we had seen a drop in visibility. right now down to 2 miles in zephyrhills. 3 miles lake wales through haines city. sutter county, 4 mile visibility . this has been because we have the dupont's and temperature so close together creating a cloud of ground-level. we call that fog. a few different areas of low pressure and this is the one
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and will move off to the north. also we have another area of low pressure back here that will bring rain to the southeast. most of it will stay away from us. here is the line. the frontal line. it will push towards us and bring with it a potential for showers later. it will be a watch that it will be a scattered line. as we look at the future cast, with a high- resolution graphic, this gives us a real-time look into the next 12 hours for you can see around 6:30 pm, some impetus for the potential for showers but by noon we see showers down to newport richie starting to make their way around the copperhead course that in the spring. we could see light showers early in the afternoon and heavier stuff comes in by later this afternoon. a pretty good band reaching from haskell county through northern
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hillsboro. that could be a problem by 3:00. also showers around st. petersburg. it is not going to be the best day for the last day of the strawberry festival but nonetheless it is family day. at 2:30 pm we have the echoes smith taking the stage. 82 the high in plant city. we will see the showers moving in through. it will be all day or completely widespread that we have a 40% chance of showers today. 30% early tomorrow and we will clear out for the rest of the week and the temperatures will drop a little bit. overnight lows will be warmer than normal, back into the mid- to upper 60s. more information tweeted out now at might be to address.
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inspiring story of hope for >> a couple wanted a baby so badly and years of infertility treatments proved not to work. >> they take a leap of faith. serena poussin with that leap. >> reporter: jeremy and terra waiting for this moment for years. hoping and kissing their baby. like many couples they try to getting pregnant after giving best getting married. terrace said god had other plans. >> we tried for four years to have a child and there were many times that i thought that it wasn't going to happen. >> they decided on another path put the --, adoption. they had no money suspended all on fertility treatments. >> we thought how are we going to adopt and raise the funds. >> something told me i needed
6:52 am
>> terra and jeremy decided to reach out to friends and create this video. >> it was a shock to find out that we weren't going to be able to have children. >> a video they posted on a gofundme page. >> we scared -- shared all of the heartbreak and sadness. >> money started flowing in. >> into month they had enough for a private adoption. >> less than two weeks ago they brought home babies seek, sharing this video. >> we did it. >> they went to great lengths to be a family and say to other parents, take a leap of faith. the community is kind. >> you will be a family.
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today is your last chance to check out the strawberry festival in plant city. >> a big-name band on tap to perform their tonight and what
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the life stocking judging is saturday. grand prix fever. these him up by nights is playing free race movies on the lawn. this community calendar is brought to you by hyundai. we are dancing over here. plant city strawberry festival today. tickets are available for the concert, $40. if you bring cans or a plastic bottle, you will get five dogs -- five dollars off your ticket. experts are warning of
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we are taking action at 8:00. important information you need to know to avoid that severe allergy season predicted. we will preview the bay area biggest airshow. air fast returns this week. >> if you are looking for something to wash away the pollen today's rain may do it. this is a look from last night. great evening in downtown tampa throughout the day today as we hit the high of 80 degrees. 40% chance of rain today and left of that massive storm system that soaked the southeast moves in. live coverage continues and a hillsborough county did have the -- deputy killed in a wrong way crash. what fdot is doing to help curb
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see you back in one hour. we are going to take a break. all of your news all day
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good morning, america. breaking overnight. trump rally chaos. protesters pepper-sprayed in kansas city. angry mobs facing off in the streets. our reporter in the middle of it. >> i got a mouthful of pepper spray. >> we're going to take our country -- >> while inside, trump struggling to get a word in. >> get out of here. get him out. >> the close call. a protester storming the stage. secret service springing into action. why trump's rivals are blaming him for all of this unrest. water rescues. cars submerged. hundreds of homes destroyed by


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