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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  March 14, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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starts now. good morning. thank you so much for joining us. i'm dan deiah riley. >> dan shaffer has the day off. we start with two stories. >> a serious crash involving a stolen car. police say up to six people were joyriding in the stolen car and speeding when they broadsided the undercover pickup truck at central avenue and 54th street before 12:30 this morning. police say the two officers were actually searching for another car, another stolen car when this stent accident happened. the officers' injuries are not considered life threatening. the passengers in the car, their injuries appear to be more serious. more at 5:00. in tampa police state victim of an overnight shooting is not being very cooperative.
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leg and not telling police when and where this happened but he was found on west francis avenue. he was taken to the hospital. no far no suspects are in custody. should -- here's ivan cabrera has the weather. a little muggy? >> temperatures in the low 70s. dew points are pretty close to it. it's feeling tropical. we have a few showers left over. we had showers and storms late yesterday, just leftover moisture streaming from the south and west. palm harbor is looking at showers rolling in. they will be light and some of them tend to fall apart as they continue to move onshore. you can see the clust there are and it's vanished now. so we have this to get through the morning hours, a little wet, then we'll continue to see drying throughout the midday hour and heading into the afternoon.
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showers say by 11:00 and then we're in pretty good shape the rest of the day with clearing taking over. pretty good push of southeast wind by tuesday and gusty later this afternoon as well. temperatures today as we approach the low 80s. cooler along the coast. this is i-275 at 38th avenue. no problems at all. pretty quiet out there. janelle will have a full look at the morning commute coming up. this morning tampa bay's law enforcement community continues to mourn the loss of hillsborough county county john cotsila jr. he died saturday morning when a wrong way driver slammed into his cruiser. his sister is talking about her brother and his passion for the job. again we're still waiting to hear about funeral arrangements. caitlyn says that john was a
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loving man who enjoyed the outdoors and adventures with his dog dexter. and said her brother was willing to help anyone at any time. >> it's been rough. still can't really believe it. i keep thinking i'll wake up from this nightmare. >> she says john was going to visit her and her parents in massachusetts in just a couple of weeks. instead they will now travel to florida to plan his memorial which is likely friday. the sheriff's office continues to investigate the crash that killed him and the other driver. thanks to a tip tampa police are catching a man accused of hitting a bicyclist and driving off. police say joseph ragsdale hit the bicyclist at 30th street east and 50th street north early saturday morning police say the victim is fighting for his life in a local hospital. we're told an anonymous tip led to him and the damaged pickup truck. ragsdale is facing several charges.
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more about a woman whose body was found in a brush near 145th street north in largo. officers say her name will be released later today. they identified her by fingerprints. right now detectives are still calling the death suspicious. the judge presiding over hulk hogan's sex tape trial could hand down a sentence today. last week "bubba the love sponge" talked about the case on his radio show saying he wants to move on from the controversy. hogan is suing gawker for invasion of privacy. in the panhandle, a 20-year- old indiana college student on spring break fell to his death yesterday morning. authorities say tyler gillmore fell off of a parking garage seen here in panama city beach. all day saturday. say he was last seen two hours
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before his body was found at 1:00 a.m. police say it's unclear how high gillmore when when he fell. in turkey a chaotic scene in the capital after yesterday's suicide car bombing. the targeted attack near bus stops killed at least 37 people includeing two suspected bombers. 25 others were wounded in the blast. authorities believes of carried out by kurdish militants. the turkish president vows to bring terrorism to its knees. nato saying there can be no justification of heiness acts of violence. no if you want to vote, you have to go to your local precinct to cast a ballot tomorrow in the presidential primary. donald trump is expected to be in downtown tampa today. he's holding a big rally at 2:00 at the tampa convention center. latest "the wall street journal" poll finds 43% of voters in florida support
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marco rubio, 21% for ted cruz and 9% for john kasich. yesterday trump received some help on the campaign trail here in tampa bay from sarah palin. the former alaska governor and vice presidential candidate stopped by the strawberry festival in plant city. met with hundreds of supporters, posed for pictures and also answered questions about her endorsement of trump. palin says she believes he has a great chance of winning florida tomorrow. >> they know that, if we keep going the way we're going with the same politicians, calling the same shots it's not going to get we are. so people i've been speaking with in florida are saying we're ready for something different. new energy, new solutions. >> palin also campaigned for trump at a roadeeo in arcadia yesterday. florida senator marco rubio will be holding two rallies today in jacksonville and melbourne. as he looks to win in his home state tomorrow. yesterday rubio chimed into, on the violence that marred some
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over the weekend. demonstrators were arrested and sprayed in the face with pepper spray in kansas city. but rubio called for calm in the presidential campaign. >> we can strongly disagree about what our tacks should be. we can strongly disagree about how many regulations we should have. we can strongly disagree about the role of the federal government but cannot continue to allow the political discourse in this country to continue to head in this direction. >> rubio says it's not right for trump to say he's going to be paying for legal bills of supporters that stand up to violent protesters. on the democratic side hillary clinton is hoping to land a knockout punch. right now the polls show clinton is leading bernie sanders in all five states holding primaries tomorrow. >> they are both taking strong jabs over the violence in the donald trump rallies. mary bruce is in cleveland with more. >> reporter: donald trump blames sanders supporters for
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>> he tells the truth very rarely, i'm afraid on this occasion he's lying again. >> and pointing the finger back at trump. >> this is a man who is dividing up this country in very serious ways. >> reporter: donald trump is now threatening to send his supporters here to sanders rallies in an act of retaliation. in columbus a different take. your message to trump supporters? >> feel the burn? >> reporter: as democrat yuck candidates battle it out in five key states in tuesday's primaries. >> it's not enough if you want to be president of our country to tell people what you're against. >> clinton is hoping to avoid a repeat of last tuesday's loss in michigan by sweeping all five states but saturday night live poked fun at the challenges she faces from sanders. >> i am sick and tired of hearing about my own damned e-
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mails! >> sanders banks on big turnout among young voters, a group he, or, larry david bragged about on "snl." >> i have supporters of all ages. 18-year-olds, 19-year-olds. >> [ laughter ] >> and sanders has had a lot of time in ohio where he says he feels momentum heading into tuesday but according to the polls hillary clinton still holds the lead. mary bruce, abc news, cleveland, ohio. braking news just in. an amtrak train carrying 128 passengers from los angeles to chicago derailed overnight in kansas. it happened about 20 miles west of dodge city. these are photos now from the scene. so far we've learned five cars are laying on their side, 11 passengers have been taken to a dodge city hospital. there's no word now on what caused the derailment. amtrak says it will make sure that all the passengers get to chicago. six people including four children are recovering this morning after being shot at a
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deputies are calling saturday's shooting accidental but say a 20-year-old man was loading an antique shotgun and fired it by mistake, even though he was not pointing it at anyone, the pellets hit the floor and bounced up hitting a group of people. that is a reminder, authorities say to be cautious when using weapons. >> we need to be very responsible with weapons and treat them with utmost respect at all times when handling them. >> the four children are from 8 to 15 years old. everyone is expected to survive. covering pasco county, detectives are working to find out who stole personal information from dozens of people living in an rv park in hudson. sometime late saturday night or early sunday morning a burglar stole a safe containing that data including credit card information. it was stolen from the barrington rv park. deputies urge victims to monitor third account activity and also to request new credit cards if you know anything
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pasco county sheriff's office. forecast. >> a few showers and they will time. warm and muggy. 4:41. joining in on easter fun. coming up at 5:00 -- the way a pasco county mall made sure children with special needs didn't miss out. >> trying to make history at the valspar. we'll break down the final
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4:45. new developments in the zika virus outbreak. there are nearly 200 confirmed cases across 31 states and that number is expected to rise as the weather begins to warm up. >> but as scientists are fighting back abc news explains the radical new approach to fight zika. potential new weapon in the fight against zika virus. the fda researching an experiment using mosquitos to help stop its spread. scientists would relows genetically modified male mosquitos into the wild carrying a deadly gene, that gene would make their offspring die before they are old enough to bite people. in brazil hardest hit by zika, scientists are already using these mosquitos.
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dr. richard besser saw them firsthand during a trip in february. >> this building here produces two million male mosquitos genetically modified every week. >> reporter: this comes as the centers for disease control warns zika virus could spread in the united states, mostly in the gulf, florida and texas by june. zika is linked to birth defects in brain development putting pregnant women especially at risk. while the experiment in brazil has proven successful it doesn't sit well with some living in the florida keys released. meala is a mother of three. >> when you open this pandora box it's not going to be able to recall the mosquitos. >> reporter: critics specialtying with genetics -- critics experimenting with genetics may not be safe. there will be more research made. eva pilgrim, new york. now the red cross is volunteering in tampa and across the country to help victims of devastating flooding along the gulf coast.
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right now more than 1,000 people are still without a place to live. the red cross is opening more shelters in louisiana than they have in the past decade. we're told more than 700 people are staying in the shelters now. that flooding damaging nearly 5,000 homes in the state. local leaders are closely watching the rising waters breach. let's check back in with ivan cabrera for a look at what we can expect weatherwise. it was a gorgeous weekend but does it continue? >> yeah, i think we still have leftover showers. by the way, ones we got last night and now are what is left of that epic event, that historic flooding across portions of the deep south where some areas picked up a couple of feet of water. i have to tell you much better weather on the way for today and into the next few days, we'll be able to dry out a little. as we fly close to home and into our area we'll be able to see what is left over is showers, still coming in on a southwesterly flow so that means these are headed our way. so between now and say 10:00
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they will be light, quick movers but more where these came from. keep it in mind, roads a little wet, especially along the coast and then we'll begin to dry out as we head through later today. futurecast can see that, again, pockets of showers coming in and then moving out by the time we get to lunch. still leftover clouds, mostly cloudy the rest of the day. a few peaks of sunshine and we're talking temperatures in the 80s and it will feel warmer because of the high humidity out there. so low 70s already with the head start. winds out of the south and then southwest 10 to 15, even gustier winds later today as the impulse begins to head out and we'll continue to see temperatures in the upper 70s. along the coast it will feel like 80, 82. inland areas will be in the mid- 80s with heat indices approaching the upper 80s to near 90. certainly a preview of summer. 2 to 3-foot seas, southerly
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tides, sunrise at 7:41. sunset at 7:38. we do get some daylight but it's going to be dark for some time. won't be able to show you morning sunrises for some time. low 80s tuesday and wednesday. dry the rest of the week. a front may stall on us next weekend withs highs in the 70's. let's look at the morning commute. i-275 at bird street. again no problems to report. pretty quiet on the roadways now. of course things are going to ramp up as we get closer to 5:00 and 6:00. janelle is watching the traffic cameras and will have a full look in a moment. a consumer alert this morning. nissan is recalling more than 47,000 electric cars over possible brake problems. the national highway transportation safety administration says cold temperatures can cause the car's brake booster to fail. the brakes still work but will become harder to use. the recall includes model years
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2013 through 2015. 22-year-old college student from tampa bay is making history today. lee mccoy had the best showing by an amateur in 18 years in the pga tour. john sable explains. >> reporter: good morning. thank you for joining us. the chances making the cut in a -- of a amateur winning the pga tournament pretty low, only happened four times in history. amateur lee mccoy trying to change that yesterday in the championship. looking to become the first amateur to win a pga tournament 1991. mccoy was just 3 years old at that time. day. bogeyed two in the front nine but battled back in the back nine including that beauty on 12, the putt at 3 under but his magic eventually runs out.
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finishing with the 2 under 69, good for 4 under for the tournament. that is good for fourth place in the valspar. on a course you grew up watching and playing on. definitely a weekend mccoy will never forget. especially beating the defending champ jordan spieth. the final round went to a playoff between bill haas and charl schwartzel. there's your 2015 valspar champion, champion schwarts el. lightning in columbus yesterday. second period we go, the puck loose behind the bars, kucherov finds it to stamkos, and puts it where grandma hides the cookies. he would score again later in the third, fifth time in his career stamkos hit the 30 goal plateau. lightning blank the blue
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jackets 4-0. final this morning, montoya won his second
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tonight to "the bachelor." >> there's a bachelorette that stole our hearts. tampa's mary delgado. after her whirlwind romance and proposal from a profisherman her romance and life began to unravel from a domestic violence charge against her 2350e fiancee, then to a dui. >> mary is speaking for the first time about her struggles after her moment of fame including a spiral into deep depression. >> life is about making mistakes. learning from those mistakes and not repeating those mistakes. you know? albeit some things that took me a couple of times to get it right but i think a lot of people, they know the snippet of what is out there, about me but really don't truly know me. and i would love for them to get to know me. >> you can get to know all about mary tonight at 11:00. she's going to open up in a very candid conversation with
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whether she's finally found her prince charming. beach resort targeted. up next at 5:00, the deadly attack al-qaeda is claiming responsibility for. also, we'll go live to st. pete where two officers are recovering after a stolen car slammed into their pickup truck
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we begin with breaking news at 5:00. as an overnight crash sends two police officers and six young people to the hospital. >> police tell us that group stole a car, took off on a joyride and then slammed into undercover. abc action news reporter ashley gore is live near the area where the crash happened. any word on how the officers are doing? >> reporter: these officers are expected to be ok. everyone involved went to the hospital. i want to step out of the way and show you why. take a look at the wreckage. you can see how bad this crash was. first you're looking here at that car, that the young people were in. that they stole. then you're looking at the truck that those officers were in. let me tell you the irony of this. these officers, one from tampa, the other from st. pete were


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