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tv   The Now Tampa Bay  ABC  March 14, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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." we start "the now" tab with breaks. this flight -- tampa bay with breaking news. this flight 100 miles away from where they were supposed to end up. that's, again, baltimore to orlando. we're getting more information on that. as soon as we get it, we'll bring it to you. and now ashley is following the other today's top story, the primary here in florida. >> we have breaking developments to tell you about the presidential campaign today. sarah palin appearing for a rally for trump. that's despite after she said she was canceling because her
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snowmobiling accident in alaska. she put things in perspective, appreciating time, and the get trump elected. >> what we don't have time for is all that petty, punkass little thugary stuff that's been going on with these, quote, unquote, protestors who are doing nothing but wasting your time and trying to take away your first amendment rights, your rights to assemble peacefully, and the media being on the thug side. what the heck are you guys thinking, media? it doesn't make sense! [ booing ] >> it wasn't just palin. a lot of other people came out for the trump rally today, including chris christie. this is a look outside the tampa convention center just hours ago. you can see a lot of people out there. both people in support and protest of trump.
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now with our carson chambers. she was there for every minute of it. carson? >> reporter: hey, guys. pretty loud out here wrapping up. you can see donald trump going around this very small venue. shaking people's hands, getting autographs and just having words with so many people that showed up in tampa. five different disruptions during this town hall meeting. there was a q&a. one protestors yelling obscenities. another calling trump a fascist. and a woman holding a small mexican flag was escorted out of the rally a few moments ago. now, florida attorney general pam bondi showing up as a surprise and actually endorsing donald trump this morning.
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-- did see sarah palin despider husband being in a bad accident and being in icu in alaska. she was still here. and also governor chris christie. here's what trump had to say earlier. [ music ] >> the biggest story in all of politics worldwide today is what's happening with the republican party. and what's going on has been -- they call it a phenomena. i've been on the cover of "time" magazine more times than none. what's happening is there's millions and millions of people that are voting. they're not voting for democrats. they're down 34% from years ago. [cheers and applause] >> listen. they're voting for -- [ music ] >> reporter: trump said that in north carolina earlier today. then he went to florida. he's going back to ohio and showing up again in south florida tomorrow.
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you live coverage on primary night. carson chambers,. >> she witnessed several disruptions inside that rally. things were really heated. >> right. so that was inside. but what's happening outside the convention center where many were wondering were these protestors going to get violent just like the scuffles in chicago where they had to cancel one of the rallies? adam weiner shows us what happened. >> reporter: it was a bit of a yelling match between the protestors and trump supporters lined up outside the convention center before the event today. take a look. it was about 20 or 30 protestors who marched from the old failed site of a trump tower in tampa to the convention center making their point heard that they don't like trump's message. they eventually came face-to- face with some of trump's supporters. thousands of them were lined up outside the convention center ahead of the rally. they did yell at each other. there were some chants back and forth.
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nothing violent in the slightest here. tampa police said they were ready if anything were to occur. but thankfully nothing happened. protestors say they, too, were not expecting anything violent today. >> tampa is an amazing sports. we have amazing people who live here. one thing i know about tam is tampa is not chicago. -- tampa is tampa is not chicago. we can respect each other. >> reporter: as for traffic downtown, much of south franklin street in downtown tampa was blocked off much the day as security was out here making sure nothing unsafe happened. we're told by tampa police that the south frankland street should be reopened once all the traffic from the convention center is let out. i'm adam wineier, "the now" -- winer, "the now" tampa bay. this afternoon at a restaurant in melbourne, rubio
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only one that can beat donald trump. and he's add meant he'll do it tomorrow night. >> like always, it comes down to florida. 99 delegates to one person. and i want it to be me. and i need you to help it be me. >> reporter: the very latest poll numbers released today show frontrunner donald trump is widening the gap between he and rubio. even put ted cruz ahead of rubio for second place. if he loses in his home state of florida, of course, could mark the end for his presidential campaign. we'll wait and see. lori, you have a look at the rest of the field. >> that's for sure. john kasich saying he's getting extra high powered help in his fight against donald trump in ohio. mitt romney campaigning at a town hall in that state. bernie sanders is also campaigning in ohio today.
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hillary clinton beating him there but not by much. clinton is campaigning in chicago. illinois is one of the other big states from the democrats tomorrow along with florida. missouri and north carolina also voting tomorrow. >> and, yes, tomorrow is a huge, huge election day. but we do have other things to including this breaking beer news. brew bound. this is the tweet. it's a trade publication, how we first learned about this. cigar sports, the leading independent brewery in the area, based here in tampa, of course. you've likely heard of it. it's selling to oscar blues out of colorado. so i spoke to joey redner, had confirmed the deal but says operations will stay put in tampa. and the 82 people employed by cigar sports will keep their jobs. they -- cigar city will keep their jobs.
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in trouble for allegedly drinking, losing his temper, and then shooting at his step daughter. pinellas police say this guy fired a gun at his adult step daughter. this story still very much developing. his job as a school crossing guard, that's still under review. here's one for you, ashley. if you don't know about the website next door, it's fdot a secret website but called private. a social media for your neighborhood -- it's a secret website but -- it's not a secret website but called private. a social media for your neighborhood. people talk everything about crime to garage sales. but now police in st. petersburg are going to use it as well. officers will be assigned to different users on the website. they can know who is working in their neighborhood. this is huge because there are already more than 95
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represented on the app and it's completely free to sign up. we have breaking news to get to now. less than two hours ago, tornado touching down in ohio. this is a picture tweeted out not too long ago. this is phillipsburg just about an hour and a half north of cincinnati. you can see that the storm formed there. you can see the funnel. >> yeah. and actually this is something we've been tracking now. this front extends all the way down to the gulf coast. i don't think it'll have a big impact on us. we did see rain this weekend. not a bad thing. you look outside right now. and you're still looking at a good deal of sunshine across part of the area. but, yet, there's still some showers and heavy rains down across the southern section and eastern sections of the state. showers out there. and as we go on through the next, oh, 15, 20 minutes, i think the bulk of the rain off to the east will be pushing out of polk county with temperatures anywhere from the
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81 in tampa. although it was -- plant city. 81 in tampa. one last gasp of winter weather may be coming our way. we'll talk about when it minutes. >> all right, denis. also coming up on "the now" tampa bay, an suv fall from a parking garage. when we come back, how this happened and how the driver is
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right now, some incredible pictures to show you from baltimore, maryland. the driver of this audi suv is still alive after it fell from the fourth floor of a parking garage. the driver, a woman in her 20s, was not seriously hurt. how about that? we still don't know how the car fell, whether it was the driver that drove through that wall or if there was a structural
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we're still trying to figure that out. as for the car, it stayed pretty well intact. i can't belief! you say somebody actually walked out of this! it fell four stories, if you can believe that. again, the woman in that car, a woman in her 20s, is said to be fine. not seriously hurt. you see all that glass and part of the car shattered there. but still she is doing just fine. well, i want to take a look at this video there. can you guess what happened there? hard to believe no one was hurt when this balcony collapsed in cincinnati. the woman who lives inside that apartment was on the that balcony moments before it fell. luckily, she walked inside just before it gave way. a next door neighborhood heard the loud bang and thought someone drove into the building. that's how loud it was. the building is being inspected to make sure it's still safe. right now, investigators are checking whether a car crash may have damaged the track before this amtrak train derailed overnight in kansas.
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engineer noticed a bend in the track, hit the emergency brakes just before it derailed. right now, at least 32 people are recovering from injuries. thankfully, many have gone home to the hospital. this man you're about to hear from now helped at least one of the passengers right after that crash. >> one gentleman just stopped me kind of in the darkness of the field and said, friend, friend! i said, you're right. what's going on? he said, is there any blood? i kind of shined any cellphone light in his face. it was very bloody. >> reporter: the train was on its way from l.a. to chicago when it derailed. at least five cars ended on its side. today crews were taking measurables along the tracks. ntsb is now investigating. as early as this week, president obama is going to recommend someone to replace justice antonin scalia who died unexpectedly last month. they're launching a campaign that would essentially
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and the democrats who suggest the course. opponents will put together strategies working with the conservative research group. gop calls it the most comprehensive judicial response effort in the history. they'll determine whether the court leans more liberal or conservative in its decisions. we're learning today at least one woman was part of the suicide car bomber's attack in turkey. they think the second was a man. they haven't confirmed his identity yet. 11 people have been detained in connection to this. the attack was from kurdish rebels and they're going to fight the rebels until they're all wiped out. all right. well, happening right now, they're bracing for more flooding in the south. here's some pictures here. here they are. the rain may have stopped but the rivers are still high. this is a major highway in louisiana. looks like a river here.
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been called out to help some of these people -- national guard has been called out to help some of the people in the area. you can see they're trying to get into boats. that's the only way they can get through the streets that look like rivers. boats to get around. >> i guess you get a little worried and anxious maybe is the big word. just when is it going to recede? when am i going to get back to normal? >> nearly 5,000 homes are damaged in louisiana now. president obama has declared the flooding in the state a major disaster. that means flood victims there can now get federal help. >> well, what's the point of daylight saving time other than just making all of us tired? almost all 50 states turned the clocks ahead one hour in the spring except for arizona and hawaii. "the now's" ann is finding out the reason may be history.
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>> reporter: the start of the workweek was slow everywhere for everyone! >> the people that came in seemed very tired. everyone said, oh, i wish i had four of the coffees or it was really hard to wake up today. >> yeah, the struggle is very real. so we should get rid of it. >> reporter: randy washington just doesn't see the point of daylight savings time. it makes us late, including the person he's about to meet here a few minutes. >> i let her know yesterday. >> reporter: but you'll be forgiving, right? >> of course! of course! it's a horribly antiquated system we've been using way too long. i'll be forgiving. yeah, i have to be. >> reporter: even the economics professor we asks admits the original intent of daylight savings time doesn't make sense anymore. it started as a way to save money in wartime. >> it became important in world war i. the main reason was to save energy, coal. during that time, it wasn't easy to switch lights on and
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>> reporter: but he says it's not clear if the hour of electricity is saving that much anymore. in fact, most of us are spending more on the cup of coffee. >> so instead of one. >> back over here with denis in for shay this week. anytime we lose sleep, especially for a weekend, we're just not on board. >> why can't you make it on a tuesday night? a weekday? you know, the nice thing about it, though, is we still get more sunshine in the evenings. and as you see, the main sail right now, there are folks -- spring break for a lot of folks. and more spring breaks coming up next week. we have spring training. so you know the beaches will be packed. this week, kind of a 50/50 week. i'll tell you right now, folks, it's going to rain this weekend. and there's going to be more rain than we had yesterday. so you might as well make the plans now. we'll be talking about that coming up the next couple of days. we did see some rain across the
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in terms of overall rainfall totals, though, nothing too drastic in terms of actually measurable rain. most of the region didn't even have any. trace of rain. although for shocco ranch, eastern polk, 1/2 inch of rain. there were some showers. kind of summer-like, right? with temperatures -- this is certainly -- well, maybe not summer-like but pretty close when you see mid- to upper 80s across the area. and have you noticed the dew points rising? the humidity is higher. that'll lead to fog overnight. usually this time of year, fog is a decent issue. and 7:00 tonight, we already begin to see things develop. and look how it sort of builds inland through the overnight hours. so tomorrow morning, think we see some patchy fog. wednesday morning, we might see some widespread fog first thing in the morning. it burns off by about 8:30, 9:00. and the rest of the day turns out to be nice and warm with temperatures right back in the low to mid-80s. i know some folks are complaining.
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right to summer! what happened to spring? >> well, hang in there. by early next week, we're going to go back as cooler air starts to dig from the north. we'll talk about that coming up in the next half hour. >> all right, den. we'll pick back soon. still ahead, there's this new no touching policy. it's in schools. that includes hugs. we'll explain that next on "the
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think about this. think back to your days in school or maybe imagine your kids not being allowed to high- five or hug each other? at school, they can't hug each other! they can't even lend a hand if someone falls! >> sounds bizarre. but it's called a no touching policy in a tennessee school district. school administrators say it's
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physical contact. some teachers say there have been problems with bullying in the school. one parent who's also a therapist says it could have lasting effects on these kids. >> when they are told that they can't help somebody up who's fallen and hurt themselves, they are being taught the opposite of compassion. they're being taught how to be a person who says, i could help you but i'd better not. they're being required to behave in a way that's very abnormal. >> now, listen to this. if the kids actually do touch each other at school, they will be punished. and if it continues, eventually they will be suspended. >> wow. okay, another scenario here. a question maybe. do you think there's actually life on mars? >> we're about to find out. we'll tell you why. there's a new mission in the air today. here's a look at the unmanned russian rocket lifting off from mars. the european mission is expected to reach the planet in october. it's goal is to search for
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they'll be mapping methane because scientists are thinking that chemical should exist if there's life on the planet. but that's only part of the mission. they plan to land a rover on mars in 2018 to drill into the samples. >> beautiful site, that blastoff shot there. >> yeah, yeah. >> so where does u.s. stand in the space race? nasa's last land to mars was originally scheduled to last this month. but now it's not happening until 2018 because of a technical issue. the mission is designed to help all of us understand how rocky planets like earth and mars formed and evolved. nasa last week tested the first deep space rocket engine for 500 seconds for the first time. that's the engine they're building to carry people on a future mission to mars. >> very cool. more stories coming up today ant the hillsboro county deputy killed when a wrong-way driver slammed into his cruiser over the weekend.
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crosswalk that night explaining why he's a hero. you'll hear that coming up
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right now, some disturbing new developments in the death of a maryland police officer. three brothers under arrest accused of trying to videotape a so-called suicide by cop. they say one of the brothers fired at officers outside this police station while the other two recorded it on their cellphones. officer ky coleson was killed. it appears the person tried to die during a gun battle with police. it's unclear yet if the brothers actually intended to kill an officer. >> one of your defenders, coleson, a 24-year veteran -- a 4-year veteran, 29-year-old man, lost his life today. >> no charges have been filed. one of the brothers arrested was in high school. the other two were adults. an american who says he was fighting for the terror group isis. he's finally in custody.
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by kurdish media today. it shows 27-year-old muhammad jamal surrendering in iraq. it's believed he's from virginia, arrived in syria two months ago. also showing his american driver's license and credit card. he reportedly had a lot of cash on him at the time he turned himself in. so far, the state department has not confirmed details of the surrender but does say they are investigating at this time. again, this gentleman was apparently living in virginia and then he went to syria. once he got to syria, he turned himself in, had his passport, driver's license as well as a lot of cash on him at the time. ashley? >> and just in this afternoon, laura, we're hearing from the woman who called 911 when that hillsboro county officer was shot and killed. happened over the weekend. listen as the woman describes how the deputy acted to save lives. >> realized the car was coming
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i was flashing my lights crazily at him like a strobe light. like click, click, click, click, click because i couldn't think of any other way to say, top driving at me! please don't hit me! and when i realized there was nothing i could do, i started to pull over to the side of the road. but that hadn't even occurred all the way when the officer rushed around me and one or two seconds after he passed me, he ended up hitting the car. >> reporter: and we will hear more from that woman, that witness, and some of his fellow deputies coming up on abc action news at 5:00. meantime, we did learn today there will be a small service here. but the polk funeral wake and procession that will happen in massachusetts -- his brother and father are working in law enforcement as well. and right now, tally hall at that is part of a pilot project to protect you when it comes to wrong-way drivers. the u.s. department of transportation picking tampa bay to test ways of alerting
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"the now's" nicole grigg shows you the life-saving technology. >> reporter: there may be a way to alert you of wrong-way drivers, traffic accidents, and if you're approaching oncoming traffic fast inside your vehicle. it'll be the latest smart technology in a program called connected vehicle and basically keeps you connected to everything around you and will let your car talk with infrastructure around you, including stoplights. but it'll also allow me vehicle talk to your vehicle. seems luke a disney film, huh? >> i have an idea. >> reporter: but if you're like keith miller, you know technology is driving itself literally your car. >> we have to be accustomed to the future somehow. takes progress. >> reporter: he was one of the technology can keep you connected by tracking you and >> here's the thing. if you have a new vehicle, this installed. but if you want to put it
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going to have to pay for it. >> reporter: john fry is ahead of the project. right now he's in the planning phase and trying to figure out how this all will all work. they expect to have a better idea this summer as they see how it'll work. the test area, though, will be downtown tampa near meridian avenue and will let you know about wrong-way drivers and will help buses, especially when they're turning and help keep pedestrians safe. we asked, though, if this is all realistic, especially if people have to pay for an antenna-like device on older cars to get the alerts. >> there will be programs in place that we can do that? we don't know. that's how we'll investigate. >> reporter: this project will not even begin to be tested on our streets for at least another year. while they're busy investigating if it will work here, it's going to help give the government a better idea if it's something we'll see
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for "the now" tampa bay, i'm nicole grigg. >> have you ever had a traffic ticket you couldn't pay? maybe you forgot about it? maybe it got to an arrest warrant? i hope not. but local judges got a warning of their own today related to all of this. and it could save people money in the future.
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welcome back to "the now" tampa bay. well, not paying your fines for tickets is getting some people sent to jail. but apparently the justice department is trying to stop
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ashley with more on that. >> reporter: yeah, a letter was sent out today, laura, to local courts in every single state warning them about using fines to try and raise revenue. the feds say judges should consider alternatives to jail for people who don't make a lot of money and maybe can't afford the fines. they also say an arrest warrant shouldn't be used as routinely as they are right now to get people to pay court debt. this comes after a justice department investigation in ferguson, missouri, exposed the practice of courts using fines to make money. they found a court there prioritized revenue over safety. that's what the justice department is now trying to fight in other cities. and it's not very common for the department to send out a letter like it did today. the last time this actually happened was in 2010 telling judges they had to provide translators for people who couldn't speak english. the letters don't set any new laws. they do put local leaders on notice about the federal government's priorities, however. >> all right, ashley.
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people can never keep a secret these days. the ncaa bracket was leaked on twitter by this guy who no longer has a twitter page. this is what he did. he put out the bracket before it was supposed to happen. it was like a two-hour special we're all supposed to watch to find out who our team is playing! but thanks to that guy, we never had to. and while that guy is dealing with being the whistleblower for march madness, i can almost guarantee your boss is dealing with bigger problems. as you know, you're less productive this time of year. and i'm sure if you were working last night, you did your favorite team. well, there's a new survey finding 18% microphone more of us will be -- 18% more of us than in 2011. we're now streaming the game and getting you wants on our cellphones. and 32% of managers think it positively impacts your morale at work! which is down from last year when it was just 15 or 50%. ashley?
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you're looking pretty positive now that the brackets brackets are out. >> so excited! laura and i have been sniffling both a week now. are you struggling with allergies? all that pollen in the air? well, maybe get a tattoo to feel better! yeah, you heard me. new research shows that tattoos may stimulate the immune system. the huffington post got us talking about it. a new study in the american journal of human biology suggest that people with multiple tattoos have a better immune response. they say up to 29% people spit to get the results. one of the authors says, no, don't get out and get a tattoo to ward off the flu as i joked about earlier. actually, a person's first at that time can make them nor susceptible to illness. still, they hope this new study cuts down with negative stigmas that come with getting inked. making sure your vote counts.
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polls tomorrow. >> plus, could someone in last place be the key to stopping donald trump? we'll explain the math coming up. republicans hope so. >> plus, which brands of purina
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. right now, sorting out the results of a new poll. first in florida shows trump with the whopping 2-1 margin over florida native marco rubio. we're talking 22% for 46 -- 46 to 22%, excuse me. florida is a do or die state in the primaries for rubio. in ohio, too.
4:46 pm
in ohio. they say johnson & johnson must win in ohio to -- john kasich must win in ohio to stay alive. hillary clinton leads by almost 30 points in florida. and we're checking in on those early voting numbers. what do they mean here in florida? nearly 2 million floridians have already voted in the presidential primary. they're either mailed in or voted early at many sites around the state. we checked state election records. and they show about 1.1 million floridians voted republicans and a little less as of today. about 850,000 voted democratic. now, with all that, "the now's" todd walker joins us as the man in fourth place, john kasich could potentially stop donald trump from securing those nominations he needs.
4:47 pm
single day, but it's true. tomorrow's primaries could m.e.a.c. or break the republicans. -- make or break the republicans. ohio and florida are up for grabs tomorrow. also the home of marco rubio and john kasich. if they don't win at home, their campaigns are done. but if the guy in last place, john kasich, wins his home state of ohio and trump wins florida, it still leads open the possibility of a broker convention. trump would then have to win 60% of the remaining delegates to get the nomination. it's not impossible but certainly more difficult. and the other candidates know that. marco rubio told all his supporters in ohio to vote for john kasich. doing whatever it takes whatever the cost to stop trump. >> the math is real. and if somebody can't get the total number of delegates, we have a thousand delegates yet to go. >> reporter: if john kasich wins ohio and marco rubio wins his home state of florida, trump would need to win 70% of the delegates to secure the
4:48 pm
rubio is trailing trump in the polls right now and he's starting to come to grips with the math. >> i -- i still at this moment continue to intend to support the republican nominee. but getting harder every day. >> reporter: we'll be in ohio tomorrow watching the math and bring you the latest on "the now." >> todd, thank you. the last time the republicans began their last convention without a clear nominee was 1976. getting out to vote tomorrow is getting easier than ever because they're now offering free rides to the polls for many people out there. several local bus systems are offering free bus rides tomorrow for the presidential primary. sarasota and manatee county area transit systems, you can just hop on in hillsboro. you need to bring your valid voter i.d. card. they'll be doing it in august and the general election in november. well, this is a first for
4:49 pm
we have some breaking baby news. this little girl or gal belong -- boy or gal belongs to one of us. >> are you done? >> i can't claim it! >> i'll claim it! [ laughter ] >> that little person, i am 13 weeks today! and as you called it, the first -- >> it's "the now" tally hall at that baby! >> it's the first one! denis called it a month ago. he says, i see something here. what's going on? >> i've seen it six times in my past. i get it. look at that! there's the shot! >> that's my husband over the moon. he took photo this is weekend. we're thrilled! >> about 2 inches tall. >> from the forehead to the little bottom. >> going to get bigger. >> i know! >> captain obvious in here! >> really fun to share the news. >> you have six more months? >> six more months! >> so you can check the you wants on facebook and twitter? >> yes! >> awesome!
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looking outside, we continue to look at quite a bit of rough area going on across the area. that's what's what's going on -- what's going on in ohio right now. we're talking about all the breaking news with the tornado damage in ohio. that's about an hour and a half north of the cincinnati area. you can see the debris grog on now. this is really that -- going on now. you get into march, april, and may. those are prime times for tornado season. and usually with el nino, anything but quiet over the winter time. we did see the rain roll in last night. we had more rain across the boy, sure didn't keep temperatures down, did it? now. we're in the middle 80s most the area. through this morning and
4:51 pm
moderate to heavy rains across manatee, hillsboro, and polk county. things are quieting down. but here's the thing. the moisture is still out there. although the rains won't be a factor later tonight into tomorrow, what will be, i think, is some patchy dense fog. a lot of moisture out today and all the ingredients are out there to make visibility limited. maybe even worse on wednesday morning but temperatures, they're going to stay unusually warm. right back in the upper 70s closer to the beach. then east of i-75, and look at that! all of a sudden, you're about 10 degrees above normal. mid-80s. i know this is just a little bit early for some folks. i'm hearing it on facebook. well, blue color indicates some colder air. and it does look by early next which could be some snow up north. we're not going to see a freeze. but i think we get one last next week. lows maybe in the 50s or 30s. highs back in the upper 60s to low 70s.
4:52 pm
but until then, we've got a lot of heat and humidity to deal with. well. now, the rain we had yesterday and today helped a little bit. tree pollen from the high side down to the moderate side. but i suspect it'll go right back up again to the high side later tomorrow and into friday. that's when things begin to change. not tonight with the exception of some patchy fog as we look at the four-day forecast. by friday, rain chances begin to increase. they begin to increase big time. we've got rain rolling in this weekend. i'll tell you all about it coming up at the top of the hour on abc action news at 5:00. >> all right, denis, thank you. right now, a check on the miserable for some people across the country. hundreds of flights started out the day delayed. all of this because of the weather which can trickle down to tampa, as we know. it started out of chicago where fog and rain lingered. more than 100 flight delayed to start the workweek there.
4:53 pm
delays, 18 cancellations across the country. right now, purina is recalling three different 10- ounce dog food cans. laura? >> and they are say it's not enough minerals in it which is a problem if that's all your dog eats. there's nothing wrong with the food. you don't need to throw it out. we have all the product information you need listed online right now on also right now, a former volkswagen employee is calling the automaker out in a whistleblower lawsuit. he says vw deleted documents after the environmental protection agency accused them of cheating on emission tests. he was fired because he wouldn't delete the documents. but vw says that's not why he was fired. tonight, so many people, millions of you, will tune right here into your abc action news station for" the bachelor
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will it be jojo or laura? viewers are polling for laura at 63%. jojo has 47%. i'm jojo, by the way. a failed engagement and even arrest. here's sarina fazan with mary delgato. >> she's finally breaking her silence after years. we watched her fall in love and then witnessed it unravel. she says her life spiraled out of control and sent her into a deep depression. >> reporter: we've known mary for a long time. i even traveled with her to l.a. when she got engaged to pro fisherman mira. >> this is my final rose. >> reporter: but love turned sour. during her courtship, she found herself a different person charged with battery against him and a dui.
4:55 pm
away from the limelight. years. but i think i was with him 4 [ laughter ] >> reporter: but what made her stay? you may be surprised at her answer. a candid conversation on the lessons she's learned and the advice she hopes to give other young women. >> it's been six years now since all of the drama and everything else that was in my life. and i am happier than i've ever been in my entire life. >> if you want to hear more, we'll be on facebook live during the finale. back to you. he's not kidnapped. he's alive and well. richard simmons putting rumors at rest bad things happened to him.
4:56 pm
years ago. he's 67 years old. he says he's been taking time from knee replacement surgery. he says he works out everyday and contrary to rumors, he's not gained the weight he's lost since becoming famous in the fay '80s. protestors were peaceful at the trump rally marching near the site of the rally. little bit of a shouting match but nothing like chicago. they could get more intense -- as if convention gets closer. a new effort to make sure protestors' rights are part of the process. >> oh, oh, oh, oh! >> reporter: we've seen it in cities across the country, political rallies going off the
4:57 pm
[ chanting ] >> we've seen mass violations, arrests. settings. >> reporter: attorney jacqueline green set to make sure demonstrate traitors' rights don't get trampled this summer in cleveland. >> protestors show up to national conventions. >> reporter: they will have boots on the ground. >> sometimes having an observer there can be a deterrent to certain things occurring. >> reporter: they'll be watching for several things, including the possibility of protestors getting roughed up during the julyening event. >> if there are unlawful events or excessive force, we're here to document those things. >> reporter: they're expecting a force of 5,000 officers -- 5,000 officers and 50,000 people. as for the number of protestors in northeast ohio, there could be from 1,000 to 100,000. >> these issues, especially the excessive force does arise frequently in convention settings.
4:58 pm
trying to be proactive, members know they can only do so much. >> the city of cleveland is ultimately responsible for ensuring their police officers engage in constitutional policing. >> mike, thank you. and the national lawyers guild has been providing observers at national conventions for the last 40 years. legal activists also work with protestors to help them navigate the legal system and don't get lost in the mix. we asked the city of cleveland about the concerns raised over the guild. the cleveland division of police has a security plan in place, they told us, as we do all for large scale events. we don't discuss training, staffing, tactics for tactical reasons. i'm laura harris. thank you so much for joining us on "the now" tampa bay. abc action news at 5:00 starts right now. live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. >> right now at 5:00, a stolen car.
4:59 pm
a violent collision. tonight, the odd twist in the growing problem authorities can't stop without your help. but first -- >> trump, trump, trump! >> d-r-u-m-p, that's how you spell by gotry. >> reporter: -- bigotry. >> reporter: his message in the vocal opposition. thank you for joining us. i'm wendy ryan. >> and i'm ashley glass. just 14 hours from opening polls, trump wrapping up a last- minerally this afternoon. >> that's right. and we're covering everything from the protest to his speech. we begin our team coverage with carson chambers in the convention center for every word. carson? >> hey, guys. pretty tight security inside the convention center. still protestors managed to make their way inside of this trump town rally. five disruptions during the rally just behind us.
5:00 pm
today in contrast to some of the bigger rallies that trump has been holding across the country. sarah palin addressing some of the violence we have seen across the country, especially in chicago unfolding at trump rallies lately. she says we don't need anymore of this, quote, petty punk ass thugar anymore. one woman holding a mexican flag over her head. those sorts of comments. another guy yelling, you're a fascist, at trump. all escorted out by police officers. pam bondi making a surprise appearance endorsing trump today one day ahead of the florida primary. >> we believe in a changing world. -- we live in a changing world. and we need leadership. [cheers and applause]


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