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tv   Action News at 5AM  ABC  March 15, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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breaking news this morning -- veteran officer shot overnight in chicago. we are learning what they were investigating just hours ago that ended with him in a hospital. >> then, florida offering up the biggest lead for presidential candidates hungry for delegates. we're making sure you're ready to get to the polls to get your voices heard today. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sarah rosario. >> good morning, i'm deiah riley. if you plan on voting today before going to work, we check with janelle and ivan for aing check of traffic and weather together. >> just some fog this morning, down to a quarter mile in sarasota. so janelle will be along to prove to us that we indeed have that reporting station correctly reporting the visibility, which is now at dangerously low levels. sarasota and manatee counties. we check in with the temperatures, warm and muggy, low 70s, a lot of areas here including sarasota, the dew points are also in the low 70s.
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fog. all the temperatures feel warmer because of the humidity. the fog lifts at 10:00, back in the upper 70s by lunchtime. it will feel like 80s because of the humidity and low 80s for the actual high by the time we get to 4:00. our weather computer is feeding the traffic computer. fog? first we're going to head to corey dierdorff who is driving on the veterans expressway. checking out some construction. it's happening overnight northbound and southbound closed between van dyke and ehrlich. supposed to open up again around 6:00. he's driving northbound around waters. so it looks like they are starting to still have the cones out there. so just a heads up, they have detour signs posted but again that construction supposed to lift around 6:00 a.m. and expected to be there all this week. take a look behind me, this is what it looks like on sunshine skyway at the north fishing pier.
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can i also show you on the map where we're seeing the fog now. this is the area in yellow from sarasota all the way to venice. so that means i-75, 301, 41, definitely want to use caution. use the low beams when you head out when we're driving in this fog. we'll keep you updated throughout the morning right here and of course on twitter @tampabaytraffic. in democracy 2016 -- it's the day we've all been waiting for. >> all eyes on florida today. voters head to the polls in less than two hours for today's primary. >> abc action news reporter ashley yore joins us live with the crucial things you need to know before you head out to vote today. good morning, ashley. >> reporter: good morning. obviously a big day here in our swing state. and your vote counts. we want to make sure you have everything that you need when you head out to vote today. like an id here. you want to be sure you're bringing a photo id with you,
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you also want to know your polling place ahead of time. your ballot is actually going to be waiting for you when you get there. if you still need to know where to go you can head to and click on the precinct finder or call the supervisor of elections office. if you have a vote by mail ballot and it's not already on its way it needs to be at the supervisor of elections office by 7:00 tonight. you can drop them off at any of the four offices you are looking at here on your screen. before that 7:00 deadline. now polling places open at 7:00 this morning. they are going to be open until 7:00 tonight. and you don't need me to tell you just how important it is that you get out there and you vote. coming up at a 5:30. we talk to a local expert about what the big results could be here in florida today.
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with the polls opening in a few hours donald trump's volunteers are up early, getting ready to wave signs, knock on doors and cold call voters to get them to vote if they have not already. they got a head start last night placing hundreds of signs at voting spots around hillsborough county. trump supporters we spoke with say he's the strongest candidate because they say he'll create jobs, protect americans from terrorists and stop illegal immigration. they also say they like him saying he's not a career politician. >> and even though i don't agree with everything he says i feel like he did mention things that i have been thinking about for a while now and he had the ability and the guts to let everybody know. and nothing's holding him back. >> she's a cuban american that says at first she supported senator marco rubio and switched to trump saying rubio needs more work before he can deliver on his campaign promises.
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plans to speak at the mar alargo club at 9:00. polls show marco rubio is trailing donald trump and ted cruz. yet some of rubio supporters called voters trying to guarantee a win in the senator's home state. rube -- rubio supporters plan to do cold calls until the polls close tonight at 7:00. rubio will be in miami tonight for what he calls a primary night celebration. on the democratic side, 214 delegates are at stake. and hillary clinton will be in west palm beach tonight. the big day is here. volunteers hung up the phones overnight but will be picking them back up again as people head to the polls at 7:00 a.m. as ashley mentioned. clinton is already ahead of bernie sanders with more dell gays across the country but that is not stopping her team from trying to secure a win today.
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parties planned in the tampa bay area. you can find the locations on bernie sanders plans to hold a rally in phoenix this the vermont senator spoke last night in charlotte, north carolina and here in florida. sanders polls behind clinton but still says he's confident he's going to pull out an upset. of course you can count on us at to take today. you'll get full coverage as our crews are spread out all across the state. >> tune in tonight at 7:00, we're going to air a special democracy 2016 newscast. we'll be live with returns as the polls close. of course you can get poll updates, rally information and find out what the candidates themselves had to say on we'll also send out a push alert when the votes are tallied. breaking overnight -- three officers are hurt in chicago after a shootout with a suspect. the suspect is dead. we're learning all of the officers are veteran policemen who served 10 to 12 years.
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now with non life-threatening injuries. a police spokesman says five policemen were investigating two people after a reported drug activity in a neighborhood. then one, a man, ran between two buildings and opened fire on the officers hitting them multiple times. one of the officers shot back killing the suspect. we're still waiting for details on who the shooter was. we'll bring you updates on this breaking news story as soon as we get them. in pasco county a man heads to court this afternoon after leading deputies on a violent chase. this morning we're learning this was not his first time. the sheriff says this latest incident all started when deputies tried to stop a man weaving down the road in trinity in a landscaping truck. investigators say that driver swerving badly headed south on little road. the sheriff says deputies tried to get 46-year-old christopher conte to pull over but he refused. instead deputies say conte kept swerving and leading them on a slow-speed chase. when he got to the intersection of trinity boulevard and eastlake road officials say he
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then tried to hit two others. >> the supervisors were able to get out of the way and not be struck. and we ended up getting him after we used stop sticks. finally the vehiclemetically failed and we were able -- vehiclemetically failed and we were able to safely take him into custody with no injuries. >> deputies found drugs and other items in his truck. this morning conte is facing multiple felony charges including aggravated battery on a loment officer. the sheriff says he has an extensive criminal history including drugs and previous police chase. the ohio man accused of killing his brother at church last month is expected in court today. daniel schooler is set to be arraigned on murder charges. he's accused of killing his brother, who was a pastor after sunday morning service. a disagreement over an inheritance may be the motive. in 2011 daniel sued family members saying he was owed money from the real estate value of the church but a court
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court records indicate daniel has a history of mental illness and is being held in jail without bond. this morning a st. petersburg man is accused of pointing a gun at a group of kids in a neighborhood. police say kenneth harrington, this man, saw some children passing by as he was sitting on his porch sunday night. the arrest report says the 46- year-old told them to keep walking but they stopped, started asking him questions and that is when the kids tell police he pulled out a gun and pointed it at them. harrington is now facing charges. yes, we're looking at the fog now as you come over the hump. careful out there, quarter-mile visibility. we'll keep checking on the conditions and i'll let you know when the fog lifts coming up. stop! >> a woman hits the hard pavement when things get rough with police in south florida. why the mayor of the city where this all happened says don't pass judgment just yet. >> plus, election plans are
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presidential candidate sarah palin why. she won't be spending this crucial primary day on the campaign trail in support of
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breaking news. fhp reporting the sunshine skyway is now closed due to fog. some cars are driving over i see, could have gotten on before the advisory went into
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more on this coming up in a few minutes. 5:13. this morning, viral video shows the moment things get very physical between a police officer and woman in south florida. watch it again here. watch what happens to that woman. she gets thrown down to the pavement hard there. the well admits she was drink -- the woman admits she was drinking sunday in cape coral and arguing with her boyfriend when all this happened. >> i want you to -- >> stop! knock it off. >> uncalled for sir. >> a witness posted this video on facebook. the victim calls it excessive force. the officer, if you keep watching pulls the woman up off the pavement, tells the crowd she's faking her injuries. an officer is on administrative leave. the mayor of the city of cape coral is asking people not to pass judgment until the investigation is finished. you can watch the video or share it with friends. it's posted now on our web site, time now 5:14. a special fbi team that works
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headed to texas to help find authorities have issued an coronado. they found her father's body burned in a rural area. now detectives believe he was shot and set on fire. they also believe that child may have been with him as he was killed and she could be in immediate danger. let's check with ivan. today's primary day. lots of people getting out to vote if they have not already. problems in terms of weather? >> no, i think we're actually good for our area. a little fog this morning. so if you're going super early, what time do the polls open? >> 7:00. >> so patchy fog probably still at 7:00. down to a quarter mile in sarasota. that is the issue there as janelle just brought that breaking news off the top. the sunshine skyway is now closed to traffic because of visibility. it's just too dangerous now. fhp confirming that. so we'll continue to watch that closely as we look at the
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i think along the coast is going to be the main issue, we're in pretty good shape across the interior sections. that should be the case through the morning. temperatures muggy. 70s, feels warmer than that just because of the humidity out there. we're going to continue with that today. no significant difference from yesterday, it will feel uncomfortable through the afternoon. kind of what you would expect in july, not so much at this point here in march. by the way, you're looking for cooler air? i was going to shut this down but i think you'll like the forecast heading into next week. i'll show you in a second. one disturbance quickly rolling off-shore so north carolina is not going to have a problem. we have showers and thunderstorms in missouri and illinois. they will have to deal with. that hour by hour looking at 70s by 10:00 a.m. in pretty good shape. areas that have seen the patchy fog will be good through -- at 10:00 and for the rest of the day in the lower 80s. keep in mind you have to add a few degrees for very humid. so 82 will feel like 86 and
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degrees later today. look at lake wales, bartow, haines city. temperatures feeling in the mid and upper 80s. actual air temperature 84. along the coast, the southwest wind keeping news the sempght. cooler and more comfortable. morning fog and partly sunny. much the same tomorrow morning, fog. and low 80s, with overnight temperatures in the 60s. the front arrives and hangs out with us through the early part of the weekend. sunday looks like the better of the two weekend days as we continue with showers on saturday. then a push of dry air, gets rid of the front, watch what happens here with temperatures overnight lows, 40s and 50s and highs in the upper 60s to near 70. that is for next week but for now still warm and muggy and of course obviously still dealing with the fog and here's janelle with the latest on traffic. corey dierdorff is heading to check that out now. he's on 275 southbound around roosevelt.
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at the lights there at the street lights there so definitely want to use some caution. he's heading to the sunshine skyway where we just learned it's closed due to that fog. so, let me show what it looks like on the shine skyway. very hard to see. no wonder they closed the bridge. if you're driving and it's beams. the red line completely closed. your options, u.s. 41 or i-75. that's really the only way to get around this. i'll keep you posted, no word now as to how long they are going to keep that closure there but we'll let you know as soon as it's lifted. keep it here and of course on twitter @tampabaytraffic. back to you. 5:18. we have an update, u.s. military officials now believe a senior isis commander has died from injuries he sustained in an airstrike. we first told you about this last week as u.s. officials are
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the airstrike targeted this man you see here, omar al-shishani in northeastern syria earlier this month. it was believed he initially survived the attack but later died. he was known as "omar the chechen." officials say the airstrike also killed 12 other isis members. former vice presidential candidate sarah palin will not be spending this crucial primary day on the campaign trail for donald trump. instead she will be sending something -- tending to something even more important. her husband todd who was hurt in the snowball diswent in alaska -- snowmobile accident in alaska yesterday. we're told todd palin is expected to recover and expected to have surgery as well today. we know that todd palin spent sunday night in an icu. sarah palin was in tampa yesterday for the donald trump rally but cancelled another event in florida to return home to be with her husband. still ahead -- a promise to heal turns into heartache. multiple people targeted in a
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months of negotiation could all end today. the agreement reachedp that will see ferguson, missouri's embattled police force get overhauled. >> first the federal reserve begins an important meeting today about interest rates. here's your business headlines now from new york. >> reporter: good morning. topping "america's money" -- will she or won't she? >> the federal reserve kicks off its two-day meeting and despite wall street's recent volatility the fed chair janet yellin is not expected to raise interest rates. >> but investors will look out for clues about future rate hikes. america's pot economy is shooting up like a weed. the impact of legal marijuana in the u.s. economy could hit $44 billion by 2020. >> as for legal pot sales last year they surpassed $5 billion. that is more than americans spend at taco bell and wendy's combined. the new survey calculates the true cost of true love. >> it takes an average of five and-a-half years of dating to
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people will have spent just over $20,000 dating. guys spend significantly more than women.
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a crime alert in manatee county. there's a new scam called "money healing." deputies arrested these two
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that they were at least -- we're told at least three times last august these women took money or other valuables from their victims. telling them they would bless or heal the items they took. deputies tell us they are worried the two women may have more victims for other crimes. we'll be watching developments in ferguson, missouri throughout the day. the city council could accept a plan by the department of justice to overhaul its embattled police force and court system as soon as today. city leaders are meeting tonight to consider final approval. they spent months of negotiations for the changes since a deadly police shooting of michael brown. a tentative agreement was reached last month -- excuse me, was rejected last month prompting a lawsuit from the department of justice but city forward with this deal after they were assured that the city won't have to provide police pay raises which could have ferguson. coming up -- a first look at the video taken in a food manufacturing plant owned by
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a man does the unthinkable, tainting the assembly line. his actions now under criminal investigation. and breaking news, the sunshine skyway is closed now due to fog. corey dierdorff is heading there now to see just how bad the conditions are. fhp saying there are still some cars on the bridge, they are slowly trying to get this process going.
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as funeral plans are set for hillsborough county deputy we're learning about the final moments of his life that have many calling him a hero. >> national attention on our swing state here in florida today. coming up, i'll break down why florida's vote is so crucial and what you need to know before you head to the polls. >> good morning, thank you for joining us. today's primary day in florida. >> that's right. we're going to get to all the knocksy 2016 coverage -- democracy 2016 coverage in a moment. but first a traffic alert. there is fog. corey dierdorff is arriving at the closure now.


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