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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  March 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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good way around the sunshine skyway. they closed the bridge around 5:00 this morning due to fog and you can see is there when heading south on 275 right at 54th avenue south, that is where you'll start to see the cones, they are turning cars around and you'll have to head back north on 275. so again there's no easy way around this detour if you're in st. pete you're going to have the longest way around there because you're going to have to go through one of the other bridges. we can take a look at the bridges for you now. either the gandy bridge or the howard frankland, the good news, both those moving pretty good right now, up to speed. you're going to have to take those all the way to i-75 because that is your detour for the sunshine skyway as long as it's closed. this is what i-75 looks like starting to get a little more cars out there but still wide open, as far as your speed goes. pushing about 65 to 70 miles per hour. it's taking about 25 minutes to get from i-4 to the southern apex with 275 and 75.
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unless you're heading maybe this way you may not even hit fog? i think it's going to be very focused area of fog along the coastline because the wind is right off the water. by the way, it's going to take a while to clear that, for two reasons. one, because it's so humid and we have that wind off the water. also because the skyway is just several hundred feet up here. even 23 we lift the fog through the early part of the morning the bridge itself is probably still going to be locked in to fog. keep in mind it's going to be a while before we get this cleared out. of course now we've lost an hour of daylight and of heating in the morning. that is not helping. 73 st. pete. 70 clearwater. step outside and it's sultry, feels like july. it's going to continue through the day. right around 9:00, 10:00 we'll be much better shape as far as low clouds but still going to stay mostly cloudy, then partly sunny by the afternoon. that will get our temperatures up into the low 80s which will, because of the humidity feel like mid-80s.
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we'll talk about that and maybe more winter coming back to the area, in a few minutes. it's democracy 2016. florida. it's a make our break day in the race for the white house. this is live at the baptist church, that voting precinct will open to a rush of voters in just under an hour. ashley joins us live now with the crucial things you need to know before you head out to good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a very big day here in florida. national attention is on us, i am joined now by the supervisor of elections craig lattimore. how are you feeling >> good. i think we're going to have a great day here. >> reporter: how did you prepare today? it didn't sneak up on you. >> no, we've planned this for months. we have 348 precincts so we've deployed equipment. we've trained several thousand poll workers. we're going to be ready to go
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experience today when they come out. >> reporter: talk to me a little bit about any problems you could be anticipating. what you have done to make sure that those don't happen. >> the only problem i'm anticipating is traffic. there's a railroad closed on highway 41 in lutz. it's going to impede people fromet going to the polls. we're going to be watching things all day, watching our polling sites, making sure everything is good, electricity, the normal things. >> reporter: anything else you want to make sure voters know before they head out today? >> the biggest thing they need to know, today on election day you must vote in the precinct that you live in. so if you're unsure of that go to our web site at votehills or call 813-744- 5900. bring a photo signature id, a driver's license is the easiest one. again go to the web site to find the other forms of identification. >> perfect. best of luck today and all the information he mentioned also
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link to their web site, ours is polls open 7:00 a.m. so a little less than an hour away. back to you. >> if you would like to vote but need help getting to your polling place hart buses in hillsborough county and scat buses in sarasota county will let you ride free of charge, today only. just show your voter id card. abc action news will be watching the results come in tonight alongside three candidates who are spending primary night in florida. one of them is donald trump who is not just hoping to win all 99 delegates but to knock senator marco rubio out of the race for good. before he went to bed last night he took a swipe at the florida senator on twitter calling rubio weak on illegal immigration with the worst voting record in the state and someone who will never make america great again. trump volunteers in tampa say they have big plans today to
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polls to support the gop frontrunner. today they plan to wave signs, knock on doors and cold call voters to remind them how crucial today is. >> he has the ability and the guts to let everybody know and nothing's holding him back. >> we were alongside volunteers last night as they placed hundreds of signs at locations all across hillsborough county. they say they will be hitting the streets and phones bright and early again this morning until the polls close tonight at 7:00 p.m. it's truly an all or nothing moment for marco rubio. his struggling campaign will likely suffer a deadly blow if he can't win his home state today. in a time pitch to voters in west palm beach he took aim at trump's leadership style. >> leadership is not about going to an angry and frustrated people and saying you should be even angrier and more frustrated. that is not leadership! [ cheering and applause ] -- you know what that is?
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and it's dangerous. >> rubio is referring to the rash of violence and chaos at donald trump's rallies. authorities in north carolina consider charging trump with inciting a riot after 78-year- old man punched a protester in the face at a realliy there, then decided against it. on the democratic side hillary clinton is expected to cruise to an easy victory in florida over senator bernie sanders. there are 214 dell dates at stake today based oon your votes. no matter the outcome she'll thank supporters at the palm beach county convention center while sanders will spend tonight in arizona. we're going to send our reporter to south florida to cover the clinton speech tonight. lauren and the rest of the abc action news team will be live tonight tracking all the candidates in the special democracy 2016 program at 7:00 p.m. we'll be live with the results as the polls close.
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throughout the night. and a crucial day for the the ohio governor john kasich. he says he'll drop out of the race if he doesn't win his home state. a new monmouth university poll puts kasich ahead of donald trump in ohio but it's still neck and neck now. trump told supporters in tampa just yesterday in he wins both florida and ohio he says the race "is pretty much over." then took aim at kasich last night. >> kasich cannot make america great again. can't do it. >> donald trump and some of his rhetoric at these rallies that i just read yesterday was the first time i read them, is atrocious. it's not the mark of a leader of the united states of america. i am deeply disturbed by what i've read. >> yesterday 2012 republican presidential nominee mitt romney joined kasich on the campaign trail. they are trying to sell voters on the governor in order to stop trump from winning the
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we're covering a lot of ground this morning on this very important day in florida. coming up at 6:30 we're going to break down exactly what sets florida apart from the other states. still ahead -- promises of blessings that turned out to be bogus. the scheme just arriving in the bay area that may have already
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county you need to hear about a crime alert. healing." >> deputies say they are worried two women that preyed on unsuspecting people may have even more victims out there. rosalita desantos and alejandro soliz was weather arrested last friday. the women face grand theft and scheming to defraud charges. dangerous visibility. give yourself extra time but not all areas seeing seeing the fog. i'll let you know which areas are worst and when we could lift that fog the rest of today. breaking news. if you know someone who uses the sunshine skyway to get to work, just keep in mind it is closed due to fog. coming up, how to get around
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breaking traffic alert out of south pinellas county. southbound i-275 at exit 17, which is 54th avenue south, complete closure of southbound 275 just before the skyway due to heavy fog over the skyway bridge. fhp telling us there are -- is about 10 feet of visibility. truckers starting to now pull over to the side of the road to see if they can wait it out instead of taking the long detour back to tampa and around on to 75. so if you're headed down this way just know that you're going to have to be turned around and headed back into tampa on i-275 because of this closure. if you're coming down make sure you give yourself extra time. slow down as you approach 54th avenue south as there's road rangers in the road, a lot of activity going on, a lot of people trying to keep you safe this morning. as you head south on 275. janelle, what are you seeing on
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we can show you the very top of the sunshine skyway. again fhp saying visibility anywhere from 10 to 100 feet at the very top. no wonder they had to shut that bridge down. for some of you this is going to be a very long detour especially if you're in st. pete you have to either take the gandy bridge or howard frankland across through tampa and over to i-75. the good news, both of those bridges running smoothly now. no crashes or breakdowns to tell you about. switching gears here -- this closure in lutz, u.s. 41 south of crystal lake road due to some road work, railroad repairs, this is going to be closed for the next two weeks. you're going to have to use dale mabry to get around this. this is especially going to be troublesome in the morning and evening rush hours. so just keep it in mind. leave extra time if you're heading out the door. ivan, back to the fog, you're saying it's pretty patchy, not everyone's seeing it? yeah, i think coastal areas are the ones that are really going to be impacted here. this is the fog you get with the wind off the water as
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radiational cooling fog that we get that mainly impacts our interior counties. we're looking at the worst areas now across portions of the south here. southern pinellas crossing the skyway, not happening at the current hour. then you can see these areas, continuing to see some very patchy fog and very dense fog as well. manatee and sarasota counties. as far as the temperatures, 70s, sultry with very high humidity. the dew points, how much moisture is at the surface also in the low 70s. titan doppler radar quiet. a few sprinkles coming off the water but not expecting much out of that. in fact widening out the shot the main area of rain is well to our north into virginia, portions of north carolina, that should be clearing so they won't have an issue with voting there. neither will we as we begin to lift this fog. if you're watching this from our coastal counties give yourself extra time and keep it in mind. we're going to continue with this through 10:00 a.m. better.
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showers coming in through the latter part of the period here, thursday. especially across the north, a boundary is beginning to approach. then friday, we have a front coming in which will hang out with us through the weekend. that is never good. there's enhanced shower and thunderstorm activity with temperatures in the mid-80s for today across the interior. 70s along the coast with that southwest wind which is also providing us with the fog and i think again it will be an issue tomorrow morning with slight chance of a shower on thursday and then friday and saturday, again the timing still iffy. we will have to watch this. models still going on the timing and could have stronger thunderstorms. we'll watch that. and as we clear out, we cool off next week and dry air moves in. it will feel more like winter heading into monday and tuesday. it's 6:18. a hiker in israel makes one incredible find. a rare 2,000-year-old gold coin. >> the woman from northern
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grass of eastern gal galilee. it's from the year 107, it bears the image of augustus, first roman emperor of the roman empire. historians say it's the second coin of its kind ever to have been found. the hiker gave it to the israeli antiquities authority. this morning bachelor ben higgins is no longer a bachelor. >> mute this if you have not seen it yet. in case you want to catch up ben made his choice on abc last night. it ended of course with a proposal. >> lauren. will you marry me? >> yes, yes. >> congratulations to ben and lauren. you can catch them in just over an hour. they are going to be on "good morning, america" and we'll learn more about when their
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this newest bachelor couple. by the way the runner up is now the newest bachelorette. still ahead -- it's finally time for florida to cast its all important ballots, but what makes our state so special? the reason your vote here matters so much. amazon may soon let people pay for items by taking a picture. >> reporter: in "tech bytes" -- making a purchase with a selfie. >> amazon reportedly developed new technology that allows users to complete their mobile transactions by snapping a selfie. >> there's no word on when the on-line retailer might launch the new technology. a new lightbulb aims to help you fall asleep. >> the new phillips hue white ambiance bulb changes light depending on the time of day. tones reminiscent of morning sunlight help you wake up and warmer tones like a sunset help you prepare for sleep. folks at tinder say
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>> the dating app halted yesterday thanks to a glitch that wound up deleting some users' matches. the problem has been cleared up. tinder says those missing matches returned when a user logs out and then back in. >> must be so relieved.
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in chicago a police shootout ends with one man dead, three police officers wounded. all the officers are expected to survive. police say the three officers were investigating drug activity on the city's west side when they saw a man and woman acting suspiciously. when the officers announced their presence the man ran into an alleyway and opened fire hitting the officers at least one officer returned fire killing that man. detectives took the woman into custody for questioning. sarah palin won't be spending this crucial primary day on the campaign trail. her husband todd is getting ready now to have surgery today after being injured in a snowmobile accident in alaska. we're still waiting for details on his injuries but we know so far that todd palin spent sunday night in the icu. sarah palin was in tampa just yesterday for donald trump's rally at the tampa convention center but cancelled another event in the villages to return home and be with her husband. coastal fog this morning. then we're warm as muggy through later this afternoon.
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lifts and how warm we'll get in a bit. still ahead -- a suspect speeding down the road in a paving truck leaves deputies on a chase. what he did next is what made this incident terrifying. >> we've been telling you all morning the sunshine skyway is closed due to fog. you're going to have to make a long way around to get to where you're going this morning. coming up, how your alternates
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at 6:30 -- florida in the spotlight. a make or break day for several candidates and it's all riding on your ballot. why your vote counts for so much here and what you need to bring with you to the polls. >> first this morning, the
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because of what you're seeing here. very thick fog. janelle is helping you now to get around it. >> fhp is saying that -- >> good morning. thank you for joining us on abc. we do want to check in with janelle, to get the update on the sunshine skyway, could cause problems for commuters. >> that's right. fhp was telling me that visibility at the very top of the sunshine skyway is between 10 feet and 100 feet. no wonder they had to shut that bridge down. very dangerous driving conditions there. at the top. so your way around this, if you live in st. pete and trying to get to palmetto or sarasota you are going to have a pretty lengthy detour. you definitely want to leave extra time to make that detour because you're going to have to go through tampa. let's look at the area on the map so the sunshine skyway is closed, if you are heading north you're going to want to take i-75 north, then come around that way. if you're in the st. pete area, you're going to have to take
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the good news, gandy, even the howard frankland still moving pretty good this morning, 70 miles per hour across the howard frankland. takes you through tampa then down i-75 and i-75 moving pretty good as well. we have one crash to mention, not related to all that. hillsborough, in the riverview area, u.s. 301 at causeway boulevard, some roadblock in the intersection there. so leave yourself extra time and might want to definitely if you're trying to make that alternate route avoid 301, stick to i-57 for that. ivan, earlier we saw cars kind of stuck there, maybe trying to wait out this -- >> at the base, yeah. >> but i don't think they should do, that right? >> i think it depends on how quickly you may want to get somewhere. it's going to be a while before we clear this out. the skyway especially because of the elevation. in fact some areas are -- seeing some very low clouds but they are just above the surface so the issue for drivers at this point not a problem here but you go up in elevation with
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have the visibility, again very isolated. if you're watching us from the interior counties you're in good shape. i think that will be the case. but right off the coast with the wind off the water we'll continue to see the visibility a problem, through the early part of the morning in fact. midday we'll begin to clear out low 70s. dew points match the temperatures. continue with the fog through the early part of the day. 10:00. pushing 80 degrees, keep in mind because of the high humidity 81, 82 will feel like mid and even upper 80s as far interior. i'll let you know if it continues into tomorrow and when we can begin to see temperatures closer to average coming up. turn to democracy 2016 -- the entire nation's eyes on florida as voters like you prepare to head to the polls for today's election coverage. >> you're looking at a live look at the baptist church where the polls will open in about a half-hour. today's a make our break day in the presidential race. the results today could
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and who drops out. >> abc action news reporter ashley jore joins us live to explain why our state is so crucial. >> reporter: that's right. it's winner take all for the delegates on the republican side. not the same sweep when you're talking about democrats but could be a good indicator of who the nominee will be. let's talk democrats first. hillary clinton expected to win florida but voters deciding 214 delaware gates that can be -- delegates that can be shared between clinton and bernie sanders. many of the primary voters are women. clinton has shown a strong lead over sanders with women. sanders said even if he doesn't win in florida he's going to continue on in the race. now for the republicans it's winner take all when it comes to the delegates. marco rubio has even said this week whoever wins florida will be the nominee. here's what the political expert we spoke with says about
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>> if donald trump beats marco rubio by one vote in florida he gets all 99. you need a little over 1,200 delegates to win your party's nomination. so if you win florida you're 1/12th of the way towards the nomination. just by winning florida. which makes it very important. >> reporter: keep in mind more than 1.6 million ballots have already been mailed in, in florida. political experts say that could hurt rubio because they could have been mailed in before his anti-trump ads aired. ted cruces also campaigning -- ted cruz also campaigning hard in florida but experts say he's not expected to win the hispanic votes he's looking for. polls open at 7:00 a.m. today. make sure to get out and vote if you have not done that already. you have until 7:00 tonight, everything you need to know about what you need to bring with you is on our web site, under story links.
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yore, abc action news. as she just mentioned a do or die day for marco rubio. he's trailing donald trump by double digits in his home state. abc action news reporter ryan reyes pressed rubio asking him about the rumors he will drop out if he loses today but rubio showed no signs of giving up. >> first scheduled to be in utah, i plan to be there wednesday morning and we plan to win tomorrow. >> rubio says he'll be in miami tonight for what he calls a florida primary night celebration. this morning at 10:00 i'm going to be speaking with senator rubio today myself. i'll post the full interview on as for the democrats, hillary clinton is leading senator bernie sanders in all five states set to vote today. while sanders is trying to recapture some of the magic that propelled him to victory last week in michigan, hillary clinton is not taking her lead for granted.
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will be one of the states to lead this country forward toward a political revolution. >> there's a phone call you can make, if there's a door you can knock on it, if there's a person you can convince please do everything you can. >> in their final campaign stops before polls open today both blasting gop frontrunner donald trump and the recent violence at his rallies both saying trump loves hate. and if you need help finding polling places to vote today we've made it easy, head to and click under story links. it's 6:36. covering pasco county -- last night at 11:00 we showed you this video you're seeing here, that is a driver leading deputies on a high speed chase in a landscaping truck there. overnight we did confirm that driver, 46-year-old christopher conte, is going to be in court this morning. the sheriff tells us their pursuit started when deputies tried to stop him as he was
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deputies say conte kept swerving and led them on a chase. he got to the intersection and say he rammed two cruisers, tried to hit two more. the chase only ended after deputies used stop sticks to blow out the truck's tires. conte now facing multiple felonies including aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer. right now manatee county deputies are asking for you to be on the lookout nor this person here. they say 26-year-old jeffrey smith is missing and in danger. smith rode away from his home on 56th court each in parish around 8:30 last night. we're told on a blue three- wheel tricycle and hasn't been seen since. he was last seen in a white shirt, white jeans and white tennis shoes. if you've seen this person you're asked to call the sheriff's office immediately. outside ivan you're going to need to wear that hair >> indeed. we're dealing with patchy fog along the coast. we're still looking at very dangerous visibility especially
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skyway as well. which at the moment you cannot. that's right. sunshine skyway closed 5:00 this morning. look how thick the fog is at the top. less than 10 miles of visibility there so fhp had to close that. your alternates if you're in the st. pete area, you have to take one of the other bridges and cross through tampa. those two bridges luckily moving great now. we are hearing of a crash on i- 4 westbound as you head into tampa. checking to get more details on minutes. 6:38. still ahead -- the mind of a masked shooter.
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we're learning new information on the uber driver who went on a deadly shooting spree in michigan last month.
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uber app took over his body and targets. this as we're seeing newly released dash cam video of police arresting dalton. police say he stared blankly and did not answer their questions. dalton is accused of killing six people around kalamazoo between fares and as an uber driver. investigators are still trying to determine a motive. a judge is ordering him to undergo a psychiatric evaluation to determine if he's competent to stand trial. a special fbi team that works on child abduction cases is now heading to texas to help find a missing 14-year-old girl. authorities have issued an amber alert for adrianna coronado. they found her father's burned body near a ditch over the weekend and detectives believe he was shot and then set on fire. detectives say that girl may have been with him when he was killed and they say she could now be in immediate danger. breaking news -- the sunshine skyway still closed
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for a couple of hours now so you definitely want to use an alternate. one of the other bridges, you're looking live now in the closure at the rest area there. cars are being turned around and having to go back north. coming up, we'll show you the alternates and how they are
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sunshine skyway is closed due to fog. if you know someone that uses that for the morning commute you may want to wake them up because the detour is a long one. fhp is reporting between 10 miles and 100 miles of visibility. not very good at the top. so here's the closure of the sunshine skyway, if you're heading north i-75 is your alternate. if you're in st. pete your detour is long. as i mentioned, you're going to have to take either the gandy or most likely 275 the howard frankland through tampa and then take that around down i-75 to get to where you're going. the good news here, both bridges looking great. no crashes or breakdowns to tell you about there. but again this could be this way for quite some time. ivan, we've been talking about the fog and looks like it might be a while. >> i think it's going to be a while especially along the coast. we're dealing with sea fog is what we have going on now. you can see our tower cam looking pretty good, downtown tampa and points east are in much better shape this morning.
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the water and impacting the really, along the coastline there. obviously very heavily traffic route. janelle will get you around that. she's not going to be able to do much as far as the skyway though, it's going to be a while. temperatures in the 70s. dew points in the 70s. very tropical. low 80s in the afternoon, it will feel like 8 a or higher especially along the interior where temperatures are going to be a little warmer there. we're dealing with the morning fog for the next two mornings, then on thursday couple of showers especially to the north as the boundary begins to push in. a front comes in friday. there's the rainfall. not only on friday but heading into saturday as well. there it is, temperatures in the upper 70s to around 80. a little cooler just because of the cloud cover. then -- trying to get drier and cooler air. i think that will happen as we head through late sunday into early month. right now the better of the two weekend days looks to be sunday as we try to get rid of this
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sunshine with highs -- we're in the 70s now. our low. 72 monday. so we have a bit of a teaser of going back to winter if you thought you could put away the jackets, guess again. if it pans out early next week we'll have our typical cold weather counties in the 40s for overnight temperatures. in democracy 2016 -- spotlight. this is a live look now at the palmicea baptist church on this big voting day that could shape the race for the white house. a polling place where voters will begin to cast ballots in less than 15 minutes. florida is so crucial because it's a winner take all state. for republicans. and 214 delegates are up for grabs in for the democrats. as you can imagine, many of the biggest names in the race, they
6:49 am
are spending the day in florida hoping they will walk away with wins and knock out their opponents. donald trump will thank supporters tonight in palm beach. and marco rubio will be watching the results come in from miami. and hillary clinton will be in west palm beach tonight. we're not just watching the florida race. ohio is another winner take all state. and trump victories in both places could spell the end to two campaigns. >> florida and ohio are marco rubio and john kasich's last chances to block donald trump from winning the party's nomination. rubio is projected to lose to trump in florida by double digits but in ohio it's a tight race between trump and kasich. they are neck and neck now. that was not lost on trump who spent more time in the buckeye state than anywhere else this weekend. >> your governor as you know voted when he was a congressman, voted for nafta. ohio has never ever come back from that. >> kasich has said this he will drop out of the race if he
6:50 am
the call for rubio to do the same if he loses florida is getting louder and louder but rubio insists he will stay in the race and will win. coming up this morning at 10:00 -- i'm talking to senator rubio and i'll post my interview with him on our web site. right now so many of you are offering your prayers and kind words to the family of a hillsborough county deputy killed over the weekend in a wrong way crash. now we're learning deputy john kotfila truly died a hero. sarah geren says she and her boyfriend were driving on the selmon expressway early saturday morning when they saw the wrong way driver but deputy kotfila passed her car and he absorbed the impact of his patrol car instead. she says she wishes she could thank him for his sacrifice. >> i truly do feel that the word is a sadder place without him. he didn't know me and he -- sacrificed himself for me. >> funeral service for deputy kotfila is scheduled for friday in lutz.
6:51 am
catholic church at lake shore road at 1 p.m. public visitation at 11:00 a.m. he will be laid to rest in massachusetts. investigators now say this maryland police officer was killed by a colleague during a firefight with a gunman who ambushed their police station over the weekend. at least four officers opened fire, it's not yet known which one killed officer colson. the suspected gunman who ambushed the officers, michael ford shot at passing cars to draw the officers out of their nearby police station. ford's two brothers recorded the firefight on their cell phones. the police chief says officer colson was shot during the confusion and died at a hospital. >> we believe the fired round that led to the detective's death was fired by one of his fellow prince george's county police officers, reacting to this. something that could have been prevented. could have been stopped. >> the gunman, michael ford, was injured in the shooting but is expected to survive.
6:52 am
now face dozens of charges. investigators also say there was no larger plot behind the ambush. the ohio man accused of killing his brother in church is expected in court today. daniel schyuler is accused of killing his brother, a pastor. a disagreement over inheritance may be the motive. in 2011 daniel sued family members saying he was owed money from the real estate value of the church but a court court records indicate daniel has a history of mental illness and is in jail without bond. pope francis today is expected to sign a decree allowing mother theresa and four others to become saints. the dates and venue of the sainthood ceremony are expected to be announced by the time of her death. mother teres's india based missionaries of charities supported 4,000 nuns. the missionaries also ran
6:53 am
kitchens and homeless shelters worldwide. dallas seavy beat his father to the finish line to capture the title in nome, -- nome nome, alaska. these are pictures now posted on facebook. sadly this year's iditarod will be remembered for the man who rammed his snowmobile into two teams of mushers killing one dog. 6:53. time for the morning sprint. >> we begin with the countdown to the crucial primary. live look here at a south florida polling place preparing to open soon. 214 delegates up for grabs for the democrats. and for the republicans whomever wins gets all 99 of their delegates. if you still need to know where you can go to cast your volt we
6:54 am
polling places on our web site. police need your help to try to figure out how a woman found dead in some bushes died. officers are calling 34-year- old tanya forcier's death suspicious but won't say exactly how she died. >> yesterday we told you someone found her body near 114th street north on star burred lane over the weekend. today -- starboard lane over the weekend. the the school board is now searching for a new superintendent after the former one resigned earlier this week. it will be held -- the meeting will be at ridge community high in davenport. legoland florida is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year and they are planning to announce what they are calling the biggest expansion in its short history. full details on what they are planning coming up in our afternoon newscast. to a traffic alert at 6:54. for drivers on u.s. 41 in lutz, it's closed in both directions because of railroad tracks. csx is repairing rail lines
6:55 am
we have a map with an exact spot on the road closure on our web site, but janelle, you've got an even bigger traffic alert to cover this morning. the sunshine skyway is closed due to fog. if you know someone who takes that route you might want to wake them up a little early, your alternate is lengthy. this is the very top, fhp reporting less than 100 miles of visibility at the top. so the sunshine skyway is closed, alternate i-75 if you're heading north if you're in st. pete you're going to have to take one of the other bridges across and then come down through tampa and take i- 75 southbound we have a very serious crash that investigators are working on now in tarpon springs, at least three vehicles involved. southbound eastlake road, just north of trinity boulevard. southbound lanes are closed. you're asked to avoid the area if you can. we've been following
6:56 am
morning hours. fog. we're dealing with sea fog so along the coast ffnlgt you're watching from interior counties you'll be in much better shape as far as visibility. upper 70s and low 80s by this afternoon. much above average and because of the high humidity that 82 will feel more like 85, 86 degrees. reminder that abc action news is your home for complete democracy 2016 coverage. our crews are spreading out across the state. candidates. we hope you'll join us for our election results during our democracy 2016 special that airs at 7:00 tonight. we'll also post a full results on-line and bring you candidate reactions on air tomorrow morning. as you know some of the races are neck and neck. the final votes may not be tallied before you go to bed tonight so be sure and wake up with us tomorrow morning. meanwhile or democracy 2016 coverage continues next on "good morning, america." robin roberts talks with ohio governor john kasich while george stephanopoulos talks with donald trump. keep up to date on air and
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. primary showdown. a make-or-break day as voters head to the polls in five states. gop front-runner donald trump looking to clear the field. >> you're gonna be dead in three weeks, doesn't matter, get out tomorrow and vote. >> sarah palin addresses violence at his rallies. >> what we don't have time for is all that petty, punk ass little thuggery stuff. >> bernie sanders eyeing another hillary clinton upset. >> people come out. we're gonna win here in ohio. >> a fight to the finish in some of the tightest races yet. donald trump and john kasich join us this morning. breaking overnight, severe weather alert. a tornado tears through the midwest, rain, thick fog and


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