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tv   Action News at 9AM  ABC  March 15, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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welcome. it's a make or break day in therous for the white house. >> and we look at marco rubio's pitch to voters to win his home state today. 9:00, a primary day a make our break day with 99 delegates up for grabs. good morning. i'm deiah riley. >> i'm sarah rosario. dan shaffer has the entire off. the entire country is watching
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primary election and all the candidates expressed our state's importance. >> reporter ashley yore live with what you need to know before you head out to vote today. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. state. and your vote counts. i just checked in and about more than 10,000 of you have hillsborough county. we want to make sure you have everything that you need when you go out and vote today. like your id, make sure you're bringing a photo id with you, driver's license is easy but nine different types of id are accepted. you also want to know your polling place ahead of time. your ballot is going to be waiting for you when you get there, if you still need to know where to go you can head to, click on the precinct finder or call the supervisor of elections.
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ballot and it's not already well on its way it needs to be at the supervisor of elections office by 7:00 tonight. you can drop them off at any of the four offices today that you're looking at on your screen. you have to do it before that 7:00 deadline. this morning i spoke with the supervisor of elections about what it means to have the national focus on florida. >> we're used to that. the electorate in florida is about split down the middle so we see this constantly. we're always in the limelight so that's why we always prepare for it. >> reporter: he says the county has brand new tabulation machines this year. you still feed it into the machine but you will now be able to see your ballot was accepted right away or if it's rejected. and why that happened. you're also going to check in on i-pad minis. polling locations are open until 7:00 tonight. people have been streaming in
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information that you need, that i just went over is also going to be on click on "story links." coming up in the next half-hour i'm going to talk to a local expert about what it means for florida to have all of you going out to vote today. of course very important. for now reporting live in tampa, ashley yore, abc action news. donald trump's volunteers in tampa are out waving signs, knocking on doors and cold- calling voters now trying to get them to head to the polls. they got a head start last night placinghands of signs at -- place are hundreds of signs across hillsborough. some say he's the strongest candidate because they say he will create jobs and protect americans from terrorists and also stop imlegal immigration. >> i don't agree with everything he says but i feel he did mention things that i have been thinking about for a
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ability and the guts to let everybody know and nothing's holding him back. >> marea is a cuban american that said at first she supported senator marco rubio but changed to trump saying rubio needs more work before he can deliver on his campaign promises. trump will be in palm beach tonight where he plans to speak at the mar a lago club at 9:00. meanwhile rubio is hoping supporters turn their loyalty into votes today. polls show he's trailing both donald trump and ted cruz. in a final pitch to voters at trump's leadership style. >> leadership is not go going to an angry and frustrated people and say you should be frustrated. that is not leadership. you know what that is? that is called dom going tory dangerous. >> rubio is referring to the rash of violence and chaos at trump rallies over the weekend. north carolina authorities
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inciting a riot after that 78- year-old man punched a protester in the face at the against it. rubio will be in miami tonight for what he calls a florida primary night celebration. on the democratic side hillary clinton is expected to cruise to an easy victory in florida over senator bernie sanders. there are 246 delegates at stake today. so no matter the outcome she'll thank supporters at the palm beach county convention center while sanders will spend the night in arizona. reporter lauren rosello will be in south florida tonight covering clinton's speech. the team will be live tonight tracking all the candidates in a special democracy 2016 program starting at 7:00. we will be live with the results as the polls close and we'll have in depth analysis throughout the night. meanwhile, bernie sanders plans to host a rally this phoenix. yesterday he traveled to ohio and north carolina. the vermont senator spoke last
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here in florida sanders, as we mentioned is polling behind clinton but he still says that he's confident he's going to be pulling out an upset. you can count on abc action news as we take you through the florida primary today. you'll get full coverage as crews are spread out across the state. >> then join us tonight at 7:00 for a special newscast devoted to dhoksy 2016 -- democracy 2016. want to check in with ivan for a look at the primary day forecast. it's pretty foggy in places. >> foggy across the bridge. most of us not seeing the fog though and peninsulawide in great shape for -- peninsula- wide, in great shape for super near 90. well. nothing to stop from you heading to the polls. temperatures will be in the 80s this afternoon, but the issue continues this morning, with the fog, it's still very dense right along the coast because of the flow off the water.
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the upper 70s to lower 80s. big changes in the extended forecast. we have rain on the way for the latter part of the week. and big cooldown. we'll talk about that. first one more check with janelle here, still closed. we just checked with fhp, still closed no word on when it's going to reopen so keep checking twitter and keep it posted to abc action news for the latest on that. here's the backup even though we've been telling folks all morning that the skyway is closed looks like people are still heading that way. southbound 275, once you get to 54th they are going to turn you around and make you head back north on 275. looks like the backup from the skyway extends to 22nd avenue. if you need to head somewhere along here you want to take u.s. 19. avoid 275 because that was the backup you just saw. as far as the alternates, the other bridges, the howard frankland and gab gab both running -- gandy bridge both running about 15 minutes to cross now. the gandy though you're going to hit some congestion trying to get to the selmon which is
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come south on i-57 so give yourself extra time there. and if you're taking the howard frankland across you're going to have to deal with this crash on northbound 275 at ashley. we still have roadblock there. and drive times from the howard frankland to i-4 is taking 25 minutes now. so once you crass the bridge you still have to deal with that if you're trying to go to i-75. this is also causing delays coming into tampa on i-4, 21 minutes just to get from 75 to 275. updating you now on breaking news we brought you this morning from chicago. chicago police are holding a woman for questioning this morning after three officers were shot and hurt in a shootout. a police spokesman says five police officers were investigating two people, a man and woman, being held for questioning after reported drug activity in a west side neighborhood. that is when they say the man ran between two buildings, opened fire on the officers hitting them multiple times.
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that man. the officer suffered non life- threatening injuries. in pasco county a man heads to court after leading deputies on a violent chase and this morning we're learning it's not his first time pulling off a similar stunt. the sheriff says the latest incident started when deputies tried to stop a man weaving down a road in trinity in a landscaping truck. investigators say the driver was swerving so badly as he headed south on little road. the sheriff says deputies tried to get that 46-year-old, christopher conte, to pull over. he refused and instead deputies say conte kept swerving leading them on a slow speed chase. when he got to the intersection of trinity boulevard and eastlake road officials say he rammed into two patrol cars and tried to hit two others. >> the supervisors were able to get out of the way and not be struck. we ended up getting him after using stop sticks, utilized
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and finally the vehicle mechanically failed and we were able to get him and take him safely into custody with no injuries. >> deputies searching that truck after found drugs inside and this morning conte is facing several felony charges including aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer. the sheriff says conte has an extensive criminal history including drugs and previous police chase. this morning, a st. petersburg man is accused of his neighborhood. police say kenneth harrington saw kids passing by as he was sitting on his porch sunday night. the arrest report says the 48- year-old told them keep walking. they stopped, started to ask questions and that is when the children say he pulled out a gun and pointed it at them. harrington now faces charges. this morning viral video shows the moment things getting physical between a police officer and woman in south florida. keep watching here. that police officer throws that woman down to the pavement hard. this all happened in cape coral. the officer was called to
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they were shouting at each other. she admits she was drunk when this whole thing happened. >> i want you to -- >> stop! knock it off. >> uncalled for, sir! >> a witness posted this video on facebook. the victim calls it excessive force saying she's covered in scratches and bruises. the officer then pulls the woman up off the pavement telling the crowd she's faking being injured. that officer is on administrative leave. and the mayor of cape coral is asking people not to pass judgment until the investigation is complete. still ahead, a show of support for women's rights backfires. what was published in a school newspaper forcing the principal temporarily off the job. >> march madness is here. we can help you with your
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new information in this morning. north korea now says it's planning blastic missile tests, the kind capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. new pictures show the north korean leader with a ballistic rocket simulation. now the south korean president is warning the north to be ready to accept the consequences if it doesn't stop its nuclear ambitions. last week north korea fired two short range ballistic missiles out to sea. last weekend the u.s. and south korea started joint military exercises. 9:15. there's a desperate search for a 13-year-old girl who may have been kidnapped. texas authorities are issuing an amber alert telling reporters this teen is in grave danger. deputies issuing that alert for adrianna coronado shortly after finding her father's burned body in a rural area. detectives believe he was shot and then set on fire. officials say that girl may have been with him when he was
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authorities are not releasing any other details about a potential suspect or motive in this case. coronado was last seen two days before her father's death. updating you on breaking news we first brought to you yesterday morning. the probe into what caused this packed amtrak train derailment in kansas is zeroing in on the condition of the train tracks. the ntsb says there are signs that the rail was misalined but it's too soon to tell exactly what caused seven of the cars to go off the tracks. early yesterday morning more than 30 people were hurt in that accident. but most of the nearly 150 people on board walked away without injuries. we're told the strain was going the speed -- train was going the speed limit just before it went off the tracks. the ohio man accused of killing his brother at church last month is expected in court today. daniel schuyler is expected to be arraigned on murder charges. a disagreement over inheritance may be the motive. in 2011 daniel sued family
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money from the real estate value of the church but a court ruled against him. court records indicate daniel has a history of mental illness, is in jail without bond. court members at a montana school district are upholding a high school principal's suspension for allowing topless pictures and curse words in a student newspaper. authorities say jane bennet violated policy. it received three days of un -- she received three days of unpaid suspension. her lawyer insists she didn't violate policy and are deciding whether or not to appeal the latest ruling. filling out your ncaa bracket and would like to win the office pool this year. john matarese joins us with some tips from the pros so you don't waste your money choosing your teams. >> reporter: the web site analyzed past winners and say many people
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their heart, not their head. this is not a time to vote for the little guy. that 15th or 16th seed you have fallen in love with, savings advice says 16th seed has never beat an number one seed and 15 seeds rarely win. to improve odds the report says choose teams from big conferences. they typically win at tourney time. also a number one seeded team wins it all 52% of the time. so that is your best odds. it warns the last cinderella winner was unlv in 1990, that was a quarter century ago. so it's fun to root for a cinderella team that makes an upset or two the odds say they won't go all the way. winners are almost always from big schools, big conference was a recent winning streak. of course i'll probably be wrong. but as always don't waste your money. i'm john matarese. abc action news. we have a live look now at the baptist church where people are casting votes now in the florida primary.
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going to the polls. >> sunshine, nice. you may need an umbrella to keep you from getting too much sun. it's going to be so warm in parts here. and humid as well. by the way, you have not put your jackets and sweaters away? >> don't tell me we're going to need them again. >> we'll talk about that in a second. your super tuesday forecast. upper 80s to around 90. nothing that would preclude you, again, from the polls as far as weather related concerns. it's just very hot. so keep yourself hydrated if you're heading out. our heat indices in the upper 80s. the other states that are going to be participating in the primaries, north carolina's final high is fine. the case is northeastern missouri and into illinois, severe weather expected later this afternoon and into the evening. i'm thinking nasty thunderstorms. so they get -- better get out early.
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the water we're getting that and the low visibility. still across portionings of sarasota county looking at very dense fog especially in the skyway where we're well above the surface, that is where the cloud layer is now. it looks good in florida. there's that quick moving system. will get out of north carolina in a second. for us it will be fog again as we head through tomorrow. very humid this afternoon. then that sea fog developing again. after tomorrow things start to get a little more complicated. i think this is a little overdone as far as the computer model forecast but we're going to keep showers i think in the thursday forecast, about 20% coverage especially to the north with the boundary beginning to move in. then friday and heading into the weekend that is when we're going to be expecting rainfall moving in. by the way the southwesterly flow, keeping you in the 70s along the coast. and then 80s well inland with high humidity and it's going to make you feel like it's close to 90 later today. morning fog tomorrow. thursday 20% chance of showers.
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front arrives. showers and thunderstorms. it will linger into the early part of the weekend so expect some rainfall for the first saturday. then behind the front look what happens. that is when we cool off. high temperatures next week will be cooler i think than the overnight lows we've had the last couple of days. cooler weather on the way. we just have to get through some rain first. coming up -- doctors are changing their prescriptions. what they are suggesting their patients need instead of medicine to feel better. >> plus, the real cost of true love. we look at how much americans spend on dates before tying the
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we're learning more and more doctors are prescribing exercise.
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center in boston where primary care doctors and psychologists are prescribing gym memberships for $10 a month and it can be important they say emfor low income patients. many of them suffer from chronic problems such as obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and depression. and working out can often be the best treatment for those problems. how much will it cost to find true love? >> a new survey finds the average american dates five years and spends more than $20,000 until they get married. the survey by event planners paint night polled couples nationwide. the average person spends $54.07 a date. $220. for women only $93. activity? dinner followed by a movie.
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it's primary day in florida, if you didn't know. and the march to get voters to the polls as trump and rubio battle it out for the state's delegates. >> the latest in the hogan
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all eyes on florida today. more than 10,000 of you have already voted in hillsborough county. coming up, we'll talk to an expert about why your votes are so crucial. >> we're going to win ohio. i feel very good. i think it's going to happen. >> make or break time for ohio governor john kasich. who recently joined his campaign in hopes of stopping
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it's also a pivotal day in florida. win or go home for senator marco rubio's campaign >> a lot is riding on the sunshine state with 99 delegates up for grabs in the race for the gop nomination. democrats get the chance to take home 214. >> it's another super tuesday. florida is a big piece of five states voting today. other states are illinois, missouri, north carolina and of course ohio. >> next, florida and illinois, the next big catch for delegates at 1 165. hillary clinton is leading right now in delegates with 1,235 and she's already halfway there. >> on the republican side north carolina has 72 delegates at stake. illinois has 69. ohio has 66 and missouri has 52. 1,237 delegates are needed for the nomination. right now donald trump is the closest to the number with 460 total.
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all the candidates know that florida is crucial. ashley yore joins us at the supervisor of elections office breaking down why florida is so important. good morning, ashley. >> reporter: good morning. it its winner take all when it comes to delegates for republicans. let's say donald trump beats marco rubio just by one vote, he would still get all those delegates. it's not the same full sweep for the democrats but here in florida this could be a good indicator of who the nominee will be. let's talk about the democrats first. hillary clinton is expected to win florida but voters are deciding, 214 delegates that can be shared between clinton and bernie sanders. many of the primary voters today are women, clinton has shown a strong lead over sanders with women. sanders has said that even if he doesn't win here he's still going to continue on in the
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republicans, all of those 99 delegates, again up for grabs. marco rubio has even said this week whoever wins florida will be the nominee but what are people basing their votes on? how are they picking their candidates? here's what the political expert we spoke with says. >> at this point i'm not sure if it's actually motivated stuff and i'm not sure how much voters in this primary are voting on policy. i think a lot of this may have to do with tone, might have to do with their ability to seem presidential. >> reporter: keep in mind more than 1.6 million ballots have already been mailed in, in florida. political experts say that could hurt rubio because they could have been mailed in before his anti-trump ads aired. ted cruz also campaigning hard here in florida but experts say he is not expected to win the for. voters have been streaming in
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we know that more than 10,000 of you have already cast your votes in person here in hillsborough county. so far this morning. polls are open until 7:00 tonight. you don't need me to tell you how important it is that you get out and vote. we have a story on our web site,, that is going to detail everything you need to bring with you when you head out to your polling location. for now reporting live, ashley yore, abc action news. >> if you would like to vote but need a ride, hart buses in hillsborough county and scat buss in sarasota county will let you ride for free today. just show your voter id card. it's a crucial day for ohio governor john kasich who said he would drop out of the race if he doesn't win in his home state. a new poll puts kasich ahead of donald trump in ohio but as you know it's a neck and neck race and trump told supporters in tampa yesterday if he wins both florida and ohio the race is
9:34 am
he heckled kasich further last night. >> kasich cannot make america great again. can't do it. >> donald trump and some of his rhetoric, at these rallies, that i just read yesterday was the first time i read them, is atrocious. it is not the mark of a leader of the united states of america. i am deeply disturbed by what i've read. >> yesterday 2012 republican nominee mitt romney joined kasich on the campaign trail trying to sell voters on the governor in order to stop trump from winning the nomination. we're going to cover the florida primary. our crews are spread out all across the state tracking all the candidates. then at 7:00 be sure to join us for a special democracy 2016. we will be live as the polls come to a close. plus we'll also be tracking all the races for you on-line. get the latest on our web site at
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the sunshine skyway still closed, closed around 5:00 this morning due to fog. i don't know if some people didn't get the message because this is the line of cars of people heading south on 275 before you get to the sunshine skyway. maybe they are trying to wait it out. they could be sitting there for quite some time because it could be several more hours before they open up the bridge. your alternates, the bridges across tampa bay, up to 75 to head south looking pretty good, nine minutes across the courtney campbell. eight across the howard frankland. 13 across the gandy bridge. good news for people making that detour across the howard frankland and up 275, the crash that we had at ashley is now off to the side so we are slowly getting back to normal here. we talked about that this morning. as far as the skyway going up, 400 feet. so the first couple hundred feet at this point cleared out. we're not looking at significant issues just the skyway now. all of us are going to be in pretty good shape. the heat is on, have you been outside? low 70s, dew points in the 70s.
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going to continue with high humidity today. that will make the 82 feel more like it's in the upper segments with partly cloudy skies -- 80s with partly cloudy skies. titan doppler radar quiet now. expanding the view we have rain that is going toking on the way. if you don't like the heat and you don't like the humidity, you are definitely going to like the 7-day forecast. breaking news just in. manatee county deputies are investigating a murder/suicide. deputies say 2 -year-old david mahony shot and killed his estranged wife alicia and took his own life. this happened at a home on daisy place in bradenton early this morning. deputies say david's mother was also shot in the foot, she's now recovering with non life- threatening injuries. deputies say this whole thing started with a domestic dispute. this morning funeral plans are in place for a hillsborough county deputy killed in a wrong way crash. as we learned that the deputy john kotfila may have saved lives in his final moments.
9:37 am
deputy a hero and she and her boyfriend were driving on the selmon expressway when they saw the wrong way driver. she says the deputy passed her car and his patrol car taking the impact instead. sarah geren says she wishes she had a chance to thank the deputy for his selfless act. >> i truly do feel that the world is a sadder place without him. he didn't know me and he sacrificed himself for me. >> the funeral is scheduled for friday in lutz at st. timothy's camping lick church at 1:00 p.m. catholic church. he will be laid to rest in massachusetts. largo police still need your help to figure out how a woman found dead in some bushes died. officers are calling 34-year- old tanya forcier's death suspicious but won't say exactly how she died. we said yesterday someone found her body near 145th street north and starboard lane over the weekend.
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the pinellas county courtroom today. the trial for hulk hogan's $100 million lawsuit against resumes today. gawker's former editor is testifying and testified yesterday. he's the man who wrote the article and got the tape that lawyers for hogan played a portion of in 2013, in the taped deposition for the jury. it was he at the time who made sar cast sick and consistently unapologetic remarks. >> it's a smirk. >> it's a smirk because you don't think the first amendment is that serious, do you? >> it's very serious. >> you see him on the stand. he says he received a bonus of $2,000 after posting that tape. gawker has an estimated -- estimated to have increased in value by $15 million because of the increased web traffic. new this morning -- the
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the use of gender-neutral references in family court cases. they will use the gender- neutral references in place of words such as husband and wife following the u.s. supreme court's ruling which is legalizing gay marriage across the country. the updates take effect today. the ohio order also includes father, mother, parent and spouse and its description of terms expressing family relationships. today the polk county school board is scheduled to meet to tackle several issues. the board is searching for a new superintendent. it will also hold a public hearing about a zoning plan for a new school to help balance student enrollment. the board meeting will be held at ridge community high in davenport. still ahead -- something we have not heard before from an nfl official. what he's admitting about the dangers of head trauma on the field. >> plus, an entire school banned from their own semifinal basketball game? why a religious dispute kept 700 students from showing
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9:42 am
a catholic high school in boston banned all 700 students from attending a monday night semifinal basketball game. school leaders made that decision after a group of students chanted inappropriate remarks during a friday night
9:43 am
students from catholic memorial tauntoned fans from the opposing team by saying "you killed jesus." they are playing a school with a large jewish population. fans there say it was in response to insults directed at catholic memorial for being an all boys school. some parents were upset at the decision to punish all the students for the actions of a small group. >> both schools were inappropriate with the languages they used. cm did the honorable thing by having their kids apologize. >> it's an accusation that that has some historical baggage that is a little disconcerting. >> students from another school cheered on the catholic memorial basketball team instead. the team lost 77-73. time now 9:43. an nfl official is finally acknowledging there is a link between football and the brain disease associated by memory loss, depression and dementia.
9:44 am
playing football to cte, a disease caused by repeated brain trauma. the disease can only be detected after death and there is no cure for it now. a boston university researcher has found cte in at least 90 former pro football players. there's a winner in the iditarod trail sled dog race. dallas beat his father to the finish line and and his only loss in five years came to his father mitch in 2013. dallas beat his dad to the sphin quish line by six miles. finish line. this year's iditarod of course will be remembered for the man who rammed his snowmobile into two teams of mushers killing one dog. >> sad stuff. >> it is. >> it's a family affair. >> yes. we're talking about cooler temperatures coming back. >> it's supposed to be over.
9:45 am
was but you never know. we're still in march and things can go back and forth. we'll have some tweaking to do the next few days, but i think we're going to be into some cooler weather by next week. see that shot? nice-looking day but very tropical out there low 70s now with the temperatures, dew point in the low 70s as well. of course the sea fog continues. if you're taking out the boat, smooth conditions, 1 to 2-foot seas but you can't see much especially in the early part of the day. this afternoon you'll be in better shape. titan doppler radar quiet now. disturbance rolling through north carolina is going to go by us essentially. then another boundary begins to approach, not tomorrow, i think we're good tomorrow but by thursday we're going to introduce, i think a 20% chance of showers through the day on thursday. then friday is when we get into higher rain chances. temperatures this afternoon in the mid-80s. keep in mind because of the high humidity the mid-80s will feel like it's close to 90. southwest wind though keeps you cooler along the coast.
9:46 am
there early this morning. water temperature in the low 70s. by the way, sunrise 7:39. setting 7:39 so essentially our spring is today, official spring is this weekend. because of the latitude changes we are in it today. exactly 12 hours of daylight. morning fog tomorrow. 83 for the afternoon. and then we'll begin to see the rain chances increasing. as i eluded to the cold air behind the front after the weekend moves in early next week with overnight temperatures cooling off in the
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good morning. in lakeland the exploration's children's museum is the home for the lovable curious george. that's right, the storybook character and his trusted friend in yellow are at the center of the lets get curious exhibit at the museum in lakeland. the traveling exhibit included a psychologist from kiss knee's -- zoologist from the disney animal kingdom and more on april 9th. we're excited to have us with us in studio the ceo of the museum, carlton and eddie chrysler who is in charge of facilities.
9:51 am
>> our mission is to provide a hands on fun-filled adventure in learning for children and families. we do this through cultural exhibits and programs and special events all based in the arts and sciences. we have four floors throughout the museum and three are jam packed with kid powered exhibits. and all our exhibits are designed specifically for the child but large enough for the adult and child to interact together. >> who is the target audience in terms of the children? >> in terms of our exhibits it's specifically ages 2 to 12 but we do programming for all ages. we go all the way through tutoring and test prep for adults, including financial education and free tax prep assistance for the entire family. >> it runs the gamut. in terms of curious george tell us about the exhibit eddie. it's so cute, the pictures are fabulous. >> it's a great exhibit. it's been a big draw. people are really attracted to become curious with our curious exhibit.
9:52 am
two of our floors of the museum. >> i saw that >> it's really taken over the place. >> so on april 9th the community will be able to come out and meet mr. curious george, tell us about that event. it's a free family event? >> there is an admission price, our regular admission of $9 a person. but there are many discounts that apply. in addition to that. it includes all sorts of activities. we close the park directly across the street from the museum and have activities in the street as well as throughout the museum. there's about 25 different partners that will come out and help us provide all sorts of activities for the children. it's our let -- let's get curious. it's 10 ac tom to 3:00 p.m. we'll be able to see george arrive on the lakeland fire department fire truck.
9:53 am
do i get a meet and greet and selfie with curious george? the answer is yes. >> yes. >> if you would like more information on this beautiful children's museum, also the children's festival on april 9th visit them on line any time
9:54 am
9:56 am
moffett cancer center is hoping it's health forum on march 19th. all the screenings are for men but family members are welcome. sundays, free admission to the center for clay in st. pete. fun for the whole family. join abc action news and ybor on sunday morning to find out who makes the best cuban sandwich in florida. we'll be judging. the forecast, look at that, low 80s, warm and humid today. morning fog again the issue tomorrow. then we have some rain coming in for the friday and into the weekend. >> sunscreen today. >> and abc action news is your home for complete dmoksy 2016 coverage. we have crews across the state now tracking all the candidates. join us for election results
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special tonight at 7:00. we'll also post full results on line and bring you candidate reactions on air tomorrow morning. some of the final votes may be counted well into the night so wake up with abc. into meanwhile, we've got continuing coverage now of the top stories on >> "fab life" is next have.
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>> today on "fablife"... >> chef scott conant. feed me. >> whoo! >> stromboli and... >> did somebody say polenta? plus, an inspiring weight-loss makeover. you're like a different person. >> everything that i've always wanted to feel, i feel today. >> and great tips on finding the perfect pair of jeans. there are three simple rules to jeans shopping. >> plus, build your own table. it's so easy. >> ta-da! (cheers and applause) welcome to "fablife!" you guys, we have such a fun show in store for you today. we'll be cooking with chef scott conant and getting the latest home trends from half of a power design couple. you guys, cortney novogratz is here! yay! plus, a makeover that is near


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