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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  March 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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clinton and trump win big in florida. >> and marco rubio stepping out of the race. >> but what he can do now to have an impact on the election.
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live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. now at 11, the knock out blow. donald trump and hillary victories tonight in florida.
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out of the race. where the presidential campaigns heads from here. good evening and thanks for joining us. donald trump claiming a dominant victory and all of the 99 state's delegates. getting 46% of the vote and marco rubio 27% and senator ted cruz 17% and john kasich 7%. taking action with complete coverage of the important decisions. our crews standing by live with the candidates in florida. we begin with abc action news reporter carson chambers live with the trump campaign. carson. well, hey, guys, we are live inside the private ballroom at trump's private club in palm beach. it emptied out and hundreds gathered to hear him speak.
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speech for a victory speech. he did congratulate marco rubio for running a great campaign in florida after smashing rubio on this primary night and then a typical trump moment where he said and told supporters rather that we are going to knock the hell out of isis. >> we are going start winning again. this country is going to start winning again. we don't win anymore. >> trump thanked florida voters for putting him on top but in the end he called out the media calling some disgusting. live in palm beach, i'm carson chambers, abc action news. meanwhile trump driving marco rubio out of the race with a win. the florida senator suspending his campaign.
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>> reporter: yeah, we are standing outside the fiu arena where it is official. it is the end of the road for marco rubio. not too big of a shocker that he lost florida but the big question would he bow out of the race entirely. up until this point he says he will move on to utah regardless of the results but tonight he told a rowdy crowd of supporters and uttered the words i'm suspending my campaign. >> while it is not god's plan that i be president in 2016 or maybe ever, and while today my campaign is suspended, the fact that i have come this far is evidence of how special america truly is. definitely became a somber mood at that point. i saw some supporters with tears in their eyes. remember these are are volunteers that spent hours on
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trying to get out the vote but at the end of the day, too little, too late. >> going beyond the numbers and taking a look at how the gop race shaped up in the bay area. abc action news anchor laura harris in the studio to give us a bigger perspective opinion and who was going to win once the numbers came in. >> let me show you this picture. it is easy to see the red and the counties that donald trump won and he only lost one to marco rubio in miami-dade. hillsborough and pinellas and every county that we have, pasco and her nando and every last one and manatee county and you see the numbers, they are amazing how much donald trump won, talking a landslide when it comes to the gop which is probably one of those reasons why marco rubio said this is the end of the road. >> tons of trump's supporters celebrating.
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that's where we find abc action news reporter michael paluska. >> reporter: jamison as he can imagine trump supporters loud and still here celebrating but when trump took the stage at 10:00 they made a lot of noise. take a listen. >> and you know some of the key issues that they were hanging on were the economy, every time he mentioned the economy and taking jobs away from other countries that have taken them from mexico there were big cheers and also of course he took jabs at the media and one woman told us why she is voting for trump. she said because trump is trump. he does what he wants. >> he says what it is like what an average american feels and what average americans' life is about and i don't think that all of this negativity will impact trump campaign. so that's the thing they like about him.
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wants to say and that's what a lot of people in the public want to hear. the big question now is who will support donald trump. moving forward, will he get an endorsement from marco rubio, those are a lot of questions that have to be answered and whether or not he can unify the republican party. live in tampa. michael paluska, abc action news. michael, thank you. let's go to the democratic side. hillary clinton looking to increase her lead over bernie sanders with a win in florida and claimed a landslide victory and take a look. clinton was 64% of the vote, nearly doubling senator sanders, 33%. watching from west palm beach. laura has reaction. laura. >> reporter: as you just mentioned such a big night for hillary clinton getting the key victories in key states including florida. got huge cheers from the crowd
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she talked about bringing more jobs through infrastructure and manufacturing and also about reducing college debt and making it easier for college students to bear the burden of going to school and paying for it and she slammed candidate donald trump saying she believes he is unfit to lead the country. >> if we work together we can make a real difference in people's lives. if we reach out to treat each other with respect, kindness and even love, instead of bluster and bigoty and if we lift each other up there is nothing we can't accomplish together. and with all of those strong leads clinton feels she is closer to speaking and securing that democratic nomination.
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supporters celebrating her wins tonight. this is one of her four watch parties. voters gathered at district tavern and cheered and praised clinton in florida and north carolina and ohio so far. >> we are excited. we really feel like it is just now a matter of getting all the way to washington. looking ahead the clinton camp will host a party in cape coral encouraging supporters to help the clinton campaign. the race between clinton and sanders not close in florida. abc action news anchor laura harris breaking down just how much of a blow-out it was in the bay area. laura. and wendy, let's look. when you look at tampa bay it was all hillary and north of florida and you talk about the panhandle there are a few bernie sanders counties but kind of looking like trump's win today. it was very, very convincing. wendy.
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in the meantime florida not the only prize up for grabs. four other states making their presidential choices, abc action news anchor ashley glass is monitoring those contests. how is it looking. >> reporter: we will start on the republican side, the trump in illinois and john kasich is the winner in ohio. the race we are watching here in missouri, it is a virtual tie here between donald trump at 42% and ted cruz at 41%. moving over to the democratic side, hillary clinton taking florida, ohio, north carolina, two races we are watching here, first missouri and sanders at 52% and clinton 46%. one more illinois keeping a close eye on clinton. two close races and we will update you at 11. jamison. big victories on the democratic and republican sides
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presidential race. our political analyst saying after tonight trump's campaign is only getting stronger. >> trump has got to be thrilled with the victory across all demographics and it wasn't close. actually that was very surprising, a lot of people thought the polls may have been off or whatever but they were not. dr. susan mcmann nis says that while trump's victory in florida was big so was john kasich in ohio especially now that marco rubio is out of the race. he has the options to release the delegates up to this point and dr. mcmann nis would not be surprised if he nudged those in kaisch's direction. you can follow more on and be sure to wake up with abc action news tomorrow morning for the latest results and analysis. now, the most accurate action weather.
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had some serious fog issue bright and early and that fog is returning with temperatures on the warm side. high dew points for perfect fog and seeing limited visibility along the coast and overnight and more of the same, by wake up time tomorrow, i think we will see the possibility of a dense fog and then the rain will come and i minutes. still to come, fighting to keep her pet alligator, the reason why officers say a lake land woman may have to give up the reptile companion she has had for 11 years. plus ... >> i couldn't comfort her by picking her up. a 5-year-old girl paralyzed. the simple move some of your
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from ever walking again.
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if a tampa man will face charges for killing a suspected burglar. chris solomon heard someone forcing his way in the back door in tampa heights and he grabbed the gun and found a stranger in the kitchen and opened fire killing the intruder. >> it was like pop pop pop and followed by another set probably maybe about six shots total. but again it has always felt like a safe community and the neighbors look out for each other. >> police have not released the name of the intruder. solomon has not been arrested or charged in the shooting. reviewing the case. taking action for your the major change involving serious medications, the centers for disease control and prevention releasing its very first guidelines for opioid
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growing abuse of painkillers. the cdc saying non opioid drugs and they should get it for low dose medications. a 5-year-old girl ended up paralyzed after doing a back bend inside her home. kylie says her daughter started to cry of back pain two days after christmas. after an mri doctors sedated her putting her in a controlled state of hypothermia to raise her blood pressure. >> we were basically told like the first or second day of her injury that you know prepare for the worse. she will be a paraplegic. i couldn't pick her up or move her. we couldn't even couple are comfort her by picking her up. she is back at home continuing therapy and the parents are going around the country so theling girl can hopefully walk again. >> we are getting video of a
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florida. surveillance cameras capturing a car slamming into a publix. the 24-year-old failed to make a turn in the road and went airborne and crashed in the store. cameras capturing the collision. the driver not wearing a seat belt was thrown from the vehicle and killed. his passenger still now in critical condition. getting to see the frantic efforts that saved a little girl's life. police in illinois rushing to stopped breathing. the child's grandmother pulling over to the side of the road calling for help. police dashcam ras showing officers rushing to save her. that little girl's lips were already blue by the time they got there. they managed to get the baby breathing again and were told she now has made a full recovery. a lake land woman is
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long alligator in her home. named rambo wears and rides on the back of an motorcycle. but officers say she must have two-and-a-half acres of land to keep him on but she doesn't have that space. she is schedule to meet with fwc tomorrow. the most accurate weather team in florida. abc action weather. that picture is begging for something. >> interesting choice for a pet. listen, when you love something, you love it. it doesn't matter what it is. >> we love florida. >> the sunshine. >> not so much the fog and that was an issue this morning and it is definitely going to be an issue tomorrow but right now from river gate all the way to the sky way, visibility is okay but it will be dropping shortly and you can blame the sea fog and this is what happens, even though the water temperature is trying to warm up, it is back in the low 70s now. it is still cool relative to the warmer air with mid-80s and
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there. so when you bring the warmer air out of the southeast or off of the gulf in this case and that increases the moisture and turns it into clouds right over the ground which by the way is another name for fog and we have big visibility issues. it will happen again tomorrow and it will happen on thursday as well until we begin to see more changes on friday and there in the form of rain. now, not going to be a washout but we are looking for clouds this weekend. 73 right now. and all of the reporting stations from tampa to clear water and st. pete, conditions are warm but as i said the afternoon highs over the last couple of days in the mid to 10 degrees above normal. you get it warmed up in the upper 60s to low 70s with high dew points and you are bound to see some fog. at least this time of the year. in fact, a lot of folks along the beach are facebooking us and saying dennis we did not
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the way it will play out the next few days, more clouds than sun, right along the coast and you go maybe five miles inland and then all of a sudden that sunshine is abundant. overnight kind of socked in at 7:30, there will be spots we won't have to worry about and the more inland you are the quicker that the fog burns off. and then by later on in the afternoon you can still see, look along the coastline. stacked up from top to bottom, visibility extremely low offshore and along the beach and watch what happens, even through thursday morning, we are looking at another opportunity for widespread fog. then by friday we are tracking a couple of weather systems, not one but two and each one will increase the rain chances and we may see an isolated shower friday, saturday and sunday. we are looking at a lot of
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look at the highs along the coast, low to mid-70s. you go downtown and you can go east of tampa and then in the mid to upper 80s tomorrow. we had a lot of folks say they hit 90s today east of i-75 and yet along the coast it was cloudy and cool. now talking about that rain, we are good to go until friday and all of a sudden saturday and sunday there it comes, rain chances solid, both days, lingering into early on monday. for the voters, dense fog advisory in effect and a pretty decent chance that some of that advisory material comes inland, first thing in the morning, ivan will have more as conditions develop at 4:30 and south winds at five to ten knots. there is a look at your sunrise and sunset. hour by hour the fog burns off by nine or 10:00 inland and right back in the low to mid- 80s. look at florida's most accurate seven-day forecast. the rain chances pretty much nonexistent.
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returning and by the weekend it will be here and turning cooler, dare i say refreshing early next week, highs around 70s and lows back in the 50s. thank you, dennis. the lightning went up against toronto. t j tells us if the boys were able to bring home the win next
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sports. folks not a good night for the lightning beaten by last place toronto. lightning held scoreless for two period and then strawman makes a nice play in the maple leaf zone and the game tied at one. no sooner do they draw even this young team gets on the rush and ben smith will beat andre vastalesske for the first goal, not a good night at all as the maple leafs beat the bolts, the final in this one 4- 1. back in 2013 when florida golf coast took dunk city against florida in dallas. they were the cinderella story. tonight the eagles return to
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and beat dickerson 96-95 and fgc will play top seeded north carolina on thursday. nit gators moving with a blow- out win over north florida and fsu beat davidson 84-74. the women are headed to la for saturday's open round game against colorado state at pauley pavilion. john sable has more. >> reporter: when the women's ncaa tournament bracket came out usf was in the same region as rival u-conn. >> the last two years we have played u-conn more than anybody. our team has played them better than anybody. to put us in the same region was a surprise. >> the bulls lost to connecticut three times including last week during the conference title game. us p may face connecticut a 4th
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the elite 8 but they need to beat colorado that have only lost one game all year. >> you don't win 31 games, surprise they are better than a 11 seed. >> jose's squad advance and the bulls struggled against louisville. >> we didn't do what we needed to do the last four minutes. they know what is at stake. >> reporting at usf, john sable, abc action sports. and the rays have put logan forsythe on the day to day list. he was beamed in the left arm by an aaron noa fastball. he was in obvious pay. forsythe has an elbow contusion and will be out for a few days. they beat the rays 5-2. we are back in a few minutes. clos captioning brought
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abc action news is brought to you by byos spine institute. and there is a look at your wakeup forecast. a lot near the coast. we'll give it a "b" because of the early morning fog and top out at 83 degrees. continuing coverage on our web site, head over to have a good night and we will see you back here tomorrow
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- kirsten dunst, from "batman vs. superman: dawn of justice" gal gadot, and music from jake bugg. with cleto and the cletones. and now, to get things rolling, here's jimmy kimmel!


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