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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  March 16, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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announcement now. we're going to win, more importantly we're going to win for the country. we're not stopping. >> we are moving closer to securing the democratic party nomination and winning this election in november! >> breaking overnight. donald trump and hillary clinton win big, each taking multiple states on super tuesday 3. >> today my campaign is suspended. [jeering] >> no! >> the fact that i even have come this far is evidence of how special america truly is. >> then there were three. florida senator marco rubio leaves just three republicans in the race now to win the white house. good morning. thank you so much on for joining us, i'm deiah riley. >> i'm lindsay logue. we begin with the race for the white house. >> hillary clinton and donald trump are getting closer to
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each won florida. donald trump claimed a dominant victory in our state taking all of florida's 99 delegates. trump got 46% of the vote. florida senator marco rubio came at a distant second. >> we have something happening that actually makes the republican party probably the biggest political story anywhere in the world. everybody's writing about it, all over europe, all over the world they are talking about it. >> the florida co-chair says his huge victim row in florida proves he can be competitive in the november general election. >> hillary clinton extended her delegate lead over bernie sanders with a big win in florida. clinton won 64% the vote, nearly double senator sanders' 33%. clinton watched the results from her headquarters in west
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in her victory speech she referenced trump, her possible opponent this fall. >> if we work together we can make a real difference in peoples lives, if we reach out to treat each other with respect, kindness be even love instead of bluster and bigotry. if we lift each other up down. accomplish together. >> clinton left confident she democratic nomination. more on democracy 2016 coverage, in a minute but first here's ivan cabrera with florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. waking up in tampa? just a few clouds but the visibility is still good, full
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areas is where we have the problems. visibilities. clearwater at 3, that is ok but that is the area we're watching and the skyway is a potential problem as well. and zephyrhills looking at a mile and-a-half. that will continue to drop as we head through the morning. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. by lunchtime, 78, our highs today once again in the 80s. this is i-275 at sunshine skyway, there's some fog there. we'll wait and see if it will remain open. you remember yesterday it was shut down because of heavy fog. janelle will tell us more momentarily. so some fog on the sunshine skyway now so take care as you head out the door. as expected marco rubio is now putting his presidential hopes on ice as donald wins in florida.
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florida didn't come as a surprise but it was a surprise for some when he announced he's not continuing in the presidential race. after previously pledging he would campaign in utah today. >> while it is not god's plan i be president in 2016, or maybe ever and while today my campaign is suspended. [jeering] >> no! >> the fact that i've even come this far is evidence of how special america truly is. >> rubio supporters booed at his announcement last night. here in the tampa bay area trump supporters celebrated his florida victory at a watch party in channelside. they watched him on the big screen as he stalk stuck to his talking points. he got the biggest cheers when he talked about the economy and bringing jobs back to the news overseas. supporters say they are tired of career politicians and like
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>> he says what it is, what an average american feels, what an average american's life is all about. i don't think all this negativity would impact trump's campaign. >> the big question now, will marco rubio endorse trump? if not can trump really unify the republican party? hillary clinton supporters in the bay area also celebrated her florida win last night. this is one of four clinton watch parties in the bay area. voters gathered at district tavern in the channel district, cheered and praised clinton and her victories in florida and three other states. >> we're excited. we feel it's now a matter of getting all the way to washington. >> clinton camp is hosting a help for hillary party this sunday in cape coral. urging supporters to meet up to help the clinton campaign. florida was just one of five states voting yesterday and this morning the votes are still being counted in missouri.
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there. the margins between donald trump and ted cruz on the republican side and hillary clinton and bernie sanders on the democratic side are less than one half of one percent. that means the losing candidate can request a recount. trump won north carolina and illinois. governor kasich won his home state of ohio. for the democrats hillary clinton won ohio, north carolina and illinois. the big victories on the democratic and republican sides make this presidential race a little clear they are morning but we're still wondering what is ahead. >> our political analyst says after last night's trump's campaign is only getting stronger. >> trump has to be thrilled with the victory. he cut across all demographics and won handily, not even close. actually that was very surprising, a lot of people thought the polls might have been off or whatever but they were not. >> she says while the victory in florida for trump was big, so was kasich's in ohio
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is out of the race. from here rubio has the option to release the delegates he's collected up to this point. she said she would not be surprised if they nudged him in kasich's direction. spes police tried to -- st. pete police tried to stop a black suburban, but the driver took off. a helicopter followed the car to tampa. the vehicle was found at a club near howard. officers arrested one man in the club, a second tried to run but was found and bitten by a police k-9. police say they found drugs in the car. both men face multiple charges. in pakistan a bomb placed under a seat ripped through a bus carrying government employees. that bombing killed 15 people and injured nearly 40 others. so far no group has claimed responsibility but suspicion
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taliban or their allies who have been waging a war on the country's government now for more than a decade. north korea's highest court says it's sentenced a american college student to 15 years hard labor in prison. otowarmbier tried to steal a propaganda banner and he made an emotional confession last week saying a u.s. church asked him to bring back its trophy. it's not clear if the confession was voluntary. we're looking at temperatures in the 70s. upper 70s by later onp this afternoon and 80s in the ex -- i'll have the extended forecast coming up. coming up at 5:00 -- the sports team owner helping homeowners living with lead- tainted water. >> lightning look terrible against the toronto maple leafs last night and the loss.
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4:42. we're still waiting to learn if a tampa man will be charged for shooting and killing a suspected burglar. police say christopher solomon heard what he thought was someone trying to force their way through the back door of his home in tampa heights. after grabbing his gun he found a stranger in his kitchen he opened fire killing the intruder.
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followed by another set. probably like six shots total. again, it always felt like a safe community. the neighbors all look out for each other. >> this time police haven't released the name of the intruder. solomon hasn't been arrested or charged in the shooting. right now the state's attorney's office is reviewing the case. president obama could announce as soon as today his choice to replace the late antonin scalia on the supreme court. sources say the president's team finished vetting potential candidates and now it's up to the president to decide which man or woman he wants to nominate. whoever is the nominee could face an uphill battle winning senate's approval. senate republicans stated whoever wins the presidential election this fall should be the one to replace justice scalia. a major change involving very serious medications. the centers for disease control
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its very first guidelines for opioid prescriptions. the cdc says nonopioid drugs should be prescribed whenever possible and when they are given they should get less than a week's supply of low dose opioid medication. last night people reported multiple tornadoes in the eastern quad cities of iowa and illinois. strong enough to flip over a semi. high wind warnings and advisories are up now across multiple states. the winds are not the only problem. there's ping pong ball size hailstones in durant, iowa. it can do a lot of damage. ivan, will we get a break today? >> let's talk more about that hailstones there. they were not even the largest ones. we had tennis ball sized once, can you imagine that? that's what they had to deal with yesterday. for us more of the same.
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minutes to let us know the latest with the skyway but look sarasota. half in venice. doesn't look good. half a mile in brooksville and quarter mile in zephyrhills. unlike yesterday the denser fog has penetrated inland where yesterday it was all just sea today similar story. it will lift quicker across the interior as we get the sunshine working here but along the coast with that wind off the water, it will be tougher to get that fog out and may be through midday in fact. temperatures now in the 60s and low 70s. titan doppler radar quiet and really the southeast in pretty good shape. you see a little green there? that is going to be the beginning of what will be a rainier period as the boundary begins to shift further south. it will leave us alone today, even tomorrow, i think just a few showers possible through the morning. more fog in the morning and afternoon 20% coverage for the nature coast. it's beginning friday we get
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further south and increasing our rain chances significantly. look at the spread in temperatures. wind there off the water keeping us cooler. low clouds keeping us cooler. temperatures in the 70s. low 80s further inland, then mid and upper 80s across the interior. as we check the 7-day forecast, about 79 on friday. that is when rain chances going up to 30%. then we'll continue to increase the rain chances for the early part of the weekend and yes, the cool, crisp more late winter-like air will begin to move in sunday night and into next week. look at that, highs, 70 with overnight lows in the 50s and certainly 40s to the north. for a check at your roads. looking live at i-275 and mlk, traffic throughout the bay area now seems to be moving fine despite the fog but janelle martinez is going to have a live report at 5:00. caught on camera --
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terrifying crash in south florida. a car slams into a publix supermarket. hollywood police say the 24- year-old driver failed to make a turn in the road and went airborne and crashed into the store. cameras inside and outside captured the crash. the driver was not wearing a seat belt and was thrown from the vehicle and died. a passenger in that car is in the hospital in critical condition. also caught on camera -- the frantic efforts some illinois officers made to save a little girl's life last thursday. that toddler's grandmother pulled over to the side and called for help when the 19- month-old stopped breathing. police dash cam showing officers rushing to save that child. by the time officers arrived her lips were already blue and no vital signs but managed to get her breathing after clearing her airway and cpr. amazingly we're told that little girl has now made a full recovery. there could soon be a new way to buy items from amazon. the on-line retailer is looking selfie.
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secure than traditional passwords. if you're worried about hackers or kids buying stuff don't worry, amazon says its facial recognition system would ensure it's the actual customer making the purchase. that proves you're real. the system requires to you blink, smile or tilt your head when taking a picture. no word when or if the technology will become available. the ncaa tournament officially kicked off last night with the first four, among the teams playing a school from florida that made national headlines three years ago. tom korun now explains how the eagles did in your morning sports. >> reporter: good morning. not a good night for the lightning beaten last night by last place toronto. lightning held scoreless for two periods, in the third anton stroman with the nice defensive play in the maple leaf zone. steals the puck, feeds brian boyle.
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did the toronto team get on the rush and ben smith beats andre vasilevsky for his first goal of the sceerch. not a good night. maple leafs beat the bolts, final 4-1. i remember back in 2013 when florida gulf coast took dunk city to the sweet 16 against florida in dallas. they were the cinderella story. last night the eagles returned to the big dance with a playing game that beat fairleigh dickinson. nit tourney, gators with a blowout over north florida and fsu beat davidson 84-74, take my word for it. and finally the rays put infielder logan forsyth on the day-to-day list. he was beamed in the left arm by a fastball. nor siege was in obvious pain.
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he'll be out for a few days. phillies beat the rays, final 5- 2. that's your morning sports update. enjoy your day. derailment cause. coming up at 5:00 -- the unreported crash authorities are blaming for the train derailment in kansas monday. >> a tragic accident, just ahead, the simple movement one little girl did that could have her spending life in a
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for the forecast in pinellas, you're still in school spring break, not until next week. so the fog issues. still there. very early, sunrise, 8:00 70 degrees. no rain today. 81 as we head into the early afternoon hours. extended forecast and a lot more on the fog in the next hour. 4:54. this morning a california family is dealing with an incredibly sad tragedy. >> their 5-year-old girl who dreamed of becoming a ballerina ended up paralyzed in the waist down after doing a back bend in her home. the woman's daughter says she started to cry of back pain two days before christmas and 30 minutes later the girl said her feet felt like they were sleeping. >> she suffered a spinal stroke. doctors tried to minimize damage by sedating her and putting her in a controlled
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her steroids and medicine to raise her blood pressure. >> we were basically told, like the first or second day of her injury that, you know, prepare for the worst. she'll be a paraplegic the rest of her life. couldn't pick her up. couldn't move her. we couldn't even comfort her by picking her up. >> this morning that little girl is back home where she's continuing therapy. her parents will also continue to take her to specialists around the country. they are hopeful some day their little girl will walk again. 4:55. springing awake. just ahead the new fruity drink starbucks is rolling out to help you wake up this morning. >> another flint? a second major american city
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breaking overnight. the illinois primary is called while you were sleeping but the missouri primary is still too close to call. who takes home another win? who is still fighting to win the final race from yesterday's primaries? let's go to the breaking news in democracy 2016.
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call in missouri for the democrats and republicans. the votes still being counted. >> bernie sanders and hillary clinton, it's less than one percentage point and that means they can have a recount. >> clinton keeps her lead, in addition to illinois she also won florida, north carolina and ohio. >> on the republican side adopted donald dominated the sunshine state, just about every other state that voted yesterday. that includes north carolina and illinois. the only one he couldn't clinch? ohio. governor john kasich took the victory in his home state. senators ted cruz and marco rubio didn't win any states. and after rubio's loss to trump in florida he's suspended his campaign. more on this overnight coverage of democracy 2016 in a minute but first janelle martinez is here with the breaking traffic alert. what is going on out there?


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