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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 18, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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it's the song that signals the bride's grand arrival. but -- >> everybody has a seat, because this wedding is about to take a drastic turn. >> what the deejay did that is downright dirty. >> a video making the rounds this st. paddy's day shows a bartender's big mistake. the alcohol is what is burning. >> find out how the woman who faced the fire is doing now. >> raccoons leave a surprise open the porch. >> mama decided to have the babies in the cooler. >> and meet the mom of five, living her dream.
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>> before you run out and copy her, wait until you hear what it's going to cost. >> what? >> a wedding, the thing a lot of women look forward to from the time they're little girls. until now. without further ado, let us all rise and receive the bride. there she is, bouquet in hand. about to walk down the aisle with her father. the song you hear playing is the wedding march. everybody have a seat. because this wedding is about to take a drastic turn. [ bleep ] the deejay switches the song on her and started playing "i'm in miami." how do you make that mistake. it is a wedding. a big deal for them. >> i would have thought --
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like, she's quite progressive. >> from the wedding to the reception, you know, the first dance. all eyes on the bride and groom when certainly the best man joins them, turns the party into three's a crowd. get out. >> this one is never getting invited ever, ever, ever, did i say ever, again? he grabs the groom from the bride, pulls him into the pool. the bride is like, i got your last name now. you're never invited to the house. st. patrick's day, getting ready to have fun at the bars? you may want to keep some things in mind. this video, a couple of years old from moscow, shows a young
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the bartender serving up one of those really cool intricate drinks. little fire involved there. holy cow! that poor girl is now on fire and her screams, terrifying. like i said, this video, a couple of years old. we like to get the story behind the videos at "right this minute." we're going to do an update. though you may have seen this particular video, it is going viral yet again because it is st. patrick's day. here is what you may not have seen. that's the girl interview ed by a russian television station. she is completely crying. doesn't even look like she sinked an eyebrow. this woman was paid damages in the area of 2 million rubles. >> how did she escape with no burns? >> i think the screams you heard were more of fear than anything
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the alcohol that did catch fire was around her shoulders and not really on her face. they were able to put it out rather quickly and she's okay. >> but didn't she look like she was fully ungulfed? >> it did. but the alcohol is what is burning. she somehow managed to not suffer any serious injuries. >> a kayaking trip took a brief detour on land in brook county, west virginia, because there was an animal in peril. can you guess the animal? >> a possum. >> no, t rex. >> a deer. >> bingo. it is a deer. this deer i lets go in on the presser happening right now.
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tampa international and i'm with tampa police. we are starting with something of a timeline. >> we received a call 11:33 possibility of an aircraft that clashed -- crashed at peter o. knight airport. the fire boat was out doing some training in the port area, they did indeed confirm we had one aircraft that was on fire on the ground. able to describe the property where the aircraft was located. the first arriving company two minutes after that. and made access onto the effective firefighter procedures. not a very large fire at the time, easy to get under control. we proceeded with a search for any victims in the surrounding areas.
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people who were deceased within the wreckage of the aircraft. any questions? >> [ indisernible ] >> that is under investigation. a lot of rumors circulating right now. it will be up to the faa to do the investigation. we do not know the names, or the sexes or the size of the deceased at the moment. we do not know. it is under investigation. again, that's under investigation. >> have they said what can a plane? >> no, we have not. okay. it was a twin engine 10 310. we can confirm it was departing.
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it is being investigated. emily can address what organizations would be brought into investigate something like that. >> i don't have a whole lot to add other than it will be investigated by the faa as all plane crashes" they will be the ones releasing information as it comes today. we don't have a tail number. i don't know that. >> any witnesses? anybody? >> i don't know. that will be investigated by the faa. >> any other planes taking off or landing? >> no. >> can you talk about how the airplane operates? what kind of controls?
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airports, and so these are part of the aviation authority airports. so we do control the airports but when there is a plane crash, faa is the one that investigates the crash. yes. >> [ indisernible ] >> i don't know that. i believe they are here. >> most of your questions are very answerable we are just very early in the investigation so we should have answers later today. trying to give you information as quickly as we can.>> do you know where the plane was taking off to where the destination was? >> many of your questions are answerable. we should know a lot of the sensors. absolutely. >> are the airplanes close together at the airport?>> i can't answer that.
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we are not sure. the best i can tell you is to follow what we are putting out official releases on twitter. which is flight tpa. whenever there is an update we will put that out. >> i want to be clear you can't say definitively only one plane was hit? >> we can't say that. not at this time. there should be so more information later about that. >> you can't say again you are not looking for another flight? >> we can't say that.>> [ indisernible ]>> i'm not sure. yes. yes. 3:10. that's all. >> there was a crash or just on fire? >> i don't know the details of
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that's going to be under investigation by the faa. >> you said the fire was manageable can you describe the wreckage? was spread out? >> the actual site, the airplane is totally destroyed to be. all the stories you have heard our the stories we have heard at this time. that is why the investigation needs to be done so the correct information can be given out. >> anybody heard on the plane beside two people? >> we did not pitch -- dig through the wreckage. that is left for the faa to do their destination. okay, i think we are good.
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the shift commander. >> right now you are hearing from several authorities talking about the plane crash that happened just after 11:30 this morning at peter o. knight airport, two people confirmed dead at this time. we have a picture of the type of plane they were in. hopefully we can get that up. we are being told it was a twin says not -- trying to leave peter o. knight when this happened. investigators are being vague about what happened. there's the plane. the type of plane these people have been in when the accident happened. investigators as well as all the people hearing from officials being vague on what happened and how all of this started just after 11:30 this morning. the faa, the ntsb investigating right now. peter o. knight closed at this time. one of our reporters on the ground with team coverage. ryan, what can you tell us from their?
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it is right behind us you can see the wreckage from where we are standing. you can see a lot of police officers over there. a fire engine over there. not much to see as far as the wreckage because it is a pile of debris. you can probably see better from action air one. they are being pretty vague about what happened. they might not know at this point, there are reports of a second plane involved. you heard some of our questions because we hear stories perhaps there was another plane involved. all we can say and confirm is one plane has crashed or at least one debris field. one plane involved they can confirm at this point, they are looking into this other report of another plane involved. we can tell you it was taking off. another question is did it actually crash or did a fire start when it was trying to take off here from peter o. knight airport. it did occur what it looks like
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it's hard to say it actually took off. it would be difficult for it to crash if it got airborne because it is so close. it is on the airport property taking off. perhaps there was a fire involved but we are waiting for more information from the authorities in a little bit. we expect more information to come down. my photographer tipped me off on this, a house on the corner a plane crashed into that house recently in recent years. this isn't unheard of. obviously planes crash everywhere. it is interesting to think right there, that occurred within the last few years. waiting for more information obviously the big question was there a second plane involved at this point. all we can say one plane involved, two people deceased. back to you. >> again if you're just after 11:30 this morning over
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you heard from ryan, two people dead in the crash. much more on the investigation. officials telling us they were not ready to give a lot of details because they are trying to investigate that. we will stay on top of this all afternoon long, you can watch us on air and online at look for us coming up at 4:00 . now back to regular programming. re ar this old mining area, that is beautiful. part of it does look like you're on another planet. some of the nature here just creates perfect quarter pipes for him to just rip on. >> pull the 360 with a little bit of muscle power there, building himself a ramp. not only does he just ride down, what looked to me near vertical cliff, does it with style. second half, more lush setting. shows he has controlled chaos not only in that loose gravel, but also in some of the forested
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he's an extension of that. happens to comprehend the moment. that was a tree. for him, he's just in a -- >> ethan wanted something for christmas and his mom is going to deliver. a little late. this is his fifth birthday and ethan is opening his present. >> good present. >> he got a new book. that is a good present. look at the book title. oh! >> wait, wait, wait, wait. >> wait. he asked for a baby. >> he wanted a baby. and mom is going to deliver. it is going to take him a little while to figure it out.
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>> what have you been asking for, forever. >> mom holds up a sonogram. puts it over her belly. >> this is your baby. this is the baby you've been asking for. >> can you imagine just before christmas, he's asking for this and dad is like -- all right, i'll work on it. >> we got to work on this. >> it's in here. >> it's in there? >> yeah. >> the baby is here! >> it is so awesome when the kids are excited for' a sibling versus -- >> congratulations, ethan. you got what you wanted. >> an avalanche. >> no, no, no. >> flying right through . >> next "right this minute." and still to come, it is a shocking scene in the streets.
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>> see a child's miraculous escape after one crazy takedown. plus, this dog is mixing up something good. >> you think you got all the ingredients, butter, sugar. >> when it comes to baking, her
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alley, it happens fast. >> oh! >> yes, that 4-year-old is run over by both front and rear tires of that minivan. and watch this. just disgust off and walk ust off and walk it off. >> he it didn't seem to slow him down. he's trying to catch up to his siblings. >> no injuries? the right arm, the shoulder, the head? >> nothing. >> i don't know how that driver didn't see that child. >> what you don't see is what happened before theed have video started. maybe the kid darted out. how do you not notice the thump. >> i'm astonished. >> you're going to be astonished in the next video as well, also from china. >> you see that man has two gas cylinders on his bike, right? >> what they use for cooking. >> exactly.
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obviously a leak and when the light turned green for him, he sped up to go. and maybe the heat from the exhaust caused the gas to ignite. >> like they were both leaking. like he loaded them on and turned them on. >> forgot to turn them on. >> right, crazy. >> the man jumped off the bike and takes off. fortunately also not injured. this little doggy takes the cake. quite literally. she's a 5-year-old english bull terrier. she's baking a cake. you got all the ingredients. butter, sugar. never mind her hands. the hands are her owner's. >> i thought they bred these dogs. >> i'm impressed with this dog.
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eggs. that will continue. what do you expect from the dog? >> even the flour. >> dogs will eat anything. like tasteless flour. >> she pours it in the cake pan. and, well, one of them pops it in the oven. you be the judge. let's see if it sticks. the old one, two. looks like it is good. >> you say the flour, it is not going to stand a chance. wrap. >> she's the woman who is turning heads because she is a real life barbie doll.
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t that will feel
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that would have been horrific. >> charlie and the dangerous balloons. >> oh, no. >> hey, charlie. >> barbie has evolved over the years. malibu barbie, my favorite barbie. she looks the most like me. nice little tan. and play with barbie toys and big dash barbie dreamland. >> then you grow up. >> and reality strikes. what if that is your reality. >> i know parents talk about me, gossip gossip, everybody else. but i really don't care. >> what's going on here? what is this? meet 42-year-old nanette kamman,
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when i say a real life barbie doll, i mean she has the barbie cars. she has the barbie waist. she has the barbie dream home. >> this has gone way far beyond what we have seen before. >> in total, she spent about $500,000 achieving this look. it doesn't stop there. she's also a wife and mother of five. she didn't start off this way. she used to be a brunette. when she was 21, she had a breast augmentation. >> what? >> those aren't natural? >> they're a 28a. >> you're going to say the lips aren't real either. >> she just enjoys botox here and there. tanning, fillers. she said she loves plastic surgery. >> she has more plastic in her than a barbie doll. >> i'm perplexed by the tanning alone. that causes so much damage to your skin.
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and it is a family affair. they take most of the photos. >> the kids don't seem to have a problem with it. >> but the malibu barbie has gone the whole women's route with the different size, different weight, different color. what is she going to do now? >> old school barbie. >> happy st. patrick's day. thank you for joining us today. we'll see you on the next "right
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see you later, winter weather. it's time to bust out the deliciousness of the season and bring on spring. mario and michael are bringing home the best of the farmers market to whip up a duo of fresh flavors you won't want to miss. then it's "clinton's craft corner," and he's got two fabulous crafts that will brighten up your home in an instant. plus, i'm in the kitchen with the incredibly talented seal, and we're making a spicy dish so good it's like a kiss from a rose. right now on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] "the chew."


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