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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  March 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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breaking news. a settlement in the hulk hogan lawsuit. >> but his lawyers say it isn't over. why they're demanding more
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. breaking news in the hulk hogan sex tape trial. >> a st. petersburg jury delivering a verdict bringing the former wrestler to tears. good evening. i'm laura harris.
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night off. tonight a bombshell verdict for hulk hogan. >> the jury deciding gawker should pay millions for posting that sex tape. >> michael was in the courthouse when the verdict came down. >> reporter: $115 million is a lot of money. when hulk hogan walked through this door some people asked him for autographs. we asked him toe comment on his win. his attorneys told us he would not comment until monday but that this was a huge win against tabloid journalists. hulk hogan didn't say a word outside the courthouse but his hugs inside the courtroom hearing the jury's decision said it all. yes to all of the charges that gawker's posting was shameful, extreme, and damaging to hogan. he did tweet later, thank you god for justice.
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>> mr. bollea is exceptionally happy. this is not only his victory but also anyone else who has been victim maids by tabloid journalism. >> reporter: hogan was filmed having sex with his friend's wife who now goes by heather cole. the trial centered around the back and forth about who knew that security camera was rolling. gawker claims formally sealed documents prove there were statements made under oath to the fbi that shows that everyone knew it was being recorded. gawker's founder says that's why they are already filing an appeal because jurors did not have access to that fbi transcript and klemm never testified in this trial. >> given the key evidence and the most important witness in this case were withheld from
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appeals court would need to resolve this case. >> reporter: jurors at this point are still under a gag order. they will be back here at 1:00 on monday to decide would punitive damages on top of the $115 million hulk hogan should receive. >> michael, thank you. now to breaking news in russia, officials telling us an airline we are 55 people on russia. sadly no survivors and no word on what happened. the boeing 737 had departed from dubai and was headed to a in the southern russia. good evening everybody. in weather tonight we're looking at pretty heavy rain offshore. you can even see just over the last half-hour, 45 minutes filling in a little bit. just off to the west. as we take a look at futurecast in the overnight hours there will be some isolated showers. by 6:00 tomorrow morning, first
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cloudy skies and a few showers. i don't think early on we're looking at a lot of rain along the coast but look what begins to stack up later on into the midday. a lot of rain in the gulf of mexico. we believe this will be coming on shore. latest numbers. i'll pinpoint that timing in 15 >> thanks denis. polk county deputies telling throughs' manhunt for a kidnapping suspect is now over. tonight a 44-year-old mulberry man is behind bars charged with kidnapping a two-year-old and then stealing the family's car. abc action news reporter marisela burgos. what is the family saying? >> reporter: this child's stepmother owns up to this. she says this is her fault for two reasons. she left her stepson in his car seat in the back of the car and the keys in the ignition. she stopped by the mulberry pharmacy to pick up med sit.
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little did she know that gay to the left was going to take something valuable from her. >> i take all the fault for it because i wasn't arrested. >> reporter: yesterday she said she parked up-front because her medicine was ready. she left her keys in the ignition and her stepson in the back see. when she left the pharmacy, they were gone. >> i was scared, but all i could do was start praying that he -- no one did anything to him. i wasn't worried about the car. >> reporter: remember the man in the pharmacy? that's 44-year-old tracy herr. officials say he stole the car, less than five minutes later abandoned it here, then called the pharmacy to let temperature know where to find it. >> i was glad he had the mind set to stop and leave the car where it was. >> reporter: deputies plan to charge him with kidnapping, occupied vehicle burglar rae and grand theft ?ee. needs to be in jail. even though it was my fault, he
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>> reporter: she says her stepson is safe and slept through the whole thing but she doesn't want someone else to make the same mistake she did. >> i advise nobody else to do it. three minutes don't seem like a lolong time, but it was enough for somebody to steal the car and the baby. >> reporter: authorities say dcf is looking into this and also looking into the child's living situation. i spoke to the suspect's parents but they did not want to comment. marisela burgos, abc action news. tonight the faa and ntsb are looking into what caused this small plane to burst into flames at peter knight airport. the cessna crashed around 11:30 this morning. the view from action air 1 shows there is barely anything left of the aircraft. there are early reports about a second plane somehow involved but officials have not yet confirmed if that's true. >> i just heard the bang. i didn't see anything until it
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>> reporter: was it loud? >> when it -- like if you were to loud, that's the kind of bang i'm hearing. >> according to flight the plane was headed to pensacola. the names of victims have not been released. hundreds of friends, family, and law officers gathered to honor deputy john who died last weekend when he drove his car into the path of a wrong-way drive, sacrificing himself to save another motorist. >> to him, every day was a new opportunity to right a wrong, catch the bad guy, or save a life. >> he comes from a family of law officers. his father is a sergeant in the massachusetts state police. it he will be buried in massachusetts next week. now to a developing story. a massive show of force in brussels, belgium. police arresting the prime is in last year's paris terror
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officers capturing salah abdeslam and four others. police are now trying to determine would has been helping him avoid arrest. parents in orlando calling for a crackdown after a middle school fight caught on camera. take a look. the video shows two young students trading punches, parents telling reporters, this is out of control. the district tonight telling parents, staff responds quickly to each incident and students who fight do face disciplinary action. new at 11:00, a baltimore ravens cornerback dines miami. tray walker, a miami native, critically injured when his dirt bike slams into an suv. he had been rushed to the hospital. the ravens selected walker in the fourth round of the 2015 draft.
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strategy to get your cash. coming up, the latest threat inside the store that's stealing your bank code when you least expect it. i feel violated. >> a student steals a teacher's phone, posting racy photos taken for her husband, then she gets fired. how she's fighting back now. and alternative medicine or marijuana substitute? coming up, the i-team investigates a product patients say treats their symptoms
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police are asking to us warn you about a new skimming device. take a close look at the surveillance video. detectives are saying watch the two men at the counter. one distracts the clerk, the
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register. they're hiding new devices right turned clerk's nose. new at 11:00, a disturbing photo going viral. right now memphis police searching for the mother who shared this photo of her kids. the caption reading, kids are for sale because they're bad. the photo showing duct tape on the kids' hands and mouth, please telling reporters they want to make sure those children are okay. developing tonight, former prep schooler owen labrie is back in jail, the judge ruling the 20-year-old had repeatedly violated the terms of his bail agreement. he was convicted of using a classmate for sex. he was out of jail pending appeal, surveillance video showing labrie violated his court ordered curfew at least seven times in the past five months. tonight a south carolina teacher is suing her former school district.
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she was fired because a student took her phone and posted nude photos. police say the student copied some racy photos intended for the teacher's husband. sharing them on-line. the school district blames the teacher, saying it was her responsibility to secure the phone and to supervise her students. >> i want to be able to hold my head up and say, you know, i did all that i can do to make sure that i'm getting my dignity back. >> tonight parents are rallying behind the teacher. an on-line petition demanding she be ren stated. tonight that petition has more than 17,000 signatures. well, just as the tampa city council votes to de criminalize marijuana, the i- team has learned about a hemp product that's growing in popularity. it's sold locally. jarrod holbrook takes a look at this growing alternative
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>> reporter: it's popping up in stores in tampa bay. cbd being used as alternative medicine. >> cbd coming from hemp is beefing people that is a fact. >> reporter: it comes in pills, oils, creams, even edible products. distributeddors claim it helps with everything from stress, knauss why, and headaches to anxiety and epilepsy. jennifer uses it op her 11-year- old son. anyway was born missing the center part of his brain, but it looks like autism. >> reporter: she's seeing is positive results. >> it allows rowdy to function in a much more calm way. >> reporter: cbd is found in hemp, a cannabis plant like marijuana, but unlike marijuana, hemp is high in cbd, not thc. wendy uses it for sleep anxiety. >> i'm always up in the night, and i am able to get a good night's sleep when i use it. >> reporter: more parents are moving to colorado because they want their children with
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>> there's still the risk, but there's also hope. >> you can bite it on line or in some stores here in tampa bay. just one problem. federal regulators claim it's still technically illegal to buy and sell over the counter. >> it is because it is still a scheduled 1 narcotic it is not legal for use. >> reporter: in the past years, sheriff's deputies in orlando busted several smoke shops for selling cbd-labeled products that still condition takenned thc. >> because we don't have conclusive results whether it is helpful medically or not, anything can be sold out there. >> reporter: the feds are investigating. >> reporter: a former prosecutor says there's a loophole. >> because it comes from agricultural hemp, which is legal, and also because they're selling it as a supplement, not a drug. >> reporter: if you choose to use cbd, mark says do your homework, like asking for lab reports to show what's in it before you buy.
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investigators warn that people can provide phony lab reports. they say until it's tested and legal it should not be used. i'm investigator jarrod holbrook taking action for you. tonight an angry mom's facebook post is going viral, and for good reason. alice veal velasquez says her daughter wouldn't clean her room so she bagged up everything. now her daughter is buying her stuff back one bag at a time for $25. >> i don't blame her. >> you know, yeah, but -- snow and then i'm not a parent so i can't really say. that but i just know you clean your room. >> you do need to clean your room. but did you see that picture? >> my daughter would have twice the number of bags from her room. >> why doesn't that surprise us? >> if it works.
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for your kids. >> this forecast, if you've been watching closely over the last couple of days, the models have done a pretty terrible job in trying to pinpoint the time vorring rain. we've been saying for a couple of days saturday is going to be an you know settled day and there is going to be rain, and there. but i will tell you flat out this is one of those times that we're in the 100% sure exactly where and when this is going to come in. even though we are seeing this rain just off shore. if you were watching at 5:00 and 6:00 you're looking at a very different taming factor with what we've had right now. so just remember that, and be sure to check us out. we will be updating facebook all night long. we will be on-line, and bill will be here first thing in the morning. there's so many things going on, whether it's airfest, the st. patrick's day festival at the river, so we're hoping that we're going to get in at least part of these festivities rain- free. but based on what we're looking at now with temperatures in the
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out west, that's by no means a guarantee. again, i will say it again, check us out first thing in the morning, and look for our facebook update, because it is going to be volatile. right now under mostly cloudy skies mid sifnts tampa, st. pete clear and 47 degrees. earlier on today we hit 80. we may see 80 again tomorrow. but as we said, we have got some much coder weather that's going to be coming in first thing monday morning. but before then we're going to have to deal with what's going on. first of all, some light rain hernando, pasco. most of that not making it to the ground. citrus. but there's a large area of rain taking place in the gulf of mexico. the good news is, none of this is severe. there's very little lightning with it. maybe a couple of rumbles of thurchltd but since there's so much going on tomorrow, this is the tough thing. 8:00 tomorrow morning, i think there will be a few showers. you have to plan for tomorrow
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sunday morning, a chance of rain at almost any time. but the tough part of this forecast is when is the main line of rain coming in. well, if you were watching at 5:00 and 6:00, it was holding off until 2:00 in the morning saturday night, sunday morning. now look. by lunchtime tomorrow the models are speeding everything up. based on what i'm seeing in the gulf of mexico, everything is starting to accumulate. i think this is a pretty reasonable perception. so if this is the case, clearly this is going to be a lot of issues for folks going out tomorrow, late morning into the afternoon. but as i said, in just six hours it's changed this much. i think you have to plan for the chance of moderate to heavy rain through the midafternoon hours. once that comes through, then we get our second round, the actual front which comes in early sunday morning. 15th deed we're looking at heavy rains, it will be a lot later on sunday. i will say it one more time. check us out first thing in the morning.
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your plans, because if indeed that area is coming in, you're probably not going to want to go outside at 10:00 or 11:00 for a few hours. by sunday morning through sunday night skies clear, then we look at our cooler weather coming in. rainfall totals, it all depends where that heaviest rain sets up. as i said we are still not 100% positive with the additional clouds it is going to keep around 80. interior will have a little more sunshine. here's the hour by hour forecast. the models are going late morning into the afternoon when the heaviest rains arrive. a look at florida's most accurate seven-day. rain chances 50 to 60% tomorrow, 30 to 40% sunday. one race team at this weekend's 12 hours of sebring their mind.
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hello folks. they are celebrating in murfreesboro, tennessee tonight. the middle tennessee state blue raiders pulling off the biggest upsay it of the ncaa so far. they defeated second seeded
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region, and they did it with impunity. middle tennessee never trailed. knocks down a jumper here with a minute to go. the final, 90-8 1. also, 13th seeded hawaii beat fourth seeded cal. the gator women lost to albany in their ncaa opening round game. okay this is not the kind of news you want to start the season. rays closer brad boxberger had surgery yesterday. the president of operations says there will be a closer by committee until boxberger returns. >> this is something we need to keep everything together as long as we can until he comes back. that's what we're going to lean on, the depth that we collected this off-season. the 12 hours of sebring gets underway tomorrow morning rain or shine.
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racing for more than just a win. they're racing for a cure. here's john sabol with more on that story. >> reporter: eric kern and his wayland motor sports team will be dealing with a 12-hour hurdle on saturday. that's nothing compared to what their owner has been battling. sonny is battling parkinson's disease. >> it's something i can deal with. it's not a lot of fun. it's something that starts to take things away from you. it's not something that i'm going to eventually get better. >> reporter: he's partnered with actor michael j. fox to raise money and awareness for parkinson's. >> one of the first things i learned about the fox foundation was that michael was very positive. that's the hope, the message of beg positive. it's not what happens to you.
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>> reporter: team fox is labeled on every kern motor sports car. >>'s constant on my mind. like i sid eve got an uncle with parkinson's. you can be part of team fox. we are racing for a cure. we're pushing hard on that. >> reporter: john sabol, abc action sports. how about this? nothing but positive waves going to arizona. boys need a win tomorrow night. don't know what it's going to take but i hope they find it quick. >> we're going through a tough stretch. confidence is a big thing. you see that when you're winning a lot of games consecutively. you're closing these out, finding ways to do that. when it's opposite, the snowball goes the other way. it gets bigger and bigger, but good teams find a way to not let that grow. it so we'll have to address that. case.
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we're back in a minute and
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there's continuing coverage on all our top stories at have a great rest of the night
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- ray romano and former massachusetts governor mitt romney. with cleto and the cletones. and now, not only that, here's jimmy kimmel!


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