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tv   Action News Weekend Edition at 6AM  ABC  March 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. now, at 6:00, a huge verdict in the hulk hogan 6:title -- sex to trial. a russian plane crashes and explodes into flames killing everyone on board. authorities are weighing in on what they think happened. >> and astronaut, mark kelly, returned to earth this month with 2 new space records and one is on track to be broken.
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arrived at the international space station. we are glad you are up with abc. we want to get a check of your weekend forecast. bill logan is here with the most accurate forecast. a little bit of rain. i think you will have noticed over the past couple of days that dennis has been talking about unsettled weather. it is here. it's not settled yet and it will be settled until late on sunday. by the time it settles, we will see a lot cooler conditions up there. for right now, what we're looking at is definitely some rain around and it's kind of moving in from the gulf of mexico. some light showers right now fallen through tampa. i just took a walk outside. we are getting a couple of spitz and sprinkles in tampa we
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titan doppler radar coming up in just a little bit. right now, or to give you an idea of the temperatures. 70 in tampa. 72 in st. petersburg. into the mid-60s. brandon has 66 and the same in zephyrhills. for this saturday. we will get back up into the 80s but also, we will get some showers and maybe even a thunderstorm or two. we will take a look at the timing of those storms coming up in about 15 minutes. just then, we are hearing the southbound lanes of us 401 are closed. police are investigating a deadly crash at us 41 and apollo beach boulevard. we will bring you updates on air and online as soon as we get them. a bombshell verdict. the former wrestler was brought to tears in a st pete courtroom
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his failure -- in his favor. michael was at the courthouse when that decision came down. >> reporter: when hulk hogan walked out of the courtroom, some people asked him for autographs. we asked him for comment. is lawyer said he would comment after monday. they did tell us this was a huge win. he did not say a word outside the courthouse late friday night but his hugs after hearing the decision said it all. "yes" to all charges saying it was highly offensive, shameful, extremely outrageous. hulk hogan saying, "thank you, god, for justice. " >> this is not only his victory but anyone else who has been
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we're coming back monday for the rest of it. >> reporter: he was filmed in 2007 by security camera by his friend. the trial centered back and forth about who knew the camera was rolling. just released friday afternoon, they are statements made under oath that shows everyone knew it was being recorded. nick says that is why they are already filing an appeal because euros did not have access to that fbi transcript and clement never testified in this trial. >> given the key evidence and the most important witness in this case withheld from the jury, the appeals court will need to resolve this case. >> reporter: jurors will be back here monday at 1 pm to
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of the $150 million. in st. petersburg, abc action news . stock covering both county, a mulberry man is waking up behind bars, suspected of stealing a car with a baby inside. 44-year-old tracy hurst seen here is arrested for kidnapping and grand theft auto charges. the child's mother said she parked the car in front of a pharmacy and when inside for about three minutes. she said she left the key in the ignition with her 2-year- old stepson in the backseat. he took the car and ended up ditching it about five minutes later. people called the pharmacy to let them know where to find the car.>> i was scared. but all i could do was start praying that no one did anything to him. i wasn't worried about the car. >> thankfully, that child was
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minutes she should've never let the call -- child in the car. a deputy is off the job and facing child abuse charges this morning. ryan ferguson is said to have been a seven-year-old girl while her little brother watched. an affidavit shows ferguson put liquid soap in her mouth as a punishment for lying. and then to her on the couch and slapped her. there are no doubts the child's injuries are from a violent and severe beating. the plane carrying 62 people crashed in russia. killing everyone on board. the city just south of moscow where the airliner went down. new this morning, video just released by russian state media that clearly shows the impact of the boeing 737.
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981 took off from dubai. the pilot was attempting to land for a second time when the jet crashed. the wing touched the runway, broke apart and broke into flames. we're also getting a look at the plane's flight before crashing. it circled the airport at least twice and the pilots had been waiting for at least two hours through whether trying to land. wind gusts and bad weather appear to be preliminarily a factor. this morning, the faa and ntsb are looking into what caused a small praying -- small plane to burst overnight killing two people on board. the crashed around 11:30 yesterday morning. review shows there is barely anything left of the plane. there are earlier reports about a second plane somehow involved. officials have not confirmed that that is true. >> it was down that way a
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loud? >> if you is -- the names of the victims have not been released. to a developing story in the attacks on tourists. a massive show of force. police arresting the prime suspect in last year's paris attacks claiming 130 lives. officers captured a total of five suspects. this man is the only survivor from the group of terrorists attacks. police are trying to determine who has been helping him avoid arrest. astronaut kelly returned this month with two new space records but it looks like one grandfather. he is now aboard the space station. he rocketed aboard while you were sleeping along with two russian cosmonauts.
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path of 531 days over the course of his career. that will break kelly's record of 520 accumulative days. by the way, we have's has three grandchildren. well your green in tampa today i'm wearing it. the green event starts today and you can see some video of some of the green water from yesterday. it's always on st. patrick's day weekend. you could celebrate all things irish today. this one is a family and pet friendly event starting at 11 o'clock and we will be there. the tampa bay air force show begins today. highflying shows start just before noon. you will get to see f-16s from the air force thunderbirds. other aircraft and aerial acrobatics admission and parking and all of it is free. make sure to head to our website, four or five things about air fast like what not to bring to the show. you should check that out
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class at a local school. check that out. who spotted it and how this ended. day to brings some pretty impressive upsets to the men's tournament. will show you what happens coming up in sports. we're talking about the old river dream -- green and it will be green. but just for the fun of it, they are going to die the river starting at about 11:15. what is the forecast look like? it looks like we will be pushing into the 80s once again that we may have some rain this afternoon.
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6:13. outside. it is a dry start to the morning but we are expecting some rain later on today. it's the age-old question, are we alone in this universe? we cannot give you that answer this morning but we can tell
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in cape coral. >> there is a car they're driving around the streets labeled ufo response unit. check it out and it looks just like a police car with a light bar across the top. people say the car has been driving around town for months. they say it looks a little too much like a cop car and others say it's funny. it makes people think about life beyond earth. no official word if they have responded to any ufos. if that happens, we will let you know. >> pretty interesting. when you going -- when you go to school and 40, sometimes there's a test. >> parents kids and teachers around as this gather -- cater -- alligator trapper captured a 10 foot long alligator.
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>> i would be staring, too. >> there he goes off for processing. >> he may be -- he may be off to a gator farm. >> we will educate you on the river right now. this is where we are starting to see some sprinkles. accomplice bits of rain that have been coming across -- some rain that has been coming across. let's look at the weather headlines. again, and unsettled weekend. not a lot of sunshine but we will see what the called out in the pacific northwest, sun breaks. we will see some rain.
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i did not cancel all your plans. nothing in the red which is good. no heavy showers but light showers moving on short from barrier islands just off the manatee coastline. north sarasota and sarasota also seeing some rain. and just to the south of bloomingdale, a bit of rain down in fort meade, bowling green and wauchula. also, a few showers moving on from bailiff point from bailiff .2 pine island and brooksville. all of this kind of moving across from the west to the east at about 50 miles an hour. all of it associated with the front that will come swinging
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and it will bring some changes. here's a look at your current conditions in tampa. cloudy skies. east, southeast winds at 13 and showers falling at the safety clearwater airport. right now in clearwater, 68 degrees with winds out of the east at five. 66 in gainesville. and we will watching area of cooler weather see been as we work through the weekend. 28 in kansas city right now. 59 in birmingham. charleston 58. this will come swinging through and we will have rain pretty much off and on through the morning. by noontime, a good line of showers starting to the big end area.
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all the way up to lakeland. and we will see some again tomorrow. a bit of showers into the afternoon and we will clear things out just in time for a call monday morning. we will look for a high of 80 in tampa today. here's a look at florida's most accurate seven day forecast. seeing a 50% chance today. and then we clear out and cool off just in time for monday. back to work. it will be chilly with only a high of 55. details are always available on your news app and storm shield. i will always have more for you
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they were celebrating last night the raiders pulling off the biggest upset of the men's ncaa tournament so far. they defeated michigan state in the west region yesterday and didn't -- the jumper right here with one minute to go. the final, 81. and 13 seated stephen f austin 01 last night. the women lost to albany in an unexpected loss. this is not the kind of news that you want to start the season with. birchbox berger had started to read -- had surgery. matt silverman says that will be a closer committee. >> this is something we need to keep everything together as
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until it comes back. the 12 hours of sebring gets underway this morning. come rain or shine and racing for a cure. here's john saver with more on that story.>> eric and his sports team will be dealing with a 12 hour hurdle on saturday. sunny is battling parkinson's disease. he has partnered with michael j fox to raise money. all part of a team fox initiative.
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learned about the fox foundation is that michael is very positive. it reminds him that he is racing for more than winds on the track. >> it's constantly on my mind. i think about it all the time. i have an uncle with parkinson's. you can be part of team fox. we are racing for a cure. john saver, abc action sports. nothing but positive waves going to arizona. the boys need a win over the coyotes tonight. we don't know what is going to take to get out of this nightmare but i hope they find it and quick.
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stretch. good teams find a way toto not let that gross so we will have to adjust that. >> we hope they do and that is
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aaa says half of floridians will take a vacation in the coming months.
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miami, fort lauderdale. but don't forget about panama city beach. it comes in at number 10 on that list and if your plans are not set yet, don't worry. take time to make your deals cheaper. social media. sometimes, they will post last- minute deals to fill empty rooms. if you go -- gas prices are cheaper this time of year. if you are vacationing in panama city beach.
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festival from last year. get this. for the first time, officials have made drinking illegal on the beach that only for the month of march. he won't get a ticket. a look at arrested -- you will get a better deal. still ahead, the crooks have a new way to get your cash. the latest threat inside a store and stealing your bank codes when you -- when you
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live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. welcome back on this saturday. i am lindsay logue. 6:30. the top stories for you right now . hulk hogan wins big in his lawsuit. he was awarded $150 million. gawker is ordered to pay up. and claims previously sealed documents that jurors did not see our grounds for appeal. a hearing for punitive damages is set for monday. look at this new video this morning. this appears to show an airliner slamming into the ground in russia.
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took off from to buy and the pilot was attempting to land for a second time in a city south of moscow but there was bad weather at the time. officials think the wind -- the wing touched the runway and broke apart bursting into flames. jeff williams is now aboard the international space station. this mission sets williams on a path of 544 days in space. if he does it, it will break a 520 day records at highmark kelly. -- set by mark kelly. >> howdy get psyched up for that. in space for a year and a half. and when they get back down on earth, it's like to grow 2 inches because of the lack of gravity. kinds of things are happening in the bay area but it's not going to be the sunniest of events. >> in fact, your ensemble kind
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a little bit of green. we do have some clouds outside right now and some rain coming down. we did have some showers, the white stuff just a couple of forms to go west of tampa that it has pretty much dissipated. from. fitzsimon with our satellite and radar composite. you can see nothing more than light showers basically moving from the manatee sarasota county. very light showers at this point. nothing that is going to be more than having to put the windshield wipers on. maybe some slick roadways in spots. a warm spot in tampa. 78 degrees. 68 in largo. 67 and palm harbor.
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63 in kathleen and apollo beach. here's what we're looking at for our forecast today. it's fs 2016. they had to cancel it last year due to budget cuts and hopefully, we're going to be able to get things in. nice today although there will be some rain around. gates are opening up at eight. aerial performances start at just about 11:15 and here's what we're looking at as far as forecast for today. unfortunately, we have some showers around but it will be warm. highs into the low 80s but don't get used to the warmth. we have a cold front coming. wait until you see how cool it gets to start your work week. heated rallies in the race for the white house overnight in salt lake city. supporters of the republican front runner, donald trump, clashing with demonstrators. he shows us what people have to say outside of trumps rally. >> to we have love for the protesters? honestly, they are doing their thing.
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thing. >> reporter: first words for donald trump at a protest in washington square. protesters marched down state street yelling and chanting and sparks flew as they came face- to-face with a group of trump supporters who are hoping to get inside the rally. escalated emotions caused police to form a barricade wearing right cure. protesters say trump is causing a divided and violent society. >> he would not be a good choice for president and i think you would lead us in terrible decisions.>> reporter: trump supporters say the violence was not coming from the hopeful that from the protesters. >> the liberals are all pissed off and full of hatred. it's findings. >> hundreds of friends, family
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honor the deputy. the 30-year-old died last weekend on saturday morning when he drove his car into the path of a wrong way driver sacrificing himself to save expressway. >> to him, every day was a new opportunity to right a wrong and catch a bad guy or save a life. >> he comes from a family of law officers. the police department. he will be buried next week. develop and surrounding an nfl player. we have learned that trey walker passed away late last night. the miami native was hurt when his dirt bike slammed into an suv thursday night. witnesses say he may have been riding in the dark with no lights on. the ravens selected walker in
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draft. he was just 23 years old . parents in orlando are calling for a crackdown after a middle school fight was caught on camera. the video was shot by another student who shows two people trading punches. one kid picking up another kid and slamming him to the ground. parents blame bullying and say it's out of control. orange county schools and they claim the district is not doing enough to protect children. the district has responded saying staff reacts quickly to each incident and students who fight get disciplined. now, to a disturbing picture going viral on facebook. take a look. children with their hands bound in the amount -- and amounts covered with duct tape. police are searching for the mother who showed this picture of her kids. the caption reading, kids purcell because they are sad. police say they want to make sure that both children are not hurt or endangered. this morning, i want you to take a look. the chairman minute the counter. the one in the blue distracts the clerk while the one in the white -- watch what he does. he pulls out a skimmer and he
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counter. and look at this. it takes a second. he pops it right on and it's a perfect copy of the device at the register. books are hiding these devices right under the clerk's nose. remember, always keep an eye on your bank statements for unusual activity. an alarming new report on workplace injuries. figures from osha show more than 10,000 people suffered severe injuries at work last year alone. in amputation. some 8000 lead to suggest that manufacturing is the most dangerous industry. construction, transportation, warehousing and oil and gas accidents. speaking of jobs, the state has added more jobs than any other state in january. the governor's office as the three point the private sector job growth is at 3.7%. that is much better than the national rate of 2.2.
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manufacturing. 6:37. your wallet is about to take a hit at the gas pump. the prices of gas are now crossing the two dollar mark. how high it could go and why the increase, coming up. >> plans for a bigger, better legoland and that means more job openings soon. keep it here. you are watching nbc action news weekend edition
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there are plenty of easter had -- easter egg hunt's to choose from. a special area will be set aside for kids three and under. in dade city, the egg hunt at the library is free including arts and crafts. in clearwater, sunday, march 27, starting promptly at 1230 and admission is free.
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here's some good news. a willy wonka inspired restaurant is coming to universal orlando florida this year. is called the to some chocolate factory. it is described as a 19th century steam style chocolate factory and on the menu, lots
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chocolate times five milkshake. the espresso buzz and there's also a burger and fries but we say life is short! eat dessert, first. closer to home, legoland is working on its biggest expansion ever. >> five new attractions and that means more jobs. let's talk about the waterpark. buildable workshop -- build a boat workshop. also releasing a new ford deep movie. -- d movie. all upgrades will be finished and opened by the middle of next year. still to come, the nfl is finally acknowledging and between football and brain disease.
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this is one of my favorite foods. many of us do it.
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brought to your door.>> one company is trying something new. dominoes is rolling out the first pizza delivery robot. representative say this is real and not a publicity stunt. the dr you or domino robotic unit follows a map, can navigate sidewalks, avoids obstacles and can keep your pizza hot. one drawback, you have to live in australia if you want the robot to deliver your pizza. >> i'm worried about it getting hit by car. >> it has the lights on the front. i used to deliver pizza. right here in town. driver of demand, 1988. absolutely. i tell people i left television for a little while to go to dominoes to work on my delivery . thank you. i'll be here all weekend. waistcoat a look outside right now.
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haven't we? and we have seen this shot, as well. this is titan doppler radar and we are seeing some light showers from sarasota county in through harding, alex county and into pulp -- poke. we will continue to see showers move through today. cloudy with maybe a couple of sun breaks. sort of unsettled weather day. temperatures, 63 in inverness. 66 in venice. lakewood at 64. sarasota at 69. 66 in brooksville. 67 in winterhaven and as we move into the dallas county, 72 in st. petersburg. 70 in tampa and clearwater. also 70 in brandon and as they get ready for air fast, 68 63 in tallahassee. 78 in key west. pretty much everyone else is in temperatures out west.
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blast of winter before spring starts. rain is going to be up there the southeast and that will be pushing up toward us but again, it's going to be chilly out to the middle of the country as high-pressure sort of cells in. -- settles in. this will drive the front three by sunday and as it does, we will pull off. the rain will be around but it won't be a washout. it will be affecting some of those spring training games. looking like some showers around as the braves hopefully get one in against the yankees at steinbrenner field the twins down in britain, it should be around 82. the braves hosting at charlotte sports park at 1:05.
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possibility of rain as the blue jays host the phillies over in the florida auto exchange stadium. it be thinking about doing some buying today, it will not be awful but you will see the showers out on the water first as the winds turn from the southwest to the south work 1 to 2 foot seas. -- southwest to the south. 1 to 2 foot seas. the sun will be a bit 7:35. we will have a tough time seeing it with all the clouds around. sunset at 7:41. here's a look at your most accurate forecasts. there's a 50% chance of showers today and we push of 280. 75 degrees tomorrow with the rain moving out early and clearing. we start out in the 50s for tampa 40s in the outlying areas.
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some wind chill. we get up to 65 and warm up for the rest of the work week. your time is 6:49. if your row tripping this weekend, you may cringe as you see gas prices inching closer to the two dollar mark. >> refineries are shutting down and you can expect to see the jump to less high as $2.25 a gallon nationally if not more. despite that, we are still paying less than this time last year when we were at 239 a gallon. the nfl's ongoing controversy of head injuries with top officials acknowledging a link between trauma and the brain disease. >> some bay area doctors say it's not ground breaking news. many parents are paying close attention to.>> i think it's worth a second look. >> reporter: they have two
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sports. news coming out of washington monday at this hearing convened by a house committee has trouble these parents for the first time. one of the league's top doctors conceded head trauma can lead to cte, a degenerative brain disease. he says while his kids likely won't ever gopro, ms. like this has them worried on whether his boys should even play. doctor urges parents not to panic over the latest news. >> this will not change what we're doing today. we are following the closest science today. the way we treat condition -- concussion today is very different from 30 years ago. >> reporter: he says there are many questions surrounding cte. currently, doctors have only been able to make the diagnosis after a player dies.>> at more sites needs to be done and what we really need to do is find a way to direct his cte before
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this er along, they had more than 800 concussions last year. he has operated on 50,000+ kids but the best thing a parent can do, be alert. >> if they are complaining of headache or dizziness or just not acting right, they should be pulled out of the game. >> i would make sure the equipment is [ indiscernible ]. a third movie it's the big
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happy weekend everybody. nbc action news will be judging on sunday morning. admission is free and check the website. at the fairgrounds in tampa, the largest home show. admission is eight dollars and kids are free. posting error fest this weekend, admission is free. lie before 7 o'clock right now. this may be a good weekend to check out a film. we have a science-fiction sequel and fate -- faith-based film.
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new in theaters. >> i could never imagine standing here. it's time but -- it's time to go beyond the law. >> hurry novel series is much like the hunger games with the final two chapters. this film could fear worse than its predecessors. the fans did not receive the book as well as the first two and it could open between 30 and $40 million which may not be enough to put a muzzle on the tobiasz box office dominance. --'s utopia -- the other release "miracles from heaven."
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weekend. still ahead in our next hour , nbc action news weekend edition. apples -- there is one emergency it gets a low grade on. alternative surgery or marijuana substitute treating their symptoms without getting
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live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. at 7:00, okanogan went to huge verdicts. he was awarded millions. we will tell you the next steps in this case coming monday. breaking overnight, a russian plane crashes and explodes into flames killing everyone on board. authorities are weighing in on what they think happened. new overnight, isis releases a new video showing a hostage, a british journalist. and the threats they are being forced to deliver now. we're going to get into that on a saturday morning. i am lindsay logue. we want to get a check outside with bill logan. bill, what can we expect today?


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