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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  March 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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digging through debris. the search for answers after a deadly plane crash. the three things investigators are considering tonight as possible causes. >> we heard a loud bang. glass breaking and then i heard my mother screaming. a violent home invasion ends with one dead. the fight that broke out in the act that stopped that intruder. surge in spice overdoses. cases centered in one area leading to a sinister motive. a good evening. thank you for joining us.
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storm spreading across the bay area tonight. more is on the way. let's get to bill logan who is tracking this second round of rain. we are seeing some showers out there right now. your most accurate forecast shows that we had a belly washer in some parts of the bay today. other areas, rarely is frugal. we did have 50% coverage we were calling for. let's look at our live tight doppler radar. showers are coming in across the barrier islands for manatee down through sarasota county. parish and portions of her hillsborough valley. another cell working its way over toward the east coast. all of this moving very quickly through, ahead of the front. the front is back about here. this is the storm system that
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brought some of that very heavy rain. we will look at rainfall totals coming up in a bit. first, kurt condition show sunshine in clearwater and saint just after saint petersburg when shifting from the south and west southwest at about 15 to 17 miles an hour. cloudy skies with southwest winds at 15. more of a chance for showers as we go through the evening. temperatures don't move much. they will stay in the low 70s. they will start tumbling. i will show you how low they will get coming up in about 15 minutes. many of you are following along with our forecast online or -- our interactive radar getting with a 900 shares. you can track storms with us new information in yesterday's plane crash that killed two people. or overnight airport is still closed. investigators are sifting through the wreckage. jake peterson will show us they are learning new clues. >> reporter: they now know the names of the two people killed
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public yet. as you can see, a makeshift memorial is growing outside the airport. inside, the investigation is just beginning. >> we can't do analysis or speculation. at this point we are gathering facts. >> reporter: the ntsb is digging through every inch of the cessna 340 in hopes of determining a cause. >> looking at them and, machine and environment. >> reporter: they are talking to witnesses. >> i just heard a bang. i did not see anything. >> was allowed? >> if you were to land, that's the bang i heard. >> reporter: some residents even reported another plane taking off after hearing the bang. investigators confirmed another plane was in the area but they are not sure if the plane is involved. >> there is evidence there were two airplanes taking off at approximately the same time. >> reporter: the pilot and passenger were heading for pensacola. investigators say the pilot is
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documenting the scene, to take the plane to jacksonville. report should be done in about 10 days. jake peterson, abc action news. a dramatic home invasion overnight ends with a suspected dead. they say torrey robinson died after being teased and arrested. this photo is from an arrest in november for battery. detectives say robinson broke into a new port richey home through a kitchen window. even though he suffered major cuts, he started fighting with someone in the house. the violence continued after deputies and first responders arrived to treat him because he was bleeding so badly. detectives say robinson would not calm down and even through a box of nails at the ems crew. deputies tased him. thomas was inside the home when he heard his mother screen. >> it was a man standing there trying to reach into her store. he was banging on her door trying to get in. i immediately ran up to him and asked who he was and what he
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>> he was agitated and got upset. we were trying to keep in any state where he could get the most help. >> the sheriff's office is working with the medical examiner to figure out how robinson died. police in pinellas county say a surgeon drug overdoses appears to be targeting a certain group of people. >> officers say they saw a dozen people with health is believed to be caused by synthetic marijuana in the same part of st. petersburg pier kera mashek joins us live with a sinister motive some say is behind this. >> reporter: what is scary about this is it is such a small amount being passed around. sig-alert -- cigarette style joint only about this big. they are selling that spice for a dollar a cigarette. a lot of this is being passed around in the homeless community like areas like this. it is what is inside that is making people sick. here in unity park today, six
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we were told the symptoms vary wildly from vomiting to seizure like episodes and even fainting. many are worried because they say be most vulnerable are the ones being targeted by this dangerous and cheap drug. >> they think it's funny at first because it is an overly cool high. apparently it's not. it's rat poison and everything else in there. they are lacing it with crack and other things, we hurt. it's not something to try. >> in this area, st. pete police said they have made for arrests. it is not limited to just here in st. petersburg pier we've heard of outbreaks also in the tampa bay area. also in polk county and clearwater and beyond. tonight we will look at efforts substance. reporting live, kera mashek. five people are grateful to
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boat flipped over in pinellas county. strong surf and wins overturned the boat. you can see people were forced to sit on top of before crews showed up. the coast guard came to the rescue about 7 miles off the beach. one motor -- one butter had a diabetic condition but everyone is expected be okay. in hillsborough county a boy was hit while riding his bike. the driver did not see dylan herman on route 41 and crashed into him around 2:30 am. unfortunately the boy was not wearing a helmet. ahead, protesters caught off traffic. the huge demonstration and the threats that finally cleared the road. everything was destroyed. everything. all my life. >> ceiling collapse. the reason her mother -- the reason a mother said her children were traumatized by
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look at this video. these are dozens of demonstrators and they are blocking a main artery in fountain hills. this is northeast of a phoenix. trump is holding a rally there. demonstrators packed cars sideways to block the road. traffic was backed up for miles. the sheriff's office threatened to make arrests but the protest broke up peacefully. cuba is getting ready for a historic visit from president obama this weekend. >> the first time a president has visited in 88 years. this comes after a breakthrough in relations between havana and washington. the u.s. is also pushing for more internet access there. something one family is using
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grandfather in florida who they have not seen in 16 years. they are hoping to visit the sunshine state. some cubans are embracing capitalism but the president's trip selling homemade obama souvenirs. he is set to arrive in cuba tomorrow. abc action news will be there to capture history in the making. laura harris will be covering the president the trip as well as the tampa bay rays in cuba. the team is headed there for a historic game, complete coverage begins tomorrow on abc action news and online. weather gets in the way of air fest. we will tell you about your last chance to check out these spectacular sites. the usf ladies are looking for redemption in this weekend's tournament. one rays player predicted today's rain out this morning thanks to his meteorology classes. we will explain that later in
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new video showing the mess left behind in st. petersburg after a ceiling collapses. >> look at this damage. the woman who lives here said it came crashing down today and on top of her kids. she said it started with water leaking into the unit across the apartment complex and ended with this mess. her floors and belongings are soaked in water. she is more alarmed that her son and daughter were on the bed when this happened. >> when i have my kids yelling, getting scared and crying. yes, i'm scared. what if it happened during the night and everyone was sleeping? >> everyone is okay. the family will have to stay
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can be cleaned. the mother said crews have been working on the roof the past couple of days. she wonders if that led to the collapse. rain put a damper on air fest today but people still checked out the sites. >> macdill air force base had to close this afternoon is at the storms but with a binder the reopened after 1:00. they came out to see midair shows an aircraft displays. this has been going on for 75 years. the event continues tomorrow from 8 am through 5 pm. hopefully the rainbow clear out by then. will it be a complete washout? >> no. today, as hard as it did rain, we cannot qualify as a washout. we did have some sun breaks this morning. we are getting gray skies but the roads are drying up. it will not be awful. we will see showers. we will see showers come through tonight but nothing will stop the greening of the
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>> that is a cool river. >> look at the time let's -- lapse as they dump the dye into the water. it may be water nice and green. they got the boats in there to mix things up. not even the rain could wash that away. although i think the rain did us good washing away the green that was on a lot of our cars. the pollen is definitely going to be headed down as we work into the workweek. as we get rid of some of that green stuff with the rain. that was a good thing. we needed the rain. we haven't had a good rain in a while. it ended up being a rainy, grade a. sunny this morning. we had rain rolling in and dig storms, especially through south areas of the viewing region. more rain is on the way tonight and early tomorrow.
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cool things off. we had a high of 76 today. about normal for this time of year. one third of an inch of rain out at tia. the overnight low was about 69. temperatures have been going down into the 70s throughout the afternoon. once again, a look at the storm system as it rolled through. the big massive storms, a couple of good lines moved through hillsborough, pinellas county's and especially through sarasota and manatee counties. late in the morning and early afternoon. again, things are definitely winding down. we still have rain back there and the potential for more showers tonight. 72 in tampa. 77 in ruskin. 70 in clearwater and lakeland. winter haven, 77. north port at 78. 77 in tallahassee.
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air is making its way in. very chilly across the northern plains as a winter makes one last gasp. spring starts at 12:30 am our time. it is literally the -- last gasp. here's the front off to the west. it will swing through by tomorrow. we will see cooler weather by monday. but for this evening, some shower chances around 10:00. tomorrow morning we will see showers move through. then we clear out and get cool. temperatures will dip down into the 40s in some areas by monday morning. tomorrow morning, mild, 67 for tampa. 63 in brooksville. closer to the water, cluster to 70 degrees for apollo beach and venice. looking at florida's most accurate evening planner. we will go from that 70 degrees temperature at 70 -- 7:00 down to 67 in the morning. 70 on the water right now.
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winds coming out of the north moderate chop and early storms will clear later. low tide at 7:36 am after a high type at around 20 minutes to 1. here is the seven-day forecast. rize with a 40% chance of showers tomorrow. hold onto breezy and cool conditions on monday. we will rampant backup to the mideast by midweek as we welcome spring to the region. the last two months have been a roller coaster for the lightning after winning nine straight. the bolts have lost five of the last six. the dropped from second to standings. the good news, they face i coyotes team, a team that has the third highest win percentage . then there is this. some cause for concern. the injury bug has struck again. gopal is out tonight with an upper body injury.
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they missed practice this morning and will be a gametime decision. the bolts are showing signs of fatigue this late in the year. lightnings confidence seems to be shaken. the fear of missing the postseason is real. here is the lightning and -- captain. >> we can't let that fear of losing creep in. it's almost like -- there's almost a feeling like, okay, we just want to get a the playoffs. there is still a lot of hockey left. there's no guarantee about the playoffs until you clinch a spot. you want to play well down the stretch. >> ominous clouds over charlotte sports park this afternoon between the orioles and raise. kiermaier took radiology classes and predicted that today's game would be rained out. rain started in the first inning and never stopped. chris archer plus a heater. the clouds opened up.
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six pitches. as for kiermaier he was tweeting all morning. after the game he was tweeting about his whether knowledge. if the baseball career doesn't work out, i think he may have a good fallback plan. a few days onto the race embark on baseball history. they will be the first team since 1999 to play a game in cuba. major league baseball sending more than 60 tons of clay, equipment, bases and more to cuba for the game on tuesday. usf women's team will begin its journey tonight in los angeles. the first round. usf is not happy with last they lost in the second round to blue bell. in a game they should have one. we will have highlights and a check on that game tonight. on the men's side, miami advancing to the sweet sixteen beating wichita state this afternoon. we will be back after this
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thank you for joining us. the news continues on
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welcome to "world news tonight." protesters trying to stop donald trump in his tracks. taking to the streets in arizona, blocking the main road to a trump rally. the massive delays, the arrests and the rallying cry from phoenix to new york. >> while donald trump doubles down tonight. the passenger jet plunging to the ground, killing everyone onboard. a fireball lighting up the sky, was the pilot disoriented? details from the investigation coming in right now. the winter storm crashing spring break. from heavy rain to freezing temperatures, how much snow is in the forecast? the move to ban texting


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