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tv   Action News Weekend Edition at 6AM  ABC  March 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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at 6:00, a memorial today to remember the tempered girl killed by her own father when he threw her off of a bridge. how you can help with the issue. it happens again, punches fly at a presidential campaign rally for donald trump. protesters and supporters crashing.
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to cuba. the leader of the free world, president obama, heads to the island country and signs of his arrival are everywhere. good morning. thank you for waking up with us. hope you are having a great weekend. to check with bill logan for the most accurate forecast, a brought in the weather. we have a cold front dropping through right now. it will bring rain this morning. we're seeing rain on the radar right now. as we look to downtown over the island, we will have some showers moving through and we can see the lighting up of the title and doppler -- titan doppler. county to south of hudson and
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seeing some right now. then clear across into hernando and plural city. a few showers popping up around give sony a and towards disney world. and showers down to the south. to the east of port charlotte, south of arcadia. all of this is moving down and through in an east to west pattern but dropping to the area. that will be with us as the cold front about here drop through and that will change the weather. 67 now in tampa. 69 st. petersburg. winds out of the north and west and the breezes will pick up today as we see this cold front make its way through. i have more details on your action weather forecast including how low the temperatures will go tomorrow morning coming up in 12 minutes. tampa police are looking
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killed a bicyclist in the crash closing 6th street south. he was a man in his 40s. accident. year-old biker was hit and killed in the same county on 41. case. >> a burglary suspect is now dead after getting tased by deputies. you can see some of the damage left behind when the burglar got into the house. deputy say torrey robinson died after being tased several times and being arrested. this is his mug shot from a previous arrest. robinson wasn't cut seriously by the glass as he was crawling through the kitchen window of this home. soon after deputies were called in to help but robinson got violent throwing a box of nails of the officers.
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trying to keep them in a state help. the sheriff's office is working with the medical examiner to find out how he died. there is a memorial today killed by her own father after he threw her off the dick meister bridge. monde check died last february. there will be a motorcycle ride today and phoebe's memory leaves -- the ride leaves over the skyway bridge. peter own guide airport is closed and many questions unanswered. investigators are working to figure out what brought that plane down on davis islands friday. both the pilot and the
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who shot this video with the another plane may be involved. evidence there were two planes taking off at the same time. a report could come this week. russia, teams from the ntsb side of yesterday's plane crash. south of moscow, all 62 people were killed. the dubai flight from russia faced near hurricane force winds. pilots circled the area and try to land twice. radar shows the plane suddenly dropped 2000 feet in 15 seconds. 's >> it was night and bad weather and low fuel in the pilot was under pressure to get the airplane on the ground. everything suggests that it was human error. >> russian authorities did recover the black box. investigators are looking at
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mechanical failure as causes. suicide bombing. the white house says to americans are among the four people killed in a suicide bombing at a popular shopping area in istanbul. this happened yesterday in an israeli diplomat said both held dual citizenship. one of the americans is a 60- year-old mother of four. 36 others remain in the hospital. no terrorist group immediately claimed responsibility. this is the sixth suicide bombing in turkey within the past year. chaos on the campaign trail and add a trump rally. punches were thrown at people appear to be dressed as ku klux klan members.
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elizabeth her reports. >> reporter: a protester wearing a [ null ] hood sparked a fight during donald trump's rally in tucson arizona. >> the other guy is wearing a ku klux klan outfit. we think it is wonderful. these are bad people. >> protesters blocked the main road leading to the rally some chaining themselves to cars. in new york thousands of protesters clash with trump supporters outside the trump tower. >> he represents the worst parts of america and he is bringing out the garbage. >> trump predicts he will when -- win the nomination. >> to be the future of the republican party have to go through trump. >> senator ted cruz is trying to put the brakes on the trump bandwagon.
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values that unify as and that bring us together that we believe in. governor john kasich is still in the race disagrees. >> on the democratic side bernie sanders toward the border area in arizona dismissing talk of the democrats were uniting behind hillary clinton. >> some of the largest stakes in this country and oregon and new york and washington state, they have not cast a vote. >> the senator continuing his campaign in phoenix saturday night. elizabeth hurr. president obama is visiting cuba. the first commander in chief in nearly 90 years to do so. marcy gonzales is there. >> reporter: along with the sounds and sights of cuba, today a touch of americana. signs of optimism and support ahead of president obama's
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>> obama is opening the window to america. >> the president will be joined by the first family as he takes first steps to normalize relations after decades of tension between the us and the castro regime. the focus on a potential trade and business opportunities and along with a meeting with row castro, obama will meet with dissidents. >> it encourages them to continue to fight for the kinds of universal human rights that we deeply cherish in this country. >> with political arrests ongoing opponents claim president obama is going back on his word that he would not travel to cuba until after human rights are improved. critics raised concerns over whether the people will benefit from the thawing relationship between the nations. >> he needs to be able to speak to the cuban people calling for free elections and a more
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will bring prosperity because anything good. >> marcy gonzales, abc news. you coverage of this historic occasion tonight. laura harris is following the president and cuba along with the tampa bay rays game in cuba. it is becoming the most famous eagles nest in america. >> experts say there may be something going on with one of the eggs. people are waiting for the second one to hatch. star basketball player dwight howard could be in trouble with the nba. the substance he was caught using, next. once we get through some rain today we are expecting temperatures to top out at 76.
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clearing out by noon and temperatures will tumble. it will be chilly overnight and into tomorrow. i will show how low the temperatures will go coming up
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and nba controversy involving quite howard. >> the player accused of tampering with a basketball. this happened during last night's houston, atlanta game. paul millsap went for a free throw and tossed the ball back to the referee. howard came off the rockets bench and touch the ball after putting a sticky substance on his hands. known as stickam. they sidelined the ball. stickam is a substance banned by the fda. howard told reporters he used
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yet. the league is investigating. that is like letting the ball -- like letting the air out of the polls. >> you can call this stickam gate. >> good stuff on a sunday morning. eagle cam. looking now live at the eagles nest that millions of americans are watching. we saw a baby eagle emerge from the egg a few days ago. they believe that egg number two has begun the pulping process. that is when they start coming out of the shell. it could take up to 48 hours to fully hatch and the sibling to 36 hours. eagle watch is on in the arboretum in dc. i don't know whether that is
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president giving them the birds names. hard to tell when they're sitting on the egg. keeping an eye on your weather. rivergate tower cam looking towards the selmon crosstown expressway and we're seeing traffic clear on that. clear and when they clear, it will get cooler. road and we see cloudy skies. the weather headlines coming to life. welcome to spring. we began spring and the vernal officially spring now. cold front is moving through. tomorrow morning will have the as a cold front moves through we are getting rain and we will looking at the satellite radar composite, we showed you earlier
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north of tampa bay and if you down around sarasota county. right to the metro clear for now . it won't be for long because we will see rain as we move through. 67 is a popular number all over the board. tampa, winter haven, myakka city , 70 sarasota, hudson, 69. and mild night overnight and into this morning but this is the last of the mild there because we have a front dropping to hear. temperatures will drop. we see the trail across the area. 29 minneapolis. you want to see warmer temperatures than that. here is the area of low pressure moving up off the carolina coast dragging the cold front through and it is coming to the bay area. let's take a look at that future cast to show you where the rain will fall.
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we will see a push to the east and south through the region and clear out by noon time. it will clear out into the overnight and that is when we get pool with the cold air. air fest today, the same schedule as yesterday. opening ceremonies at 10:00. ariel ceremonies begin at 11 am. we will see thunders in the skies so we could see earlier flights delayed but by this afternoon we will push into the 70s and it will clear. 50 is the overnight low for tomorrow for tampa. cooler in the northern neighborhoods. wind chills by monday morning. it will be very chilly. here is a look at the most accurate seven-day forecast, 75 day. 75 today and tomorrow. we ramp temperatures back up into the 80s and that feels
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now for a look at the morning now for a look at the morning sports. >> reporter: good morning and thanks for stopping by. ominous clouds over charlotte sports park between the rays and the orioles. kevin care meyer took meteorology classes and predicted yesterday would be rained out. the rain started to fall the first inning and never stopped. chris archer. the tarp came out and the game was called after six pictures. after the game all about his weather knowledge with the quarter doesn't work out i think your meyer has a good fallback plan a few days ago raise had history. the first major league since 1999 to play in cuba. the rays packing almost complete. 60 tons of clay and equipment
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day on tuesday. matt kure will start for the rays. >> it is really cool to be a part of it and get to pitch. to be able to work with this one is pretty cool and for me to compete and come in and do that, i think it is something i out. >> when -- women's ncaa started last night in la, taking on colorado. interesting note from last night's game, verandas didn't start with the teaching score. it didn't matter, williams dropped 31 points on the rams. usf trying to pull away in the second half and they trailed by one .5 at halftime.
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usf up 3. colorado state in demoing the ball for the three in the quarter for the tie, in and out. the borders -- polls will take it. usf will now play ucla in the second round on monday. as we continue march madness, chances are the men's bracket is busted with michigan state and west virginia and taxes all losing. texas got knocked out friday night against northern iowa. that was the game-winner. i have to brag a little bit because i actually predicted this game properly but my if you are wondering out of the , guess how many still remain perfect. zero. hurricanes last night try to advance since 1975 with wichita state. the canes rallied by 21 point deficit in the second half.
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and drained the total. miami now moves on to the sweet 16 for the second time in four years. miami is the winner -- is awaiting the winner of villanova today. kansas knocked off uconn last night. they will advance to the sweet 16. fetish or morning sports report. enjoy your sunday. you may not realize it but it is one of the biggest money spending holidays. the easter bunny is costing americans billions. it is the most expensive year on record. this weekend edition of abc
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today is the first day of spring and it's hard to believe >> all of the gift baskets and easter hunts are not cheap. get ready to see more bunnies animated or chocolate on- screen. according to a survey by the retail federation, americans will spend $17.3 billion this easter. $146 per person. the highest amount allocated for easter since the survey started. most of that money goes to food , easter close at number two, gifts and candy are split evenly. flowers round out the list. companies have taken notice. >> i am not made of chocolate. i am made of feelings. and chocolate. >> expect to find spring sales
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to encourage you to spend more. with any holiday, shop after the holiday for the next year. then you get the best deals. >> i got some st. patrick's details for my daughter for one dollar each. still ahead, drug danger is growing in pinellas county. >> what is making narcotics more accessible than ever. a cell phone first -- burst into flames on an airplane. we will tell you the one thing you should do to keep this from
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thanks for starting your day with us on abc's action news. here are the top stories. today there will be a memorial ride to remember the beach uncheck killed last january by her own father when he threw her from the dick meister bridge. he has been deemed mentally incompetent after her draft. there will be a motorcycle ride today in phoebe's memory. in cuba the president will be there today. the first sitting president to visit the
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also heading to cuba, the first lady michelle obama and the obama children. the president will take in a tampa bay rays game on tuesday. rachel was -- laura harris is on assignment. follow her on twitter and we will post updates on our website. abc action laura is getting some frequent flyer mileage. >> the first day of spring and it will be nice. >> it will get nicer later but it won't feel like spring by the time he gets nicer. just a little taste of winter on this first day of spring. tower cam off the beer can building for the rivergate tower looking towards davis island. you can see the light flash in the background and that is peter overnight airport.
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the plane crash happened on friday. we're looking now live at titan doppler radar. it is on a dual scan. both the east coast and west coast going around picking up whatever returns with rain coming down and it is light rain for the most part. around hudson and david point down state road 52 over to shady hills. spring hill and timber pines, and brooksville seeing a heavier sell over downtown. into hernando and crystal river also seeing showers. a little bit of a cell to the south of i-4 around polk city and the auburndale area and towards citrus ridge and the disney region. these are all moving from the east. weak cold front is dipping through. it hasn't affected temperatures
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there are 66 is around but in the upper 60s to around 70. 70 in sarasota right now. going to the day we will see the gray skies and we will see showers early on and then by the time it starts to clear temperatures temple and wait until you see how low they go to start off the workweek. that is coming up in 12 minutes. an update to a search for a killer in manatee county. xavier seabrook is behind bars accused of shooting and killing themselves vegan junior. this happened this month in palmetto. seabrook has been on the run for more than two weeks investigators believe the shooting is connected to drugs. firefighters rush to put out a fire at a cement plant in brooksville. employees saw the flames yesterday. fire was burning through mulch which fueled it even more. firefighters kept it from
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five people are thankful to be waking up on dry land. their belts hoping -- -- their boats flipping over this weekend . strong surf and winds turned the boat over yesterday. you can see the people sitting on top of it before coast guard rescued. one voter had a diabetic condition that everyone is expected to be okay. pinellas county is stricken by a spike of drug overdoses. people are being hospitalized for using spice past office synthetic marijuana. kera mashek talked with authorities. epidemic. from st. vincent de paul police say spike is making rapid rounds giving people a dangerous high. >> it is rat poison in their and
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>> 20 people in this area have gotten sick from spice and 12 of those saturday with half of them being hospitalized. symptoms range from vomiting to seizures and blackouts. chemicals. don't know what you are putting how you will react. is heartbreaking. his partner nearly died four times from using spice and is trying to recover. he worries the homeless population is being targeted with a cheap dangerous fix. >> it is really sad. clear out the homeless. >> police fear it may take tragedy for people to stop. >> they learn nothing. >> so far police have made three arrests involving spice. a new round in a lawsuit
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tomorrow. the jury who awarded hogan $115 million will decide punitive damages against the website. gawker's lawyers gearing up for a fight. they tell us previously sealed documents now out show there are grounds for appeal. hogan whose real name is terry bollea sudhakar for posting video of him having sex with his former best friend's wife. a warning for travelers, air travelers, scary moments on a flight when a girl's cell phone caught fire. she was watching a movie on her iphone and the flight was heading from washington state to hawaii. hundred 60 passengers on board and obviously some started panicking. >> flames were coming off of my phone and afflicted off onto the ground and got into someone else's seat. the flame is
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>> aircrews put out the fire and the flight landed safely. experts think the phone may have overheated so here's what you need to do. when you are on an airplane picture phone in airplane mode because searching for a sell signal can overwork the battery. we have all done it, texting while walking. lawmakers are trying to make it a criminal offense. a new jersey assemblywoman wants to make violators subject to a $50 fine. were 15 days in jail. we have seen videos showing mishaps. this man really -- nearly runs into a bear any california neighborhood. recent numbers from the governors highway safety show a 10% spike in pedestrian fatalities in the first six months of last year because of this. experts say many are due to people walking onto streets while looking down at their phones. the show goes on today.
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the air fest today. the air force base was closed briefly on saturday but reopened. >> routes be the rain in the morning. they went out to see mid air shows an aircraft on display. >> it takes a while to see these. it is complicated to fly one. >> there is a serious traffic backup from the show. leave extra time if you find it should be fun. kids keeping on track with great. but could work for health. why critics say child obesity is an issue. this creep you out when you hear what items were stolen at
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happy we can. the cuban sandwich festival with competitors coming from london. abc action news will be judging on sunday morning. at the fairgrounds in tampa, the largest home show. admission eight dollars. mcdill air force base is hosting air fest this weekend. admission is free. we are committed to taking and so are some police including clearwater. police said those who leave their abusers often only have close on their backs. courage.
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closing and children's items. if you are a victim of domestic violence you can call the hotline. we have tons of information on our website. abc action news/deep. donald trump. a massachusetts woman knows she is rallying against trump and requested her obituary call on people to not vote for him. she recently passed away at the age of 86. not a first obituary with a political opinion. lester a man obituary urge people not to vote for hillary clinton. >> pretty serious than. an elaborate caper. believe it or not museum in times square. >> thieves took off with valuable memorabilia and shrunken heads. that is the truth. it was the biggest collection of genuine shrunken heads in
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and now some of the exhibit is missing and also gone is a 1941 joe dimaggio bat. it was replaced with a fake. balls autographed by dimaggio and ted williams are also gone. >> all gone. >> joe dimaggio autographed baseballs are tough to come by. that is valuable. somebody halves -- has themselves ill-gotten gain. we will have some rain today. we will get not as much as yesterday. a belly wash for some folks. over an inch in some areas came down. other areas received a bit more than a spit. i think we will get a 10th of an inch of rain. on average across the bay. looking into the university of tampa, thank you leota for
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sunday morning. first day of spring. that is seasons. although you will feel a wintry tomorrow. showers to the north and mild. 66 lakin. 70 sarasota. inverness now at 64. we've got 67 winter haven. 67 bartow. we move into the metro, 69 in st. petersburg. 68 clearwater. tampa 67. 68 branded. mild across the state but we are seeing 50s in the panhandle. that is where the cooler air has moved in behind the cold
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42 nashville, 36 st. louis. charlotte is down to 43 so a chilly start and cooler than normal the folks across the southeast as the front wheels through. this may be the last cold front we've got to deal with this year because once we get into spring and when we get into summer the weather doesn't come from up north. if bubbles up across the state. then we get some of that warmer air from the south. here's the future cast. three 8:00 and you can see the showers will continue to move through in the northern neighborhoods and across as bbn -- we begin to settle out and we will see temperatures tumble . for today a high of 75 or tampa, 71 palm harbor, 74 brooksville, 75 hernando.
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into the 80s in the southern counties as the cold front will not have worked all the way through. on the coast, still cool, 73 for braden 10. thinking about baseball parks we could have some showers around before the first pitch. i want to see kevin kiermaier figure this out. as the rays and orioles go added at ed smith stadium. the clouds will have to clear the last game for the rays before they had down to cuba. with winds for the voters today . small craft should exercise caution. the seas reach 3 to 5 feet and we get rough on the inland waterways. sun is up at 733 and we will have a nice look at sunset at 742 at 7:42 am.
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and tuesday morning, 50 tampa, 48 tuesday, then we start getting back warmer into the 80s by the afternoon. kids are to just getting report cards anymore with her grades. more schools are giving them body mass index reports as well. >> a new study from the national academy of science looks at children in new york city. giving kids pmi doesn't do anything to encourage them to lose weight. studies in california have shown the same thing. even so the national institute of medicine has been recommending the bmi screenings for a decade. schools in 20 states including in florida are doing them now but some only require the information to be reported to parents. students may be dismissing the information about their weight so they are trying to figure out how to make the reports more effective. center for disease control shows one third of us children
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obese. one of the catholic church's most popular posts got get cooler -- just got cooler. users are ready signed on and we will show you this first post. still ahead. years what is coming up on good morning america. a fresh round of turmoil involving donald trump. violence at a rally in arizona. a protester punched in the crowd. trumps campaign manager caught on camera possibly grabbing the collar of a protester. republican leaders organizing a 100 a push to deny trump the nomination. will it work. an astonishing story of survival. a school bus carrying a high school basketball team flipping and getting flattened after a horrible crash. everybody made it out alive.
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millions as the bald eagle's parents watch for the newest eaglet and another was in the process of hatching highlife from the nest cam live stream.
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don't mind me. you may be sitting in bed doing this, instagram. prodigy check out the pope's new profile. >> both francis -- pope francis joined instagram over the weekend. 1.2 million followers in the first 12 hours. the finger almost as if from on masses. deep in prayer.
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today the new account at franciscus attracting 100,000 followers per hour. pope francis going viral faster than you can say holy hash tag. >> the pictures a pope francis, it is a match made in heaven you could say. >> the ceo there for the big launch. >> it transcends culture or language they can speak to world. institution. this pope already perfecting the photo op from the first family to little chris davis during his us visit last year. i even got on the action. hash tag sell the goals. pope francis may be the coolest purple ball but if he is praying for true instagram success he will have to step up his cell the game. hash tag blessed.
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saw a lot of rain yesterday. a lot of plans yesterday. are we in for round 2. bill logan has answers to that
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a tampa police officer was almost hit by a wrong way driver onto 75. the officer was heading north near fowler and saw the officer -- car cramming near him. we will update this story to the next newscast. we have a cloudy day but then clearing and cooler with a high of 75 before the temperatures tumble this afternoon. see you in an hour.
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good morning, america. new over night. fists fly. violence breaks out at this donald trump rally. protesters pounded. and did trump's campaign manager get physical? plus, the blockade to keep him from his own rally. and the march right in front of trump tower. the rising tensions just days before the next primary. destination cuba. president obama's historic trip. the first president to visit in nearly 90 years. where he'll stay. who he'll see. and where he'll go. the visit that could be a game-changer.


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