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tv   Action News at 9AM  ABC  March 22, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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terrorist attacks in europe, bellum's capital city on lockdown after a series of deadly bombings. >> at least 26 people ted, 123 people we're told are injured after three separate terrorist attacks this morning in brussels. terrorists set off explosions at the brussels airport and metro station, and video from the scene. there are reports of one explosion being from a suicide bomber. >> abc action news reporter rodney dunigan keeping us up to date on the numbers killed and injured in the attack. rodney, the information continues to come in and the numbers have been changing throughout the morning. >> reporter: that's right.
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morning. as you mentioned 26 people killed in the attacks and at least 123 people injured. and those numbers continue to fluctuate so we're expecting them to go up. following the spletions -- explosions at the brussels airport and subway station the level. the subway is closed entirely and brussels airport officials have been advising people not to travel to the airport. in fact all flights to that airport have been cancelled until further notice. at this point no group has claimed responsibility for the attacks. just minutes ago we spoke with tom benigis by skype, a native of lakeland, in brussels on a mission trip. he's safe but at the time of the explosion two friends were set to take flight out of that airport. >> there's a lot of tension now of course. the whole transportation system, you can't go anywhere in brussels.
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no doubt i haven't been out so -- there are no doubt checkpoints around and everything but there's a little bit of tension there. >> reporter: and take note, the explosions come as the suspect in the november paris attacks was detained in belgium last week. the mayor of paris announcing today that the eiffel tower will be lit in the colors of the belgian flag tonight in solidarity with the people of brussels. americans in brussels have been urged to find shelter and also avoid going out in public and avoid public transportation. of course we'll continue to follow this throughout the morning and get updated numbers coming up in about 15 minutes. we'll also update you about security measures not only taking place in brussels but across the united states. as a reflection of this as well. back to you. >> thank you. turning now to an update on breaking news we brought you all morning. gunfire erupts in a quiet ruskin neighborhood overnight sending multiple people to the hospital.
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argument over an on-line sale. abc action news reporter corey dierdorff following this developing story and joins us from that ruskin neighborhood. good morning. >> reporter: some of the construction. detectives are trying to figure out how this started. the sheriff's office says they have very foggy details. here's what we know so far -- around 10:00 p.m. last night a group of people met up on fire rock place to sell some items they listed on an on-line swap shop web site. deputies say the seller came with no intentions of selling anything. a fight happened while the deal was going down and shots rang out. three hit, two in the hand and one in the neck. hillsborough county fire rescue rushed all three to tampa general, they are expected to survive. one person was taken into custody but for an outstanding
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as far as how many people were out here and what they were doing here is still unknown as detectives are still putting the pieces together. we've been in contact with the sheriff's office who says we should get an update later on this morning as they can get in and look through the reports and try to put the pieces together. the updates come in as soon as we get them at and on air. time now 9:04. happening today -- president obama is finishing his historic trip in cuba, several stops planned today before taking in america's favorite pastime this afternoon. and abc action news anchor laura harris is in havana with the latest on the president's schedule and what is next for the tampa bay rays and what they have to do with it. >> first let me mention what is going on around me. no hurricane, no inclement weather but it's just been windy like this the past couple of days. we're hoping it's going to clear up for the baseball game a little later on this afternoon. we'll talk more about the rays in a second.
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obama is scheduled to speak to the cuban people, just about the rationale behind trying to improve relations between the two countries. yesterday it was a big move. we saw history happening, as president obama and cuban president raul castro vowing to continue to press forward with the changes, loosening the strings on the more than 50- year-old embargo. keeping with the sentiment the two are expected to unite again today but this time it's through sport, both scheduled to attend the baseball game between the tampa bay rays and the cuban national team in havana this afternoon. i got a chance to speak to the rays and they say it's more than an honor to play in front of the cuban people and people back home but a chance to be part of history. >> hopefully we bring some -- we take some awareness what have is actually going on here and hopefully the people from cuba enjoy and appreciate while we're here and going forward
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change as far as the human rights go. >> free admission for today's game but getting in will be pretty difficult. some people came all the way from tampa bay but there are not enough tickets to go around. one last note, possibly a product of everything that is happening between the united states and cuba. select cruises now will be allowed to cruise from the tows cuba, that starts in may. with all of that many commercial airlines have already petitioned and hoping to be able to fly here starting sometime this year or next. back to you. we are looking at the cold temperatures out there this morning. look at the morning lows in the mid-30s. we'll talk about a warm-up though as we head into the next few days.
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i'll take it. we're just following up on the morning commute. things are looking great across the bridges. if you're heading to the courtney campbell, wide open in both directions. eight minutes to cross from pinellas to hillsborough. i did check the howard frankland, still a little slow, about 12 minutes to cross that bridge. checking some of the slow spots on the interstates and major roads, veterans expressway still a little slow, 46 the average speed from van dyke to 275 and slow on 275 heading into downtown tampa. looking a lot better though on i-75 southbound from bruce b downs to i-4. and just a heads up, we have that fatal crash investigators on scene in beniva. fruitville still closed from tuttle to beniva. both alternates, though they are slow, you may consider going further north and south to make your way around the alternates.
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come look at the tv now. there's an urgent search going on for this 12-year-old girl who authorities fear is in serious danger. missing child alert is active mary. our abc station in orlando reports that her grandmother found a note in her bedroom yesterday saying that ramirez ran away. deputies say she takes medicine and doesn't have it with her and doesn't have a cell phone. we have a detailed description of ramirez posted on our facebook page. for you to share with friends to help find her. pasco county deputies need your help to track down a man who they say went on a dayslong crime spree. deputies believe merlin howard robbed a wells fargo friday in zephyrhills and on saturday tried to take cash from a cabbie. later that same day we're told he stole cigarettes from a convenience store and ran next door to steal cash from a metro
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you remember apple refused to help unlock a terrorist's i- phone claiming it would create a dangerous back door that could put all phone users' privacy and security at risk. now the fbi says it might have a way to unlock that san bernardino shooter's i-phone without apple's help. agents are still trying to figure out if the method will work without damaging the data. apple says it hopes the fbi will show them the method in f it does work. a final goodbye for a hillsborough county deputy. a wake today for deputy john kotfila in his massachusetts tomorrow. earlier this month kotfila drove in between a wrong-way driver and another car on the selmon expressway absorbing the impact of that crash. we found out the wrong-way driver who also died had a blood alcohol level more than three times the legal limit. coming up, a driver in and out of consciousness as flames continue to roar through this
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who came to the rescue to save his life. >> we continue to follow that breaking news from belgium. at least 26 poem now dead, a series of terror attacks in brussels. witnesses describing two explosions at the brussels airport as like a war scene. look at the video of debris strewn across the airport terminal. another explosion at a metro station. rodney dunigan has more when we
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in brussels, a terrorist attack at the airport and subway station claimed the lives of 26 people leaving many more injured. abc action news reporter rodney dunigan monitoring the updates coming in from brussels. the number of injured skyrocketed this morning. >> reporter: that's right. but before we get to that we have a bit of breaking news information we just got in from media reports in brussels that a bomb belt, unexploded bomb belt has been discovered at the airport in brussels so that
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device that's would have went out around the city. thankfully it did not so no one was hurt in that situation but that shows you that this is still a very dangerous and fluid situation. now back to the injury numbers. at this point we're getting reports of 123 people injured in the blasts this morning but again we're expecting those numbers to rise as we get more information. brussels public transportation agency said the subway blast alone left about 15 people dead and 55 injured. about 11 people were killed at the airport. early indications are that this was a coordinated attack, the explosion at that local airport went off around 8:00 a.m. this morning. belgian authorities took immediate security precautions after this morning's attack including shutting down all of brussels metro stations and evacuating the city's airport. security measures are also being beefed up at some airports across the u.s. following this attack both in washington, dc and new york city. they are stepping up their efforts as well.
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of course, we've been following this the past few days is in cuba for that historic meeting with the leader of that country and of course the baseball game this afternoon, we're told he has been briefed on the situation. he's expected to speak with the cuban people this morning before he goes to the baseball game. we're expecting him to also speak on this morning's attack in brussels. we'll continue to monitor that as well as the numbers as they come in. back to you. >> thank you. we're following a developing story from chicago. long day of violence ends with one person dead, at least 14 others shot. including four young boys. police say the four boys were shot after a man approached a crowd on the city's west side and started firing. they range in age from 11 to 16. all are expected to make a full recovery. the separate shooting on the city's south side left one man dead, another this critical condition. yesterday's violence comes two days after a rookie chicago area police officer was critically injured over the weekend.
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saturday morning while responding to a break-in and vehicle theft. video shows how lucky the driver of this car is to be alive, that fiery crash happening yesterday in harris county, texas. police say the 26-year-old driver crashed into a tree, his car burst into flames. the deputies say the driver was in and out of consciousness after the crash and couldn't have gotten out of that car by himself. lucky for him several bistanders were able to pull the driver from the burning car to safety. >> the driver's seat door was jammed and only thing i could do was bend part of the door down. >> that man suffered severe burns to his legs, was known to the hospital. is expected to recover. no one else was injured. deputies now investigating whether alcohol might have been a factor in the crash. in georgia a woman is seriously injured after an explosion at a college building. police say there was an explosion near the women's bathroom yesterday morning at
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a food service employee in the bathroom was seriously injured by the blast. >> all of a sudden i could just like see people screaming and running. i saw her laying on the floor i knew i had to get out of there. >> students immediately notified by a text message telling them building a was closed until further notice. the president of the school says it doesn't appear the explosion was an intentional act. officials say there were two women in the restroom at the time of the blast. only one hurt. police in northern kentucky are putting convenience store owners on alert, they want them to keep their eyes open for a pair of would-be bandits trying to successfully rob a store. but they have not been successful so far. these men have tried twice to rob stores but they've been scared off by a seemingly simple obstacle to overcome, locked doors. store owners who have encountered the pair say when they come to the door it's locked and then they run away. police have released pictures for to us show you on-line to
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suspects in the meantime clerks are urged to keep their doors locked if they feel uncomfortable. >> doors locked to deter crime. who knew? have you been outside yet? i haven't. i hear it's cold. we've been talking about temperatures in the 30s. we have frost advisories. 36 officially crystal river. 35 brooksville. folks scraping windshields. right? heading into -- what was officially spring. this is the first week but this is ridiculous stuff as far as 39 bartow. even tampa went south of 50 degrees. still cold, less windy and that is key because you can retain body heat, doesn't get stripped away from you with the gusty that is good. by the way the wind direction next couple of days. look at this dry air, the water vapor channel, kind of like the satellite but in the mid-levels
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typically not this time of year, in the winter just to show the expansive area of dry air here. that is a lot of sinking air so we're not going to have a lot of clouds building today. we're going to have crystal blue skies the entire day. that is almost all the way down to south florida. this high is moving, it's going to be important because as the flow around it is clockwise, you will be able to see an east to southeast flow develop, bringing more moisture and cloud cover the next few days. and more importantly, it will moderate our temperatures because the atlantic, the gleam, much warmer, now -- the gulf stream, much warmer. now look what is happening, today and tomorrow will be good, thereafter rain chances increase, not just because of the southeasterly flow but more organized system coming in. a front that is going to run out you have steam. -- out of steam. that means occasional rain showers will be with us. today unlike yesterday temperatures do recover, low 70.
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everyday as far as adding additional temperatures here to the numbers. 50s tonight. then by the afternoon tomorrow we'll begin our 80-degree streak. that continues into the weekend. 2 to 3-foot seas, boaters northeast winds better than yesterday. moderate chop. looks good tomorrow, thursday 30% chance of showers with that flow coming in out of the southeast. then the front arrives and stalls friday through the weekend, not going to rain every minute but keep in mind unsettled pattern beginning friday into the weekend with rain chances about 40% to 50%. at least the temperature mild and warm. low 80s for highs. low 70s for lows. 9:20. still to come -- serious punishment for a pinch. one middle schooler's bad behavior is leading to more than just detention. >> a popular children's drink recalled. why bug juice is voluntarily
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there are plenty of easter egg hunts to choose from in tampa a egg hunt march 26th. special area set aside for ages 3 and under. in dade city, it's free and includes arts and crafts. in clearwater sunday march 27th, the egg hunt starts promptly at 12:30.
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a 12-year-old central florida girl facing battery charges for pinching another student. brianna evans thought it was a joke, she pinched a young boy, a friend on the behind. police ended putting her in handcuffs taking her to juvenile detention and charging her with battery. evans and her father signed up for a pretrial diversion program, this will keep the misdemeanor charges off her record. this morning there's a warning for parents about a popular children's drink, bug juice is voluntarily recalling 46,000 cases that were distributed nationwide. that drink could be contaminated with plastic or metal shavings. the company says it happened at a facility not owned other operated by bug juice. there's been no reports of illnesses or problems connected
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obc is a product code. if you see that you're urged to throw it away. there's a new latte flavor at starbucks. >> this is new, it's coffee new caramelized honey latte. mixed with espresso and steamed milk. you can have it hot, iced ofrap or frappuccino style. making more history today. the controversy surrounding the rays game, president obama to watch from cuba this afternoon. and breaking news from belgium. terror attacks that killed at least 26 people along with dozens more injured. we are just learning now a european security official in contact with belgian police says at least one, possibly two ak-47s have been found in the departure lounge at the brussels airport after the attacks.
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also speaking out this morning saying it was europe that was targeted. "we are at war and this war will be long." paris city officials say they will light the eiffel tower tonight in the colors of the belgian flag.
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9:30. new developments from brussels. the country's prime minister calling for solidarity following coordinated terror attacks that left dozens of people dead and injured this morning. >> the attacks happening at brussels airport and a subway station, now the highest levels of security are in place for the country. and all flights in and out of brussels are cancelled or being diverted. everyone in brussels are being asked to find a safe place. >> abc action news reporter rodney dunigan has been tracking every update coming down all morning. joins us with information on how facebook is helping people
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first rodney, the death toll keeps rising. >> reporter: this is a number that continues to fluctuate throughout the morning. we've reported it was 26 throughout the morning but we're getting reports now of 31 people killed in these three separate attacks. again the numbers continue to fluctuate. we're also getting breaking news a nuclear power plant in belgium has been evacuated and that nuclear power plant is about 50 miles west of the airport there. so as you can see this is a very fluid situation, still very dangerous. you mentioned the fact of social media playing a part. check this out. facebook has activated their safety checklist. it's a feature they're allows users to inform their friends if they are in brussels, if they are safe. this tool works by sending a notification to all the users in the area affected by this crisis. facebook will determine that either based on the city listed in the person's profile or possibly the location on the internet of their connection.
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of people who have been killed and injured in this. again these numbers continue to fluctuate throughout the morning, at this point media reports are stating that 31 people have been killed in the attacks and about 123 people injured in what is being described as coordinated attacks this morning. public transportation in the city has been completely shut down. within the last hour we spoke with tom beganis by skype. he's a native of lakeland and on a mission trip to brussels. he's safe and sound, thank me at the time of the explosion he had two friends set to take flights out of the airport this morning. he says social media has been key in getting the word out that he and his wife are safe this morning. >> facebook is a blessing, we were able to communicate. there's a lot of concern, a lot of people say they are praying for us, and we deeply appreciate that very much.
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explosions come as the suspect in the november paris attack was detained in bell judge last week -- belgium last week. americans are urged to avoid going out in public if brussels and avoid public transportation. and we're getting reports of a fourth possible explosive, belt bomb that was found at the airport, thankfully it was not detonated so no one was hurt in that. we're also told this was found in the lounge area of the airport, along with one, possibly two shotguns. as you can see the numbers continue to rise and with the evacuation of this power plant in belgium this is still a very fluid and dangerous situation. of course we'll keep you updated throughout the morning on any other possible dangers. evacuations, and the numbers of those injured. back to you. 9:32. in florida we're following breaking news from ruskin. shot overnight. >> we're told it happened through an on-line sale and violence.
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people met up last night to sell some of the items listed on an internet web site when someone pulled out a gun and started shooting. we're going to be keeping track of both of these stories throughout the morning and we'll update you with the very latest. turning now to our coverage of president obama's historic trip to cuba. history will be made today when the tampa bay rays take to the field to go against the bat, against the cuban nationals in havana. >> the game serving as a sign of slow progress and improving relations between the two countries. even though it's exciting it's stirring up a bit of controversy. for some in the cuban community they see this as a slap in the face. they believe the pain endured by so many people for so many years is simply being ignored. >> this game and meeting between president obama and cuba's ruler raul castro is a major shift in relations. the communist cuban government has resisted change for nearly half a century. the u.s. still has an embargo against cuba that still stands. president obama has maintained
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respects to basic human freedoms. >> we continue as president castro indicated to have some very serious differences including on democracy and human rights. and president castro and i have had very frank and candid conversations on the subjects. >> president obama will be making an address to the cuban people this morning and he's expected then to attend today's baseball game between the rays and cuban national team at 1:30. on the heels of the historic trip we've just learned cruises to cuba will set sail from florida in a matter of weeks. carnival is launching voyages from miami to cuba in may, this makes it the first cruise line to set sail to cuba from the u.s. in more than 50 years. experts say other major cruise lines like royal caribbean could also win approval for their own cuba trips soon. meanwhile a land o' lakes fame he is sharing video showing how dangerous the trip to america is for cuban refugees.
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caribbean cruise ship pulling 18 refugees to safety. all in a boat in the gulf of mexico. the coast guard says they were floating for more than three weeks at sea. only just 100 miles away from florida's coast. the smith family filmed this rescue while on their way to vacation in mexico. >> still screaming even though they were in a rescue boat and they can at least relax a little bit they couldn't because they were just probably hallucinating, not knowing what is going on. >> sadly nine of the refugees died, the only ones who survived were turned over to ship docked. cuba. feels like january out there this morning with temperatures in the 30s and 40s but unlike january high sun warm up. the east wind helps as well as afternoon. 53 tampa. we were 49 earlier and mid-30s counties. low 70s by 2:00. then mid-70s through the afternoon.
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sunshine but it's not going to stay that way. we'll warm up the next few days but that comes with unsettled weather, we'll have the timing for the rainfall headed our way when i see you in a few minutes. attorneys for the gawker web site promising an appeal after the media site was ordered to pay up after losing a civil suit filed by hulk hogan. the jury awarded the former pro- wrestler $140 million in economic, emotional and punitive damages. hogan sued gawker for mosting a sex tape of him on their web site. gawker says the tape was newsworth and protected by the first amendment. hogan argued he never knew he was on camera calling it an invasion of privacy. jurors agreed. >> the conversation between him and the woman in the video, was very human. if you're going to be videoed you would not be talking like that. if you knew. >> hogan says he hopes the ruling will send a message to other tabloids to stop invading celebrities' private lives. 9:36.
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samaritans to thank for protecting a child who was on its way to the highway riding his bicycle. troopers say this boy has a disability, left his home unexpectedly yesterday morning. eventually peddled south on 275, anthony stewart who drives a medical transport van says he noticed that child on the highway just south of 54th avenue. he said he and two other drivers created a moving wall to make sure no one hit that little boy. >> if it was my kid i would want somebody to please get him out of the road. i don't want to visit him in a funeral home, i'm sure his parents didn't either. i felt it was my duty to help him. >> he and the other drivers followed that young boy for three miles. they stopped by a toll plaza, troopers say the boy wasn't hurt, he's now back safely with his parents this morning. look at the incredible dash cam video showing the moment a
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wrong-way driver. we talked about this yesterday and were working to get this video. here it is. it was recorded early sunday on i-275 near fowler avenue. police arresting this 34-year- old, aja cancela, after catching her trying to exit the wrong way on busch boulevard. she says -- tpd got the wrong driver and is hiring an attorney. 9:38. still ahead -- the presidential race pushes forward this week with more primary and caucus contests. we hear the candidates' last
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9:41. back to breaking news from brussels. at least 31 people dead and nearly 200 injured after three he explosions in brussels in what is being described as a coordinated terror attack. abc action news reporter rodney dunigan has been updating us. in the last hour a fourth explosive device was discovered. >> reporter: this was actually brussels. believe it or not this was an unexploded bomb belt, nothing happened with that. we're also getting information that one, possibly two shotguns
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airport as well, thankfully no one was injured in that. and we're getting reports of a plant that is about 50 miles from the airport, 50 miles west in belgium that has also been evacuated. as you know it's a fluid situation throughout the morning. no one else has been hurt but we're still getting more information. at this point we've learned 31 people have been killed in this attack and about 123 people have been injured so again this is information that we're still getting in, these numbers pretty fluid. the public transportation in the city has been shut down and people there are being urged to stay indoors. something that i want you to make note of, facebook. they've actually alerted their safety check feature and what folks can do, if they have loved ones in the brussels area, possibly they can go to facebook to check out if they are ok, or if family members have run into any sort of problems there. we actually spoke with a local missionary from lakeland who has been doing work in brussels
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has been a great way to inform his family and friends he's ok. again, information on this fluid, we've been getting it in all morning, numbers continue to go up and down. we'll continue to follow this story and for the latest throughout the morning and throughout the day of course you can always follow us on- line at back to you in the studio. turning to democracy 2016, voters in three western states will head to the polls today to weigh in on the presidential race. in arizona, utah and idaho democratic frontrunner hillary clinton looking to extend her delegate lead over bernie sanders. >> on the republican side donald trump's challengers hope they can win enough delegates to take the race all the way to a contested convention in july. bazii in washington now with the latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: ahead of the next round of voting the democratic frontrunner shifts focus from her primary challenger to her republican counterpart.
9:44 am
pro-israel aipac conference. >> we need steady hands. not a president who says he's neutral on monday, pro-israel on tuesday and who knows what on wednesday, because everything's negotiable! >> reporter: trump hitting back accusing hillary clinton and president obama of weak support for israel. >> when i become president the days of treating israel like a second class citizen will end on day one! >> reporter: on the trail in arizona, the biggest prize in today's contest, clinton blames trump for scenes like these, the violent outbreaks at his rallies. >> it's been deeply distressing to me to see the divisiveness, mean-spiritedness, incitement of violence and aggressiveness in this campaign. >> reporter: meanwhile, donald trump is in a new war of words, this time with democratic senator elizabeth warren. >> who is that, the indian?
9:45 am
claim of native american heritage after warren tries giving trump a taste of his own medicine calling him a loser on twitter, accusing him of petty bullying, attacks on women, cheap racism and flagrant narcissism. the latest polls show both frontrunners, clinton and clinton increasing their leads nationally. abc news, washington. your florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. >> yes, cold out there. no question but we're going to recover nicely this afternoon. as we look at temperatures -- >> beautiful. >> chilly still though. 50s. but by the afternoon that is going to be fantastic, temperatures in the 70s. folks will be able to take out the boats as we had winds howling out of the -- well not anymore, winding down. temperatures this morning, 39 bartow. mid-30s at the nature coast
9:46 am
advisory that since expired. an indication of how chilly the air mass is. 40s and 50s at this hour but with an east wind that will begin to help us out. high pressure beginning to shift east. that will bring in a flow off the atlantic ocean. that is important because it will moderate temperatures but also will bring additional cloud cover the next few days and eventually enough moisture where we're going to talk about showers by wednesday and into thursday. then after we look at the front that will be approaching and it's not going to be barreling through unfortunately. that would be better because it's -- what's going to happen, it will slow down and give us occasional showers on and off, beginning thursday and into the weekend. 70s for this afternoon, as i mentioned full sunshine. then tonight nowhere near as cold as we were this morning. 50s. still below normal but not ridiculously below. 70s to near 80 as we head through the afternoon. we'll check the extended forecast, 80 tomorrow, 82, dare i mention the showers coming in, that flow off the southeast, not expecting much
9:47 am
weekend, the timing right? the front stalls out and then
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good morning. there are always plenty of races, runs and walks in the bay area. during this time of year to raise money for charity. this saturday's 5k in lakeland is a great example of someone
9:51 am
make a positive impact in the community. i'm talking about dr. chakuka okafor of lakeland. the moving force behind 5k run and walk this saturday morning march 26th at lake hollingsworth. the or thesepedic spine surgeon was motivated by hearing terrible stories of bullying from patients. we're honored to have him this morning. joining him is mr. local levine of stop -- lowiel levine of stop bullying now foundation. doctor, how did these stories haunt you to take action? >> as a spine surgeon we take care of a lot of patients including pediatric patients. we have a lot of patients that have spinal deformities like scoliosis will does affect their body. >> their appearance? >> appearance. school. they are not the only people that get picked on.
9:52 am
like kids with autism -- >> for you the breaking point was hearing all the stories from your patients. >> exactly. >> lowell, you two have partnered. and the money raised in this saturday's race will help the stop bullying now foundation. how bad is this situation in the state of florida? you have some interesting stats. >> yes. the state of florida is -- we have the highest number of children in the country that are home-schooled. we are the third largest state in the country now who just -- we just passed new york. we have the highest number of children being home-schooled and most of it is because of the fear of going to school because of school violence and bullying. we also have the highest number of children in the country that are homeless, close to about 90,000. they all attend k-12. bullying nationwide from the first time, from 2015 stats is
9:53 am
children in the country. school violence and suicide related to bullying is taking approximately 20 children per day. >> thank you both for what you're doing to help change this in our community. it's so nice ohave you here. good luck on the event saturday. if you would like to learn more about this great event or to attend yourself it is happening march 26th, registration starts at 8:30 a.m. on beautiful lake hollingsworth, for details
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updating now at 9:56. the latest on breaking news coordinated terror attacks dead. nearly 200 injured. >> that airport at a metro
9:57 am
the country's terror alert now at the highest level, people there being told to shelter in place. some more than 200 flights cancelled to the brussels airport. >> so far no one has claimed responsibility for the attacks. which come after a top suspect from the deadly november 13th attacks in paris was arrested friday in a massive police raid in brussels. stay with abc action news all morning for updates on air, our mobile app, our web site and free mobile app. we have continuing coverage of today's top stories on >> "fab life" is up next.
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