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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  August 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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what is your weekend weather going to hold? it looks like a wet one. we have tropical moisture to the west. i will explain how it will affect things coming up next.
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all new at 11:00, a 70-year- old woman suffering burns after a fire breaks out in backyard. good evening. >> abc action news reporter cameron polom has more on what started the fire. >> reporter: we are standing where the fire started. we are told the flames reached nearly 50 feet up into the trees. we are told the woman was burning old newspapers and receipts in these barrels when it exploded. >> something just blew up. >> this cell phone video shot moments after the blast. the flames burning 70-year-old
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body. >> her legs were really bad. the skin started pulling off. >> reporter: colby davis shot the video. he was doing landscaping down the street when he saw black smoke billowing up from behind the home. >> i came around the other side. she was here dosing herself with the water. >> reporter: the flames spread into the trees and nearby barn before firefighters brought them under control. fire investigators say they aren't sure what caused the explosion. >> she was saying hold my hand. she was scared. >> reporter: linda's husband jack was running errands when he got an urgent call to return home. >> second-degree burns on her back, right leg and arm. >> reporter: jack arrived to find neighbors trying to comfort his wife as flames continued to burn. linda was airlifted to tampa general. as for the man who held her hand in those frightening moments. >> i pray she is okay. i know she is hurt.
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>> reporter: you could see the flames caught some of the barn on fire. they got a hold of it before the area was taken out. the woman was bay flighted to tgh. she is expected to make a full recovery. new tonight, six people hospitalized after a house fire in tampa. investigators tell us the fire started in the kitchen. two neighbors ran to rescue a woman from the burning house. firefighters took outline three to the hospital. tampa fire telling firefighters and a police officer also went to the hospital for smoke inhalation. a fort lauderdale mom is in jail charged with an unthinkable crime. deputies tell us amber williams, this woman here and her husband, sexually abused their own three children. one child telling investigators she was forced to have sex and watch porn. another saying the abuse started when she was just 5 years old.
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seen. trappers are searching for a gator getting aggressive with swimmers and kayakers. it has gotten so bad one county shut down a popular swimming spot to keep people safe. >> reporter: the waters in marion county on the rainbow river are crystal clear. until a private trapper can find the alligator that jumped off the watching and started swimming directly to people, it's closed. >> we come here almost every day to swim. >> reporter: despite the warning, regulars to the swim spot came up seemingly taunting the gator to strike. some got in until marion county officials told them to get out. it's an 8-foot alligators and designed to stalk, prey and kill things. in june an gal tore drown a 2- year-old dragged into the 7 seas lagoon. he was standing in less than a foot of water just like these people.
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that is part of the decision. when it comes to public safety, the decision is made easily. >> reporter: this is the first time the park closed because of a gator. park officials are allowing kayaking and canoeing. the swim advisory will be lifted when officials catch the gator or think it's safe to go back in the water. right now in new orleans, crews are clearing away buildings destroyed by a tornado city. one man streaming the ef-0 live to facebook on thursday watching as it destroyed 13 buildings then rushing to bull pull a man out of a collapsed home. two are injured but are expected to recover. right now we have no rain on the radar. well, just a little teeney cell
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parts, anywhere from, about, .2 down no manatee county to over 2 inches in parts of polk county, around lakeland. we have more rain on the way for tomorrow, although it's calm and mostly clear right now. 82 in tampa. 78 clearwater. st. pete 81. winds are mostly calm. a subtle breeze out of the west. as we go through, well, a very consistent overnight period. 80s through until we start to get some showers shore by about 9:00 tomorrow morning. i will show you the best chances for rain and how you can plan to find a little sliver of sunshine for your saturday. that will be up in about 12 minutes. >> thanks. we will check back with you. we know why the eiffel tower was evacuated. we brought you this on the now tampa bay. police are telling us they found an abandoned backpack near the tower. they realize now there was no danger but officers say given
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country, they are not going to -- they were not going to take any chances. three police officers relieved of their powers. they are calling the body cam video that you see here shocking. it shows moments leading up to police killing an unarmed man accused of stealing a car. mary maloney reports tonight. >> i believe it was an execution. >> reporter: a chicago officer opens fire on a black jaguar as it races down a street. the car crashes bolts. officers chase him into an alleyway between brick houses then multiple shots are heard. [gunfire]. >> reporter: officers handcuff paul o'neil as he lies face down. hands behind his back, arms are limp. back of his shirt covered in blood. o'neil later died from his
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>> he was loved by my mother, his family, me, everybody's best friend. he loved to keep smiles on everybody's face, joking, playing basketball. >> reporter: as other body cameras roll, the body camera of the officer suspected of shooting o deal didn't report the moment he opened fire. >> they played judge, jury and execution near. >> reporter: his there are more questions than answers. >> we just want answers, the truth, that's it. i'm very hurt. words can't describe how i feel at this moment. >> reporter: mary maloney reporting. >> this comes almost two years after the shooting death of michael brown in the st. louis suburb of ferguson, missouri, sparking massive protests across the country. this weekend several events are
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on august 9, 2014, ferguson police officer darren wilson shot and killed brown. brown was unarmed. we are learning a south florida police commander will not face charges in controversial shooting caught on video. investigators accusing north miami police commander of giving conflicting statements in the shooting of an unarmed therapist last month. the therapist shot as he tried to help an autistic patient. they say he never lied about what happened during the shooting and any charges. new tonight, an orange county man is apologizing to pam bondi. kevin cunningham was arrested after he sent bondi a threatening e-mail accusing her of taking bribes from donald trump and calling her a bigot that enabled the pulse nightclub attack. he was threatening to kill bondi with his bare hands. he said if he could take back his words, he would. donald trump breaking a four day stand off and finally
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toward unidentifying the party. previously trump refused to endorse ryan. earlier today, ryan said his endorsement of trump is not set in stone. for the first time in 128 years, the harvard republican club saying they will break from tradition and not support the g.o.p. nominee, donald trump. they are the oldest republican club in the country and endorsed the nominee every election since 1888. in its post, the club goes into detail about why it won't endorse trump saying its views are opposite to their values as american, pointing to his rhetoric. the group saying that his platform would endanger u.s. safety at home and abroad. all new at 11:00, as you make plans to go back to school shopping, we will show you the surprising thing a boy is doing
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school supplies. >> a teen home alone when someone tries to break in. >> new at 11:00, a pregnant woman rushes to the hospital when she goes into labor barely making it inside. the surprising reason the dad
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new tonight the stockton, california denying he made a secret recording of a strip game at youth came', giving alcohol to kids and not reporting a gun stolen that killed a 13-year-old boy. a d.c. area mayor under arrest for trading meth to men in exchange for sex. fairfax city mayor richard scott silverthorne is a substitute teacher for the fairfax county schools.
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undercover operation. they say they started investigating him last month when they learned someone was distributing meth from a web site used to arrange casual sex between men. man tries to break into a home with a 13-year-old inside. the teen said it started when a man came to the door and he opened it half asleep. >> asked if anyone owns the lot next door. i said no. he asked if at the was alone and >> he wasn't alone. his sister was home. a few hours later, she left then the man came back and tried breaking in. the boy heard a commotion. when he saw someone at the door he ran in the closet and called 911. the man was scarred off when he saw someone inside. the family is afraid he will return since he was watching the house. >> he learned a tough lesson not to open the door for
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sharing his story of survival. cameras rolling three years ago as the officer fought to stop a man trying to blow up a gas station. this is near the miami airport. the suspect tries setting fire to a giant underground storage tank filled with gas. he sprays the ground. officer gutierrez hits the emergency shut off then tries tasering the man who charges at him. the suspect stabs gutierrez at least 20 times. >> that was a fight to the death. only one person walk away from that. >> wow. he managed to throw the man off and grab his gun firing five times killing the suspect on the spot. some senior citizens upset because they can't access their social security accounts online. a new security measure added this week requires users to enter a code to access the
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way to access their accounts online. the social security administration admits it's an issue but does not have a solution at this time. it does not prevent users from getting benefits but it does make it harder to change an address. a boy is proving that he has learned a great work ethic. he posted on his mom's facebook page asking to mow neighbor's lawns to pay for his school supplies. since then, donations have poured in. he is paying it forward giving supplies to other children in need for school. >> you can save on your back to school needs because it's florida's tax free holiday weekend. while you are out shopping, remember our back to school supply drive underway. this year abc action news is teaming up with hudson furniture to double the donations that you make. donate them at a local hudson furniture store before next friday. for all your back to school
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you can get county by county school supply lists and more. or you can head to when people see loving spouse challenge in their facebook feeds they may be wishing they were married but being single may come with benefits. in denver, one harvard psychologist looked at single people. the analysis, finding singles tend to be more connected to family and more likely to report experiencing growth and development and compared to married people they report for freedom making their own decisions. nearly half of u.s. adults are single. that is a record high. this guy is definitely not single. a new jersey man loved so much he got two obituaries. one submitted by his wife and the other by his long time girlfriend. the two versions had similarities including the
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but there were obvious differences including who he was survived by. one saying a loving wife and the other a long time girlfriend. >> whoops. caught on camera, take a look. a british mom giving birth in less than a minute as he walks in a hospital. dad parks the car. by the time he gets inside, you see it there, he has missed the whole thing. it's all caught on the surveillance camera so the dad can relieve it that way. mom and tonight. boy, that baby came quick. >> couldn't wait. no wasting any time. >> unbelievable. >> when they say less than a minute. that was. 60 seconds and the baby was out. >> that's why a lot of labor and delivery areas have valet parking. >> so you can both come at the same time. there you go. we will get a lot of rain this weekend. >> a little bit of rain. not the best for birthday parties. i am getting a lot of
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>> i bet you are. >> we will see what we can do. if we can keep the rain to the north. i know it will be a rainy weekend around the big bend area, nature coast for sure. down to tampa, maybe not as much. we did have a murky kind of cloudy skies as the sun went down. it will be clear overnight. looking for the rains to return tomorrow and a wet weekend, yeah. we will see moisture around for sure. not from earl. earl is out at this. new area of trop call wonderment anyway. national hurricane center giving this a 30% chance of development. what it is is a trough of low pressure meandering moisture. it will be lingering around the northern gulf throughout the weekend. it will be overspreading a lot of that into the bay area. this is, from today, as it
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another look as we slice up the satellite composite, the showers moving through the region, mostly pushing to the east coast. a slim sliver of shower right now up around crystal river. that's it. current temperature shows still warm, 79 in crystal river and zephyrhills and plant city and bartow. 82 tampa and bradenton. 81 st. pete, wauchula. >> avon park and lake play side. looking at the tomorrow, we see the rains getting on shore from, let's say palm harbor, northern parts of pinellas, up to pasco, hernandez, citrus by about 9:00. we will watch the showers push in and try and make their way into the tampa bay area. it looks as though a lot of the moisture will stay in our northern neighborhoods. we will see some of those clouds and showers moving through. maybe about 70% coverage but it
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event. we get started earlier sunday morning as the showers and clouds move through. we get a little bit of clearing during the day by 1:00 or so and more showers picking up and moving off to the north. rainfall predictions the next 72 hours or so include up to almost three inches to inverness and over two and three quarters in hudson. down to myakka city, less than an inch. 1/2 inch through arcadia. in the tampa area, much is 2 1/2 inches. that's what we will keep our eye on the next several days. tomorrow forecast with the most accurate digital day planner. it looks like the clouds and showers will be around as we push into the upper 80s. looking for an 88-degree gulf water temperature. not the best day for boating. quite a bit of rain around. here is florida's most accurate seven-day forecast. 70% chance of showers saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday as well.
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middle of the workweek. keeping an eye on a load of moisture that could mean a pretty wet weekend, guys? >> thank you, bill. tough loss for the rays. late lead blown in relief. t.k. shows us what happened next in
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folks, it looked like a night to celebrate but relieve ramirez took care of it. he entered in the sixth inning. got out of that clean but in the 7th, gives up a lead off turning into a 3-2 deficit. then a solo homer off ramirez. he allows three earned runs. final 6-2. buccaneer camp notes from today, mike glennon took the field as a new proud dad. bad news from the defensive line. john sable brings us up to
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in training camp injury. george johnson went down with what appeared to be a right hip injury. >> he was placed on i.r. unfortunate for george. he was playing well at the time. >> reporter: the bucs pro mode martin o finney from the practice squad. two other buccaneers are looking to slide in the spot. >> brown an that are going to be put in the limelight right now. >> there is a slight chance johnson could rejoin the team later in the season and the bucs need on defense. starting this year, teams can take one player off injured receive after eight games. another position update. second round pick and cornerback jonathan banks is farther back on the depth charts.
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in no particular order, grimes, burner, har graves and jude. banks and josh robinson battling for five and six. >> it has been one week of camp, the depth chart is sure to change, especially once preseason starts next week. john sable, abc action sports. dale earnhardt popped into watkins glen, his first public appearance since suffering a concussion. he has not been cleared to come. he can continue to go through the concussion protocol and go with the advice of his doctors. >> we hope and expect that when we go back for the next evaluation that we are symptom free and can start to see a timeline develop. until then, we are taking it one evaluation at a time and those are typically every two to three to four weeks.
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be a special night in canton, ohio. eight men will be inducted into the pro football hall of fame. two of the inductees come from right here in the bay area. tony dungy and eddie bartolo junior. have a great weekend, everyone.
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take a look at the screen. this advertise the best reason to get up early. >> looks like golf scores. >> aside from watching abc action news this morning, which is a fine show on the weekends. >> right. >> between 7:00 and 8:00, that may be about the time we see a good shot at sun until later on in the afternoon.
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sunday, monday and tuesday. lingering moisture to the west will keep us very moist. >> i don't think i can have a pool party at 7:00 a.m. continuing coverage on our top stories at >> have a great night and a
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- viggo mortensen. george lopez. jake byrd at the republican national convention. this week in unnecessary censorship. and music from colin hay. and now, by all means, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: thank you for


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